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Question: What is the best and brightest way to shine? Currently, the reading I get for myself is 7 out of 10 and would like to get to 10 out of 10.

A channeled conversation with “Friends”

There are things that you can do to get to the point where you can shine 10 out of 10 if this is important to you and we can see that it is.

The blue that you shine is the authenticity of your connection to nature and to the heart embodyment that is an expression of your soul. It is not that there is a lack of aspiration in your connection to nature – far from it. It is just that there are 3D threads that can get in the way and hold you back.

This occurs when the intellect questions and tries to validate your experiences in terms of a traditional mindset. It can be due to a lack of confidence in your own ability or a lack of faith in what your heart is saying. Do not be glum. This can easily be resolved.

When you are predominantly in the new 5D space this is not an issue. But when, for example, situations or people negatively impact you, this polarity is reversed so that you switch your frame of reference back to a 3D reality.  As a result, like the flame on a gas cooker your light is dimmed.

Question: What can I do to stay at a high vibrational level for much – if not all the time?

As you gain the confidence to radiate who you are and to connect through the heart with the light as an equal (as we are all of one heritage) a unified force field like the shield of a warrior will intensify your signature, your essence, that which you glow.

You are setting a boundary, a comfort zone, and this will offer protection. Into the future, it will also provide the basis for a new and different way of interacting with matter.

Imagine you are greeting a friend as you extend the blue outwards. Feel where it naturally stops in your force field. It is far easier to “bounce” the colour out rather than to “push” out if you want to find the boundary quickly and effortlessly.

Now, imagine a stream that circulates around you at the point where your own blue signature ends. If you are not ready, take a deep breath and gather yourself.  Sit down a while next to the stream and listen to the gentle burbling of the water. Meditate on the stream, pure and clear. Then go back to your heart – that is the key.

Feel safe in your heart. Then bounce with confidence back in the blue of your aspiration to the boundary of your domain again. See the light that borders the other side of your stream, white and intense. Cast caution aside and visualise yourself jumping into the stream with abandon. Then feel your body dissolve as it becomes a fluid blue swirl with the whiteness of the light as it joins you.

Like osmosis, the forces on either side of the stream need to meet and embrace in the water so that what is outside becomes inside and what is inside becomes outside as the two equalise.  At the same time, breathe your heart in and out with love to help the transformation.

The water offers a secure yet flexible environment and the strength of this coming together creates the increase in intensity that will enable you to reach a higher vibration. (November 2011 – The remainder of this paragraph is a later addition based on my own experience of doing this meditation regularly). As a result a ring of strength is created at the limit of one’s energy field. It can be seen as stronger and with more definition than the colour that lies within it. It can also be helpful to visualise from this strengthened outer boundary golden spokes, like that of a wheel, connecting directly back to the heart.

If you are challenged or caught off-balance you can check your shine level and do this exercise as and when.  Also, for the glow to be brightest it is not a question of how far you can extend your boundary as much as it is about the intensity of the perimeter that you create.

*blue can be replaced by any colour you feel and affinity with.

Copyright © 2011 Nicola Bosdet. All Rights Reserved.

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The trees are pleased that the balance is shifting as they see it as an era where there will be real potential for quality communication between us and them.

We are the trees – Peace!

When we breathe – everyday as we do – we breathe in and out for the beings on this planet and we breathe in and out for the universe too.

Human beings breathe in and out for themselves only.

So that we can breathe in and out for the universe, we have a direct connection to the universal stream – from the tops of our branches right up to the stars and back down again through our roots.

As the consciousness of humans evolves in this new period of time, you too, will learn how to breathe with the greater good of the universe. You will also be able to connect with the stars, and through your hearts learn how to breathe in unison with the light energies of the planet.

As you learn to breathe through your hearts, a new relationship, a channel of communication will open up between us. And, as you continue to breathe through the heart as a collective consciousness, a new space grounded in light will facilitate our interaction. See this as a sort of energetic photosynthesis – one that is based on the aspiration of humans to be one and equal with nature.

