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In his latest blog, highly regarded spiritual author Ken Carey, writes that he believes a “monumental shift will take place in humankind’s mode of perception as a unified singularity or superior intelligence of some kind appears on the planet along with numerous angels and extra-terrestrials” before the end of 2011. (This reference as of 16th December was amended from the previous version that I read)

In the same post, Ken talks about a mental “polarity reversal that will result in human decision making no longer being distorted by fear, but instead becoming creatively super-motivated by one or more of Love’s countless intentions to bring out the full universal potential….”

The full post is essential reading:


This information really struck a chord with me as a message from “Friends” last year foretold the coming of what could also be considered a “superior intelligence.” At the time, I had been unaware of the end of the short-count Mayan calendar on 28 October 2011, and so had assumed this related to December 2012.

“A new connection will be made from outside of your atmosphere. We (Elohim) will be there to help with this “communication” as will others who care about and love the earth people and who want to help you to make the world a better place.”

My intuition told me that these were probably the one and the same “event.”

So I asked “Friends” if they could shed some light on all of this. They have clarified that the catalyst on the day will be Mother Earth herself.  

However, they have said that angels and beings from outer space will also “attend” and some (including the Elohim) will help to subtly translate and/or facilitate our understanding and assimilation of this “communication.” This is what I believe Ken Carey refers to as a “superior intelligence.”

What is this “superior intelligence” ?

It is the Universal Mother, the mother of all planets, and she will connect directly with Mother Earth. Like a loving mother, most gently and tenderly to its child and like a child most gently and tenderly back to its mother, Mother Earth will embrace her Universal Mother and the Universal Mother will embrace Mother Earth. For long have they been waiting for this moment.

Why is the Universal Mother coming to Mother Earth?

Mother Earth has at her heart a most beautiful and loving creative potential. A most bounteous gift that she can share with the Universe. 

How will this universal intelligence manifest?

It will come through like the sound of a whale at sea, whistling across the planet. It will take you back in history to a very ancient and old time before what some of you call “the fall”.

This sound will cause the planet to quiver like a jelly (see footnote). The density of the planet will wobble so that it is easier for the frequency of the pitch to penetrate. We are all really excited about this!

And, for those people whose own hearts can turn to jelly and quiver with love, fear will also be lifted. The fear of the unknown, the fear of the known, the fear of what you do not yet know. The fear of what has gone before and the fear of what may pass in the future – all will dissipate.

(I was told that humans will “feel” the vibration in their hearts as it will be of a noise frequency too low for us to hear.)

The conversation with “Friends” continued:

A feeling of belonging, of coming home – one of no fear. If even only momentarily, people will realise that life is not as it seems and that there is another way to look at the world, another way of understanding themselves.

And, for those of you who want to lock into and hold this higher vibration (the truth about what oneness really means) the veil of fear will be lifted.  Others who are not ready for the truth will simply forget.

Likewise, Mother Earth herself and all trees, plant beings, living entities and animals will hold the new frequency and together with those human beings who do the same – the vibration of the planet will be heightened.

Q: Will this be the beginning of a period of even greater change in the world?

A: Yes

There will be a shift in the balance of your society as fear starts to dissipate. Fear has been a fierce adversary and has held so many of you back. It is also a drain on positive energy.

Whilst all this may lead to fear for people still in the fear zone, it will not be fearful for those no longer in the fear zone. For those whose eyes are now opened and who understand that there is nothing to fear, a great weight will be lifted.

Q: Is this the shift of perception that Ken Carey writes about?

A: Yes. A veil will be lifted – one that has caused much suffering.

Footnote: I was given absolutely no negative connotations around this wobble in terms of potential earthquake etc

(I did also ask if we would be able to actually see these angels and beings from other planets on the day – sadly not!)

Here is a more recent post on what you can do on the day which currently I believe will be 24th December.


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Cocoa Pods

Cocoa Pods

Following years of chronic illness, I reached a point in my early 30’s where there was a limited selection of food I could eat without problems. For starters, wheat, dairy and sugar (that included alcohol) were out of the question. And that’s before you counted various other intolerances. Someone once described it as my “cardboard diet.” It certainly was not much fun.

When what you can and cannot eat is tricky, it becomes normal to read every single ingredient on whatever you are considering buying. It not only makes shopping more time consuming, you also become more aware of what exactly is in what we eat. A process of enlightenment in itself….

