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In the autumn of 2011, I was told that new Terms of Engagement and a different `dialogue` between humans and nature beings was needed. And that those who have chosen to make the transition to the New Earth will need to sign up with their hearts and souls to this accord.

Specifically, I was asked to interview a range of nature beings from trees and plants to rocks, expanses of water and the stars to see what advice they had for us.

You never know whether or not a particular conversation will result in one of the Terms of Engagement until the end. Nor what the topic will be – I just ask them what they would like to share with us and wait to hear what comes up.

In order to identify nature beings that are willing to have a conversation, I dowse – usually by picture. Each interview takes around half a day from the initial conversation to the finished post. Any edits are minimal.

The information comes partially through my hands and eyes as I enter a heightened state of consciousness and oneness with that nature being.

It never feels as if I am the human and they are they nature being. It’s more like speaking to a good friend. I laugh with them, can be astonished by what they say and often shed a tear at the end.

It always amazes me that nature beings can have such a sense of humor and so much passion as well as patience when it comes to us humans. It’s one of the things that makes doing these conversations so much fun.

Currently, nature beings are making a concerted effort to help to loosen our rigid 3D mindsets so that we can make a graceful transition into a more fluid fifth dimensional space where anything is possible. I do believe that these conversations with nature can help us to access the 5D plane,  a place where we can experience those inner `smiles` as we connect with our hearts.  Once we ascend to this higher vibrational frequency permanently, the work to co-create the New Earth will really accelerate.

A key message from these conversations is that more and more people will increasingly be able to have their own conversations with nature – a ready-made support system. What’s more, the advice is free!

This wisdom is a gift from Source to help us to better understand how human hearts and souls now need to unite as one with nature. Thus far, I have had 27 conversations with different nature beings and six of them have provided a new Term of Engagement.

It is now half-way through the year as we head towards December 2012, so I wanted to take this opportunity to share this short summary of their wisdom (see below) thus far, and also to thank each and every one of them for their enormous contribution and insight.

Thank you!

Here they are:

 Macchu Piccu – 24 May 2012

We were told how we can hold the transmission of the Machu Picchu energy frequencies so as to experience oneness with all nature beings. “And the ability to hold the healing frequency of oneness with all nature beings is one of the Terms of Engagement for the New Earth. For you can all help to heal the planet,” said Macchu Piccu.

Lilly of the Valley – 27 April 2012

“Whilst each `tree of life` can be described as an `individuality,` it also forms an important part of the whole. And if even one molecule, no matter how small, within the form is flexed with fear, the integrity of this whole will be impaired. This is why one of the Terms of Engagement for the New Earth is to let go of all fear,” according to a Lilly of the Valley.

Lake Titicaca – 10 April 2012

As nature beings we know that the choices are limitless. But human minds constrain and restrict the understanding of choice. By this we mean, the choice you have in every second of every minute of every day to consciously choose what you experience, whether awake or asleep. This is one of the Terms of Engagement for the New Earth. For it is through the heart that all choices are available,” commented Lake Titicaca.

Uluru (Ayers Rock)  – 27 February 2012

“Importantly, if we are all to sit together in the flow of oneness on the New Earth. If humans are to work as equals and in partnership with nature beings, then you must raise your vibration so that we are all on the same wavelength. The more closely you resonate with your core essence, the more authentic the connection you can make with us. This realisation of who you really are is one of the Terms of Engagement on the New Earth, ” said Uluru.

Evening Primrose – 7 February 2012

“There is no head chef in the restaurant of life. The universal mother does not love us less nor does she consider nature beings to be less important than humans. Trees are not “better” than pansies because they are bigger or older. And this is one of the newTerms of Engagement. The manifestation of the New Earth cannot take place in a hierarchical environment where humans believe that they are at the centre, with the rest of us pitching in around you,” an Evening Primrose pointed out.