And the animals?

We speak as one voice now (it is about time we did) so that we are heard and understood for who we are. We are the animal spirits and in unison we have a message:

We welcome the times ahead as there will be many humans who will better understand the nature of the universal dynamic between us.  Also, we welcome and look forward to the move to the `new earth` where all will be equal.

Until now we have been disparate – not of one voice. The wonder of our diversity backfired in that the separateness of our different species also kept us apart.  We are far stronger united.

As we (the animals) unite, we will have our say in the creation of the new earth. Also, (united as a group) we will be able to manifest increased for this planet – especially in relation to the lack of respect of many humans for Mother Earth.  And we are also looking forward to a new dialogue and interaction with the trees, plant and spirit beings. 

So hear us, for we are strong in force and not to be ignored. Our voice is one that will help to effect positive changes.

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Last night I woke up around 5.00am so excited about Friday that it was hard to sleep. So I started to meditate. The energies were really strong and it was like an unexpected practice session for what lies ahead.

It came to me that a new meditation would help to deal with the higher vibrational frequency entering on the 28th October and the end of the Mayan Calendar to begin another cycle. And to my surprise, when I woke up this morning, I realised that this meditation aligns perfectly with the post I wrote in September on what will happen on the day and what we can do.

Here is the meditation as it unfolded:

If I just opened myself to the light and did nothing else there was an uncomfortable feeling, something akin to mild nausea or dizziness. The question was how to rise above that sensation and fully into the light?

Instinctively, I went to focus on my heart and put it in a white protective cocoon but then I saw a diamond at the centre of the whiteness. As the meditation unfolded, the significance of this diamond took shape.

Whilst doing this helped, I still had not risen above the vaguely uncomfortable feeling that had started at the beginning of the meditation and  was certainly not sitting properly in the light yet.

So I put on a bright blue cloak (the colour I glow) and then pushed out (works better if you bounce it out) the vibration of the blue as strongly as possible into my auric field. (Any colour that comes to mind would probably help as long as it is used to both protect and push out at the same time).

The meditation was starting to evolve but it was not where it needed to be yet. I sat under the stars and scanned the universe. It was all too much to take in and it became clear that I was looking for one star in particular to tune into.

It was at this point that things started to intensify and I was called to focus on that one star and specifically to connect the diamond “star” in my heart with my chosen star in the sky above.

Whilst doing this I used the blue cloak to create a point of pulsation of ever growing impetus. Shine, shine, shine – actively reaching high up to make my star sister connection.

Suddenly, I felt an unexpected wave of intense sadness and understood how the matrix of our 3D reality has so prevented us expressing the authenticity of our longing to join our place in the stars.

Next the momentum took on the form of a spinning wheel – increasing with speed as intensity ramped up.

Shine, shine, shine, as with every bit of energy and intent available I got to the point where the much longed for connection is made and the dizziness vanished for the light to hold the space.

Now I understood (see below) the significance of the stars. They are a reflection of the direct diamond heart connection that each and every one us can make as the divine window to the heavens opens on Friday October 28 2011.

As mentioned the meditation mirrors a post back in September.



Here’s an extract:

“This exchange of gifts – of you to the light and the light back to you – will put into motion a series of events. Pinpricks in the night sky will manifest as thousands upon thousands of diamonds, a shower of soul sparkle lights that will cut across time, cut through confusion.”

“The pattern of these star-like manifestations is a mirror image of deep-rooted Soul intent and purpose on Earth as reflected in the night sky. And just for a moment, time will be still as the “as above – as below” potential swim together and lock in embrace and longing.”

“In this moment you will be able to step outside of yourselves and see and understand not from the perspective of planet earth alone (your Mother) but at a Universal level, the role you have to play. Also, how each of you can undertake this role as unique individuals, whilst being a part of the greater whole. A human soul connection with ALL.”


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Soft, gentle and playful – laughter. Healing, love and compassion. Kindness. Happiness. Held in the light/oneness – safe.

