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Conversation with Rocks Series

The Aboriginal name for Ayers Rock is Uluru which is its original name.

Uluru – It is a great honor to speak to you today and I want to thank you very much for this opportunity.

I am here to talk about the dreamtime or land of no time – that space where anything is possible. It is ironic that the dreamtime states of indigenous peoples are considered outer worldly by those who do not understand. When, in reality this inner guidance separates what is true from the illusion.

My energy acts as a lens – back and forth in time. I have been used as a marker in the sands.

How were you used? What were people looking for?

Sometimes people tried to find themselves, although they did not necessarily perceive it this way. Or, it was insight and knowledge that they sought. However, there were those who could only interpret their findings by anchoring themselves within that particular “package” of information. So any revelation was fairly limited.

So what would have been a better way to access insight and wisdom?

It all depends how you enter and use the dreamtime. If you approach it with a me mentality – me the warrior of wisdom, who has the ability to work with and access insight and knowledge, then the path that you take will be illuminated by your own “solo” torch.

However, if you enter using the universal torch of truth, all pathways will light up and this will enable you to take a more holistic approach and informed decision about where to explore.

This ancestral knowledge and insight of which we speak cannot be effectively carried from one side to the other or down the dimensions, if the activation comes from someone who does not recognise that they are part of the Oneness of all that is.

Yesterday I saw what looked to be tears coming out of your rockface. What was that – surely you are not unhappy?

Uluru – Uluru – Uluru

It was the expression of my essence that was manifesting. Like human skin that transpires with the heat, my pores were opening so as to take you down layer by layer deep inside. Those were the drops that you saw.

Can you help me to go into the dreamtime with you?

Dreamtime, sleep, slumber. Take me in through the pores of your skin and I will do the same.  Inhale and exhale together, back and forth, up and down.

I see myself bobbing around on a sea of consciousness – supported by your essence.

That’s the first stage. Now you must trust. We are going to go down further still. And as we do you will be gently de-constructed. Layer upon layer removed as we together go deeper and deeper inwards into the heart of the Universe.

It’s as if I am being pulled faster and faster toward a central point – like a magnet. Now I’m a star in the sky. Do we keep on travelling like this?

Well, that’s up to you.

I don’t know what you mean?

Do you want to stop or shall we keep going?

I’d like to keep going for a bit longer and then stop and see where we are if that’s ok?

Sure – just say when.

It’s ok – I feel safe. Now I’m seeing multi-colour filaments of light streams.

Do you want to continue?

You bet! Now it’s as if the cosmos has opened up into one large multi-coloured space. I’d like to stop here please. There is a teleprompter or film screen with words flashing across it, but I cannot read what they say.

We are playing your soul construct back to you. That’s what happens when people pass over too. Their whole life is re-played back to them through the interface of their souls. That way the important lessons and the bigger picture can be extracted from the melee of memories and information.

My current life story is being pulled apart. It’s like a reel of footage that has got all tangled and garbled up. Now it is being spliced. This is confusing – scary even.

Well it is a reel of film is it not and that’s about as real as life gets. This is the human life experience. So real and tangible at the time, yet nothing more than an illusion. Just a rather good Sunday movie if you like.

I’m not comfortable watching this. There are depictions of fearful beings dancing around. Am feeling vulnerable. Don’t want them to start interfering with my life images as they unravel.

Hold on in there and process your fear.

OK – done.

Good – how do you feel now?

Relief, as if a weight has been lifted. But the reel of film that is my life is scattered across the floor. What do I do next? It feels unfinished. Don’t want to leave it here like this.

Ah – that’s the next step.

I’d be most grateful if you could continue to help me.

What do you want to do? After all it is your life is it not?

I don’t want to throw it away. Then my life becomes nothing.  Nothing came out of it and I am nothing. This makes my heart feel empty in a not so good way.

I’d like to salvage the essence of this life experience and to integrate it with all the distilled experiences of the me that came before – right back to the beginning. Is that possible?

Yes – let’s start with the practicalities. Do you want to pick all the pieces of your life montage off the floor?

No, I’d rather take a deep breath and inhale them into my heart.

Then do that. How do you feel?


Are you sad?

No – it all feels very fluid.

Imagine all your life pieces as a jigsaw puzzle that has just been tipped out of a box. Meditate on this and see what happens.

There is an aching in my heart.

Hold in with the visualisation.

Now I’m in an expanse of emptiness defined by spaciousness and joy. There is a smile on my face. I’m going to stay here for a bit if that’s ok.

(Some time later)

So what you have illustrated is that emptiness does not mean nothingness. And that our essence or singularity remains unique to each of us.

Furthermore, as each layer of individuation is removed, this essence becomes more refined – ever purer.

And, that as we become emptier more space opens up for the abundance and joy to be found in our connection to All that Is.


How does this all relate back to the dreamtime, knowledge, and the universal torch of truth we first discussed?

For all you seek is already inside. The ancestral knowledge is within all of you and it is to be found on the path Home. And this is a universal path that All will take.

If you learn how to access the universal torch of truth in your hearts, all pathways will open. However, if you use the flame of the “solo” torch, there will be far fewer pathways and the road Home will be windy and convoluted.

Indeed, if you refuse to understand the limitations of this particular type of illumination, you are unlikely to ever find your true Home.