A Potentilla  – 5 December 2011

Sid the Silverweed (Potentilla) reminded us to “Sign-up through your feet to the new Terms of Engagement with Nature. It’s very simple. You can do this when walking in a town or in the country, by the sea or in the mountains.

With each step you take, tap this message – as if in morse code – through the soles (souls) of your feet whilst you say”:

*True to the depths of the earth I am

* True to the stars in the sky

* True to my heart – the sun and the moon

 *As the roots of the trees intertwine – see the truth of the light divine.


“I” = the singularity  or particle called Nicola

Copyright © 2012 Nicola Bosdet. All Rights Reserved.


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You are one of the most visited tourist attractions in South America – how does that feel?

It matters little to us as this is not our main job?

Who is “us”?

People think of Machu Picchu as one entity. Mighty Machu Picchu but I am just part of a team that was put in place many thousands of years ago. The site is a central point – the surrounding mountains, forests and trees are just as important.

Who else is in your team?

The sun, the moon and the stars.

What is the purpose of your team?

We are a cleansing force.

Who are you helping to cleanse?

Not you lot!

Ok – who do you work with then?

The waters.

Across all of the planet?


How do you do this? (tears appear) Are you sad?

Yes – the waters across the planet…

Is this because there is so much contamination and pollution of the waters?

Yes, but it’s more than that – the vibration of the waters as an entity – as a whole has been affected.

I understand – how do you help to cleanse the waters?

I am part of a team that helps to optimise the Gaia frequencies.

Wow – that’s a big job.


You said that you work with the sun, the stars, and the moon as well as the surrounding mountains and forests. Together how do you help to optimise the Gaia frequencies?

There are different Gaia frequency “levels” and 36 new earth resonances.

Is this all in relation to the waters?


The waters are our particular area of expertise.

How does your team work?

The frequencies have their own cycle or routine like a clock so as to provide 24/7 support. This ensures that there is always a catalysing force in place. Throughout the year you know. People come on holiday to see Machu Picchu but we don’t stop. Never a break.

That’s a very important job. Can you explain a little more about how the cleansing process works?

It’s simply a frequency resonation. One that helps to maintain the overall vibration of the waters on the planet. This works in relation to the waters as a whole rather than individual lakes, oceans, stretches of water etc.

Can you tell us a bit about what is happening to Gaia as the planet moves into the fifth dimension?

That’s what the Gaia “levels” are for.

What one are we currently on?

Level 7.

Is this equivalent to Mother Earth being in a fifth dimensional plane?


You mentioned 36 Gaia frequencies in total. That’s a lot! What do they do?

Stellar Code

There is a nature grid support system so that nature beings are fully supported by the planetary system – a stellar code.

Is the vibration of the waters under particular stress at the moment?


Is this because of Fukushima?

Partly that and other things. The waters are playing an important role in the process of purification currently being experienced by many humans.  So she – the individuality that is the collective of the water – is under stress and this is putting pressure on her vibration. My team is helping to hold the vibration which is currently under attack.

Did the Gulf oil spill have an effect on her vibration?

Yes – that too.

The construction of Machu Picchu apparently took place at the height of the Inca Empire in 1450 presumably you had been in this role long before that?

Of course.

Whilst the site was occupied by humans did they play any part in helping with your mission?

No – we were not unhappy to see them go. And it had a purpose. Now the site and the surrounding mountains and forests have protected status so we can continue with our work.

What attracted the Incas to the site in the first place?

They understood that there was an intensity in the connections that we were making both during the day and through the night. They believed that this altered state of awareness gave them access to sun deities through which they could reach other worlds.

Can you tell us about the Intihuatana (a stone column rising from a box-shaped slate platform which is translated as “hitching post of the sun”). I have read that as the winter solstice approached and the sun began to shine fewer hours each day, a priest would hold a ceremony to tether it to the stone and prevent it from vanishing.

Actually, the stone was used to tether humans making virtual  “voyages” to the sun and beyond so that they would be reassured of their return to earth. So its purpose was not so much to tether the sun to the earth as it was to tether them to the earth.

