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Conversations with Plants Series

Are you ready for me yet?

Yes, sorry about that.

I’m a Tansy and you can call me Tansy.

Hello Tansy

Always hither and thither you humans. Always on the go, always rushing, never enough time. We watch you hustle and bustle about you know. It’s quite funny really. Your minds are on little railway tracks all over the place. Don’t you ever take a moment to stop. To do nothing. To be still. To contemplate.

Yes Tansy – I do find time to meditate every day.

So you need to find the time to be still? Something to be done on the side? Not top of the agenda as you would say. There you go again – losing your attention…

Sorry – dear Tansy – I try to stay centred at all times but sometimes my mind wanders.

Ahh – so you are a wanderer, a wanderer of the stars. Feel my energy, I am pulling you in – let me help.

Thank you – what would you like to share with us today?

Well, we have some advice for you. That’s if you are not too busy to listen. As long as you have the time to hear us?

Tansy – I would be most grateful if you could share this advice with us.

Ok – let me get myself centred first. Ok ready! You see that did not take long did it?  And that’s part of the problem. There is often a perception around meditation that it takes time. This can shape how you view the practice.

When is the most convenient point in the day to put time aside? How much time should I devote to this activity? Which method should I use? Where is the most effective place for me to do it? But it need not be this way. You are overcomplicating things, unnecessarily so.

It’s as if you are saying, here is my meditation and here is me. Where will my quiet contemplation time fit in with the me of the moment? Really you should look at it the other way around and say – let me be in the calm of the moment all of the time – and how will all the other things that make up my day fit into that.

It’s a reversal of priorities – an inversion of the way that you see things. When you meditate, answers can come – do they not? So if you have a question you can meditate on it and seek a response.

So you are actively setting aside a portion of time for insight and clarity. Then you can apply and embed that understanding back into your self-development and your day-to-day life. You apply snippets of insight, the calm objectivity that you can gain or simply the stillness and connection to Source to 3D daily living.

But there is another way as I’ve said.

How about if you were permanently in a meditative state and that within this world of wonder and contemplation you fitted in your 3D duties?

That’s all very well in theory, but if you mean being in a meditative state permanently- I’m not sure it would be very practical? How about crossing the road or sounding as if you have your act together at work?

Fair point – let’s clarify exactly what `meditative` state it is that we are talking about here. I’m not saying that you should walk about in a spacey woo woo world – far from it. Let’s look at the art of meditation.

Firstly, there are numerous levels of intensity and depth in meditation. The experience can vary greatly from one day to the other and one person to the other. There will also be different levels of vibrational points, some deeper in intensity, others lighter. These nuances and inflections are directly in tune with where you have decided to be at a given moment.

You let go to be in the flow. Shut down the chatter of the mind, sit in stillness, sit in the heart. Regardless of whether you reach upwards to the stars or downwards to the earth. Irrelevant of which direction you stretch out in or whether you surround yourself in a cocoon of light – you are in each case offering yourself up for surrender.

Like a piece of artwork, the contours of the meditation experience shape a bigger picture, and guess what – this includes you! Your Dharma, your purpose in life, your connection with Mother Earth and the joy of this experience. Your reality.

In contrast, if we look at a typical 3D day there is a framework that dictates the structure and you are beholden to a wide range of prerequisites, rules and regulations, social mores and customs.

And I ask you. Is this what you want? Is this what you really signed up for in this life-time and others?

To have your flow contorted and controlled by structures, strictures and infrastructures that are not of your own making and that can lure you into making choices that may not align with your true self.

If I can stop you for a moment. Are you saying that our daily life experience will be more true and authentic if we can remain in a more meditative type state?

Yes, but it goes one step further.

You also have the ability to help shape, enhance, improve, remedy, rectify, purify, cleanse everything that you interact with on a daily basis and more.

So if we live in a more meditative type state, this will also be possible?

Ask yourself the question. Do you give yourself to the trials and tribulations of the 3D reality or are they given to you? Are you given the challenges and the bumps, the ups and the downs or do you find them?

