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In the forest next to us they have been cutting down trees for nearly a month now. You hear the whirring of the electric chainsaws from early in the morning until it gets dark. It’s hard to say at this stage how much is coming down. But it’s certainly made DB and I think twice about our use of wood. We are also pretty miserable about the whole thing.

I wanted to see if there was anything that could be done to help these trees and received this information.

Message from “Friends”

The trees are indeed sad and you can feel their pain in your body and in your heart. They are sad as they have been wrenched away from that which they have been sent to do. That is to draw downwards from the sky, light and energy as pure as the deep prana breath and through their collective unity of purpose, take this energy and draw it down deep towards the heart of Mother Earth.

For why should trees not have hearts too? In fact, maybe the heart of a tree is more developed than many of your own? This is something for you to consider….

It’s not so much that these trees are in personal pain for their own demise. They are in pain as the Mother Earth is having pulled away from her, a source of divine light and regeneration. They are unhappy for Mother Earth more than themselves.

So you ask is there anything to be done?

You are all going through an intensely delicate period of transformation (ascension) and the balance of the scales that measure this change is equally finely tuned. It is not that they (trees being cut down) need you to go up there and say something to help them to feel better. It’s that the situation offers you an opportunity to open a dialogue through the channel of compassion that you feel in your heart as they trust this source and will listen.

The balance between the destruction upon them and the strength of the love in your heart will create a neutral zero point where a communication between you and them can take place. And know that it is not just between you and them but that through the rhythm of the response that will be felt deep into their roots – this message will travel far and wide to other trees.

What is this message?

You must speak to them of the healed New Earth reality – of that which all have been waiting for. Talk to them of your own willingness and commitment to help create a world where at no time or any point will a tree be chopped down for human use. Not for firewood, not for furniture, not for energy, not for houses. Not for any reason whatsoever.

The pact or the understanding of this Truth will immediately be accepted in total trust and peace by the trees. This is because they know and understand deep down that is how it will be and must be if the full New Earth potential and complete entry into the Universal family of stars and galaxies is to be realised.

This sacred Covenant, this new truth will be the basis for a quite different spiritual language and level of communication and intent between transformed men, women and children and all plant beings including trees. In the New Earth human beings and trees will be joyous in their equality. This is not to do with the concept of “equalness”, as there is no place for such hierarchal language.

It’s more a question of honouring and seeing each other in this new way as an equal and working together in partnership. This partnership will lead to joint creations, based on mutual positive intent and sharing – far beyond your wildest dreams or indeed that you have only before seen in your dreams.

These new creations and forms will stem from the joy of a heart essence connection between the two. One that is so powerful that the force of this connection, communication and intent can transform into material matter or that which you need at the time.

However, before you can reach this point you also need to share the pain of the history of the trees on earth. Even if only for a moment, the split second sharing of that vibration will be like that of brother to his sister and will create an important family bond. This will be a starting point from whence you can build.


Also of relevance from Total Recall by Indigo Child Matias De Stefano


 “During the Age of Aquarius, one is guided by oneself. Each person will find all their answers inside themselves. “There are no masters to follow. Nobody should tell us where to go. Now we have to guide ourselves, but how? Who are the best “teachers” to show us how to do this? “These are the masters that have never spoken and that’s why they are the best masters: the TREES. The trees are the ones that can show us the best way to live on this planet, with deep roots into the ground, a straight trunk to channel all the light from the Sun towards the Earth… and providing oxygen for everything around them so that all Beings can live with it.”

“Just by meditating, without closing your eyes and looking at a tree, you will understand what I am talking about. They were the first ones that came to anchor the light and that light has to consciously come back to the planet. So be like TREES and bring the Sky back to Earth.”


Extract from an earlier post “Message from Friends”  Can the Stars in the Sky Help with Our Spiritual Development?


…..Watch how the trees interact with the stars. They take the star-light right down their trunks to the core. That is what you too must do. It is an easy exercise and does not take much time. We can also make a direct connection with you by this means. Directly through the centre of your heads, straight down through you and into the ground.

The heaven – earth connection is the one of true yearning for all. It is an open book of all that needs to be known.

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