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Good Morning – what a lovely day it is today. What would you like to talk about – beautiful Chervil!


How do you feel when you are excited?

Little bells ringing – tingling reflections of our own joy.

Bells ring on earth to sound joy as well. When people get married or there is an important date or reason for celebration and festivity.

Why don’t you celebrate all the time?

A near permanent state of excitement you mean?

Why not?

In our 3D reality life is divided into boxed experiences with a certain amount of time devoted to each.

 Oh Yes – I forgot -The Control Zone. But there are other playing fields you know…

Do tell us about these

There are the playing fields of sensory perception where you can access joy. Interdimensional slivers where we can all intermingle.

How exciting! How do plants experience this.

It’s easy. We just breathe it in and out again of course – multiple joy perspectives.

What do they look like?

For human beings the experience will be different to us plants and is to be experienced on the fifth dimensional plane.

  1. The joy of experiencing oneness with nature beings.
  2. The enlightenment of understanding that you are one and equal in the universe.
  3. Birdsong through your heart as a direct route to Source.
  4. The acceptance of who you are in relation to All that Is.
  5. The physical experience of embodiment in your nature connection.

Do you also experience these playing fields on the fifth dimension?

We experience these in other dimensional planes but 5D is the gateway. You have to sit well in the fifth dimensional plane first. Once you have fully shifted into the next plane,  new playing fields will open up.

What is a Chervil’s experience of this playing field?

  1. We can play tag with the stars and zip across other planets.
  2. We share little joy bundles with each other – a bit like `pass-the-parcel.`
  3. Then there are the wind shimmers – an undulating frequency that announces itself with excitement and joy.
  4. Like fizzy lemonade through our roots, we exchange little love kisses with the heart of Mother Earth.
  5. We have been keeping the best to last.  Here we can play with the angels and together share the grace of this space.

And when humans fully understand themselves in oneness with nature beings, you too will be able to experience all these states. The fifth dimension is just a stepping stone into the playing fields of multiple perceptions.

Earlier you spoke of excitement manifesting as little bells – tingling reflections of joy. This sounds like a lovely space. How can we spend more time here?

That’s easy.

Can we get there in the 3D here and now?

Yes. Through the expression of the true self in full authenticity as you sit in the stream of oneness with the heart.  Little bells herald the opening of this space and the excitement is the quickening or pace that accelerates as you start to connect with Source.

Thank you – that’s really beautiful.

*** Conscious conversations can take place when we enter into oneness with nature beings***

Photography from creative commons license on Wikipedia

Copyright © 2012 Nicola Bosdet. All Rights Reserved.

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I can feel your energy pulsating through my hands – how wonderful. Thank you! This is such a big subject I’m not sure where to start?

How about inwards.

Ok. Is the inward journey something reserved for humans or do nature beings experience this too?

We all do right down to every particle, atom and cellular structure.

Is the inward journey one of `going home` as you perceive it?

The `journey home` is more of a duality construct. Something that you can aspire to and yearn for but have not achieved yet. Whereas we are already `home` in every moment. It’s a far more fulfilling way of experiencing oneness you know.

I guess that our idea of a journey is that it has a beginning, middle and end.

The inward journey never reaches an end point. It is both eternal and unfolding all at once.

Some people believe that our planet will one day explode into nothingness. What are your thoughts?

Nothing lost – nothing gained. We experience `everythingness`. It’s far preferable. Our cellular structure lends itself well to the inward journey.

What about the human cellular structure?

Less so.

Why is that?

Your strands are bundled together like a series of transition platforms. You tend to get to one, jump off – find another, jump on. On and off on a journey that is of your own making.  As a result, your integral parts have adapted over time to a structure that would facilitate this.

Has it got something to do with how our brains work?

Yes – that and other things.

Can you give us some advice on how to make the inward journey as smooth as possible?

First consider what inward looks like:

Is it about depth and integrity? Is it about the shape and density of your source connection? Is it about an ever changing inward flow. All of the above and more?

For each inward route is different…..

As you see it what barriers or obstacles can stand in the way?

There can be as many as you like. Road-signs with neon crosses on, barriers you can clamber over or crawl under – veils to be lifted. You choose the path and you choose the challenges along the way. Again, each one is uniquely individual.

In my own life there are some `obstacles` that don’t seem to want to move however hard I try….

How hard are you trying?

Really hard – and have been doing so for some time.

