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Thank you very much (the Sun) for taking the time to talk to us today.

I am much misunderstood you know.

You are revered as mighty and powerful. Maybe that’s why people have certain pre-conceptions?

Might and power can give the impression of great “force” in a less positive way, when I am actually very gentle and loving.

Indeed – thank you for sharing that.

There is a lot in the media about the solar flares. Do you mind if I ask what is happening?

These are golden chariots of fire, but driven by love.

What is their purpose?

They are a preparation for what is to come. The timing is very precise. It will be the gentlest of turnings, and for that it must be accurate. Neither too much nor too little. Just enough.

Can you expand upon the significance of these chariots of fire?

They contain love granules.

What do these look like?

Little pink sugar pops that fizzle in the atmosphere of planet earth – star tingles carried through the skies (as translated by Etoile).

That sounds beautiful – what do they do?

They are gently rocking the vibration. They are helping to re-wire the brain waves through the motion.

You mean our brains?

Yes – primarily.

You are being ever so gently caressed, tenderly adjusted, quietly re-aligned. For the sun, the moon and mother earth have already made the transition to the fifth dimension and we are here to help you to do the same.

So you are not angry?

Quite the opposite – I am bursting with love.

There’s more. The solar vibrations as manifested in the flares are amplifying the resonance of mother nature. By this I mean the harmonic that is the sum total of all non-human beings on the planet. The rocks, the trees, the flowers and the bees. The oceans and the dolphins that swim in them. The animals, the jungles, the deserts.

These energetic waves curve in the flow that is oneness and joy. And, the volume of this mother earth expression is being turned up by the sun’s activity. In this way, it is easier for you to listen. For we are all here to help you see.

What is the impact of the solar activity on mother nature in relation to our own vibrations?

The increased solar resonance puts a spotlight on the heart-beat that is her new fifth dimensional form. You can use this nature connection to help raise your own vibrations. A human heart-beat re-alignment, with the potential to match the pulse of All that Is.

So, if we are sensitive and listen carefully, we can tune into this frequency with nature?

Yes – anything is possible. This point has not quite been grasped by many spiritual seekers and light workers. The children of the light find all of this far easier. As we have said, there are no limits in these times.

Why is electrical equipment being adversely affected by these solar flares?

The heart-beat of the electrical equipment does not have the same potential as human hearts to bend and grow into these waves. Don’t get frustrated. It’s not their fault. Once the work is done, things will become more settled.

So what you are saying is that the strength of this solar activity has been carefully calibrated to adjust human wiring?

Yes – don’t view the solar flares as an inconvenience. This could not be further from the truth. This has all been planned for some time and the purpose is to facilitate and to help humans.

Can you explain the link between solar flares (specifically) and the raising of the individual and collective vibration of humans?

An override button has been put in place. In override mode you are in new territory – a space where anything goes. In this window of opportunity, it is up to each individual to choose how fast or how slow or the level and intensity, depth and breadth of your own vibration. There is no right or wrong.

So it’s as if you (the Sun) are using these flares to help to overwrite the old computer programming?

Yes – if you like. As we see it the re-wiring of your own “electrics” has a direct impact on your relationship to the dynamics, structures, rules and regulations of the matrix.

We can see NASA images of these flares. Is there any way we can see the pink love granules?

Ah yes – NASA…..

If you keep your sunglasses on you won’t be able to see them. Imagine the golden whole of the sun in your heart.  Take off your sunglasses and look straight through the sun (in your heart).

When you reach the other side, breathe deeply as you float in your own pink sparkle space. For you are all part of the co-creation of the new earth planes or indeed whatever your heart desires.

How would you describe yourself?

As a catalyst for co-creation and consciousness.

What do you have to say about the practice of sun gazing?

Yes – the sun acts as an energetic catalyst. But be aware that you can also fly through the sun in your own heart space – as described. It’s not exactly the same outcome, but similar.

Thank you very much – Namaste.

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“Mama always told me not to look into the eyes of the sun but mama that’s where the fun is” Manfred Man – Blinded by the Light (minute 4.48 on video).

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My trips to London are becoming increasingly psychedelic and this one was no exception. I don’t know what it is about a big City, but weird stuff just happens. I’ll be walking down a street and buildings start to fade away into a different reality…..

So, armed with all my protective gear I set off. A new rutilated quarz pendulum and a beautiful green chlorite in quartz crystal would stand me in good stead.

Also, a couple of flower essences picked specifically to help protect my aura and ward off negative vibes. Beings often get caught up in my energy field when in cities. So hopefully the essences would do the trick.

For the train ride I took along the notebook I use for my conversations with nature beings. Had an amazing chat with a sweet pea on the way and her advice would stand me in good stead a couple of days later.