Over time, as my health returned, I was able to eat most foods. However, as my spiritual development progressed it became clear that decisions were again going to have to be made about what was best for my body at an energetic level.

The bottom line is that the vibration of certain foods such as sugar, wheat, dairy and meat were subtly affecting the more refined higher level energies and in times like these you need to be as tuned in as possible.

Whilst I have considered going vegetarian, living in a household with a typical meat based Western diet where my husband cooks (very well – in fact) makes this impractical and divorce was once threatened when I even suggested it!

One day, I picked up a useful tip about how to lighten the vibration of food and it is now something that I do with most things we eat at home. It is especially effective with meat which is more likely to be of a denser vibration.

The way I do it is to dowse the meat first (before it is cooked). It almost always comes up with a negative reading.  I then direct energy from my hands towards the food until they start to tingle and bring down the light. Then after a minute or two more, you do another reading and as soon as a positive confirmation is received you are `good to go` with the cooking. Also, as the vibration of the meat is now higher you really do feel more energised after eating.

However, my excitement with this new tool was curtailed by my husband when we recently went to a top notch restaurant and I took out my pendulum to dowse the best dishes on the menu vibrationally. “Please don’t embarrass me in public,” he pleaded so I had to rely on intuition instead!

If you really, really, really want to eat something that’s not on your list then ask for “permission” from above to indulge without the side effects. This is a useful trick for special dinners, birthday treats and so on. I ask the angels.

You can also tell if chef was feeling depending on the vibration of the food that day. And I swear that it is true. If you are really sensitive and the person who made your food is in a bad mood or unhappy, you can unconsciously absorb their energy.

Indeed, are we not on this planet to experience material life to the full including the joy of food? And then there is of course chocolate; that’s chocolate mousse, chocolate ganache, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate ice cream with bits, chocolate truffles…and as our vibrational frequencies increase we will be able to feel the vibration of our favorite foods without having to indulge in them physically,

So, in the meantime, shouldn’t we just make the most of all the things we like regardless? After all, what are a few side effects? At least that’s what I’ve told myself on numerous occasions.

Yet all of a sudden, I am simply not attracted to these old cravings. Yes, the occasional “special dispensation” will not doubt be warranted, but in general I am ready to be more selective about what I put in my body.

Next year we are building a geodome and will start our own vegetable patch. I am going to add lots of crystals and infuse the area with love. Apparently, this was done back in the times of Atlantis too. Beautiful home grown aubergine, pumpkins, radicchio, rocket, tomatoes all living together in happy harmony. The highest vibrationally atuned veggie patch we can possibly create. Bring it on!

Photo by Mediacaster – creative commons – on Wikipedia

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Telepathic Conversations with Plants Series

I am here to speak of grace even if my name does not sound very graceful!

I can call you Grace if you like – Hello.

I have delicate white flowers that sway and tremble in the wind. The wind can carry grace you know. It can swirl around in the wind and I can feel it swirling around me too.

We pass the flow of grace amongst each other, us flowers. See how it bends and undulates in the breeze.

So are you saying that all flowers have the capacity to experience grace?

Yes, whilst that is my namesake, we all do. And I bend gracefully in the wind, you see, too.

Can you describe grace to me as you see it?

We are just happy to be on this planet – to be able to grace the planet. Grace for us is the feeling that we are all one with the planet. When it rains, grace falls from heaven and we feel it on our petals. Grace tingles with lightness and love.

Have you got any advice on how we can feel grace?

When it rains, don’t put a hat on or get your umbrella out. Stand for a moment and feel the rain on your face. Feel the grace raining down from heaven.

Grace can help unlock deeper channels in your heart. And, as this grace swirls and settles, you will see the definition of something that was not previously visible, an outline that you were not aware of before. This is the truth of the heart. It is what lies beneath the veil.

What different veils do you see?

We speak here of three layers of veils. The first layer is the one that is put in place as soon as you are born. This is the veil that prevents you from understanding why you have come into the world.

The second veil, comes when as children your true creative potential is closed down as you are told that it is all in your imagination.

The third veil is put in place as you integrate into the fabric of society. Your family backgrounds, your educational systems, networks of friends, self-worth as defined by careers and money etc. all bind you tightly to layer after layer of opaqueness. A window that it is difficult to see through try as you may.