If your perception is that they are given unto you, you will deal with them one way and if you believe that you shape the experiences that are your reality (all part of one big learning curve) your perception will be shaped another way. Where do you sit?

Well, I do believe that I shape my reality but also that external factors that I have no control over come into play at times. But I do my best to sit in a 5D stream as much as I can.

So, let’s break it down. What does this look like? How do you experience this state?

Well, I don’t notice time the same way. It’s more of a flow around a set of experiences. And, if I don’t worry about what I need to do and by when, things just seem to get done.  And I feel as if the space around me is clear and light and that I can hold my own in the truth.

So, do you know what happens for you to be in a 5D rather than a 3D state?

Funnily enough that’s something I’ve been thinking about. I’ve absolutely no idea. It just seems to happen, to come and to go. To change with the days and the time of day.

Remember we spoke earlier about the fact that you have the ability to shape your daily interaction and experiences in line with your own truth.


Well, you can use some of the tools of meditation to help you. In fact, you are already unconsciously doing this when you experience sitting in what you define as a 5D perspective. You just don’t realise it.

These tools mean that you can help to contour your 3D reality around your soul purpose and heart-felt intent for the greater good. And guess what happens when you do that? You find yourself experiencing a 5D state.

What can we do on a daily basis?

The main thing is that you understand how to use the `tools of  focus and direction`to help shape your experience. For example, if you are meditating and distracting thoughts come into your head, you acknowledge that they are there but you don’t engage and are calmly aware as they pass.

Likewise, if during the working day a client rings up who is in an agitated state, follow the same path that you would in a meditation. Whilst acknowledging his or her viewpoint, do not get distracted and drawn into their energy field. If you keep your higher state of intent focused and calm, the uncomfortable experience will be over before you know it.

There are some more tools from mediation that are useful in maintaining a 5D space whilst dealing with the practicalities of 3D living.

The second thing to remember is to focus on the heart as if you are living the entire day in a heart focused space. Live through your heart, breathe through your heart, love through your heart. Importantly, be generous and share these heartfelt gifts with those around you.

The third piece of advice is to protect your space. When you meditate you might go somewhere quiet or beautiful, light a candle or listen to a mantra or spiritual music. This attention helps to shape the experience of that mediation in a positive way.

Likewise, pay special attention to ensuring that the integrity of your personal space is protected at all times. And go one step further – if this sacred space is being impinged upon, actively get yourself out of there, just like you might warp out to another plane if you come face-to-face with an unwelcome being when doing a meditation.

In fact, only yesterday I `closed down` phone calls with people whose energy was starting to drain me. I put myself first as I have a better understanding of the “subtle” impact of these things now.

 Good, and there’s a fourth and final point.

If you are respectful of the need to work hard at maintaining the integrity of your space, you will feel confident about keeping a channel direct to Source open at all times. The clarity, the joy and the purity of this connection will work in many ways.

But this time, `the shaping` will take place at a largely unseen level, both in scope and scale. For it is in wonder that we view the unrecognised potential of humans to effect great change, without even being aware that they are doing so.

Just the intent and belief alone of holding open this channel throughout the day and not viewing it as a `meditation reserved point of contact` will flow far and wide. Across internet access, through newspaper print, deep into the oceans, up into the skies and beyond.

And it is at this point, that the true marvel of the collective unconscious, united through the heart and a commitment to Source can be appreciated.

Thank you Tansy for your wonderful insight.

Copyright © 2012 Nicola Bosdet. All Rights Reserved.

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Hello – I’m a Lesser Periwinkle – you can call me Patti

Thank you Patti – What would you like to share with us today?

In the spring the warmth of the sun wakes us up from slumber. Delicate filigrees of pulsating light. Our roots hold on tightly as we grow, expand and inhale and exhale the divine light of the sun.

You are laughing!

Yes – because the sun tickles us. It gently dusts our leaves with effervescent bubbles of energy.

Is this why you are happy when the sun shines?

When we are happy and in delight we intermingle and dance with the warmth and love of the sun. But what do we do in the winter when it is darker? Do we wither and die? No – we simply reflect and await in contemplation.