The pendulum also came in very handy when my Eurostar train was delayed. Such a useful tool for finding out when the fault on the line will be fixed when the officials cannot give you any information!

Shortly after arrival it was clear that the energy in London at the moment is all over the place. A friend of mine was in town last month. A highly sensitive clairvoyant he usually enjoys trips to the UK, but this time he found the energy so challenging that he became sick and had to leave early.

I finally arrived at my friend’s house and headed to bed as I had a big client report that had to be finished for a meeting the next morning.

Shortly afterwards, the transmission started as we thumped out light across the City. Sometimes in large bold white chunks, other times as sizzling sparkle balls, always different, as we beamed out Wake Up London. Some time later, the earlyish night was out the window and forgetting to set my alarm I overslept the next morning.

Tapping away on my laptop at the breakfast table whilst munching an oatcake, the sweet pea flower (Sylvie), who I had interviewed the day before spoke out. It was the first time that one of these beings has done this sort of thing. “Sorry that Nicola has to be antisocial and finish her report but we needed to speak to her on the train yesterday.” I found myself blurting out. She was being very gracious and apologising on my behalf!

It was fast becoming clear I would miss my deadline. But universal help was at hand and shortly after breakfast a stressed client rang to explain that was not able to take his planned train and could we possibly meet two hours later? Yippee! I had just got a divine extension and would be able to complete my report.

Fast forward to my client meeting at the British library. This is a beautiful new building by St Pancras where from the atrium you can look up to see multiple floors backed by glass walls behind which hundreds of thousands of books, manuscripts and ancient records are housed. It is breathtaking.

At one point I looked out of the corner of my eye and saw the two star child spirits on my team flying around having an absolute hoot, as they absorbed thousands of years of human knowledge, history and insight.

At the end of the meeting my new contact said “I’m really looking forward to working with you Nicola as we share the same values and I think we will connect at many levels.” To which I responded, “Yes, at many levels”….

The only way I get through London travel and the way that it is most fun too, is to stay in a near permanent state of mantra and meditation – it puts a completely different dimension on a tube ride when you have 40 minutes to repeat Om Mane Padme Hum on the ipod.

In fact, it was on the underground that an amazing thing happened. A tall young man, who might initially have been mistaken for a busker, entered the carriage.  He then started tap dancing – but he was not dancing for money. He was dancing and singing for life, joy and the happiness of living in the moment.

Most of the other travellers focused on their evening newspapers, determined not to be embarrassed by what was going down. But his energy was infectious and there were surreptitious sideways glances as some people quietly watched. He and I connected and my heart felt like bursting with emotion at the unexpected wonder of the event.

In general, I was satisfied with my vibrational level until I reached my father’s flat and was unexpectedly “taken down” by his partner. She was not there at the time, but there was a photo of her on his desk and when I stood in front of it, I immediately felt her locking in on me. With no disrespect to my protective flower essences, she is very powerful and it was already too late.

I explained to my father that I had nothing against the lady concerned. “It’s just that her vibration is like a 3 out of 10” (was probably being generous) and I just cannot be around someone like that.” No offence. So we parted ways at the station and I headed back to the Eurostar for France feeling increasingly anxious and fearful as the psychic attack set in.

So I was in not in great shape, then DB (my other half) rang me and he was in bad shape too. It looked as if the electrical fault with our car (Kenje) could be serious and expensive to fix. He was already living out potential worst case scenarios in his mind.

As an aside, when he entered a code in the switch board to try and identify the part with the problem, the figure 2012 came up out of hundreds of other options. I kid you not!

Something needed to be done and fast. So I tried out some advice that Sylvie the sweet pea had given me a couple of days before. That if you gently unpick tangles in the sacral area that this would in turn correct imbalances of the crown chakra. So, hopefully help with my psychic attack.

At first, I saw a coil of string in this region. The first problem was that the area was crawling with maggots, so I dealt with that first and then very gently untied some delicate knots. Feeling much clearer I moved onto DB.

David was majorly stressed out so I went in full on and merged with his body soaking him with my own light. My crown chakra to his crown chakra – my heart touching his heart.

Then on to Kenje (our car) where I saw some being wreaking havoc under the bonnet, arms black with grease, madly pulling the wiring apart. Done.

The question was would the car now work?  I told DB that it was really important to imagine a positive outcome (something very hard for a permanent pessimist to do) when he put the key in the ignition. He promised to try and said that he would see if it would start and if so drive around the block and call me back.

Just to help ensure that all the necessary focus was in place, I beamed myself into the passenger seat and drove around with him. Following these efforts it felt as if we had shifted timelines – everything was suddenly more positive.