I thought that in these times  that the veils are being lifted.

Indeed! But ask yourselves who is lifting the veils? Is it the divine Mother lifting the veils? Are beings from other planes and planets lifting the veils? Are angels lifting the veils Do you see where I am coming from?

It is actually you, the human collective, that has decided to start to lift the veils unconsciously or otherwise. Remember, these veils are shadowing your sight and not ours. It is up to you to take advantage of these wondrous times whilst the opportunity is available. It is your own yearning and spiritual aspiration for love, truth, wisdom and oneness that is helping with the enlightenment underway.

How can we use grace to see things more clearly and to unlock different levels and layers of insight?

An exercise to help unlock insight through grace – shared with us by Grace

Imagine horizontal streams of white light layered one on top of the other. Sit yourself down comfortably in the midst of those streams. See them as soft and misty rather than radiant and bright. Loving layers of grace in a timeless space.

Look closer, sandwiched between each layer of grace is a strand of the 3D template as you see and understand that reality. 3D reality and timeless grace locked together in layer upon layer.

Now, as if you are playing a chord on a piano, focus just on those strands that are the embodiment of 3D reality and listen to how this resonates.

What do you feel?

A heavy weight like a hammer coming down on my brow.

Now, play the chord that is made up of the different mist levels interwoven with grace. What happens?

There is a lightness in my heart.

It works best if you play each layer like a single note before you strike them as a chord just so as not to miss any out. Strike them together as a chord now.


Now go back and try playing your 3D reality strands – is anything different?

This time I feel as if there is anxiety and fear in my heart.


Now go back to the misty grace layers and strike a chord with those – what do you feel?

Now my brow feels clear and my heart feels lighter again.

See – it is up to you. Will you choose to play the light notes of grace and nimbly unlock your potential to see past the veils and experience life as one with all. Or, will you choose to only listen to the discordant chords of your current 3D reality and view life through that lens.

Do you choose to be fully in the moment and to activate your grace strands so that you can be blessed with the knowing. Or, do you choose to activate some, perhaps not all as to feels more comfortable to sit between the two for the moment.

Thank you so much Grace.

The pleasure is ours – this is a gift of the divine light.

N.B. There are a multitude of definitions for grace if you look on the Web – I like the one that says “given freely with love.”

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We are not dying! We are just impatient to move on as there is work to be done on the new earth in preparation for the transition.

So, please don’t be worried that we are sad or unhappy. Far from it – we are joyous that these times have come. And, whilst some of you may miss us (and this greatly touches our hearts) it is only a temporary parting as we can unite again on the new earth.

Why is it that you oak trees have been given this task or are there other trees who share the same mission?

We are not the only ones that have been asked to go to the new earth to help facilitate the transition. However, trees have a particular mission as the roadmap for the new earth is to be found in our roots. And, that is why it is important that we hurry up and go to where we are most needed right now.

But it is so sad to see your shrivelled brown leaves as is the shock of the quick departure that you are making.

Try to understand this situation from the multiple perspective of a 5D lens. If you view what is happening from a 3D perspective all you will see are crinkled dying leaves – all you will feel is the life force being sucked out of us. It is natural that if you take this viewpoint that you may be bothered by it and feel sad too.

But there is another way to look at what is happening. When you peel away an onion layer by layer you never know exactly what the layer underneath will look like until you get to it.

So what you see at the current layer or level of 3D awareness is an image of death and destruction. However, if you were to peel away another layer, things would look quite different.

Suddenly, we would re-appear green, bright and vibrant as if miraculously healed. As the veil is lifted you will start to better understand the transformation that is underway.

We are simply re-locating as we don’t yet have the wherewithal to be in two places at the same time. If we did have this ability then you would be none the wiser.

Is a sort of cell-division taking place or are you re-locating lock, stock and barrel?

The latter, as it really is simpler. We are just moving to another point on the time space continuum. It is also easier than having to walk through a portal. Anyway, as you may have noticed us trees don’t walk!

Is there anything that we can learn from your transition?

Some of you believe that you will have to consciously walk through portals to reach the new earth. You ask – will I see the portal? Will it open for me? Where will it be? Will my partner go through with me? Will my children do the same? What about our pets?

