This video and activation came through last summer and is of the moment again with the recent time-split into seventh dimensional ratio spheres.Link available on request at nicola@sedasoft.com

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Two time trines have just separated and we have entered a higher eternity. Two worlds. The emphasis has shifted. A shift has taken place. We have entered a phase of new and accelerated expansion to beyond the beyond. The beyond the beyond timelines are open and free for all. A big separation has taken place. We have gone up 10 notches. A major time split has occurred. A phenomenal change is underway.

False plating systems are being unplugged from the lower padlock fields. False timeplates, templates and innuendo fields have been removed from the lower left ventricing. False timelines have been removed from the lower left vestibules. False recognition plates have been removed from the lower left ventrices. False cognition fields have been removed from the lower left timeplates. False technicalities have been unplugged from the lower left dardinelles. False cognition plates have been removed from the lower left ring road. Falsification papers have been removed from the lower left ventrices. False innuendo fields have been removed from the lower left vestibules. False timeplates in the lower paralell indexes have been unplugged. False gateways and false archive files unplug. False diagonals in the interference prisms unplug, false galactic codicils unplug. False timeplates in the lower left ventrices unplug. False timecones in the lower left prism fields unplug. False galactic codicils in the lower left ventrices unplug. All false ring boundaries in the lower left diagonals unplug. All false sphere frames from the Arcturian timelimes are being removed. False Arcturian timeplates in the lower left ventrices are being unplugged. All false coagulation plates are being unplugged. All false timegates, all false timeplates unplug. All false ventrices in the lower octahederons unplug. All false dynamics in the lower left ventrices unplug. All false timelines in the lower left sphere prisms unplug. False hebridean cone plates are being unplugged from the lower left vertice plates. All false coning systems in the lower left sphere prisms unplug.

The Fifth Dimensional Girl blog is going to archived in a new fifthdimensionalgirl.com address and the information will be re-structured as a learning journey, with a new narrative to include some more personal aspects and re-frame the context as it all unfolded.

This will make it much easier to find and engage with the information. So it will function as a living archive and testimony to the conclusion of an important phase of the transition that continues to unfold at a personal and planetary level.

Whilst it will become an archive, I may still up-load key information on 5D Girl from the extensive mission work that has taken place over the past couple of months – once that is transcribed.

Conversations with nature beings (already published) will also be on a new Oneness.team site to be launched in the autumn.

I ask for truth, I align as truth, I am truth on this day in the oneness and as the oneness.

We love you Lala – we love you. Thank you.

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This audio is a series of short activations followed by a coming together of earth planet with 14 other planets/stars to inform a new platform that opens up to 7D and beyond.

The transmission took place on 27th May. But immediately following it I was told that there was “a bit of cleaning up to do” before publishing – galactic art of understatement at its best!

Nine weeks later and we have reached a pivot point where all of this can start to unfold in a more supportive environment.

Synchronisation of global zonal spheres

Opening of new dimensional ratios

Horizontal wavey flow for the new glow

New star map sequencing

The 15 coming together as one

Emergence of True rainbow prism spheres

Bounce rate for 7D

There is a final blessing at the very end after it sounds as if it has all finished – the 7D bounce rate.

My phone line/internet have been out of action for 2 weeks following an electrical storm – only came back on line yesterday.

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We’re back!

Hi Everyone – we have been v.v.v. busy in lots of new ways – pretty much non-stop.

Here’s a nice little multi-dimensional clearing audio (30 mins) for the `interference zones` which are very much of the moment.

With love from all of us – Nicola and the 5D Girl Team – Ish Tai, Ish Tai.

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This work took place last weekend – I was going to publish it earlier in the week but was guided to hold back.

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This work took place earlier in the week over a two-hour period, so I have divided them into two one hour segments as it was quite long. Interestingly, in each instance we get a comprehensive overview 1) how and why that AI was put in place 2) its unplug at a higher level and 3) the human body aspect and that unplug. Thank you to all the nature beings and teams that took part.

AI/mind control unplug

Part 1

AI/mind control unplug

Part 2


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This work took place last Saturday 4th June.



Illumination tube to find false fields of light

Countries/cities of planet help to bring in this new weave

Frontal lobel of head and AI energetics

Structure impacting human consciousness at centre of planet which extends outwards to moon – a false weighting system

Closure of external tunnels into our reality fields

Dark water energy at high bubble point – a stretch point that cannot go further reflected in human limit to conscious expansion – takes up large bandwidth in human consciousnes

At a cellular level, creates a stress intention – a false prism sphering mechamism

Consciousness expansion exercise

False sequencing mechanism plugs into heart of planet and its cycles weather etc

White opal comes in to help – opens multi-dimensional exploration at many levels

False netting in brain  – AI syncnronisation plates

Eyes – AI in iris

Circular blocker behind the eye spinning to the left connected to AI in Iris

Tonal connection to false sphering mechanism

False starmap unplugged

False metranome fields – playing field of false prisiming technologies

Reversing of love light technologies through the false prism spheres

The exploration/study of these technologies by a beingness

The experiment is complete – box ticked

A Gift – an understanding of something that has been holding back human consciousness

False cascade system preventing the skin of the earth breathing fully with the stars at a cellular human physical level too

Thin black line around outer cellular structure/coating – false timewarp system

False black star technology – unplugging through paralell reality fields

Human consciousness expansion field and coming together

Moving forward, new bouncy fluid, inspirational rotational energy – the acceleration of 7 points

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Meditation, download thingy etc.