Likewise, in the times ahead there will days – some bright and others dark. And when the days are bright you can laugh and feel the joy and when the days are darker you can contemplate and feel the strength of your inner selves.

Like a set of scales in equilibrium, the balance of the two is perfect. It is just as important for you to be in tune with both. The bright joy of laughter is no less important than the quiet contemplation, depth and stillness needed to sit comfortably with those more sombre days.

Look at me now, my leaves are glistening in the light  as you wonder at my beauty. But if the sun was not reflecting off my leaves you would not think me any less beautiful – would you? You would not say “I love this little Periwinkle today on this sunny day, but I will love her less tomorrow when the weather is predicted to be dark and stormy.”

You too must not love yourselves any less or think that you are any less beautiful on a day that is gloomy and dark than you would on a day that is sunny and supportive.

Us plants cannot control when the sun comes out or goes in. It is not up to us to decide if the day will glow warm or if in a subdued light we will sit as one with all in a no-sun day experience.

For that is all it is – each, a unique experience. One that manifests with the brightness of the sunlight and a second that is defined by shadow and light-less-ness but that does not mean less, just light-less if you catch my drift.

I experience moments of light brightness so marvellous I could fly and other days it is harder to stay in the light – what is happening?

You need to ask yourself whether it is actually external factors that are affecting your mood or whether it is you own interpretation of these things that are helping to shape your thought forms and emotions.

It is true that a spotlight helps with focus. And to have the light shone on something reveals its truth. This is perhaps why the light holds more attraction.

It can also be easier to look outside for a source of light and to forget to tune into the most powerful light of all – that which you all possess – the light of your own hearts.

When the sun does not shine `man-made` clouds can appear, shadows or veils that prevent you from making the connection that is your birthright in every single moment of every single minute of every day.

Why are there some days where my spiritual connection feels stronger and more vibrant?

This is really up to you and depends on where you choose to hold your frame of reference, and it is this frame of reference that will be central to how you deal with the times ahead.

If you are able to hold your 5D space or that which is true to your heart it will be easier to stay detached from the `clouds` and to use them to your advantage. Use their `introverted` energy to focus you more deeply into your heart and your own trueness.

When you sit some of the time in the third dimension and some of the time in the fifth dimension, you will experience what you know as the ups and downs, good days and bad days, feelings of high and moments of doubt.

So are you saying that 3D is an illusion as it is based on external frames of reference over which we have no control, whereas in the 5D stream we are permanently supported by the miraculous flow of the universe?

In 3D, the external frames of reference interact with your own internal frames of reference. These can be shaped by a multitude of factors from gender and childhood to life experience, age and other things.

Whereas in the 5D space, you are relieved of this extraneous baggage and without the weight of the 3D load you can focus on the creativity that springs from your connection to Source. This is nothing more and nothing less than the authenticity and strength of your intent to connect with the universal stream.

And here is the thing. Once you are anchored in the universal stream of oneness, the preoccupations that we have discussed in this conversation cease to exist.

The new earth plane will not be experienced as days of sun where you are happier and days of shade and cloud when you feel less connected to Source.

There is much work to be done. And for you to be as productive as possible, there is no point in sitting around and waiting for a spark of creativity to ignite.  You are those sparks of creativity and it is the realisation of this fundamental truth that the matrix makes such an effort to contain.

Have you got any advice as to how we can hold a 5D space and not get sucked into the 3D mire?

To smile and to laugh are the best remedies that are freely available and plentiful. These smiles and laughter are the true reflection of who you are. Create a little bubble in your heart and capture some of your own smile and laughter esssence. In this way, when you are on a 3D downer, just go to your heart bubble space and dip into this light energy reserve. Save it up for a rainy day as you say!

Thank you very much Patti

***Conscious conversations can take place when we enter into oneness with Nature***

Copyright © 2011 Nicola Bosdet. All Rights Reserved.

Photo from Kaldari as creative commons lisence on wikipedia

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In November I wrote of an “event” to take place in December 2011. Specifically, a universal intelligence, as manifested by the Universal Mother herself, will come and make a deep and intimate connection with Mother Earth. And, that the increased vibration following this will help to start to lift the veil of fear. My understanding it that this is most likely to happen at some point on the 24th December. I’ll up-date this post if that changes. This entry is about what we can do on the day.