People visiting Machu Picchu these days talk about your special energies.

Yes – well – they only perceive these energies in relation to themselves which greatly limits their capacity to absorb what is really happening here.

Have you got any advice as to what people visiting the site can do to better appreciate your subtle energies.

How about they better appreciate and respect the energies of the lakes, rivers, streams and seas; every droplet of water as it rains down and the snows as they melt.

I quite understand where you are coming from. But many humans do cherish and love the planet. And they want to do everything they can to help. Have you got any advice for these people?

Yes – they can hold the transmission of the Machu Picchu energy frequencies and if they do so, they will be able to experience oneness with all nature beings.

And the ability to hold the healing frequency of oness with all nature beings is one of the Terms of Engagement for the New Earth. For you can all help to heal the planet you see.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us Machu Piccu?


Thank you so much – we are deeply appreciative of you work.

The Light codes of unification essence from the Andean Orchids of Machu Piccu range available from  http://www.dianaewald.com/Andean.html resonates with this post.

***conscious conversations can take place when we enter into oneness with nature***

Copyright © 2012 Nicola Bosdet. All Rights Reserved.

Machu Picchu shortly after sunrise by charlesjsharp – creative commons license on wikipedia

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Hello and thank you for talking to us today.

I’m a Marjoram and you can call me Marjoram.

What is the definition of lost innocence for you?

It is when the threads have been pulled apart and are torn. Then the essence of the core is damaged and the “innocence” or integrity of the whole is lost.

So innocence is lost when the soul imprint is meddled with?


In our 3D World it is thought that a certain loss of innocence is just part of adapting to the reality of the world and that childhood innocence is something that you grow out of.

Don’t worry you never grow out of childhood innocence.

What happens to it then?

The lens of society shifts the perspective so that the dimension of innocence is hidden from that frame of reference. It’s not that it no longer exists. As a result the invisible “friends” and inter-dimensional beings vanish.

Violence, abuse and corruption can shatter dreams and result in a loss of innocence.

Here again, all is not lost. It is just that your paradigm teaches that damaged innocence once lost cannot be regained. Oftentimes, people are considered victims of society. They are pitied, thus perpetuating the duality of the victim stance. This makes the reconnection with innocence even more challenging.

So you are saying that once lost, innocence is not gone forever.


Can we talk about childhood innocence and the “imaginary” beings children often see?

Like toys in a box these so-called imaginings are simply packed away once the child reaches a point where such “fantasies” are no longer considered acceptable. However, it is still possible at any time to re-activate this connection.

What about the crystal and the star children. Does the same apply to them?

It is different for these little ones as they know how to access the key to the box. So they can sit in this field of perception whenever they want.

Do we have the capacity to do this too?

Yes – and as the vibration accelerates it will become both easier and more acceptable to do so.

Can the crystal and star children help to show us where our own lost keys of innocence are to be found?


The key is to be found in your connection with the power of the imagination. Be in the creative flow you are told. But where does this creative flow come from? The key to lost innocence can only be sourced through your own creative and divine flow.

However, it is not readily found in the third dimension. In the seventh dimension you can access this innocence and so you need to accelerate your awareness and spend more time on this plane. The spiral movement in the seventh dimension (7D) unlocks hidden chambers in lower dimensions and can activate the realm of innocence.

What about those who have been submitted to brutality and violence and the loss of a different type of innocence. Can this damage be repaired?

Abuse of this kind is interwoven into the fabric of your society. It can shape and bind that individual in a convoluted flow. And it is the contortion of this flow that often shapes their lives.

The notion of repair is to put something right. This is not necessarily the way to look at it. It’s more of a re-pairing in a new and different way, the relationship between each side of the pair – merging two back into one.

How can this be done?

An effective approach is to plug back to Source so that the duality created by that action, situation etc can be put into the context of the universe. As soon as this happens the healing is instantaneous.