We (the trees) will not have to walk through portals to ascend and those of you going to the new earth won’t have to either. All this complication is quite unnecessary for the new earth transition and it is only of this that that we speak.

You will simply reach a point in your spiritual development and oneness at which it will become possible to instantaneously, naturally and with ease BE in the new earth plane.

All the same, there will be areas of high energy on earth that will facilitate this process. And, if you have chosen to make the transition to the new earth you may well be attracted to these locations nearer the time.

As we speak I have just started to feel pain in my heart and a longing– why is this?

It is because many other “beings” will be making the transition to the new earth before you humans and it will be a few years yet before you can do so. All needs to be in order and ready and you all need to be in order and ready for the new earth.

What about the oaks that are not going to the new earth. How do they feel?

Like humans, we too were given a choice and some of us wanted to stay with the current mother earth in order to accompany her on the final cycles still to pass, until she too is re-born again.

Thank you so much

Yes – we look forward to seeing you there.




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My heart is exploding I have so much to tell you. Little fireworks dazzling with brilliant colours, red, green, yellow, purple, blue and orange.

I’m a lace flower – but you can call me Alice.

Thank you Alice. 

My heart is exploding with different colours – like catherine wheels of excitement and joy.

What are you so excited about?

Us plants are in the process of ascending. I am just so, so happy! If we had newspapers like you the headline would read – Celebrations across the World as Plant Kingdom Starts Transition to the Fifth Dimension.

That’s funny – so I am the news reporter interviewing you then!

Do you really need to interview me – can you not feel my little tremors of joy? My frissons of delight! My heart is exploding like a kaleidoscope of colours. As I sit in my heart I loose myself in a rainbow stream.

What can we learn from you about how to ascend?

I see life in colours or as a multicolour stream. Blue, green, yellow, pink, purple each one quite succinct, orange, blue, red – every one different.

Alice – we see colours too. The sea is blue, the grass is green and the sun yellow.

Yes, but I am trying to show you a new way of looking at colour and at the world. For humans, colour is like a paint palette. There is the sky – let’s paint it blue for the sky is blue. Let’s cut the green grass as grass is green or I must shade my eyes from the yellowness of the sun. The sun always shines yellow.

This is a very limited interpretation of the dimensional depth of the colour stream and the impact of colour on the vibration of the planet. Don’t follow the yellow brick road – follow the rainbow road. For colours are gentle teachers that can help you along the path, and also help you to see things from multiple perspectives.

Have you got any advice as to how we can better understand the multi-dimensional perspectives of colour?

You can try to shake off your rigid mindset and the traditional view of colour in the third dimension and understand how this perception helps to anchor a limited reality.

Next time you pass a grassy green field, imagine that it is bright yellow. How does that feel? Odd? And when you see the yellow of the sun visualise it as green. Even odder? But to us there is nothing odd about any of this. If the field feels like having a blue day it is entirely up to him to do so. Likewise, if a stream wants to pulsate red it can.

This versatility of experience and perception is in tune with the wide range of choices to be found on the fifth dimension. You too will be able to glow different colours in the times ahead. You will also be able to see our colours shine and to share in this joy with us.

How can we use colours to heighten our own vibration?

Colour Perception Practice (from Alice)

Try this exercise until you start to see things differently. It works well if you do it with various crystals.

It’s important that you don’t impose a colour on these crystal beings. You simply need to ask if they would mind expressing themselves by sharing with you their particular light experience – as you name a colour. First ask for permission (important). Then visualise a colour and see the impacts that it has. Each crystal will have a different experience.


Example below from a crystal on my desk.

Lemon yellow – a zing pulses energy outwards

Turquoise – a blue mantle swirls around like an outer protection

Red – pulls energies towards its heart

Emerald green – a powerful creative force

Same colours but different individual experience of a second crystal:

Turquoise – happy bright awareness

Red – a turning wheel like a chakra

Emerald green – the gentle sweet tears of purification


Once you are comfortable, try this process on yourselves. Like other living beings you all have individual colour schemes. Find out which colours resonate with you personally. For one person pulsating red could represent deep calm, whereas for another the experience might be quite different. Orange could bring in support from higher beings for one person whilst the same could be achieved using emerald green for another.

How can we use colours to help us?

Use this tool on a regular basis. When you change the colour of your outer garments, your external experience with reality (as you perceive it) will also adjust. This will be helpful as you learn how to fully experience a multi-dimensional 5D reality.