New Earth vibration of compassion – What 5D “colour” does it take? Dolphins playing with mermaids in a joyful heart connection.

What does compassion sound like? Like the exclamation mark in laughter (!) Dolphins laughing in oneness with children.

  • A land in which respect and honour for Nature come top.
  • A living, healing partnership between all humans, animals, plants, minerals and other nature beings.
  • Where the laws of the land are spiritual ones and each being and living force is answerable to this law of the land.
  • A place where the energy every morning is as pure and fresh as the first hour of the first day that the forests were created.
  • No money needed – goes without saying!
  • Where we openly, freely and with great enjoyment communicate with all plant and animal life forms – each one learning from the other.
  • Where “technologies” are created through a pure heart connection between life forms and in spiritual agreement that the energy warrants the outcome.
  • Where pure intent of mind and heart-connect with nature can create all that we need for food, shelter, travel etc.
  • Where we fully understand our connection to the trees, plants, animals, insects, minerals and other entities and the potential to be released through these relationships.
  • Where children are largely educated through and by nature.
  • Where the vibration is such that the word of fear will neither be understood nor experienced.
  • Where there will be no need or want of any history before this point – it will just become lost in time.
  • Where all beings are equally respected for their wisdom and insight.
  • Where people have the freedom to move on to other planets or to stay as long as they like if they wish to do so.
  • Where there is no need for the concept of time as we know it and where the rhythms and patterns of life return to the knowledge of natural patterns.
  • A new earth plane that will be protected through our heart-connectedness to nature and to the source.
  • Where the rustling of the trees and whispering of the leaves provide a daily missive.
  • Where our creative output is channelled across time and space to other planets and beings.
  • Where animals and insects will too live in harmony for the enjoyment, connection and pleasure of All.
  • The mind will combine with the heart to create a channel for integrity focused intent and love.
  • In the early days it will be the children that will teach us the most. Star friends will help to.
  • It will be the children that the animals are happiest talking to at first.
  • Through nature we will be able to intuitively read the blue-print of the creative process.
  • People will prefer to walk barefoot to feel the connection with the earth.
  • No trees will ever be chopped down.
  • No animals will ever be killed.
  • There will be no popular culture as every thought, action and deed is a continuous evolution of the uniqueness of that moment.
  • Where we will live together with our star friends.

Copyright © 2011 Nicola Bosdet. All Rights Reserved

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Conversation with the Trees (part I)

Are there barriers to humans embracing trees as equals?

For you live in a fear based and hierarchical society where the tallest and strongest trees are considered the best and where the trees that bear the most fruit are held in higher esteem than those with less. As such, it is harder for humans to grasp the fact that all things can and should be equal.

Therefore, you are starting off from a lower base of knowledge. Your mindset and cultural ancestry hinders you from seeing the truth. For the truth is so simple, you see. And on the new earth it will also be simple and clearly understood in the patterning of things.

What can we do so that we are ready to ascend to the fifth dimension?

It’s not as if you need to make a huge and complicated leap. However, it does require a certain leap of faith.  It does require an open mindedness and commitment and yearning to make a more true and authentic connection with nature.

So what can we do to make an equality based one-on-one connection with you?

Become more familiar with our energy, with the energy of the trees. Treat us as friends. When you go for a walk in the park or in the forest, place your point of intent right up at the tops of the trees such that your feet are anchored to the Mother Earth, and your heightened awareness and consciousness skim the point where the tops of our branches, our leaves sit in peace in the space between sky and earth.

This is a point where a more intimate channel can open up between us – one where a more personal relationship can develop.  Where we can see each other face-to-face with nothing to hide.  Sit quietly with us in this space. Listen carefully to what we have to say and we will listen carefully to what you have to say.

So we can share as friends, our thoughts and dreams in a space that is untouched and safe from the restrictions of the matrix structure that can hold you all back from developing and exploring new connections. A different way of seeing or experiencing your own reality.