Previously (as channelled):

It will come through like the sound of a whale at sea, whistling across the planet. It will take you back in history to a very ancient and old time before what some of you call “the fall”.

This sound will cause the planet to quiver like a jelly (not in a bad way). The density of the planet will wobble so that it is easier for the frequency of the pitch to penetrate. We are all really excited about this!

And, for those people whose own hearts can turn to jelly and quiver with love, fear will also start to be lifted. The fear of the unknown, the fear of the known, the fear of what you do not yet know. The fear of what has gone before and the fear of what may pass in the future – all will dissipate.

(I was told that humans will “feel” the vibration in their hearts as it will be of a noise frequency too low for us to hear.)

Here’s a link to the original post as it sits alongside what I have written below on what we can do on the day.


Information/explanation channelled from Etoile (A Star)

You can thank Mother Earth for all she has done and you can show her a gesture of respect symbolised through water.

Take a glass jug of water the night of the 23rd December and simply write Thank You on a piece of paper and stick this on the jug. Let it infuse over night and throughout the next day.

Then, on the evening of 24th December, once it is dark and when the moon comes out (ideally) find your favourite tree, kneel down and say this little prayer as you pour the water around the roots.

Thank you prayer for Mother Earth

*Thank you for the stars that shine at night

* Thank you for helping me to see the light

* Thank you for the grace and the delight

* For each and every one to bless this sacred site

* Threefold for to increase the light

This is a soft and gentle connection and thank you to Mother Earth. An opportunity to remember and acknowledge all that we have to be both thankful and grateful for in our relationship with her.

As you pour the water it will be pink and sprinkled with stars.

Etoile – what will this connection look like?

*The deepest and innermost core of your heart filled with golden light.

* In the middle is a star.

* Around this will flow the colour red.

Sacred Heart Architecture

Sacred Heart Architecture

Why red?

Red is symbolic of the fire of your heart. Also, of the purification of Mother Earth and her waters. The distillation of truth from the confusion. The melted core of Mother Earth’s compassion.

Importantly, a symbol of strength and unity as the basis for a new relationship and dialogue moving forward with Nature, one of intense commitment for the work to be done.

Copyright © 2011 Nicola Bosdet.


This mantra goes well alongside –  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILFgoExfegQ&feature=related

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The idea for these ten tips came about when someone from Romania emailed me about the challenges of taking the spiritual path seriously, whilst at the same time having to juggle a full-time career.

He also bemoaned the fact that most people who make enough money to stop working, don’t take advantage of this opportunity, and that if he had enough money that he would meditate, spend time in nature and focus on what was really important to him – his self-development as a spiritual being.

I’m sure many of us wish we had more time to focus on our spiritual journeys including spiritual teachers, healers and therapists who also have the pressure of paying for food and keeping a roof over their heads.

But for those of us who work full-time in the mainstream business environment, dealing with the challenges of the working day actually offers a great playground and outlet for developing our spiritual selves and for sharing our light with others.

Top Tips

1. Use stress at work to practice your fear processing tools. Traffic during the commute, client stress, deadlines, unexpected glitches and dealing with work mates can all provide an excellent opportunity to practice processing fear and anxiety and to maintain our vibrations at the highest level despite the challenges.

2. Imbue emails you send to colleagues, clients and contacts with loving intent. Send these vibrations down the phone as well – visualising a colour works well for me. I was once interviewed for a management magazine and gave this as an active example of how we bring spirituality into the workplace at our agency. It also puts an interesting spin on the concept of client service!

3. Practice protection. If you don’t want to put a crystal on your desk in case people think you are odd, wear one around your neck or put it in your pocket. Black tourmaline, for example, is a good one for neutralising negativity. Plants and flowers also help to maintain the integrity of the space around your desk. Or, use a quick squirt of space clearing spray every morning. If someone is being a bully or acting aggressively towards you,  try mirroring their bad vibes directly back to them – this is a really good technique to practice

4.  Up the vibration. Put you i-pod or headphones on and run mantras or spiritual music in the background when you are writing reports, drafting emails etc or repeat little prayers or intentions throughout the day. Also, ask the angels as often as is needed for help in getting your work done as quickly and efficiently as possible, so that you can get home and have more time to focus on your other spiritual practice.