Don’t try then. It’s easy for humans to get attached to the `try very hard` bit. That’s why 100% manifestation can be a challenge. You perceive that you are so nearly there, that all you have to do is one final push. And it’s this attachment to the manifestation of the desired outcome that actually prevents this happening.

You make it sound so easy – have you got any tips?

Exhale internally – that will flummox the patterning.

What exactly to you mean?

When you exhale you push the breath outwards. Imagine you are doing exactly this, but bring the breath inwards instead. It helps with letting go and clearing. It’s like an exhalation of your `inner-verse` rather than an exhalation into the `outer-verse` or outer version of your reality. What happens when you try?

I can feel light bubbles entering my body.

It’s great fun

Yes. Have you got any other advice?

The trials, tribulations and aspirations that all require energy, perseverence, focus and intent are intrinsic to the 3D way of being. The hard work will pay off in the end you say to yourselves.

These things are actually inconsequential and so there is no need to attach any importance to them. The labels are of your own making. “This is a big issue for me, or less of an issue or I’ve nearly resolved that one.”

Indeed, you are fully involved in their creation. This can add another layer of attachment as you have given birth to them in a sense as well.

However, the moment that you are ready to walk fully into your higher purpose, the moment you say: It’s time to move on – then you will automatically let go of any final tired and worn out programmes as they simply dissolve.

So the question is – are you ready?

I am – Yes. Thank you very much.

Photo of a Juniper Bush by Quadell on Wikipedia.

*** Conscious conversations can take place when we enter into oneness with nature beings***

Copyright © 2012 Nicola Bosdet. All Rights Reserved.

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What a joy it is to share your expression today!

I am connected to the heart of the universe – to the silence of oneness.

The love vibration radiating from you seems endless. I’m feeling so dreamy it’s hard to get my head together for the questions.

That’s fine – wait until your heart is ready. Look at my pink tinge and feel the healing. Often humans lack the confidence to go into the depths of their own hearts. If you don’t feel able to do that right now, come into my heart. My heart and your heart – superimposed one on the other.

The other day my guides showed me my heart as a pool. If I looked inside, the truth of the heart would be reflected back to me. But when I tried it was all cloudy. Why?

It’s just a question of alignment – nothing more than a mirage. It’s because your body does not understand what is going on at the moment.

In what sense?

The light is flowing into your heart and from this central point throughout your body to every cell, every structure, the tissues, tendons, ligaments and organs.

I’m tired I think I’ll go and take a nap.


Am I resisting something?



Opening up to the deeper levels of your heart, which will in turn facilitate full embodiment.

What is it like being in the “body” of a mountain?

Fine – thank you. What does it feel like being in your body?

A lot is happening really quickly.

Yes – that’s why you are holding back. It’s a fear mechanism. If the waters are clouded in your pool and you cannot see beyond them, you have the excuse to stay on the plateau at which you currently reside.

Is there anything wrong with that?

Not wrong and not right, as you well know.

Would it be a good idea to slow down the speed at which the light is entering my body – just so that I can catch up?

Nope. You want to control the dial, but those days are long gone.

It’s just that I am literally being flooded – what can I do?

Go and speak to the body.

Will you come with me?

Yes – so where are you going to start?

I don’t know – shall I dowse?

Don’t be silly.

I’ve had a lot of stiffness in my sacrum recently, but I don’t want to go there.

Let’s go there. Get on with it then! You know how to ask questions.

Yesterday rocks were being “thrown” at my sacrum and it was explained that this was a physical reaction to a perceived need to be stiff and upright, ready to deal with whatever comes my way. In fact, my body has been held in near permanent survival mode my entire life.

But if I let go and feel myself in the heart of the mother, the stiffness dissolves. It’s as if there is a wind gently blowing this rigid position across and out of my body. So I think it’s good there now. Change is underway and I understand what is happening.

Yes – I would agree. What next?

How about my stomach/digestion?


The other night I ate some meat (which I forgot to bless) and my body went into total rejection mode. I was unable to digest any of it. What happened there?

The vibration of the food was not in alignment with the vibration of your body. There was a mis-match. So what are you going to say to your stomach?

That I’m sorry for not honouring the vibration of my body.

Good – where now?

My eyes – I use my eyes as a shutter mechanism to try and control the intensity of the light and to help to lower my vibration.

How do you do this?