For example, if you have to face fear and you know that the colour that resonates in supporting you in this situation is navy blue, then put on your navy blue outer garment or if you are travelling on public transport and don’t want to attract negative vibes, cloak yourself in white if that is the colour that resonates with invisibility for you.

Many thanks Alice (Laceflower)

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Northern Twayblade – Listera Borealis

Blessings to you and Bliss – for bliss is indeed a sought after state. And a sorry state of affairs is the human bliss factor. And, if I were to measure the humankind level of bliss, it would not rate highly.

Indeed, what is bliss? Is it escapism? Is it a route to another realm? Somewhere unreal? Not something that can be a normal part of your daily function?

Why do you talk about bliss – why specifically this topic?

On other planets there can be found plants that have a stronger alignment with the bliss tonality. Or, simply that there are more of them than you will find on earth.

Sigh….It is not our responsibility you see. It’s important that you are aware of this. We simply reflect back to you the potential that you have to find this space within yourselves and by doing so you can make a heartfelt connection back to us.

Like all things bliss is a structure and yet not a structure at the same time. It is a pattern, that constitutes the evolution of all beings to a higher level of understanding. It is a state you can enter. You do not need to be invited. Free entry as you would say.

What we cannot understand is why so many of you are “blissfully” oblivious to this nature state of wonder. It is not one that is to be viewed in awe. That would make accessing it complicated and not one of equals. For bliss, whilst a state, is a being too. She yearns to lovingly interact with all others who see her as a friend.

You ask – how is it possible to be in a state of bliss and to get on with your daily routines and working lives?

It’s simply a matter of conditioning my friends. You wake up in the morning and are stressed that you have overslept. Then there is traffic on the commute to work to get stressed about.  And, as you visualise the day unfolding, there is much stress involved in that too.

We on the other hand yawn gently as we wake up. We take time to say a heart-felt good morning and welcome to the new day and to all the plant beings, insects and animals around us. Then, with reverence and gratitude, we start to draw up the mother earth energies and to position ourselves at the best angle for the sun as it rises.

Gradually, our gentle yearning to share who we are unfolds into the bliss of interconnecting with other beings aspiring to do the same.

At one time there were more plants like us on the planet earth. But over time it became clear that there were not enough “others” for us to connect with in order to co-create this blissful state as before. So, our essence was not required to the same degree that it had been in the past.

But we the Twayblade plants have held steady over many thousands of years, waiting for the point at which we have been told human beings would again be willing to more readily experience the state of bliss.

But we want you to know that bliss should not be seen as an experience at the top of the pyramid. Nor do you have to be top of the class to experience it or to have been studying the longest.

When we started out, right from the outset, we were able to experience blissful states. Indeed if more of you were able to open up your hearts to the fact that you too can tune into this frequency, more of us would in turn be needed to tune back into you. So, that together the volume can be turned up. As one, our united bliss experience would accumulate and accelerate.

As the veil is lifted, you will start to see us all in a different light. That’s not just a different perspective. Some of you will also start to see light coming out from us. And you will be directed to have your own conversations, one-on-ones with plants that you feel an affinity with.

Can you give us some specific advice as to how we can attain this state of bliss – something we can do?

Bliss is reached by being at the do nothing point.

How do we get to the do nothing point?

Do nothing – be nothing.

But you are not nothing – you are a living breathing plant. So how is this possible?

Do nothing, be nothing, see nothing.

Sorry, I don’t quite understand?

Offer up all that you are to the Divine every morning and it will be taken care off.

Thank you Listeria Borealis – you can call me Barry.

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First published in October – she asked to be heard again.

Hello – my name is Cassandra (Chamaedaphne Calyculata) And my flowers ring like bells. My role is one of attunement. There are many like me who have the potential to resonate at a frequency that can offer solace. You can call me Cassie. My origins go back to the Gobi desert. This is why my leaves are leathery.

Ting, ting, ting – hear they ring like bells my flowers.

Bells are strong and hard on the outside, but when they ring the sound itself is soft and fluid. We (Cassie and friends) want to speak to you about softness.

For it is possible to be soft and gentle even if there is an outercasing. The structure of the 3D world is anything but soft so it is a challenge operate with softness and fluidity within this environment.

