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Tempted are you?

In what way?

To improve, learn, to glean new information?

I’m focused on my own self-development.

So it’s all about the self is it?

No, what I mean is that it’s about my own learning.

Do you “own” learning then?

Of course not! What would you like to share with us today?

The human educational system is based on a hierarchy. You start off at the entry level and as you progress through the ranks your status increases. Eventually, you collect educational labels of kudos such as a college degree, an MBA, MSc etc. What we ask is the point of these degrees if they don’t serve to make you happy?

If you don’t mind me asking how does this link to temptation?

Learning is like a honey pot of tempting potential. Will those higher qualifications lead to a better job, more money or change your outlook on life?

Are you saying that we can be tempted to learn for the wrong reasons?


What’s wrong with improving oneself in order to move up in the world?

As we see it there are only a finite number of hours in any given day or days in a week that can be devoted to knowledge and insight. As such, every moment is precious. So we ask ourselves – why put your time and energy into study exercises that are unlikely to deliver much more than material benefits?

Should we put our efforts into other kinds of learning?

It’s unlikely that you will be tempted to do so as long as learning and development is considered as an activity only of the brain.

However, if you saw learning as a focus for the heart, your priorities would shift. For true knowledge is through the insight of the heart. As the capacity of the heart to love deepens in these times, so will your own ability to see through the veils, structures and strictures that have shaped your world.

I don’t deny that – but surely a balance between the two, both head and heart is the ideal outcome?

When you learn through the heart, the truth and insight align with the higher good and the Mother light. When you learn through the intellect it works better if you connect the heart with the head so that there is a partnership between the two. And when you integrate the higher chakras with both the heart and the head you will get another outcome.

In our world few people are inclined to focus their lives on purely heart-based learning.

Is this how plants are informed?

No – not really. When we are in the flow there is no need to engage in any other activity as all is perfectly balanced within.

Can you describe to us how you interact with the insight of the light? What does it feel like? How do plants experience it?

It is a truly joyous and wondrous thing. I’m so glad that you asked this question! For when you humans can understand what it is like to connect with the bliss of the All that Is knowledge, there would be little motivation to engage in 3D style learning.

I’d love to hear more about your own knowledge flow – it sounds amazing.

When we hold our heads high to the sun we are in the universal exchange of consciousness. All our aspirations, wishes and desires are met and we receive in any given moment all that is required.

That’s beautiful – I guess that whilst we are stuck in 3D it’s going to be more of a balancing act.

Yes – it is an act…

Have you got any advice or guidance to us to help us to access the knowledge and insight in our own hearts?

1. Trust in your own intuition and be guided by the heart in all things.
2. Put aside some time every day to focus your intent purely on the heart.

Here’s an exercise directly from Myrtle

Imagine that a full moon is sitting directly on top of your heart. There is alchemy between the moon and your heart. The outer circumference of the moon forms an outline that can be activated to show you a new highlighted form – the knowledge within.

Try it yourself – how does it feel?

It’s as if the outer circle of the moon once superimposed on my heart is gently pulsating.

Place your intent on this pulsation ring.

I’ve just seen a vortex leading to the inner chamber of my heart open. Now there are flames around the outer circle of the moon – then they are gone. Inside is a nature world full of plants and colours.

Cool and Hot, the polarity of the opposites cancel each other out and smooth the way to the inner chamber. Breathe deeply into your heart and settle into the knowledge and knowing of your authentic self.

Thank you very much Myrtle.

I’m a Myrtle bush and you can call me Myrtle.

*Conscious conversations can take place when we enter into a state of oneness with nature beings*

 Copyright © 2012 Nicola Bosdet. All Rights Reserved

 Photo from Lorsh on Wikipedia (creative commons licence)

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Conversation with Plants SeriesLilly_medium

Do plants perceive fear as felt by humans?

If we choose to we can tune into a “circle” where we are aware of what is going on at other dimensional levels.

When you do this what can you see?

Like trees in the forest there are many layers. Above the upper canopy little translucent bubbles rise into the sky. Underneath is a layer that aspires upwards – seeking oxygen and light. The next level is half-way between the top and the bottom and there is more of an acceptance of life here. The bottom layer is the busiest of all. Dense with life and fertility, it is a hub that extends upwards and downwards through the roots to the centre of Her heart.

Can you explain how these levels or layers in the human construct pertain to fear?

In humans fear is integrated into every level from the rootedness or convictions that are the foundation for your lives, to the tops of the trees where dreams and aspirations can manifest.

Each and every one of you can create your own new `tree of life.` One without fear and this structure will look very different. There will be no `survival of the fittest` outlook and you will not need to strive in order to survive and thrive.

Can you describe what this `tree of life` will look like?

Like delicate lacework, each of you will be able to crochet your own patterns or inner heart reflections, which in turn become your external manifestation.

How can we work with our own individual `trees of life` ?

Now is the time to start creating your own `tree of life`. To start dreaming it into your reality. But, such delicate filigree can easily become frayed with fear and this will damage the intrinsic structure such that the patterning becomes distorted.

Can you explain this in a little more detail?

If the weave becomes contorted by fear, the space alignments will also go askew. In the rigid structure of the third dimension, the fear-based external frameworks were used as a basis for life and this was sufficient.