The veils will continue to lift in the fifth dimensional plane. The work and self-development will not stop as the new Age unfolds. In many ways it will be but the beginning.

Importantly, if we are all to sit together in the flow of oneness on the New Earth. If humans are to work as equals and in partnership with nature beings, then you must raise your vibration so that we are all on the same wavelength.

The more closely you resonate with your core essence, the more authentic the connection you can make with us. Also, the easier it will be to integrate with the New Earth Plan.

This realisation of who you really are is one of the Terms of Engagement on the New Earth.  And us rocks are ready and willing to help you with this understanding.

Thank you Uluru

***Conscious conversations can take place when we enter into oneness with nature***

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At the time, I remember that I absolutely, definitely, categorically, 100% did not want to return to some distant place.  It had taken me a very long time to find this planet, and I have a deep love, great appreciation and respect for the incredible beauty of Earth and its nature beings. So why on earth (no pun intended!) would I want to go somewhere else, just when the dream was starting to be realised?

It was time to check-in with Friends. Unsurprisingly, my first question was “Can you tell me more about what`Home` looks like?”

Channelled Message from The Elohim

“You won’t be disappointed, dear child, of this we can assure you. You will be in awe of the natural beauty; the trees, the plants, the rock formations, the rivers, streams and mountains…. the flowers, the crystals, the ice islands, the sands, the forests. All will delight and enthrall. Let us repeat – you will not be disappointed – far from it. There will be birdsong and other sounds of the joys of nature.

This will be a time for rest, joy and play for as long as you wish. Nothing more will be asked of you. Just be all that is,” they said. Was this another dimension of planet earth – one of the new earth planes? I asked myself at the time.

Since first writing this post,  I have come to understand that most of us will be “walking home here” or “Be-ing home here.”  Different dimensional planes on planet Earth will open up for those who chose (long ago) to make this transition. So one way “home” is here and the first step is to embody the star beingness of our higher selves.

But that’s not the only route. Yes – some starseeds will be moving off-planet and this is their last incarnation here on earth.

So here’s a re-play of the original question.

Nicola – you do know you are going `Home` here don’t you?

Yes – I’m going home – Yippee!

Here’s a description of `coming home` that resonated with me from The Convoluted Universe (Book 2) by Dolores Cannon.

(Chapter – The First of the Seven – pages 227-228)

(P) – “There are many different levels of energy on this planet Earth. And there’s going to be a redirection of energies, of people…So there will be people taking pathways to places where they will be comfortable….(continues) it will be open to different pathways, different levels….And from there they will then be able to make other choices and other decisions, when it is right for them.

“That’s why there are many paths. See, that’s the doorway. It’s like a circle, and the opening in that circle. And when we get to the opening they will move into the circle but going to different places in the circle. Into different pathways. So it’s ok for everyone. Everyone will be where they are supposed to be.”



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In Conversation with Crystals Series

Hello – you are such a beautiful calcite. I’m so pleased that you have joined us.

What would you like to talk about today?

Yes, as you can see I have been here on this planet for quite some time. I would like to talk about the question of faith.

Oftentimes, humans put their faith in crystals to help heal them and we are happy to oblige. Most of you lack faith and the belief that you can in fact heal yourselves which is surprising, considering what remarkable beings that you are. Why so little confidence in yourselves we ask?

Our lives are so complicated that it can be hard to know who we are, let alone have real faith in ourselves. I’m not trying to make excuses.

We can help you to hold the faith when times are dark and confusing. We can help you to make a stronger connection with higher realms. To have faith in your own hopes and dreams too.

What can we do to help ourselves keep the faith?

In this time of multidimensional transition, it is important that you re-kindle and nuture the flame of faith in your own hearts. This faith must be bright, not just at a personal level but at a planetary and cosmic level too.

For faith and vibration are intimately linked, and that is something that we as crystals know a thing or two about.

There are many “faith” boxes that are easy to tick. Commonplace probabilities with a strong likelihood that won’t really test your faith. I have faith in my car – it will get me to the market or faith that my employer will pay me on time.

Yet, there are many things in life that you could place your faith in, but don’t because it might seem ridiculous to do so. What’s the point you say.

That’s interesting. Can you give us an example to make this come to life?

Well – what would you do if the battery of your car went flat? Get a jump lead no doubt and try to kick start the engine. But what if your first thought was – let me see if I can re-energise the battery myself…..

However, you (humans) don’t have any faith in the possibility of that being a viable solution. So, you automatically cancel out this potentiality as you do not believe that such an outcome is achievable.

Faith in terms of a belief in oneself and what is possible is very limited in human life. Also, it is largely dictated by societal structures and control systems, all of which are geared to fitting in with the Matrix, rather than being for the greater good of the individual or the collective.

There’s more to it than that. The 3D definition, limited as it is also acts as a gatekeeper. If your beliefs, hopes and expectations are held firmly in check, you experience life in a fairly limited way.

It’s like an endless cause and effect cycle. Limited faith narrows life possibilities. Limited life possibilities curb expectations, and limited expectations constrain the belief that anything else is possible.

Often people cling to the limited belief system as they are fearful about breaking the mould and worry about what others will think of them.

Have you got any advice on this issue?