The 5th dimension, however, is one where it will be easier for you to chime with the softness of the heart. For in these times we too, the plants, are making a transition to a multidimensional reality and this is already underway.

Every morning we inhale the softness. The softness of the mother earth, the softness of the dew as it ossilates on our leaves. The soft and gentle rising of the energy levels as plant beings gradually calibrate to be ready for the day ahead.

If you all could learn from us. To spend even five minutes a day softening your brows, opening up your hearts with gentle love, stilling your mind in the moment. Then, you too could resonate with clarity – like our bells.

Ting, ting, ting.

Our resonance is also one of joy. A melting joy, a soft joy, a whisper of love. A gentle whisper – listen hard not just to us but to your own inner calling and your own interconnectedness with the purity and joy of nature.

As the beginning you talked of offering solace – can you explain more?

We can empathise with you so we can offer solace. And our own gentle vibration, our lineage has over time and through time experienced much sorrow too. Not because pain was inflicted directly upon us but because we chose to resonate at a level that would help to soothe and to heal broken hearts.

I keep getting an ancient Egypt connection – can you explain?

Our seeds were used in the days of the pharaohs as a tincture. Whilst the hard outer casing of the seed had to be crushed, the inner softness, our core essence could be accessed for soothing purposes.

Plant beings and animals are far better at healing themselves than humans. This is because you have built up an ego image around your toughness, your ability to conquer all including illness. This hardened temperament makes it difficult for you to heal yourselves and this hardness is reflected in rigid thinking.  It can be a challenge for you to believe that you even have the ability to heal yourselves. Here again, there is much to learn.

Cassie, is there anything else you want to leave us with?

Ting, ting, ting, well let me think?

One way that you can soften your own outercasing is to visualise a globe of the world and to do a meditation where you reflect on a garland of white flowers surrounding the planet, a rope of pure white energy, gently pulsating and breathing outwards to the stars and inwards to the earth.

Inhale with us and take in the softness that exudes from the planet. Breathe in (with your heart) then exhale outwards and with confidence (through the back of the heart) and into the universe. A subtle acknowledgement of a quiet inner strength and knowing that all is perfect in the greater scheme of things. A clarity, a oneness, an understanding that resonates and rings clear like a bell.

Ting, ting!

Many thanks Cassie for your wise words.


  • Tectonic plate movements mean that some plants in Northern Asia are also found in Northern America
  • Cassandra leaves can be used to treat inflammation.
  • Tinctures date back to Ancient Egypt where they were refered to as cordials.

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***Conscious conversations can take place when we enter into oneness with nature beings ***

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White Spruce – Picea Glauca

Ah – where to begin? How far back do you want to go?

I don’t know. You are the first one I have done so I’m not exactly sure how to go about this.

Well – my name is White Spruce. At least that is a human language name given to me. Call me Bruce – if you like.

You humans think you own us – at least some of you do.

Please don’t be cross – we are not all like that.

I know, I don’t want to sound ungracious but please understand that for us too there has been a learning. We also yearn for the new earth we where can all put these things behind us.

What you need to understand is that we are only plants and as plants can only do as much as we can do. We are bound by certain things that hold us back.

One of the challenges that we have had to deal with since humans joined this planet is to help filter your negative energies. We have helped to support the learning curve of mankind. You are not aware of that are you?

Well, I certainly had never thought about plants in that sense before.

Do you know how long I have been waiting to tell you this?

Sorry, I apologise that it has taken so long.

Here is a tale to make what I want to say easier to understand. In North America hundreds of years ago there were many, many of us. If you looked at a mountain range our brothers and sisters would stretch as far as the eye could see. You see I say brothers and sisters as that is how we stood. Sister next to sister, brother to next to brother, sister next to brother and so on. (footnote)

Is this about trees being cut down? No.

Let me continue.  On the ground we had brothers and sisters as well. An indigenous people who loved us and respected our wisdom. To us they were like sisters and brothers. They confided in us, they opened up their hearts with humility and without shame and we in turn listened and helped them as best we could.

In the early days there was trust to be built from their side more than ours. However, over the years this relationship, this bond of trust strengthened.

This budding relationship was a joy to the stars as well. At night we stretched the tips of our branches upwards to the night sky. We shared with the stars our own feelings of joy and deep contentment about the connection that had been made.