However, as you crochet your own life explanation, you will see that the space that sits between the boundaries is important as well.  You are moving into the dimension of an inner world. That is why what sits inside the internal structure matters.


Does each individual `tree of life` connect with other people’s `trees of life`?

Yes – this is why the spaces between the filaments are so important. They are energetically loaded so the inside force actually creates the shape around it, rather than the other way around. The inner essence continuously changes form and it is this fluidity that sparks the interconnection at many levels.

Fear causes the external shape to flex and solidify and when this happens the creative potential within can no longer change shape. It also loses the potential to imprint and so the creative flow is stopped. There’s more….

Please do continue.

These free flowing inner chambers of creative potential formed from the highest intent have a magnetic push/pull relationship with their `brothers and sisters,` their counterparts in time and space.

So whilst each `tree of life` can be described as an `individuality,` it also forms an important part of the whole. And if even one molecule, no matter how small, within the form is flexed with fear, the integrity of this whole will be impaired.

This is why one of the Terms of Engagement for the new earth is to let go of all fear.

As the vibration of the planet increases those of you who have chosen to make the shift will reach a point where your own DNA structures will re-combine in a way that is incompatible with fear.

As the light washes through your cells, an irreversible process will begin, one that will define the new from the old.


Thank you so much. Is there any other advice that you would like to give us?

You can facilitate the washing out/cleansing of fear from your own bodies.

How can we do this?

You can hasten the re-combination process if your start right now to crochet, knit, weave or however you choose to do so your own `life trees.` Start to dream them into being.


At the beginning you mentioned translucent bubbles rising up and into the skies -what are these?

Sitting above the Matrix framework or just beyond the upper canopy of the trees there is a dimension between the earth and the stars where light beings can express themselves without fear. Visualise that you are a multi-coloured bubble in this 5D space as you weave your own `life trees.` This will help.

Thank you!

*Conscious conversations can take place when we enter into a state of oneness with nature beings*

Copyright © 2012 Nicola Bosdet. All Rights Reserved

Photo H.Zell (creative commons license)

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What does silence mean to you Lake Titicaca?

Oneness with the whole.

How do people find silence through your waters?

There are many “me’s” – different aspects depending on the type of silence a person is looking for.

In this picture your surface is so calm it looks like a mirror.

Yes – that’s exactly it – a reflection of the type of silence a person is seeking.

Many people just want to skim the surface, to stop the mental chatter long enough in their heads so that they can breathe in the silence and feel calm.

Others are looking for a broader insight. They can take a canoe trip across my waters and gain a more holistic perspective of the silence of the heart, as nature and humankind merge.

But for those who can connect with me at an even deeper level, the possibilities are infinite and the connection to be made can even stretch into other galaxies.

Can you help us to understand how to connect with you at this level?

I am one of the deepest lakes in the world. When you access the more profound levels of my presence, you can in turn tune into the cosmic consciousness of which I am just a part.

Imagine that my depths represent different stratas of awareness and cast your intention to the level that you desire.

How is this measured – by depth?

No – it is simply a resonation of your own heart. You will find yourself attracted to the point that is most appropriate at that moment.

I’ll try it for myself if I may?


Can you guide me?

That’s not necessary, you can do it for yourself.

I’m plunging in now. If you are a lake I guess there are no dolphins – my heart wants to be with the dolphins.

You can call on the dolphin energy and use it to help leverage the experience. At this level of engagement with my waters, you can use any tool you wish if you want to access insight in this way.

Thank you – the dolphins are guiding me to the depth that resonates best right now. It feels as if some sort of a purification is going on at the same time….

That’s normal.

I’m in a crystal chamber, like a grotto – deep deep down in Lake Titicaca.

Yes – you want to access your innermost desires. Just sit and contemplate for a bit.

I’d be quite happy to stay in this crystal cave and help magnify this essence outwards and upwards as far as it will go. It’s as if we are a star at the centre of the earth radiating outwards. So I’m just going to sit here and enjoy it for a while…

Can I ask the grotto questions too?


In the dream world I often find myself in situations which are very involved and exhausting. In the morning I wake up tired and weary. If only my dream world could sometimes be a place of silent re-juvenation. Would it help if I consciously worked with nature in my dreams?

It’s not so much a question of working with nature as it is being embedded within nature. This will take you into a different dream flow.

How do I get there? To a deep point where all is calm and in silence?

Next time you are having one of those problematic dreams, go to within the heart of the silence. Imagine that you are back here in your grotto beneath the waters of Lake Titicaca.

It would be wonderful if I could find a place of silence – if even only for part of the night. A place where I can rest and recuperate as the shadows of the collective play out.

Yes – you can also set the direction before you begin your nightly dream voyage. It’s not a question of opting out.  You are simply choosing a different type of sleep experience. Not better, or less good. Just different. Know that you have that choice.

As nature beings we know that the choices are limitless. But human minds constrain and restrict the understanding of choice. By this we mean, the choice you have in every second of every minute of every day to consciously choose what you experience, whether awake or asleep.

This is one of the Terms of Engagement for the New Earth. For it is through the silence of the heart that all choices are available.

Thank you so much Lake Titicaca – I’ll try this out.


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