Think of something that is boundless (without limits). But make sure that you have faith in it. It must be totally believable.

The tides of the sea are boundless and without limit. I have faith in the cycles of these tides and there is a spaciousness and fluidity when I visualise them.

So, let’s put it into context. The tides are dictated by the cycles of the moon. Also, as the flow is not by human design or control, it unifies holistically and synchronistically with consciousness itself.

If you open up your hearts and minds and become more sensitive to the tides of universal intuition and to the advice that flows from mother earth, your relationship with faith will open up into an entirely new dimension. 

Where previously there may only have been one solution, there are now a variety of options from which you can choose.

So, let’s go back to our car battery example. Will you use a jump lead or connect to a battery charger? That’s the 3D solution. Or, will you put your faith in the universal and energise the battery yourself? This resolution would come under the 5D banner.

Most importantly, this will only work if you have absolute faith.

Can you help us to understand how to reach a point of absolute faith? It’s just that what you are suggesting stretches our belief systems and even our imaginations.

It’s really a question of blurring all That Is. That is possible. That is impossible. That might be possible. That might be impossible. What if these all actually meant the same thing or in fact meant nothing?

By this I mean that the possible is impossible, the impossible is possible and what may be possible, may also be impossible and vice-versa. If you mix all these words together as if you were making a big vat of soup what do you get?

A whole range of possible outcomes in a fluid context.

That’s right. What you need now is a magic wand! (thank you Mirabelle). We don’t want to label this as a miracle – it is entirely up to you to set the outcome you desire.

Think of a conductor leading an orchestra. Every option on the sound spectrum is available. Instruments are finely tuned and all wait in keen anticipation to be directed.

Take the wand to your heart and focus your intent on that out-of-the-moment realm which sits independent of time. Do you want the impossible to be possible? As you do so, the now merged mix of possibilities opens to your intent.

This is a sacred space. Think of it as a pale and mystical full moon. Moon in your Heart connects to Moon in the Sky. It sits completely detached and free from all external variables, factors, frameworks, traditions, patterns, fears and influences except that of your own heart.

That’s why I mentioned earlier that faith and vibration are intimately linked. The stronger the flame of faith in your hearts grows, the higher your vibration. Likewise, the more you raise your vibration, the stronger the intent of the heart. And, it is only through the highest of vibrations that true faith can manifest. 

Thank you Calcite  – this is really insightful

This ethically mined Calcite came from Kacha Stones http://www.kacha-stones.com/acatalog/index.html

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Hello – I am a Green Chlorite in Quarz

I would like to talk to you about parallel states that run alongside what you are doing. For the human condition is generally used to being in one place and only sees that particular plane. You would understand much better if you regularly tuned into the vibration where we reside.

But I thought that I did that – I use crystals a lot

That’s right – many of you “use” crystals a lot. We are used to help with healing, to clear the air, to raise the vibration, grids and essences as well as for protective purposes.

We really do appreciate crystals and are most grateful for your help. Are you saying that we don’t take full advantage of you?

Well, to take advantage is again to use us and we don’t dispute that you all do that well.

So what you are saying it that humans have a limited perspective as to the full potential of crystals.

Yes – It’s not that you don’t use us in a versatile way, but we tend to be either a means to an end or an interim stepping stone. We enhance energy and focus to help you into deeper meditative states. You use us as pendulums to help you to gain insight and information. We can act as a catalyst and also facilitate information.

So we think that we have more than ticked the box in terms of being useful to humans. And, we have done so over many thousands of years. But that does not necessary mean that you know us well – does it?

Well – I guess not. I understand where you are coming from and cannot deny anything that you have said. Although, I would like to add that you are absolutely beautiful too and this gives us great joy.

That’s kind of you. But there is much more to us than meets the eye. As the fifth dimensional streams and others open up and you become aware of the multi-faceted side to life, we can share and exchange in a way that you would never previously have thought possible.

That’s really interesting – please do tell us more.

We prefer to use the word share as this sharing is one of equals. To say that we tell you or you tell us suggests that one or the other is coming from a frame of reference that is not perfectly balanced. When the equilibrium is finely tuned, the sharing of our energetic templates flows more freely. We are ninth dimensional beings, although we also have a presence anchored in the sixth dimension.

As you now stand at the 5D crossroads, you have access vertically and horizontally to a variety of choices and subtleties. So why not have more fun with us! Enjoy your relationship with crystals to the full. Nuture and develop these friendships. Hold our hands as we walk through the dimensions together.

Please help me to understand. Where shall we meet and how do I get there?

Imagine that you are standing in the middle of a rotating 5D plate. Then either visualise an image of a crystal in your heart or hold a crystal to your heart. As you do so a circular cape will form around you. Think of this as a softening agent. It will help to dilute the density so you can more easily access the channel where we can connect.

Do you mean a new channel of communication? One where we can see and hear each other in a different way?

Yes – just as we have described.

I’m tuning in and there is a beam of light shining out from me.

Good, now look for our beam. That is the dimensional space where we will meet. The crystal in your heart acts like a honing device. Search us out with excitement and joy.

OK. Have made the connection. No idea exactly where we are – but can see it psychically in my energetic field.

So what would you like for tea then?