Does this mean that innocence is regained?

Why live in the past and try to capture the essence of what was back then.  It is far more effective to evolve into a new moment with a new experience of innocence.  One that is perfect and held in oneness. This is the flow that us plants sit in all the time.

How does the loss of innocence impact our daily lives?

The loss of innocence is really the loss of understanding about who you truly are. So the sap pulsating through your veins is not fully of your truth. Thus a disconnect is created between your higher selves and the being you know and understand as you.

A the same time strands within this tainted sap resonate with the strictures and hierarchies embedded in the matrix, and so provide a structure with which you are kept in place. Like cords that hold together your reality.

Can nature beings lose their innocence too – how about when a forest is cut down?

The difference with us is that we never lost our connection to Source in the way that most of you have. So the sap pulsating through our stems sits continuously in the healed moment.

Your own sap or life constituent in turn informs the patterning of your DNA. This is how family dynamics can flow down the generations.

How does an individual’s own personal experience of the loss of innocence impact the reality construct around them?

The degree of alienation between the higher self and the being vary. Each person (individuality) is unique.

There is more.

Society does not own innocence and as such it has no right to take it away from you. This is just one of the many lies that you have been fed. Innocence is no more and no less than your own direct access to Source and an understanding of who you really are and why you are here.

By incorporating the continual acceptance of the loss of innocence at every stage of your lives you are disempowered. So it’s easy to forget that this is your birthright in the first place.

Are you saying that the external manifestation of lost innocence is simply a mirror to our own souls and the human condition?


Innocence is corrupted on a daily basis. From the wars and violence and the dissemination of this information by the media to psychological and spiritual damage; from de-forestation, poor treatment of animals, unnecessary famines and hunger to imposed poverty.

Wise words- thank you again.

***conscious conversations can take place when we enter into oneness with nature***

Photo from Dobromila on Wikipedia as a creative commons license

Copyright © 2012 Nicola Bosdet. All Rights Reserved

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A conversation with “Friends” (Elohim)

It can be difficult for humans to understand the true nature of total transformation and manifestation, as it is not something that you have much experience of doing. Your linear perception of change is that it tends to happen in incremental leaps.

The 5D stream into which you now flow will activate unconscious aspirations and dreams – and it is this connection to who you truly are (seen and unseen) both inside and out, that will create transformation or manifestation.

And it will happen so quickly that you won’t even be aware of what came before. In each and every case, the timing is linked to the manner in which you place the intent.

It goes like this:

  1. Create the dream in your heart.
  2. Smile as you embed the dream in your heart.
  3. Then act as if it is already done.
  4. See, smell taste what it feels like.

Let’s look at some scenarios:

100% intent and belief that the manifestation will take place in the most perfect way and in an ideal timeframe.


I’m not 100% sure that it’s worth a go or that this will happen. That’s 99% or less focused intent and belief in the manifestation.

Does that matter? What is the impact of hedging your bets? There’s another potential scenario. Even if you do believe that a manifestation exercise has been 100% effective – is that actually the case? If this is unfamiliar territory how can you be sure of the sincerity of your intent? For a lack of belief at an individual level to be all that you can be is the basis for your reality.

What is the impact of my believing 99% that a manifestation will happen?

Even if only 1% of that belief and intent is missing the true connection will not be made. The only way to make that full 100% manifestation is for it to come from the depths of your heart and for it to align with the greater good of all and the universal purpose.

But we are still learning to access the depths of our hearts, so it is hard to know for sure what 100% belief and intent looks like.

Do away with the dross and the structures that have bridled your creativity and hindered your access to who you really are. As a starting point unplug from the matrix. For now it is time.

I’ve already done that. What comes next in terms of what 100% intent looks like? I understand the steps. But what if my conditioning is such that I’m only 99.9% in the manifestation zone – and that’s not sufficient for my dreams to come true.