5. Take little mini meditation breaks during the day.This can be even quicker than a coffee break.

6. Use intuition whenever you can to hone your sensitivity.  Actively use intuition as part of your decision making process. Learn to become sensitive to hidden signals.  Which client will ring me next? Of the three things that are urgent on my To Do list which one should I start with? Is this a good time for me to ring this journalist or client or is it best to wait until tomorrow? Practice makes perfect as they say.

7. Take advantage of spiritual skills to do your job better. You could even try learning how to dowse for new business opportunities or use it to discover which potential new clients have a good, positive vibration that resonates with your own. Not necessarily a tactic to be shared with the head of sales and marketing…. But if it proves to be a real success – they’ll be lining up for lessons!

8. Embrace the opportunity to change the system from the inside. People with strong spiritual agendas and full-time careers in the mainstream workforce are starting to recognise that they can help to create change and have probably already been doing so without realising it. Use everything you have achieved and the skills you have learned over the years to this end. Identify and connect with others in your network who are doing the same.

9. Take a risk and expose your spiritual self where you can. Recently, I thought I had perhaps overstepped the mark when I told the section editor of a national newspaper that I had dowsed the vibrational energy of other news site and that theirs was the best. That said, she then accepted an opinion piece on the need for leaders to understand nature better if they are to embed sustainability in business. So being myself worked!

10. Use your salaries to help fund spiritual learning. If I had not had a successful career, there’s no way I would have been able to pay for years of workshops, therapies, herbal products, crystals, flower essences etc. So take advantage of the fact you are earning and set budget aside from the monthly paycheck to seek out the best teachers and practitioners. Or, if you run your own business put money into good deeds and charitable causes. We plant 15 trees each month to offset the unavoidable use of paper.

Copyright © 2011 Nicola Bosdet. All Rights Reserved.

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I am a Silverweed – but you can call me Sid

Thank you Sid. It’s a pleasure to speak with you. What would you like to share with us tonight?

Uh Hummm – (clears his throat).

Gather around now girls. And listen carefully – not to me but to the earth.

Can you hear the heart beat of the earth in your feet, listen softly. I am going to take you back in time. Deep within Mother Earth is a fire. The fire of her heart, feel the warmth underfoot. Feel the warmth in your hearts. Go back in time further still. Hear the drum beat of the ancestors, feel their hearts thumping to the beat of nature.

Ah hum – just give me a moment whilst I gather myself.

Back in time things were different you see. There was much respect for nature. Humans and Mother Nature walked much more closely together. There was a harmony, a patterning between the two that was strong and proud on both sides.

That does not sound like our relationship with nature today – what happened?

One day there was a raven sitting in a tree. It was a winter morning and the light was only just starting to break through with the dawn.

What was the significance of the raven? Did it have something to say?

Slow down – I’m getting there – be patient!

It was the job of the raven to announce when a storm was on the way and he had done so for many thousands of years – a most respected and valuable source of insight on the weather patterns. But that morning nobody heard. No one stirred from their deep sleep.  He cried out with all his might but no one moved, no one heard. No one was interested. So the day broke and the humans were none the wiser.

What happened next?

Not what you might have expected – Hah! I bet you thought that I was going to say that a big storm came along and the people were unprepared.

Well I did rather assume something of the sort.

Yes – because you did exactly that – you assumed and did not listen deeply with your heart and through your feet. Let’s go back in time again. Feel the heart beat of mother earth. Feel the gentle thumping of her pulse through your feet.

Now go back to the image of the tree with the raven. What else do you see? Don’t just look with your eyes, listen with your heart, connect with your feet this time.

I can also see its roots intertwined deep down into the ground.

Yes – but there’s something else. Try again.

There is a large aura around the tree – I missed that.

Good, you can give yourself a pat on the back.

But I’m not sure where all this is leading?

Slow down – I’m getting to that part – patience please.