Yes – is that not what you do when you meet up with friends? Look, we can offer you cucumber sandwiches or scones with clotted cream if you prefer?

Wow! This is definitely not what I imagined might happen….

I have a wide range of teas here. Earl Grey, Darjeeling or would you prefer something herbal?

I’ll have a chamomile tea – thank you.

So – tell us a bit about yourself.

Well, you may find me a bit boring but I’m very genuine and have a good heart.

Would you like to play tiddly-winks or backgammon? How about a game of bridge? We have Monopoly as well you know.

I just cannot believe that you are like this.

Like what?

So chatty, friendly and cosy. It’s not what I expected at all.

Well, there is nothing wrong with the connection us crystals have with humans as it stands And, we are more than happy to help with all the healing, cleansing, clearing, protection and projection etc but that’s not the only side.

We really like to talk too

Yes – I can see that!

So often we sit in prime position on a mantle piece, table or windowsill. Just an object to be looked at, picked up or used. But there is so much more to us as you can see. Do you have a boyfriend?

No – a husband and he cooks really well. Would you like to come around for supper some time?

That would be charming. Thank you. And please don’t wait so long before your next visit.

Of course not. I have a question about something that you said earlier that I don’t quite understand.

Go ahead.

You mentioned that you are ninth dimensional beings yet have an “anchor” in the sixth dimension. What exactly does this mean?

It may seem complicated but it is not. We anchor ourselves in the dream-time dimension as this gives us maximum bandwidth when it comes to healing work and dealing with humans. As there is often a resistance, it takes interfacing through this plane to make a strong enough imprint in the subtle bodies.  However, we are predominantly ninth dimensional beings. That is where we feel most at home and this is why we invited you to our home for tea.

Thank you, I would certainly like to come back – I’m sure that there is lots for us to talk about.


Thank you very much Mirabelle (Star Fairy) for helping me with these conversations.

(Mirabelle asks – “Can I have the fairy cake with the pink icing sugar please.”)

Of course you can!


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***Conscious conversations can take place when we enter into oneness with nature beings***


Thank you to Stephen at Kacha Stones for your beautiful hand mined and ethically mined crystals


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In conversation with Plants Series

Eric –the Eriophorum (Cotton Grass)

I would like to talk to you about the issue of choice.

Thank you – please go on

How many choices have you made in your life?

Goodness – I don’t know – hundreds of thousands?

How have these choices led to where you are today?

I guess that there are common denominators or factors that shape the choices we make in our lives. Does the question of choice affect you as a plant?

Whereas for humans, choice is seen as a bonus or benefit, we do not wish to participate in this need to decide one way or the other. Us plants prefer the freedom to go with the flow and to allow ourselves to be directed by this same flow.

Eric – our Society works on a perceived hierarchy where the more money you make, the more choices you can have in life.

We have just one choice and that is whether or not to incarnate. Once this decision is made, we just trust that everything will unfold to the highest level of perfection.

What do you mean by perfection?

Is not perfection a perfectly balanced choice? One that comes from the heart for the greater good of all. Indeed, is not creation a perfect life choice? But what is life for most humans? Nothing more than a timeline with a series of interruption points or milestones. And what are the choices that you make in your life? Just signposts that influence the shape and flow of your life story.

So why we ask – do you place such attachment on the choices that you make? Why so many complications and diversions? When all you are seeking to do is to achieve a perfect state of joy and fulfilment. Why is it that you believe that the way to achieve this is based on the sum total of the choices that you make in your lives?

In our lives we face big life changing choices – those that are more important in the greater scheme of things and lesser daily decisions that are more mundane.

Us plants do not see a difference in the importance of the choice to be made. It is simply a choice. During the transition each and every choice is just as important or as unimportant as you choose to make it. And that too is your choice. It is up to you to attribute a significance or hierarchy to the nature of your choice, should you wish to do so.

For us it is simple. Once we have decided to be in the divine flow, Mother Nature takes care of each and every decision in the most perfect way. I doubt that we would all get along as well as we do in the plant kingdom if we had the burden of making choices about everything.

Are you saying that we put too much emphasis on the choices we make in our lives?

The point I would like to make is that it is about the frame of reference from which you make your choice.

In the 3D reality construct, survival and fear have been the driving forces behind many decisions, but as more on the path to the New Earth reach the 5D transitory stage, this bias will change.  You will make more heart-based choices when you learn to offer up all that IS to the divine flow. And, as you start to do so `wings of freedom` will take you into a synchronic flow of events  that is beyond what you could believe possible!

Rather than those fear-based survival style decisions that took you on an often long and windy path through life, the more you give up the need to choose, the quicker you will reach the destination of your choice.

So you are saying that as plants you make one key choice in your lives which is whether or not to experience consciousness as a living entity?


And that as humans, we only have one key choice to make now and that is whether or not to express ourselves as part of the divine flow ?


Thank you very much Eric

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There is an exercise you can do that I was told about where you look in the mirror and to ask to be shown by the Divine Mother how she would see us – how we looked through the eyes of the Divine Mother. To see Nicola as she sees me. Immediately following the call I went to a mirror and sat down to do the exercise.