The question to ask yourself is – Are you in the flow or out of the flow? Only 100% in the flow will do. Have you completely let go or are you still holding on even if it’s just one incy bit. Only 1% worth not there, but still enough to prevent you from going with the flow.

I understand the importance of the 100% but this is something that I’m not used to doing? How can we know if we are in the zone or not?

Practice, practice, practice on the little things and practice on the big things. Believe in the big things manifesting as much as you do the little things. Tune into and tune up your awareness of what authentic manifestation feels like.

What does manifestation feel like to you?

The heart in oneness with the whole.

I guess this is a new experience for most of us.

Then keep practicing your manifestation process as the vibration rises and have fun. Don’t stop once your most immediate dreams are being woven. Stretch yourself further and further still. Look at everything you would like to see changed in the world. It can be pages and pages long. Imagine reams of positive intent being manifested by billions of people collectively co-creating the new earth.

Also, if the weave is 100% of the full intent manifestation, lower vibrations or anything that could lower the vibration cannot enter. Thus, you are weaving out of your reality those who  have chosen to stay in the 3D paradigm?

Are there any other tips to help us to understand what 100% manifestation intent looks like?

What is a sign of that knowing? Is there a short-cut to knowing if you have got it right you are asking?


If you throw a basketball it has to be 100% in the target zone to pass through the hoop. Imagine that passing through the hoop represents the manifestation of your aspiration or dream and the throwing of the ball is the connection between your heart or your own self belief that you have the ability to make it come true. Or try something similar with golf, football or an archery bow.

Alternatively, custom make the impression of your heart’s intent. Is it round and white like a pearl, bright indigo or shaped like a flower. Is your individual “hoop” a place in the stars or somewhere else that is special to you?

Questions to Ask

  • Are you in the right space to start with – calm, focused and positive intent.
  • Check in with your heart that this is an aspiration that will warrant the effort.
  • Prepare and go deep into the space of calm and ensure you have no attachment to the outcome one way or the other.
  • Process any fears, insecurities negative beings and thought forms that may hinder your approach.
  • Check again that you are in a calm space of non attachment.
  • Hold the intent and again be sensitive to any interference. If so, deal with it and wait until it has passed.
  • Make a heart felt connection to your dream.
  • Now ready yourself, take aim or whichever tactic you have chosen.
  • Once done look out for signs physical or otherwise. How do you feel? – is there a deep knowing yet lack of detachment to the outcome.

As the vibration heightens, it will become easier to manifest quickly and effectively as there will be less interference on the airwaves.

Thank you very much – this is really helpful.

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DB and I were inspired to come up with our own real-time examples of living together whilst experiencing the shift after watching a funny video on Things Starseeds Say.

 Relationship stuff:

  • Ultimate insult – “You are so 3D it’s really sad….”
  • “Give me a break – didn’t we work through this in Atlantis?”
  • Past life – “I’ll never forgive you for making me walk the plank on that pirate ship.”
  • “Don’t look at me like that – you’ll lower my vibration.”
  • “I’m just a normal human.” “No you’re not – you’re a star being who won’t accept who they really are!”
  • “You’re so 3D you even believe what you read in the newspapers.”
  • “Go ahead – leave – see if I care. I’ll just go and live in a monastery – do they have wireless there?”
  •  Gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha –  Translation of mantra – Gone, gone, gone to the other side. “That just about sums you up…”
  • “You are doing my head in singing Raindrops on Roses (for the tenth time)  – please put your headphones on!”
  • “Stop that head banging music? – you are contaminating the energy in the house.”