But, there was something bigger and important going on of which you need to be aware. As a result of the human/tree connection a powerful energy source was born. A manifestation of the wholeness of the planet and of the creative potential we have to work together as one.

See this as a cycle of stages:

The first stage comprises the beginning of a two way dialogue between humans and the trees based on trust and love – one of mutual respect. The second stage is that from this connection spiritually generated energetic matter is created. We then as a third stage share this energetic pattern with the stars.

As the stars imbibe this energy, they then imbue it with their own essence and potentialise it to a whole new level. Once this is done as a final stage they send it back to us at night. From the night sky directly through our trunks and down into our roots.

This daily conversation was heard by others too. A universal echo, a vibration of highly refined qualities. A quiver of love that stretched far and wide. We too captured this vibration of love in our roots.  A reflection of the purest of energy pools on and around this planet.

The process, as explained stage by stage, had another very important purpose. This was to help to anchor earth energies and by doing so to protect the planet.

You know we felt that we did a good job. Except that the human cycle was starting to move in a new direction. One of diminished awareness. One where only a limited connection would be left between nature beings and humans.

Now do you understand how frustrated I was at the beginning of our conversation.  Speaking on behalf of all my fellow spruce trees.

Can I ask you about the fact that so many of you get chopped down only to be thrown away at Christmas?

I thought you might stumble across this. Yes – it is of course true.  But in the greater scheme of things is really no more than an example of how removed we have become each from the other. What I said before speaks for itself .

Like everything it is all a mirage – a twinkley bauble filled mirage.  Christmas trees supposedly symbolising joy and celebration – when for us the truth it is quite the opposite.

Thank you very much for putting yourself forward as the first to speak to us.

Footnote – whilst the spruce tree is technically both male and female the analogy here I believe is that of brother and sister trees of many species and in the sense of a kindred connection.

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Back in September I relayed what I had been told about how we could all use the 28th October and the end of the Mayan Calendar to better understand our soul missions.

“The portal, which is the light entry point of 28th October 2011 is an opportunity to stand at the Threshold and with the most open of hearts and the purest of convictions say: I am here. I am ready. Help me to understand what I must do next and how to go about this.”

This is exactly what I did on the day as did a good friend of mine. For both of us, our wishes were granted, for which we are extremely grateful.  And yesterday I received an important download which I am excited to share.

My Mission – a message from “Friends”

You will act as a channel, a conduit through which nature love will flow. Be it the rocks and stones, trees and plants or stars – nature beings will see you as their ambassador.

When you listen to them they will open up their hearts. They will tell you their life histories, even over thousands of years. They will impart important information about themselves and their place in the greater scheme of things.

Your work will include a series of interviews with a wide range of  nature beings. No, you won’t need to travel to lots of different places because you will be able to telepathically “interview” them. In this way you can speak to them, the stones at Stonehenge for example, without having to go there.

They have been waiting so long to tell their story and now there is someone who can take this message to a global audience. Everyone will be queuing up. It will be a challenge to fit them all in! For this they will be most grateful.  It is all part of the healing process that needs to take place over the next five years. 

A map will emerge, a very clear visual image that will set out the new Terms of Engagement. This will include the new dialogue needed with nature as well as a list of things that the nature beings wish to see.  Those who have chosen to make the transition to the New Earth plane will need to sign up with their hearts and souls to this accord.

The information you receive will hold a key to the Universe. That is in terms of how human hearts and souls can unite, put aside egos and understand that you are all together as one with nature in our universal consciousness.

Like the tree meditation (see link at end) different meditations can be created to help people to connect with and to learn how to speak to the different nature forms.

This will all be part of the process of helping humans who have chosen to make this transition to understand that you can wipe the slate clean. That the karmic wheel can be broken and a new nature wheel of understanding born for those willing to listen.

What will start as a gentle conversation, will gradually build into a cacophony of voices, conversations taking place all over the world between human beings of all ages and the trees, stars, plants, rocks, water and so on. And this “chatter” will play a part in helping to raise the vibration of planet earth in tune with the message of your blue loved ancestors.

And, when a certain vibrational level is reached through this new dialogue of peace, love, understanding and equality with all nature beings, Mother Earth will facilitate the movement of those who have chosen to go to the new Earth plane – there for you all to play out your creative potential.