As my vision narrowed, I suddenly saw one single eye in the middle of my forehead. It was not what I had expected. It was pre-historic in nature, a mix between something that I would identify as an eye, but that was set in the most ancient of a craggy sort of socket. That only lasted a split second. All of a sudden I was floating through the stars. One star amongst a multitude – liberated. I was not prepared for what came next.

The first image I saw took my breathe away with its beauty, whilst at the same time I was stunned to see that the face looking directly at me was in fact the essence of me. Quite clearly it was me, yet at the same time, a different me to the one that I recognise as my current earth reality physical presence.

It’s hard to explain. The visual imprint was what would be recognised as Nicola, but there was an incredible smoothness about everything and more than anything a breathtaking beauty of spirit. This being appeared to transcend time and the beauty was woven into the softness and love and a sense of all knowing. She just was/is.

Before I could comprehend further, a second face appeared, again with the stars in the background. This time it was male. Again, the image was recognisable as me. It was funny because I saw his ears and they were pointy – a bit like an elf! Again, there was the same sense of timelessness and spiritual beauty.

Then I was floating through the the stars again, and in that last moment the twinkle in my eye turned into a star. I could see it so clearly, the heart of it and the white aura surrounding it.

Following this experience, the imprint of what I had seen stayed in my head and I found myself regularly going back to “her/him” in the stars. To try to connect with the essence of myself that I had seen and that still continued to amaze me.

I yearned to express myself more fully through “her”. She became a symbol of the real me at its most authentic and I wanted to be everything through “her”. By visualising  what I had seen, I was able to understand how in these times we don’t as light workers need to push out energy to try and save others and the world – all we need to do is to express our authentic selves. It is enough to simply shine our light. What a fantastic and unexpected relief!

Just a couple of days ago I found out that we can ask our higher selves to enter our physical bodies more fully. In other words, I did not have to go up to the stars to make this connection. I could simply ask “her” to integrate with “me” on a physical plane. So I sat down one day and asked if the essence of Nicola I had seen in the stars would like to come into my physical body and the answer was Yes.

I was not quite sure what to do next but was guided to imagine this essence of Nicola in a cloud surrounding me and I then breathed her in through my cells and into the body. It was really quick and so easy to do. For the next day I could not wipe the smile off my face. It felt truly wonderful.  Again, there was a sense of relief. Finally….I sighed. It was as if I was suddenly in “real time” and it felt absolutely right.

I’m not sure if I have this exactly correct technically but I was told that what happened takes place when you make the request to fully incarnate into your physical body or embodiment.

It’s still early days, but thus far I have noticed that the flow of light through me has been optimised directly as a result of this integration. Also, the fact that I saw myself as both male and female was interesting – again – it was like a completion. There was no piece of me in the now that was missing.

I also feel as if the coming together of the “star” me and the “earth” me has banished any fears of being alone (on my own). There is no need for anyone else to plug a gap as I am just happy with being me and this is enough in itself.

And, as a result, the truth of the light – or the wisdom can flow more freely – as there are less restrictions as well as a greater capacity to absorb. This has manifested across the spiritual work that I do at every level. All is much stronger, more centred and more easily in the flow.

Thank you to the Divine Mother.

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Chanelled message from the Elohim

Filaments of light are breaking up the density shape form. The entities and beings (humans and others) that are pulsating in the new 5D reality are changing the actual structure, the composition of your atmosphere. This includes the air that you breathe and the water that you drink.

Threads of light are being woven into the matrix and are dissolving the reality construct. For all is connected, interconnected and one. Like a fountain of truth, the light will shine through. These light filaments will cascade into your reality; drip by drip, drop by drop, truth by truth. And in so changing the structure of the flow, it becomes more fluid.

Rotating in multi-dimensionality, these beams of light will undulate and they will weave and connect with other undulating lights so as to make infinite connections across the planet Earth. As a result, “reality” will quiver, thus creating a certain chaos and uncertainty for some and for others great delight!

As the warrior light of old is ending, the new light-stream undulates directly through the Universal Mother. Yes – she will direct you in the flow and protect you in the flow. All you have to do is trust and to follow the path that is offered.

In the times ahead, the energy of the children of the stars will act as a catalyst.  It will unlock different levels and layers through which light can be introduced. This energy will act like a flare. It will show hidden pathways through which light can be actively injected. Pathways, that would otherwise not have been so evident.

It will be like entering through the back door. In this way, resistance encountered due to fear or lack of confidence can be dealt with in a below-the-line way and at an unconscious level. For the resistance of the majority in number must not hinder the minority of greater intent and their ascension.

There is a window for the work to be done by these children and others. They are here to manifest by helping humans to reach a certain vibrational level. Their liquid energy will act as an accelerator, an impulse or what is required to reach a tipping point when the true separation of the essences will occur.

When a cup gets to the point where it will overflow, it overflows. And as all it needed to do was overflow, there is no need for it to overflow any further.

Likewise, as soon as the work is done, the next light experience commences.  For it is truly for this much awaited time that you are all here for. The other is just part of the interim transition.

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Conversation with Plants Series

I am a Viola and I like to be called Viola.

Thank you Viola – what would you like to talk about today?

 Forgiveness – forgive and forget as they say.

That’s the easy bit. The question is are you ready to forgive and can you forget? Do you want to forget? Are you ready to forget yourselves? Are you able to give up and release everything that was?