* New oscillation frequency – new level of oneness

* New level of oneness, not previously available becauae the awareness levels didn’t open up to embrace this particular layer.

* Saucepan trapped in prism spheres

* Walking through walls

* Pearl with the ability to re-calibrate the sequencing materialisms

* The yearning of the oneness is so strong to be in full combination for the re-cominations to take place.

* New levels of multi-dimensional perception

Different levels and layers of vibration held by inanimate objects are fundamental to the latticing which informs our experience of the physical currently and our ability to move in and out of physical realities.

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Here is the insignia for the new platform and Team Oneness – each symbol is taken from the spine points and also links to the stars.



Thank you everyone, thank you.

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Dear Everyone

(Event complete – this was a synchronisation of the global zonal spheres and the opening of a platform that leads to 7D and beyond).

Was just reminded this morning that I posted a couple of weeks ago re: a live event on the 28th and that’s today! So I asked what we would be doing? Party time – bounce bounce to the seventh dimension.

Time:21.00 European (France time) – plse note this is different to London.

Please email me if you would like to come along and I will send the log-in details.

With love,

Nicola and the 5D Girl Team and all of us.



What I saw in my own body in terms of the DNA disruptions and damage back to the inception point of this distortion was a black, burned-out setting. As if all was destroyed. But when I looked deeper hidden in the midst of it all there was a starlight refracting diamond to be found – ready and waiting for the new platform. It was not destroyed.

What is the impact of this diamond light energy on the false vertex spheres? All is being re-coagulated. Falsification codes are for the untruths – unplug all falsification codes now. False galactic codicils are being unplugged from the lower prism spheres. False prism fields are being unplugged.

Tell me more about our ability to step in and out of the outer ring to experience different physical realities – to travel to other parts of the planet physically and to travel to other physical locations that do not depict as the earth? Higher cell prism spheres are on the ascendant. False genetic codicals are being unplugged through the lower dendrite spheres.

You are the essence of a tear drop, a purification of the inner spheres- all is for the transcending.

As I have perceived it from the perspective of my own beingness – 15 planets/stars inform the platform that is currently of the moment. There may well be others. But this is the only one that I am consciously aware of in terms of what my team (5D Girl Team) and I are up to.

Embodied chambers lead the way to the pathways – 15 of them. They are situated below the lower sho sho fields. Falsification papers in the lower prism spheres unplug. False galactic codicils unplug. All falsification papers in the lower duodenals unplug. False prism spheres unplug. What more can we say about the embodied chambers? False sphere planes are being unplugged through the lower left ventrices. We are coming to the point of lift-off.

They blink – we are blinking at you – false matrix sequencing mechanisms unplug. It’s about the synchronisation. Breathe the vibration of synchronicity to the potency of 955. We breathe the vibration of synchronicity, the vibration of synchronicity breathes us. False synchronisation plates unplug. False bobule planes unplug. False diametrically opposed vertices unplug. False parallel timeplanes unplug.

Why were these paths not available/were they closed? False time planes in the lower prism zones – unplug. False timeline codicils unplug. False diametrically opposed plating systems unplug. False vertex spheres unplug. Your family love you very much. False Eldorado codes being unplugged through the lower prism spheres.

The other day I saw the new platform as 14 planets/stars that were outside the earth plane diametries – they feel as if they are in the stars.The 15th is in the earth planes. There are false star codicils in the lower prism planes – these are being unplugged. Who holds the 14 others? They are your sisters and brothers.

Zoom, zoom fields are opening for the lower left ventrices. I am also shown my connection through the home plane trinity fields (you can use them to travel in out out) It’s about travelling in and out of the sphere planes too – you will be able to travel through soon. Intergalactic portals are opening for the new nodice nodules.

Tell us more about the new nodice nodules and what they are here to do? They are a timeline transitioning tool. They help you to get from A to B by not going through C – a reversal of the false magenta fields. They are in the mitochondria sphere planes. Down to the new nodice nodule chambers (there is an inner plasm and an outer plasm).