Daily life:

  • “We’re just finished financially – we don’t even have a pension plan.” “There won’t be pensions where we are going….”
  • “I’m going to dowse all new business so I only work with clients who are making the shift.”
  • “Have you seen my keys?” “Ask the angels.”
  • Thank the angels, thank the angles, thank the angels.
  • Process…PROCESS…Process it….Have You Processed that yet – don’t complain – PROCESS.
  • “Did you check the bedclothes for crystals?” I can’t find……. weekly washing machine crisis.
  • “I’ve lost my pendulum – again – can you look out for it?”
  • Have you been at the moxa? (black smudges on door handles and fridge).
  • “For goodness sake – please don’t display that wand in public!”
  • “Who are you talking to?” “I’m just apologising to these flowers for having to cut their stems – flowers can feel things you know.”
  • “I’m just off to talk to my “friends”…..
  • “Who are you taking to?” “An evening primrose about 2012.”
  • “Is the rain ever going to stop, it has been like this for weeks?” “ It’s just Nature moving into the fifth dimension.”
  • “Can’t you see I’m getting a download….
  • “You had better `come home here` – otherwise who will pay the mortgage”?
  • “I’m having a ****day” – “why don’t you try switching timelines”?


  • “Look at my wings – they are shining!”
  • “Feel my hands tingle!”
  • “A sweet pea gave me a really good tip for that sort of thing.”
  • “Has the post arrived yet?” – “don’t know – I’ll just dowse”.
  • “I’m trying Miracle water (Imoto labels) this month.” ” So when is last month’s Wealth and Prosperity going to manifest?”
  • “Where’s that meat you need me to energise?”
  • “It’s that hum again – I’m sure it’s the motorway” – Yeah right….
  • Every morning to the divine mother – “what are we going to co-create today and how can we make it fun.”
  • Holly (Tibetan Terrier Beagle cross who helps to hold the light in our house) “says she is from the 8th dimension and not the 9th dimension.”
  • “Tina (our abandoned hunting dog) seems a little calmer today ? ”Yes, we have been weaving rainbows through her aura before bed.”

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What Starseeds say “Advanced” recent version:




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This conversation took place during the peak of the full “perigee moon” of 5th May reported to be the brightest and biggest of 2012.

How would you describe consciousness?

Consciousness is the coming together of oneness as a whole.

Do you play any part in our everyday consciousness?

I can reflect evolving consciousness – like a mirror image.

Can you explain a little more?

Moon mirror.

A mirror of what?

Of your desires, your wishes, your inner selves, your pathways in time and space.

How can the Moon help us with our spiritual journeys?

The ancient scrolls of Lemuria also spoke of this.

I’m not familiar with them and would be grateful if you could explain.

These scrolls were created by the collective consciousness of earth beings and others.

What do these ancient scrolls say?

They speak of the full potential of `All That Is.` And it is this `All That Is` potential that has been forgotten.

Is there a technique that we can use to access this information? (Laughter from Etoile who thinks it’s funny that humans don’t now how to do this).

If you delve into the unconscious, these scrolls can be accessed as an imprint of what is unique to each, whilst at the same time part of the whole. Just ask for the information to be reflected back to you like a mirror and I will help.

Can we ask this in a certain way?

Ask as you like.

Moon mirror please reflect back to me an understanding of consciousness so that I can better continue the spiritual journey and the work I have to do.

The  smooth circular image of a full moon is only the beginning. Layer after layer are to be found underneath. This is what “they” do not want you to know or to see. The outermost reflection is just one facet. In order to understand yourself as part of consciousness and as a multi-dimensional being, you need to access the infinite layers below.

Have you got any advice on how to do this?

It’s actually about recognising the layers of potential within yourself. When you open your heart to the infinite potential held within it will be possible to better understand the potential of the whole. The heart is the key to unlocking this insight.

The Lemurian scrolls held an important moon symbol.

But there are gaps in the circumference – I don’t understand?

As you launch your intent into each space or gap, you descend to another layer where the process repeats in a slightly different way. Layer by layer these then take you deeper into the infinite; layer upon layer in an interlocking embrace. Your individual journey becomes a part of the perfect expression of the whole.

It is this understanding of the infinite potential of the heart as an expression of your authentic selves that has been hidden. The true understanding and language of the infinite has been deleted from the earth paradigm or matrix structure. This is what the “powers that were” do not want you to know.