Are you saying that we need to work through anything we need to forgive within ourselves?

This is why forgiveness is so important, for it is not just yourselves that you are forgiving. Each time there is a forgiveness, the heart arches up into a rainbow. And the colours of this rainbow, unique to each, are shared and go into the melting pot – the cauldron of shared experience and consciousness.

So, by working through our own experiences and letting go and forgiving, we are having a positive impact on the greater good of the collective?

Yes – for in forgiving you are at the same time giving back.

Why do you say that we need to forget ourselves?

It’s more a question of recognising moving forward that the person/identity that has been the hallmark of who you were may not reflect who you truly want to be as your true self. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

And how does this forgiveness relate to forgetting ourselves?

If you harbour anger or frustration around a particular person or issue these feelings can act like an anchor – their heaviness weighs you down.  Makes it hard to forget. Oftentimes, you can be unaware of these feelings, especially if they linger from the past. But as the light intensity increases, all that is not aligned will rise to the surface.

What about “bad” things that human beings have done to the planet over the years. Presumably, this is part of our collective memory and needs dealing with as well?

That of which you speak is in fact in the human heart memory and we are glad that you have raised it. All these issues matter, but it is not something that you should worry about. This is one of the many things that will be dealt with as the ascension plan unfolds.

As wave after wave of grace and light roll across the planet, subtle stages will be reached and at these points all that still lies under the carpet will be swept away. By this we mean that it will not be important for every deed to be dealt with independently. It’s more a question of reaching a critical mass at which point the whole process can move to another level.

Some people would argue that it’s important not to “forget” as honor can be held in these memories. That there are lessons to be learned from past tragedies and that this history must be permanently interwoven into our consciousness.

History is of the past – all that is about to change. Note how even in the fifth dimension you can choose paths that re-define history in terms of your own personal interpretation of an event or experience.

The history books that are pure and un-tainted are with the trees. They speak of the real journey that has unfolded over the many thousands of years of this cycle.  Many of the human rememberings or history are contaminated, others false. They are illusory and only serve the purpose of consolidating a particular viewpoint (s) at a given time. One that is predominantly driven by control and power, despite appearances.

We know that it will be difficult for humans to understand how it will be possible to live without the memory of the past to help shape the future. But that is how it will be for those of you ascending to the New Earth.

The lessons have been learned. You no longer need to remember them or store them up. However, this does not mean that the honour and remembrance at the time held no purpose or that the remembering was not important in the times that were.

To those who are ready to move on and who aspire to a new beginning, the point is that all of that has come to an end. So there is no need to hold onto anything from the past. For it won’t actually exist in the same way that you know and understand it today.

Open yourselves up body, heart, mind and spirit to this new potential to that which you have always yearned for. Forgive and forget.

Thank you very much Viola.

Copyright © 2012 Nicola Bosdet. All Rights Reserved.

Photography by H. Zell – Creative Commons lisence on Wikipedia


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I’m a columbine but you can call me Nancy. I am of the buttercup family – Aquilegia Vulgaris.

Nancy, I feel emotional putting my hand over your picture. Why is that?

That’s because there are things that you are yearning to release and this can cause spiritual pain. I am here to show you how we can help to release feelings of fear, frustration and anger as you peel away layer after layer through the ascension process.

We are always surprised to see just how under confident human beings can be in themselves and as well as the degree to which you are unaware of your true potential and the capacity you have to achieve a state of bliss. A state where all that binds you has been released.

Why does letting go cause you so much pain we ask? And in these times of accelerated vibration, there is much to be dissolved as you re-shape your reality.

And from this shedding, shaping and re-shaping it is natural that elements may linger in the background and shadow sides that seek refuge in deeper layers.

But don’t despair – help is at hand. These echoes can be gently prised away like a mist that softly evaporates.

Our essence resonates especially well with those of you who are trying to shift a lot within a short time-frame – a situation where there can be much tension.

For in these times, you must clear quickly and cleanly. There is no time for hanging around. So it’s a three-step process. 1. Recognise 2. Clear 3. Re-calibrate over and over and over again. But sometimes you can get stuck at the stage of re-calibration because whilst the clearing work has been done, residue remains.

It is this residue that us Columbines can help to dissolve. This is a gift from the mother earth who yearns for all to be given back to her.

So we can make or find a flower essence of Coumbine (blue/violet)?  * See footnote

Yes and don’t forget the integration because that has to be complete before the re-calibration takes place. And the integration requires the clearance and the letting go in order to align fully with your soul purpose. Otherwise, you will think that you have re-calibrated, but you will in fact be building on a foundation that is not as firm as it should be.

But by ensuing that the exhalation is done in full and in harmony with the whole, the inhalation will smoothly move you into another cycle.  And, be aware that as you clear yourself that this purification of your own is interconnected with the raising of the vibration of All.

 Is there anything else that you would like to say?

Yes, the children are also helping to process fear and dissolve old structures. For them too, flower essences, as we describe here can be most helpful.

Thank you Nancy

I dowsed across a range of Columbine flower essences on the Web and the one that got the best energy match for me was the FoxMountain one from Flower Vision


I have ordered some myself and when I have tried it out will report back and up-date this entry – up-date May 2012 –  a very nice and effective essence which I have used on several occasions now as described above.