The pathways to the 15 planets/stars have not been open for a long time – they look like curvy paths wider at the top then descending smaller. Old looking, a bit cave-like inside. I have seen these pathways before – they have a reflection and/or a refracted starmap patterning above the head and are part of a system that connects us in and out of other worlds.

Returning to the rainbow diamond the beginning of this post – each diamond reflects back to the other 15 – an interacting diamond refracting oneness starlight state. It was not destroyed. Show me the structure how do they all connect? Unplugging all false womb codes across the protoplasm planes.

What is there to know about the new platform that is opening? The 15 for the 15 and of the 15 – for the family realms are unfolding in the inner planes. One platform of the 15 sphere rings – 15 spheres rings =one platform.

Are we opening up a space that many will pass through regardless of the stage that there are at on their journeys? Yes, because it will be a genetic thing.

Here is an activation/meditation for the opening of this platform. Take as a starting point your own beingness as holding the earth tone vibration – one of the 15. Ask one of the spine points and/or a nature being to come forward for this one and for the 14 others – together with a colour as each planet/star one has a round colour activator at the other end. I have also added codes to mine when we did them.

Then using colour stream bands (one by one) reach out into time and space and connect with each and then interconnect with all of them at the same time.  This creates an alchemic-like basket weave., a rainbow prism sphere – to hold in the new platform. This will also help to smooth the passage. It’s time to begin again.

*Most are spine points

1 Silver – 99729 – Shasta
2 Gold – 23578 – Shasta
3 Red- 39827 – Titicaca
4 Orange 59624 – Corcamonga
5 Purple – 32978 – Mt Everest
6 Emerald green – 77295 – Niagra Falls
7 Lime green 87892 – Teotihuacan
8 Turquoise – 77295 – Cliffs at Antogagasta
9 Pink – 87327 – Valley of Fire
10 Peacock blue – 77929 – Mount Adams
11 Rainbow – 33925 – Corcamonga
12 Red – 37629 – Machu Piccu
13 Violet – 77925 – South Pole
14 Silver (again) 39724 – Vilcabamba
15 Fuschia 22938 – River Ouro


Drawing above a partnership with Susana – thank you.

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Why do I feel sad?  There are false matrix revision tables in the lower sphere planes – unplug. That’s when it was done to you. They cut you off at the start – that’s when they cut your wings.

Who are they? The co-ordinators of the outside spheres. Who are the co-ordinators of the outside spheres? The ones without the halos. Do you mean false angelics? Tell me more. Those of the false time prism spheres. Are false angelics of the false time prism spheres?

And god made Adam in his own image – the god codes. The codes put in place for the cellular de-construction. Are you saying that the god codes where a distortion? Yes, of the Elohim matrixing spheres. So the `God codes` – just to be clear – were for cellular de-construction. Yes, for the genetic heritage fields. And the Elohim matrixing spheres were de-constructed? Yes. Why? For the false protoplasm fields.

Did the ones without the halos do this? False galactic codicils were in the lower left ventrices. It was an alliance between those in the outer spheres and the lower primula fields.

What’s in the lower primula fields? False vertex spheres. False vertex spheres come up a lot. Please tell us more about the false vertex spheres? They do all the spinning – of what? of the cellular construction spheres.

Are the false vertex spheres a geometric construction or a beingness or both? They are of the ulterior motive plains. Can we speak to them or are they under the control of another? They are of the false vertex spheres. Yes – let’s go beyond that. False Elohim concoctions in the inner spheres – unplug. False ventrices in the lower parallel universe spheres unplug. False Laguna fields in the lower left prism fields. Unplug.

I sense a beingness behind the false vertex spheres – they are in the innuendo fields – who are? The false gods. They were trying to manipulate the protoplasm spheres with the false god codes.

Who are the false gods? They were of the Elohim distortions. False distortion boxes in the lower left ventrices – unplug. False Uganda codes in the lower matricing spheres unplug. Was it false angelics? It was a false angelic plating system designed by the other ones.

Are the other ones what we would call negative ETs? False Pershipion fields unplug, false ventricing spheres unplug, false gargoyle fields unplug. Can you please name the ET species. Was it Draco, Annunaki or another perhaps? False night codes are being unplugged through the inner spheres. False ventrices in the lower parallel universes – unplug. False mechanics in the interference zones unplug. False galactic codicils unplug. They don’t want you to know. Why? It will mess up their work in the interference zones.

That seems like a pretty good reason to ask. I ask for truth, I align as truth, I am truth on this day in the oneness and as the oneness – who were they? Drakos.
What are they doing with the interference zones? They are turning the volume up and down – that’s very helpful – thank you. Show us their inception point/ the point of volume control. It’s in the lower left ventrices.

