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A channelled message from “Friends” – Elohim

The timings, the landmarks sit already on the map but there are many maps and like sailors it is up to you – earth peoples – to set the course (your compass)  for the path that you wish to take  in the times ahead. A ship needs the wind billowing in its sails and for the sea to open up the channels to speed it to its destination safely, and the dolphins will work with the stars to ensure that all is in the perfect pattern of things for this to happen.

It is up to you to seize the moment – (added April 2013 – This is the shift we have been waiting for).

Only by a total and unconditional coming together at all layers and levels (that has always been the design – the grand plan), will the portals interconnect to clear out and cleanse the uncertainty and doubt that is intrinsically the fatal flaw of mankind.

Project the hope and love that you have into the twinkling gaze of the stars at night. Tune into the birdsong in your meditations and their blissful harmonies will help to soothe your souls.


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Channelled message from my “Friends”

Oftentimes, these things can become too complicated, unnecessarily so. With so little time and so much to do it’s better to cut to the chaste and to get on with things now.

The power is the power of the collective whole – of the unconscious. This is important to bear in mind as whilst “power” is understood as a means of creating and engaging with change, the ability to manifest is one of co-creation. It is important to not just work with fellow light workers but to trust and hold the intimate belief that we also need to do so with Mother Nature – the bees, birds and other spirit beings.

The path will be slower than it needs to be if you do not engage the animal kingdom and work with it too. For it is Mother Nature who can tell you who you are and what you are about better than we can and in a way that is unique for each of you – a wonderous connection.

The power is that of the creative potential for all to unite and to unlock the joy and the messages that have been held safely by Mother Earth for many thousands of years.

The challenges you have are implicit in the question. How do we remember who were are? Because over time human kind has become so connected to a vision of the world that puts you at the centre of it. That puts you at the heart of it. History and all the legends were written in this way with heroes and heroines battling for good over evil.

But what if the template was shifted and your main role was one of a catalyst and not of a warrior. A world that did not need leaders as the sacred paths were already woven into time, so the only guidance needed came intuitively from the heart. Lack of confidence and a lack of self-belief would no longer exist as the ego state would simply merge into the totality of being.

Not so much to reclaim the power as to reclaim the sensitivity and intuition that will allow the boundaries to disappear. These boundaries, like frontiers are holding back the spiritual travel needed to bridge this great gap.

Fellow travellers in time, when a seed roots it has a starting position from whence it can grow. Helped by the immediate connection it holds to the soil downwards and upwards to the sun it is not bothered by obligations other than to grow with joy and rest when needs be. Yet, just one little seed can make a huge connection as it is part of a pattern so intricate yet simple.

So back to your question “how can we reclaim the power”. It is not “our” power, it is the right every living being has to access the Source. But until you learn to access the Source in a way that can in turn re-new, re-generate and rejuvenate the creative process – this will be difficult to achieve.

Call on the star connection to help and to send down beams of light. This light will cloak you with an energy that holds the universal key. The universal key is the key connector between human beings and the plant and animal kingdoms. The universal key is not so much a key in the traditional sense as you know it – but a fluid shape that has the potential to transmute with the right intent and to unlock parts of the brain and heart potential that could otherwise not be reached. Think of the shape as being more of an imprint of your heart energy and the yearning you have to make this connection.

For there is much – let’s say consternation at a certain level that mankind has the inclination to transcend his current role of power and authority in order to become one with the united life force. But at the same time there is much excitement and pregnant expectation that finally the veil will be lifted and human beings will see and understand themselves as it was truly meant to be. The veil will be removed in many layers at different levels and each time will be special and unique to that individual.

When it rains meditate on the connection as the droplets hit the earth and wish that you too could as easily melt into the ground and experience the collective power of the whole.


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Dear Mother Nature

I am writing to let you know that you have been banned from sharing most of your healing herbal remedies with the people of Europe. No, apparently the decision makers in Brussels are not being ageist, although it is true that the roots of your herbal traditions go back thousands of years which does makes you an old lady.

It’s just that they don’t understand that your healing energy needs to vibrate at different levels in order to be authentic and manifest. For this to vary from plant to plant and from person to person is the natural way and how it should be.

They want you to all sing at the same pitch so that herbal products can pass their pharmaceutical based framework. You will need to be stabilized with additives – just like prescription pills. It’s a sort of herbal GM. By modifying your core or that which is at the heart of your essence, they believe they can manipulate and control the energetic imprints of herbal products – make them “safe” for us.

Did I hear that correctly? Herbs are proud to be herbs, especially organic ones. You don’t want them to change and become cyto-pharmaceuticals.

I’m sorry, Mother Nature, but you are going to need to change with the times for there is no room for diversity and choice in Europe anymore.

What’s that? Humans are ignorant and narrow minded – you will simply complete your planetary transition into the fifth dimension without us!

Please don’t give up on us – the people of Europe are doing their very best to try to stop this ban and 850,000 have already signed up to a petition by Avaaz. We just need 150,000 more to reach one million.

Please sign the Avaaz petition and show Mother Nature that we want to continue to have access to a wide range of herbal remedies for ourselves and our families.


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