Photography from Peter Ruhr from Wikipedia creative commons license.

Copyright © 2012 Nicola Bosdet. All Rights Reserved.

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Conversations With Plants Series

We the poppies are here to speak to you of delight (of the light) de-light if you will.

Thank you please go on.

Delight shimmers and shines across the water, it glides. There are no confines where delight resides.

That’s beautiful. Do you plants experience delight?

Indeed we do, for much of the time.

Red poppies in Northern Europe flower on the fields where many men died in battle.

Yes- that is why we are of (de) light. Together, the thousands of us help to raise the light across these fields. And this is what the many hundreds of thousands of you light workers are doing too across the world.

We also feel lightness and joy with delight. This lightness is because it is an expression of the light. And when times are difficult, dark and challenging, even the smallest chink of light can be a source of delight. Can provide you with the spark needed to re-kindle hearts and light up your lives.

And just as “of the light” moments strengthen your connection to source, the source connection in turn re-fuels the light.

What advice to you have as to how we can bring in delight to our own lives on a daily basis?

Well us poppies can sing! I bet you didn’t know that. And, of course you can sing so we can all sing together. We sing musical notes that chime as one. A light harmonic orchestra of the plant kingdom.

You don’t have to sing out loud with us if you don’t want to, join instead with the melodic vibration of your hearts.

These melodies will be important to learn if we are all to live together in harmony on the New Earth. And on the New Earth plane we will together unite to create a new narrative for the mother earth’s relationship with the rest of the universe, a vibration of delight that will spread far and wide across and through the stars.

Do we need to learn different melodies or is there just one melody to share the delight with you?

Just the one – the melody of delight is a kingdom of its own. It resonates from your innermost core and the same is true for us.

Do plants share their delight with animals and other entities and light beings?

Imagine the planet earth as seen from above as if it were a canvas. Each soul signature of every sentient being has their own unique hue, a global colour palette. The more the delight is shared (as us plants do effortlessly), the stronger the level of expression. And, in turn the stronger the level of expression, the higher the vibration of the planet.

So delight should not be viewed as a source only to be experienced as a reward once the hard work is done. Share delight as an expression of your own unique light with as many others as you can, not just humans. This language of the light unlocks the communication blocks between yourselves and all other living entities.

Thank you very much – do I need to call you by another name.

No – just Poppy.

Copyright © 2012 Nicola Bosdet. All Rights Reserved.

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Conversations with Plants Series

Hello – I am a Bistort but you can call me Birt

Q: (Birt asks): Do you like fairytales?

A: Yes I do.

Q: (Birt asks): Do you live in a fairytale?

A: Sometimes it can feel like that – other times not. What would you like to talk about today Birt? Did you just sigh?

Ahh…Yes – Why is it that humans like to be so sure about things. I am right and I know that I am right. Or that’s incorrect, I got it wrong.

Do you mean certitude?

Yes – Don’t you find that it is time-consuming to go through the right/wrong process just so that you can say something with certitude one way or the other?

In the fifth dimension nothing is certain for very long. That’s the whole point about the multitude of choices available. It would be not be spontaneous or practical if everytime a new avenue opened up you had to be completely sure about it, before taking the plunge.

Surely we need to evaluate and analyse the material and dissect, filter and sift what is relevant and that which resonates. What is wrong with this approach?

There you go again. Nothing wrong and nothing right – always certain. Of course there is nothing wrong with this approach and it is a tactic that works well in the third dimension. The various distinct phases to this process take place one by one. The second stage building upon the first one and so on. Steadily, sometimes ponderous – like a dripping tap.

But in the fifth dimension you are running multiple baths all at the same time. Will you add bath salts to the first, lavender oil to the second, jasmine to the third and so on. And, it does not stop there. Sponge, flannel or loofah, multiple layers of choice superimposed one on top of the other.

This is all simply too much information for the human mind to absorb and manage.

But do you not think that it is important to take an informed view before making a decision?

If by informed you mean using information from various sources so that you can hang a structure around your creation or thought form. One that says this is sturdy so it must be correct.

But where is correct? In your mind? In your heart? In your soul? In your psychological patterning? In your emotional fields? The physical body or elsewhere? This puts you under pressure to align your certainty across a range of variables. Quite a tall order if you ask me and one that can create internal dissention and conflict. So what started off as an exercise in being certain can easily become uncertain.

Are you suggesting that different tools work better in different dimensions and that we need to become skilled as to which ones to use depending on where we are at?

To do this again puts a burden on you. I feel like I am in a fifth dimensional space now but I’d better just check to be sure. Oops, did I just slip back to 3D? Better try to switch back into those 3D mindset tools again. It’s all far too complicated, does not work well at high speed and can cause confusion.

Anyway, just think on this. Maybe you can be in more than one dimension at once. This will happen for a period of time and is already happening for some. It simply won’t be possible to consciously shift gears in the way of certainty on many planes all at once.

So are you saying that we need to let go of being sure about things?

You need to let go of certitude or being sure about things and you also need to let go of the “things” as well since you ask. By needing to be certain, your hands turn into tendrils that bind and limit your awareness. So you see why certitude is not possible if you truly aspire to be in the natural flow of things.