So when DB rang, I knew that the problem was fixed. We have a bit of a 5D girl vs 3D boy thing going down. So I figure that the best approach is to live out my own dimensional reality in full even if he does think I am crazy at times.

As my train sped towards Dijon it felt as if it had been a really good trip overall. And when you are away from home, it’s quite useful to be able to be in more than one place at once!

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Conversation with Plants Series

I am here to talk about sympathy – tea and sympathy as you say. My name is Slyvie and I’m a Sweet Pea flower.

Hello Sylvie.

Sympathy is we found somewhat lacking amongst humans. Each one out for him or herself, you often don’t have time for others.

That’s a little harsh

Well you do live in a harsh landscape, but that’s no excuse.

Of course, I’m not denying that but there are lots of little things that humans do to help those who are less fortunate.

Ah, yes. Less fortunate, less well-off, not blessed with good health or just plain unlucky. And there are plenty of people in this category are there not?


In fact most of you fall into this category at some point in your lives do you not?


And what makes you feel better- what sort of sympathy do you prefer?

Me personally?


I don’t especially like sympathy.

Why not?

Because of all the unspoken innuendo that goes with it and that peculiar human trait that one can feel better about oneself if you are better off than someone else.

Do plants sometimes sympathise with other nature beings? What if a tree is cut down or weed killer is used in a field for example?

Well, it’s not exactly what you would call sympathy but we do straighten the “lines” you know.

I don’t understand what you mean? What lines do you straighten?

The ones coming down from above – of course!

Do you mean channels of light?

Yes – sort of. They look like tramlines. It’s more like a supply of oxygen mixed with light. Something we can call upon in situations which require a “sympathy” of sorts.

Can you explain what you mean in more detail?

Sure – stress, sickness and unhappiness – even lack of sleep – can cause a muddle in the energy of the lines. It’s as if they bunch up and constrict. They lose confidence to express themselves in wholeness and harmony. At the same time there is a downward pressure at the base of the being, round like a bulb, which distorts the energy flow in every direction. This is what we mean by needing to straighten the lines.

Thank you. Do you have to straighten the lines often?

Not really – us non-human entities are better at keeping ourselves balanced than you.

Do you every help to straighten the “lines” of humans?

Yes – this can come to pass when you are open to such help. Those who are sensitive and spend time in nature are more receptive to this sort of thing.

It’s different to what we would consider sympathy. When we sympathise we show empathy and feel sorry about a situation but don’t actively provide a solution.

Mmm – why do you bother then?

Surely, it’s better to do this than nothing at all. At least we can offer solace.

It’s just that more could be done. There are NO limits you know.

I’m starting to understand that there are many options available on the 5th Dimension. So what you are saying is that if we can learn how to master this plane that we can learn how to keep our own “lines” straight and help others in this way?

Yes – it’s far more effective than a cup of tea – would you not agree?


You see – if I may continue…..

Please do.

Why not get straight to the heart of the matter rather than dealing with the symptoms.

Can we go back to the technique that you mentioned regarding straightening the lines. You spoke of two lines of energy.

That’s easy. One goes upwards and the other comes downwards. They run alongside each other like tramlines.

Do you mean that there is a line that anchors down to the earth star and another that goes up to the stars?

Not exactly. It goes like this. The lines of energy actually go upwards and downwards at the same time. But there are two of them and there is a little space between each.

It’s the fact that there are two of them that I don’t quite get.

It’s like a pair of scales – one balances out the other. A sort of homeostasis or balancing mechanism. It’s when this balance between the two is upset that stress, anxiety and negative energy can form. But by introducing oxygen and light energy a natural re-balancing occurs.

So how can I straighten or re-balance my own tramlines or help someone who is being challenged to do the same. Is it like bringing down the light when you are healing?

Not exactly – imagine the strings on a puppet. The lines that you are focusing on run right down through the body and anchor at the base. It’s by working with this base that you can connect simultaneously with the crown chakra and the balancing can take place from there.

As if you were handling the strings of a puppet, it’s a subtle re-alignment, one which only requires the lightest of touches. If you are a puppeteer, the gentlest of finger movements shapes a corresponding movement in the body of the puppet.

I get it. This is what you were saying earlier about the lines “bunching up and constricting” So, it’s a bit like gently untying a knot in a ball of string so that the correct tension is restored and the movement of energy is freed up.

Yes – just like that.

Do we focus our intent on the sacrum?

There is a lack of flow and flexibility when the sacrum is tight, so it’s a good point of focus.

Should we do anything particular when the intent is focused on the sacrum?