This same place, this shared platform is the point from which we can move together into deeper spheres, concentric rings of interconnection between human souls and the new patterning which forms the framework, the groundwork for the new earth.

This is the first step to understanding the “intelligence” behind the patterning of the new earth plan.  It is a place that must not be spoiled, hindered or damaged. A star gateway where only those with the purest of intent and integrity will be welcomed to join the song.

For truly we want to give and to share with you as we hope you will want to give and share with us.  And the trust that needs to be healed between the trees and humans can take place heart by heart, with each person who is committed and willing doing so in their own time, space and moment.


Tree meditation (ideally done outside with a tree)

True to the depths of the earth I am

True to the stars in the sky

True to my heart – the sun and the moon

As the roots of the trees intertwine

See the truth of the light divine

We are the Trees

  • Look upwards into the leaves in our canopy.
  • Through the palm of your hand infuse the trunk with a droplet of your essence straight from your heart and we will take that essence and draw it upwards and your consciousness and your knowing will be pulled upwards to the plane where we will be happy to welcome you
  • Now let us carry you – let us do the work.
  • Maintain your focus and intent at the top of the tree.
  • To the right are horizontal channels, the roots – a wiggly line.
  • Feel a heat on your forehead.
  • Now a gravitational pull horizontally to the right.
  • A current, a stream speeds up towards the light. Go with the flow.
  • Sighing deeply into the calm – at rest in a place where we truly become children of the stars.

 Conversation and meditation with the Trees (part 2)

As you pass through these channels, you will feel a lightening, almost a dissolving of the weight you carry in your current day-to-day existence.  This is a detoxification of all that might hold you back from the transition.  It will also help your fluidity to become more congruent with the new earth patterning.  Imagine a day as light and carefree as the rustling of the leaves in a gentle wind.

Connect to your heart as you do so – stay heart focused for the best possible outcome. Feel the deep satisfaction of a core connection – the bit that makes you smile and feel happy.

This is a channel where you can advance at the speed of light, faster or more slowly. You can bob along gently as in a boat on a mid-summer day or whoosh through as if white water rafting. No matter what the speed, you will be carried along by nature’s current – no effort required. The more you relax and go with the flow, the more you enjoy the ride.

The more you practice, the greater the joy and learning along the way. The path becomes lighter, more lubricated as strings and attachments are cast aside and cut loose. Practice this journey until it becomes effortless.

It won’t be the same for everyone, far from it. You have to become familiar with the path, with the landscape to fully appreciate every detailed nuance of the voyage before your can set a course for further discovery.



When I first did this meditation I saw a tree that was split through much of its centre, stripped of its leaves and bare.  It suddenly appeared and was the focus of attention.  By making a heart-felt connection to its pain this image then vanished. It may be that this has something to do with the trust that needs to be healed between the trees and humans.



from Total Recall by Indigo Child Matias De Stefano


“During the Age of Aquarius, one is guided by oneself. Each person will find all their answers inside themselves. “There are no masters to follow. Nobody should tell us where to go. Now we have to guide ourselves, but how? Who are the best “teachers” to show us how to do this? “These are the masters that have never spoken and that’s why they are the best masters: the TREES. The trees are the ones that can show us the best way to live on this planet, with deep roots into the ground, a straight trunk to channel all the light from the Sun towards the Earth… and providing oxygen for everything around them so that all Beings can live with it.”

“Just by meditating, without closing your eyes and looking at a tree, you will understand what I am talking about. They were the first ones that came to anchor the light and that light has to consciously come back to the planet. So be like TREES and bring the Sky back to Earth.”


Extract from an earlier post “Message from Friends”  Can the Stars in the Sky Help with Our Spiritual Development?


…..Watch how the trees interact with the stars. They take the star-light right down their trunks to the core. That is what you too must do. It is an easy exercise and does not take much time. We can also make a direct connection with you by this means. Directly through the centre of your heads, straight down through you and into the ground.

The heaven – earth connection is the one of true yearning for all. It is an open book of all that needs to be known.

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