How was this access to the wisdom of the heart taken away?

Your reality construct has been manipulated. The gaps came out as the lines were joined up to form a new reality. The key was taken away. This meant that you could not access deeper levels or comprehend yourself as part of the universal whole.

This made the circle rigid and finite. You live – you die. It is this time on this day in this year (present). It was that time on that date in that year (past). It will be a time on a date at some point the future. You entered into linear time as your perception of the truth was shrouded.

And conscious awareness of your true selves and your full potential cannot be accessed without an understanding of your part within the universal whole. This means that as humans you are not alone in the universe. Your brothers and sisters in space and time are all an equal part of the universal creative flow too.

Do our minds have a part to play? Can we “mirror” through our minds as well as our hearts?

That is what some have tried to do and others have sought to control in this way as well.

However, such an approach on its own is to navigate the path without a compass. There will be no context. It will lack a foundation. The interconnectedness that says – you are a much loved part of the universe – is missing. To understand your self as part of the collective consciousness requires an appreciation of your own context within the universal stream.

How does the concept of fear fit in?

In the duality laden experience, it was your decision to give up your own full conscious expression within the universal flow. As soon as this happened the vibration dropped and fear is no more than a low vibrational level. It was with your permission that this happened and it is with your vote that the universal connection to `All that Is` can be restored.

Much is being said about the magnetism of the solar flares as our own vibration and that of the planet rises. Are you playing a part in the shift?

In one sense both of us are symbols that enable you to access deeper levels of conscious awareness. The moon represents a dissolution or disintegration into infinite potential and an awareness of timelessness. Yes, I can help you with this process.

Thank you very much indeed – we really appreciate this.


***conscious conversations can take place when we enter into oneness with nature***

Permission for non-commercial image sourced fromWikipedia of full moon and red blue haze from Flagstaffotos

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You can call me Mon Ami (Friend in French). I’d like to discuss the question of honesty.

Thank you – please do go ahead.

What is wrong with being dishonest?

Well – everything!

And what is dishonesty?

That’s a good question. Cheating, being untruthful, holding back information, failing to correct a misinterpretation. Not being true to oneself.

What would you like to share with us today?

Through nature you had the chance to access your authentic and true inner selves. Some recognised this, others did not. More than this, you had the potential to connect in the deepest sense and to recognise that we are all equal – few did that.

You are talking about missed opportunities.

The opportunity was there. You held back the truth from yourselves. The information was readily available, but you created a smokescreen which resulted in a lack of transparency between your higher selves and your 3D personas.

Humans have not been honest with themselves when it comes to recognising their relationship with nature. Even your understanding of the nature cycle is packed with lies and misinformation. These untruths are bedded in so called science and biology – all designed to ensure the truth would never get out – calculated lies.

Can plants have “feelings”? Yes – of course
Can plants communicate with each other? Yes
And with the animals and other living entities? Yes

This is just a snapshot of some of the information about us that has been withheld by the `powers that were` for centuries.

That’s really sad.

We are well and on our way to the fifth dimension alongside Gaia. The question is whether you will join us or not? Can you let go of the lies, disinformation and conditioning so that the veil between us drops?

For many children this understanding comes more naturally. For adults it is harder as it has a direct impact on our understanding of the world and our place within it. Dear Ammi, have you got any advice as to how we can become more honest with ourselves?

In the mornings you wake up, turn on the TV or radio, surf the web, buy a newspaper or whatever else you do to get up to speed with the latest news in your reality. That’s the problem. Your reality is a mirage. Try turning your back on the sophisticated lies of that paradigm and shine the spotlight on what is real, what lies beneath.

Tune into the morning birdsong. Ask nature what is the breaking news of the day? Breathe in the every morning imprint. This will give you all the information that you need to live in authenticity.

Thank you very much for this insight.

*Conscious conversations can take place when we enter into a state of oneness with nature beings*

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Photo from Penarc on Wikipedia (creative commons licence)

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