This information will be given freely and readily and is something that you can start to do now. In fact you have already begun to do so, but this will now multiply several times over.

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Previously – a conversation and meditation with the trees.


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(From a variety of helpful sources)

  1. Focus on your Dharma or the spiritual purpose of your life as it unfolds each day with greater clarity. This must now take centre stage.
  2. Concentrate on your hearts – this intense focus will do much to strengthen your resolve and adeptness at holding the light.
  3. Re-calibrate your paths and make a commitment to the Universal truth.
  4. Connect to the stars if you have not already done so and you will be greatly helped.
  5. Pick up an imaginary compass and ask the sun, the moon and the stars to help you to set course for a new direction.
  6. See the 5D space as your prime focus – 3D becomes no more than a means to an end.
  7. Discipline and structure your days so that you do sufficient meditation and expect that you may need to do more than before.
  8. Ensure there is always time to do that which you love – you will be helped by having an ongoing and open creative channel.
  9. Connect with others who are on a similar journey and share your experiences. To feel alone and not a part of the united experience can cause fear and doubt.
  10. Do not brush your feelings under the carpet or ignore what is going on as the transformation continues.
  11. Take note of your intuition and act on it.
  12. You have not gone backwards in your spiritual journey if you need to ask for help in these times – far from it.
  13. Try to view with humour and detachment all that is going on around you. Laugh if it all seems absurd for it most likely is.
  14. Protect yourself against the darkness and don’t get engage with the fear. Otherwise you won’t be able to hold a 5D space.
  15. Clear any unresolved issues – they will probably make themselves known sooner rather than later.
  16. Understand the trees, plants, animals, minerals and all of the nature kingdom as equals. 
  17. Step into the new “healed” reality – it is ready and waiting.
  18. Rejoice for this is the time you have been waiting for! Be happy for the multiple choices now available to you.

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A conversation with “Friends” 

Yes – this is the thing about timelines and about the time period that you are now entering. For there are many probabilities that would play out differently – the choice is yours.

If you have an issues that needs resolving you can use this ability you all now have to dig out a probability and to wrestle with the issue in a particular timeline until it has been resolved.

There are the personal issues that will be of your own time-plan and then there will also be the bigger picture global issues. Here, you can use this tool and come together as a collective or as smaller groups to help effect the change that you would like to see.

On Monday I was taken into a parallel reality to sort out a deep rooted relationship issue – what happened?

In order to resolve this issue your heart needed to find its affinity match. You were trying to locate the vibrational level that would be the best basis or optimum point of equilibrium for your relationship moving forward. There were unresolved issues, more so confusion in your own mind and that needed clarifying.

But at the time, I did not realise that I was tapping into another timeline?

When you are asking such questions you can anchor yourself in the current present timeline by saying – I am going to ask this question twice. I am going to ask this question of the now and in the now as I sit here today and I am also going to ask to experience an alternative probability potential – so that I can spend time there too feeling and absorbing another perspective. You will get a different response to the questions depending on what timeline you are in when you ask it.

In this way, you will be able to make a stronger and more informed choice about the way forward and what would be most beneficial. Only go to alternative timelines when there is an important issue that needs to be addressed or a burning question that is close to your heart.

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If you are on You Tube and you click on the high definition tab you get the same video, the same words and the same images. Visually all exactly the same, yet also very different if you compare high definition to the standard version.

I once tried this with a mantra and quickly reverted back to the original as I found looking at the high definition screen too intense.

In the same way, it appears that the world is now taking on a high definition frequency. On the surface it may appear that nothing has changed. Yet, there is a precision, a clarity, a ring of truth that was not there before. Like an around-the-clock reminder that we have entered new and exciting times.

This clarity, this unveiling of all that has been hidden is very obvious to some and less so to others. But as the intensity ramps up over the next 12 months more and more people will feel the difference.

The high definition that is being overlaid on our third dimensional reality is from my own personal perspective best experienced through a fifth dimensional lens – even if only momentarily.

By taking a 5D perspective on this heightened vibration, the support available to manage this transition seems to be far more accessible. It’s as if the extra help and the clarity of our missions, our purposes are almost  in place. It’s just a question of being able to sit in the best possible space to take advantage of what is on offer.

Viewing this high definition version of the new reality from a fifth dimensional perspective provides the best opportunity to do so.

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