Trust in your heart and follow the path of intuition and joy rather than the one that follows all the signs of certitude. There is no need for Think Again, Stop Here, Wait whilst you re-consider or Green Light – you can move forward now as you are right.

So if the need to be certain holds us back from developing spiritually, what advice do you have to help us to let go of certainty in our thoughts, deeds and actions?

Visualise a coil of string and a pair if scissor or even better use the real thing. Every time you feel the need for certitude, when the mental reflex kicks in – snip the string. And, at the end of the day see how many different pieces you have or not as the case may be.

Then take some sellotape and carefully bind the flow back together again. Consider as you connect the different pieces, all the energy that is going into this very delicate process. How does it feel? Does it feel like a good use of your time?

No certainly not

`Certainly` not! Well let’s agree then that `certainly` knot is the last one that you will need to unpick and that in future all these unnecessary complications can be cast aside. Offer up the density of certainty so that you become lighter, more fluid and better able to go with the divine flow. Don’t loose the thread of what really matters through the need to be certain.

Thank you very much for sharing this with us Birt.

Copyright © 2012 Nicola Bosdet. All Rights Reserved.

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Hello – I’m an Evening Primrose

Thank you – what would you like to talk about today?

There was a time many thousands of years ago when the land was much flatter than it is now. Back then it was easier to get from one place to another. These days the landscape is far more complicated. There are mountain peaks to navigate and deep sea depths in which to dive.

There are also many maps of which you can take your pick. It is your choice. Will you follow the windy path that intrigues? or the map with the mountain pass through the snow? Would you simply prefer to walk through fields dancing with flowers?

There are as many paths and maps as there are dimensional planes on the New Earth. No one is better or worse, higher or lower. They are just different – each to his or her own as they say.

Do plants decide on the dimension of their choice or all go to the same place?

Hmm, that’s a good question. What you are asking is whether we care about making that choice. Does the spirit of Primroses sit in the sixth dimensional layer or do some of us choose to be there and others at different levels. The answer is that the streams of energy take certain shapes and it is the flow of these shapes that indicate the direction we take. We do not have the burden of choice in that it simply happens in the most perfect way.

Some people say that 2012 will be the “battle” of light against the dark. That the next 12 months will be a time of challenge and we must all work hard to keep our vibrations high. Have you got anything to say on this point?

It’s important to remember that you are now in the period that goes beyond duality and whilst it might seem as if the white and black, dark and light are all about dualistic opposites, you have already gone further than this stage. This is also an illusion to try and create fear and uncertainty. What you are seeing are the shadows playing out.

When we are being greatly challenged and we feel our vibrational levels fall how important is it to get them back up as quickly as possible?

Don’t allow yourself to think that you have really dropped your vibration for that too is an illusion. You (light workers) are here in these times because you absolutely have the ability to hold the space. What happens is that you perceive that you can drop a couple of rungs depending. And whilst this is true at a superficial level in terms of how you are feeling, your core essence, will NOT have been diminished – of that you can rest assured.

So, whilst it is important that you pick yourself up quickly, do not be stressed or fearful that you have failed in any way. As long as you continuously embrace the flow to the best of your ability, this will suffice.

How do you personally feel about the dance of light and dark through these times? Does it affect you in any way?

Like punctuation, as plants we can help to accentuate and facilitate the flow of light. But we don’t need to decide where to place a comma, how long the sentence should be or whether it ends with a full stop or question mark. For we are just part of the cosmic soup and are perfectly happy to let the energies flow through and around us, whilst at the same time we express the uniqueness of our singularity.

There is no head chef in the restaurant of life, no sous chef or dish washer uppers. There is no “difference” as far as we are concerned between the interplay of our own vibrations with either material matter or the void and that of the human light interaction. The universal mother does not love us less nor does she consider nature beings to be less important than humans. Trees are not “better” than pansies because they are bigger or older.

And this is one of the Terms of Engagement, the new dialogue between human beings and plants. The dream-time manifestation cannot take place in a hierarchical environment where humans believe that they are at the centre with the rest of us pitching in around you.

Have you got any advice as to how we can hold our highest vibration in 2012?

You don’t have the responsibility to hold your highest vibration as much as you do to allow yourself to be held in the highest vibration of your heart’s intent through the divine mother.

When there is much stress, fear and anxiety, your brains speed back and forth. This makes your “shape” brittle, like a drought scorched plant that is prone to snapping. When this happens you cannot nestle comfortably in her arms.

Introduce even greater reflection into everything that you do. Take time to ponder, time to listen to your heart, to the earth. This extra space will help you to soften your thoughts and actions and make it easier to align yourself to the divine flow.

Remember that us plants are your friends and that we are all together in this shift and transition. Don’t forget to ask us for help and to share your concerns and longings.

Visualise that you are lying on a leaf that is being taken down a river by its currents. As you make the journey the clouds will change shape, the rains will come and go. You will be twirled around in the eddy’s yet all the time you are still held gently and securely. You don’t need to worry about how to get to your destination, you will simply arrive. So enjoy the ride!

In peace!

Thank you Primrose

***conscious conversations take place when we enter into oneness with nature beings***

Photography through creative commons on wikipedia thanks to Tarquin

Copyright © 2012 Nicola Bosdet. All Rights Reserved.

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