By flicking to a news site every so often. Even if I don’t read the stories, just the snapshot of the images and the low vibration can have an immediate impact.

So what are you going to say to your eyes?

I’m sorry for using you in this way. It shows a lack of sensitivity for your acute awareness. And next time I feel myself being triggered to click on a news site, I’ll look at a picture of Mount Shasta instead. In fact, I’ll put this photo of you on my desk!

We are not done yet.

I know but I don’t want to bore people with my own stuff….

That’s a bit of an egoic assumption.

My ears are special. I love my ears. I never beat them up. My favourite sound is birdsong – a channel direct to source. And listening to the messages carried in the wind.  I don’t feel the same resistance to the speed and intensity of a download if it is via this medium. Why is that?

Because it’s on the horizontal and it’s much easier that way. This is also why the passage out of the body of the old and worn out energies you spoke of earlier are sideways through the horizontal.

I’m starting to get the hang of this! How about my hands?

The hands are good – let’s move on.

My heart?


For some time now it feels as if my heart has been expanding.

Actually, is there a physical expression of the soul within the human body? It’s as if there is a splinter of my childhood experience lodged in my soul (not a very happy one). Maybe it’s in my heart as well. Like an arrow through my heart, splitting it in two.

I’m looking for a physical manifestation of my soul construct in the body. Is it in a particular place?


That’s interesting, boiling hot water has just been tipped over me – what’s that about?

Just resistance trying to take you off track. Let’s stick with it.

So where is the soul?

It’s a divine imprint and so its patterning embraces the entire physical body.

What’s the best way to tap into it vibrationally?

Through the innocence of a child or you can do so through my white snow-capped peaks bathed in light.

The destruction of childhood innocence is part of the problem, so I’ll go with your snow covered peaks and try to enter that way.

Firstly, it happens without trying and secondly you are already here. It’s just that you are unable to recognise this.

Just like the clouded water in the pool of my heart?

Exactly that and the two are interconnected as well.

Can I immerse my whole body in your snow capped peaks?

Yes – do that now.

It all feels so safe, so smooth and soft.

We are now going to connect with the heart of the universal mother.

Is this to help access my soul vibration?


I can see an eagle soaring above your peaks, flying between heaven and earth.

This is a protected and safe space that I hold.

My spirit is free. Every cell in my body is opening up and becoming more fluid. What’s happening?

The light can enter more fully this way. So do you still want to turn the frequency down?

No – it feels safe here. My heart can soar and I can be who I Am. Just a beautiful presence – perfect within the whole.

Take a deep breath and let the winds of Mount Shasta blow horizontally through your body.  Now it is time for the physical embodiment of the heart.

It’s wobbling. Is this the moment of the unlocking of the heart?

It is the moment of the heart opening.

Can you show me how the heart opens fully?


I have been waiting all my life for this moment.

I know.

I don’t know what to do?

Do nothing – just be.

It’s 8.53 and I need to start work at 9.00am.

Just Be.

Shall we continue this another time?


See my peaks glowing pink as the sun sets. What vibration are you going to glow?

I always thought that it would be blue. I had even worked out what kind of blue. But now there’s another colour I want to glow. It’s soft pink, just like your photo, but embedded with stars too.

It has been a really long time…

I know – now all is healed.

Thank you.

Photography with thanks to Vicki Brenner  Blooming Rose Press.

*** Conscious conversations can take place when we enter into oneness with nature beings***

Copyright © 2015 Nicola Bosdet. All Rights Reserved.

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Was it a hopeful day for you today?

Whilst I received some news that was not what I had been hoping for – there is still some hope left.

Why only “some” hope? – that does not sound very promising.

Well – surely I am just being realistic.

I guess that means what is “real” to you right now?

Yes – the 3D reality that I live in.

So your perception of hope is based on this understanding?

Of course – how can we “survive” if we are not realistic?

So how exactly does hope shape your day?

My experience of hope is influenced by how I feel at any given point – my emotions. Also, my mind plays a part. What is achievable or realistic? Then of course there are unexpected signs of hope – miracles and serendipity. We can all hope that these will manifest. All the same, some people would argue that some things are unrealistic – however hard you might hope that they will happen.

So hope is hard work is it?

Put like that I agree that my experience of hope is somewhat rigid. It is framed by what is considered possible on the one hand and highly unlikely on the other.

How do plants experience hope? 

Like filigrees of sunlight on our leaves, warm and loving.