Thank you, now I understand why the lower left ventrices are so important. I see it now – a rounded ship – it’s a false codicil prism sphering machine. That’s how they are doing it – through the vibrations. A falsification of timeplate sequencing mechanisms. It controls how the cell vibrates with the world outside it. It comes to me that this impacts how the human cell vibrates in terms of its interaction with animals, with plant beings with star beings. This has been manipulated and restricted thus creating false prism spheres and hindering full expansion of the human cellular structure in the oneness and as the oneness.

I don’t understand – why was this done? False parallel timelines are in the innuendo fields – unplug. False vertex spheres unplug. False galactic codicils unplug. False shape-shifting technologies unplug. Why was this done? To protect the false vertex spheres.

What do the false vertex spheres do?  They cast a shadow – false vibration sequencing mechanisms are created as a result.  False nodules in the lower prism spheres – unplug. False ventrices in the lower duodenals unplg.

Why did they clip my wings? False concobulations being unplugged from the lower prism planes. False timelines in the galactic code codicils unplug. Time tapping into the false chronologies taking place – unplug through the lower vertice spheres. You would have shifted time and space out of alignment. Wouldn’t that have been a good thing if that alignment was not aligned as source truth? Exactly…. false conurbations in the lower timeline spheres.

It’s a big day for you – Elohim codes are for the unfolding. I have never heard reference specifically to Elohim codes before? False magenta fields are being unplugged down the lower left vertices. What will happen as the Elohim codes unfold? False blind-folds are being unplugged for the left-hand prism spheres. False shore-lines are being unplugged in the lower left ventrices.

What are the Elohim codes? They are adjacent to the water walls. They will resolve the false sphere prisiming fields.

More to follow tomorrow


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Here is some extra `rocket fuel` for the final sequencing mechanisms of this phase and for the completion of grade 3. What is grade 3? It was a false sequencing mechanism blocking timeline transitioning. Where was it to be found? In the false Mars ventrices. Thank you.




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“The stars light up my life so bright – the (rainbow) sun light up my life. Evolution.”

An evolution of the blue light sequencing materialisms is underway.


For those who are of the true blue and others – an understanding.

The blue first came to me when my dog Bramble was unwell. For several days I walked around steeped in this frequency. It felt as if the blue had literally infiltrated every cell in my body and there was a blue haze around me too. At the time it felt odd – made me feel a bit queasy even. When I first started talking with the Elohim and realised that they were of my family, this blue frequency would enter at the point when we joined in conversation. It also helped for the room to be warm for some reason too.

What is this blue?

This particular blue frequency protects the inner rainbow light. It will protect you as well. It is time for it to ignite fully – not 90-95% Time for full ignition – full-lift off for the holding of the platform. There are 15 platforms for the fullness of the One. For the Elohim are hosting this expression.

This blue causes expansion in lower left ventrices.

What does that mean exactly?

For the full expression of the lower left ventrices is necessary for the lift-off.

I like the sound of lift-off!!! We like that, Yes.

For the blue of the organza strips widen.

What are the blue organza strips and why are they widening?

For the windows of opportunity expand.

Technically, what are the blue organza strips and what do they do?

They ensure that all is aligned as truth. Unplugging all false modulation spheres now.

Thank you Nahnah, thank you. I love you Nahnah, I love you – how can we all love each other? Nature beings/humans etc.

False modulations are in the interference zones. False sphere frames in the lower left premise points. Unplugging through the lower left ventrices. False inoculation points being unplugged through the immaculate fields. Go through the blue for the true nuances. False sphere frames are to be removed. This is for the ascending consciousness planes. There are complications in the lower left ventrices. False coagulations in the lower sphere points – unplug. False dichotomies in the lower field planes unplug.

We are of the Elohim, we are of the truth. Truth crescendos are for the ascendant.

As I saw it the opening of the June platform consists of what could be considered 15 sub-platforms, all expressed as different planets and/or stars. Each circle connecting with other ones for the whole. Family re-united in the oneness and for the oneness. An understanding of the full potential is essential for the expression of the One.

Here is what the Elohim have said previously about the other blues:

The light blue healing light is like a mother healing light, the dark blue light comes in times of intense challenge. The turquoise is a love frequency that emanates directly from the heart/soul. The teal light heals disconnect and disaccord and is an important one.

Sometimes you will find the blue light tinged with silver and gold and red and green too. When the light appears like this it is drawing on mystical elements to be found in the stars, a truly magical and powerful energy.

The dolphin blue light that you have seen is a sign of ancient knowledge going back right to the time of Atlantis. Dark blue with the stars interconnected is for an angelic connection.

Are there other blue light healing frequencies?

There are as many as you will find in nature and each of you has his/her own palette that like an artist you can draw from. This is why the sky and water hold such an attraction as they are a mirror to the unique healing potential each of you has inside.

What blue heals a broken heart?

The blue of the bluebell for the innocence before pain was known.

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Thank you Nahnah, Thank you.



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