There’s something else. There’s something else that you missed. Take another look. You missed Mother Earth. You were so focused on the tree, both seen and the unseen, that you forgot to listen to her.

I’m sorry, I guess I was not looking holistically at all.

Go back and listen through your heart and through your feet to what she was saying. Take your time. Too much haste, less speed as they say.

Like the cycle of nature they are all interconnected? The raven, the tree, the people and Mother Earth. Is that it?

Yes – my dear – well done.

The people were slumbering so they did not hear the raven. You were slumbering as you did not hear Mother Earth. She would have told you that because humans were so wrapped up in themselves, that they did not hear the raven and as the raven had no one to tell about the incoming storms, it lost a connection to humans.

But the raven also lost a reason for making the connection to the tree, because it was in fact the tree that told the raven when a new weather front was on the way in. They can send messages through their roots from hundreds of miles away you know. And, as the roots of the trees no longer had a need to vibrate this message, their relationship with Mother Earth was also diminished at a certain level.

So what you are saying is that us humans acted as a catalyst in the breakdown of communication between nature beings and Mother Earth?

No. That communication continued and still does. It’s just that human beings lost the knowledge and understanding of how to communicate with Nature. And, all of us were in some way diminished by that loss.

I took you back in time and there was a reason for this. There was a time when humans did hold nature in higher regard. A time when communication between humans, plants, trees, and other nature beings was considered quite normal and provided a valuable two-way exchange.

One reason for this stronger connection was that there was time and space to listen back then. And if you want to re-connect with nature, you too need to find a new framework, one where time and space are in tune with the nature cycles.

Time to listen to Mother Nature’s soft communication through your feet and time to find a space for her in your heart.  Time and space to absorb, feel and consider that which is immediately apparent and that which is under the surface.  And time and space to understand and live your lives not just for yourselves but as part of an interconnected whole with nature in the fifth dimension.

I don’t feel I’ve done especially well in this conversation and I thought I had a good connection with nature. Is there any advice that you can give us about how to listen to and to understand her better?

It’s all very well to focus on the heart and there is much talk, practice and intent around the heart at the moment – which is of course a good thing.  But don’t forget the story of the tree and the things that you missed which were also very much a part of the picture.

If your own feet had been more deeply rooted, you would not have missed this subtle information. If you had been tuned into this vibratory connection, a deeper level of dialogue would have taken place.

If you want to prepare for the new earth planes, it will be necessary to go beyond listening and talking to nature beings. Whilst this is all in the right direction, it is not enough to guarantee you a ticket to this plane.

Moving forward, and whenever you can remember to do so, sign-up through your feet, to the new Terms of Engagement with Nature. It’s very simple. You can do this when walking in a town or in the country, by the sea or in the mountains. As your feet touch the ground, transmit as if in morse code, and with all the might of your heart, your commitment to the new earth planes.

Tap this message through the soles of your feet and as you do so – say:

True to the depths of the earth I am

True to the stars in the sky

True to my heart – the sun and the moon

As the roots of the trees intertwine – see the truth of the light divine.

This is one of the Terms of Engagement for the New Earth that we will give you.

Thank you very much Sid – of great experience – Silverweed 

***Conscious conversations take place when we enter into oneness with nature beings***

Photography via creative commons license on wikipedia thanks to Jerzy Opioła

Copyright © 2011 Nicola Bosdet. All Rights Reserved.

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I’m Harebell but you can call me Hattie.

Hello Hattie – what would you like to talk about today?

Today, today, yes it is today and not yesterday. For if it was yesterday it would not be today…..

That’s very true.

And I am certain of that. That’s the truth of the matter you know.


So ask yourself. Is today true, it it real?  Was yesterday real and true too. And, will tomorrow be just as true as today or even truer?

For what is truth? What is real?  And, are they the one and the same thing? Is what you perceive as real also the truth? And is your experience of truth, authentic and real?

Where do you look in order to obtain the truth on a daily basis? Does it come from what you hear on the TV, listen to on the radio or read in the papers? Does this form the basis of what is real to you – your reality?