What do you do when offering sympathy – that’s after you have poured the cup of tea that is?

Well, we would empathise and say something along the lines of – “I’m really sorry to hear that” or “please do let me know if there is anything I can do”.

So now you know that there is something you can do.

And is there something they can do for themselves?

Yes, over time. It will take a while for this to be commonplace. As the veils lift things will start to change.

Sorry – last question. Is it as if we are unknotting any tangles in the area of the sacrum and that in turn corrects imbalances in the crown chakra?


Thank you!

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Conversation with Rocks and Crystals Series

Avebury is a Neolithic henge monument containing three stone circles which is located around the village of Avebury in Wiltshire, South West England.

There used to be forests all around us. Our stones lay as circles of truth protected by an enchanted mantle provided by the trees.

It sounds beautiful.

Our energy acted as a touchstone directly to the heart of Mother Earth. And it was she that directed us stones to be set in place. Like a necklace – a fan of outward radiating resonance which captured the truth of her heart-beat. Her offering was directed at the stars, and we were just happy to help.

But I thought that the main thing with megalithic monuments is the relationship to the currents that pass under or surround the structure – why was the focus upwards?

In addition to that, there was a special relationship with the stars that needed to be honoured. Specifically, with Venus at the time (Stone Age). It was a two-way offering, both upwards and downwards, an exchange of ancient information and templates.

How did that work exactly?

It was the enchantment of the circles. Venus turned one way in the sky and the Avebury circles turned in the opposite direction. Yet both at the same time and both perfectly in tune to the beat of the universe.

As this took place, an exchange of wisdom flowed from one stone to the other. Inward and outward and outward back inward. An interplanetary exchange based on a deep and joyful connection.

Why did Mother Nature need to use the Avebury rings to do this?

That’s what the Druids found out – that’s why they came here.

Why was that?

A type of electro-magnetic resonance amplifier.

How does this all connect to enchantment?

Through this electro-magnetic field, the space of enchantment was activated.

What exactly does enchantment mean?

For us it is about stepping into a sphere outside time where anything is possible.

I’m sorry to probe like this. I can see the value for the Druids, but what about Mother Earth, what did she get out of it?

In the earlier days of the planet, the planetary balance was not as it is now. Much has since changed.

Do you mean back in the Stone Age times?


The planet was going through a period of anchoring and deep internal grounding. Other stars were there to help with this stage in Earth’s history. The relationship with Venus through the Avebury stone circles was important. Imagine the fine tuning of a violin. Each string needs to be stretched to that perfect tension, such that every note will resonate in harmony and as a whole.

What did Venus get out of it?

There was a particular relationship between Venus and the Avebury circles. If you had a flat map of the earth highlighting her prime energetic nodules, you would see a parallel with the pattern as reflected in the stars that interact directly with Venus herself.

This sounds complicated!

Well, it may seem complicated to you down there in 3D, but enchantment opens up perspectives and sacred geometries that can only be accessed on the higher dimensions. Enlightenment is only one step you know. Enchantment goes beyond enlightenment.

It is a tool known to the stars and planets that is used to help with the harmonisation and spinning of the whole. This is a quite different aspect to what you may describe as enchantment.

Back in the Stone Age were humans able to access the enchantment of the rings to help them and their people.

Not really – you were simply a means to an end. So were we. All was in the service of Gaia. Naturally, humans were able to access the general energies of the site which were also powerful.

History books tell us that after the Black Death humans started to topple the stones as they were viewed as bad omens. This must have been awful for you?

Would you like to have your teeth pulled out by heathens?


Then you can imagine how we felt. But by that time the purpose of the site had been achieved so in a sense it did not matter.

Pagans consider Avebury a place of spiritual importance. What do they find here?

There remains an etheric resonance of the enchantment pitch and this vibration can facilitate the connection with one’s higher self. Us stones are also still imbued to a certain extent with the cosmic stardust that enhanced Gaia’s connection with Venus. This can facilitate the opening of the heart chakra.

In summary, what would you like to share with us about the nature of enchantment – what can we learn from this?

Humans have an inclination to think they know it all, have it all or can do it all on their own. Gaia worked in partnership with the stars and other planets. She did not consider Venus as an “external” source of help – for all is interconnected in the universe.

You mean like the way in which we talk about unity consciousness?

Yes, enchantment could be seen as something similar but at a universal level. This is why the patterning is so important. When you look into the night sky, you are actually watching enchantment as expressed in the energetic interplay of the stars.

Look up the translation of enchantment in French.

(I looked this up) It means enchanté which is used to say Pleased to Meet You in French.

Exactly – Pleased to Meet You – Enchanté

Me too – it has been a real delight. Thank you very much.

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