Does this information act as your daily point of reference? Does it help to frame your understanding of what is real and what is not? Indeed, does what is real and what is not real need to be based on the truth?

Hattie, how do you experience what is true and what is untrue on a daily basis?

For us plants truth is a resonance. It is no more than a current of energy that resonates at the deepest level. To be honest, it’s not something that we would talk about with each other or the animals as it is simply who we are. This is our intrinsic state of being at all times.

When we wake up each morning we are happy and confident about our own truth and this frames our reality throughout the day. Reality being that which we choose in each moment.

So are you saying that truth and reality are the same thing?

For us Yes – but not for humans, as we perceive it currently.

For dissecting the truth is a daily challenge for you humans and if you are not able to decipher or to extract what is really true and authentic from the melee of data and information that you receive, you will not be able to live in a reality that is based on the construct of truth.

So, your own freewill and your ability to make decisions and judgements for the higher good will be hampered. Either because you believe that what is not true is true or because only some of what you “see” and understand is shaped by the truth. This means that the choices and decisions you make that you believe stem from freewill are in fact based on an illusion.

As such, you will essentially be living your life or experiencing your existence as a half-life. Half true, half untrue and as such half real and half unreal. A major complication at the best of times!

If that’s the case what advice do you have to help us to distil what is true and what is not true from all the information available?

Create an oval chamber in your heart. A golden room that is decorated to reflect what you love in life. If you love music, paint musical notes on the walls, if you love butterflies, fill it with gently flapping wings.

Describe your oval chamber to me Nicola.

There is gold leaf on the walls in which jewels are embedded; rubies, emeralds, diamonds, and sapphires to name a few. I am sitting in the centre of this sphere which now activated hovers above my third eye.

Feel the energy of the precious stones embedded in the sphere dancing red, green, blue and white. Imagine that it is at your disposal, ready to be used as and when needed. The outer casing acts as a filter. It can pick up different and expanded types of stimuli, subtle energetic  information that would normally go under the radar. It also offers protection.

Whilst it sits above my third eye it resonates directly with my heart (where it was created) – the two are interlinked. It makes me smile, makes me feel safe.

The first step is to get comfortable with knowing and understanding your zero point. The point at which all is perfectly in balance and in tune with the vibration of your own truth. Spend some time in your chamber to ensure that you are comfortable with what this feels like.

Once you are centred and calm in this space, we want you to go to a newspaper website or to another source of news information and try re-reading a story you have already looked at today, but this time from within your new chamber of truth.

Here’s an article I read earlier about the end of the Euro. This time I feel nauseous even looking at the photo of the person being interviewed. He’s really reptilian!

Would you like to invite him into your golden chamber?

No – definately not!

I’m onto the second paragraph now and I’m starting to laugh. It all seems so funny! Do I need to go on?

Yes please.

Now I can see the words from the article on my brow, but they cannot enter the chamber. It’s as if the shape is pulsating and pushing them outwards and away.

So you don’t want to invite the words into your chamber and use them to shape your truth then?

No thanks.

Why was my perspective of reading the piece so different from the first time around?

This is because when you initially read it you used your intellect primarily to filter the information as well as a certain level of trust associated with the outlet.

But if the information I have been given is technically correct – surely it is the truth?

Technically correct as in right and not wrong is of the 3D reality. We are asking you to try to understand information from a more sophisticated and multi-dimensional 5D perspective.

It is important that you learn how to interpret information from your own reality construct so that it is 100% aligned with your own personal integrity and truth. That is the place you choose to be in at any given point in time, and not necessarily where someone else might want you to sit.

Humans have more than enough intellect and capacity at every level to take a more informed and holistic approach to refining and re-defining the truth of the moment, yet you find it quite normal to hand over this key part of who you are to other “shapers” and “influencers” of reality. You have never met them nor do you understand their agendas or whether they even have your best interests at heart.

In the end, what resonates as your own truth is unlikely to be the same for the person sitting next to you. Learn discernment and protect your reality.  Above all, don’t let the truth of your dreams be shaped by others unless you have made a conscious decision to do so.

Thank you Hattie – this is really useful.

Dedicated to my friend Liz for her feedback and support for these conversations.

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