How do you define/describe hope?

Hope is like a colour or hue through which you can see the world. It is simply a question of whether or not you choose to experience life through this lens. Unlike you we don’t feel the need to control the hope frequency.

Shall I turn the hope frequency up today as I am feeling optimistic? Another day I can hear you say “things are really not going well – so I’m not feeling hopeful.”  You turn down the hope frequency as you intellectualise the hope probability.

Are you saying that by trying to control hope, we prevent it from fully entering our lives?


As humans, it can be hard to stay ever hopeful. We can find our hope is dashed. Doubt can enter. We can lose trust in a higher good. Can you give us any advice on this?

There you go again trying to control.  The thing is that you have got it all confused. Hope is a highly refined vibration that can sit inside or outside of manifestation. The two are not necessarily intertwined and therein lies the challenge for the human condition.

The way that you see things, it makes it almost impossible to experience hope without a certain level of frustration, disappointment or even pain.

You understand the concept of unconditional love – so why not unconditional hope – what’s wrong with that? Simply a warm and loving vibration best experienced with no sense of detachment. So a hopeful perspective on life does not necessarily need to be linked to an expected outcome.

If you put on the hopeful lens the space in your heart’s can expand 2-3 times over. And it is this expanded opening of the heart that in turn helps with the manifestation of hopes, dreams and aspirations.

If hope is a vibration where does it originate?

From exploding stars reaching outwards into the potential of the universe.

Can you give us some tips and advice on how to hold the hope vibration?

The hope vibration is a catalyst for the expansion of the heart. It is a very precious gem. Imagine hope as multiple precious gems every colour of the rainbow and more. Run your fingers through a bowl bubbling with jewel lights. Radiating, red, blue, green, pink, yellow, orange, silver and gold…Feel your hands tingle – little love sparks of creative potential.

Learn to enjoy and understand the subtleties of the hope vibration. As you sit in a golden glow of hope how does that feel? Why not go for a tingling tangerine flow and experience a warm and loving filter on your day through this light.

A wondrous range of choices are available to help you to imbue a hopeful tinge on everything that you do. This is through appreciating the essence of hope in terms of its own beauty rather than as a means to an end. It is a much more meaningful connection between the heart and the inner chamber of miracles.

Thank you  – this is beautiful.  I’m going to look at hope in a different way from now on.

Photography by Derek Ramsay on creative commons/Wikipedia.

***Conscious conversations can take place when we enter into oneness with nature beings***

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Hello – this is really exciting, I have never spoken to a crop circle before.

How are you today?

Well – thank you.

It is thought that crop circles deliver important messages. From your perspective what is the significance/symbolism of these imprints?

You know that we have been erased now – like patterning in the sand and then a wave washes over.

Yes – the farmers often do that (cut the crop circles down).

What are crop circles people wonder and they then spend lots of time trying to work out what we mean. Are they the result of UFO intervention? Are star beings showering down nuggets of insight?

Those star beings that visit are actually just as interested in the crop circles as you are. They are willing to make long voyages just to check out the latest earth map signature.

So who made the new Woodborough Hill crop circle?


Who is “me”?

The conscious entity with whom you are speaking. “I” made myself if you can understand that?

So what you are saying is that you have not been created by UFOs so as to to communicate a particular message or insight.


But flying craft are sometimes seen in the vicinity of crop circles.

That’s fine – they can check us out you know. The information is universal.

There are three images depicted in this crop circle. Does this trio symbolise a trinity of sorts?


Can you tell us more – help us to understand the meaning of these symbols at Woodborough Hill – this sacred geometry?

It’s not a meaning, it’s a subtle expression. There’s a difference, that’s important.

Starting from left to right, they are all part of the expression of oneness.

How can we best understand this particular expression?

(In reference to first image) As a droplet.

How about the second image.

As a wave.

And the one on the far right?

The ocean.

Can you please re-phrase how you do the questioning. This is not a mathematical analysis. We are of the “being” you know.

Sorry – so what you are saying is that your expression can be interpreted as a droplet within a wave within the ocean.


Who are you?

All that Is.

Would you like me to speak to each of the three expressions individually?

No. We are of the whole.

As a “whole” it would be great if you could share what we can learn in relation to your subtle expression of oneness.

The soft breath of the universe expresses itself as oneness – a gentle expanison of the universal heart.

If you blow on a cold window pane in winter, the breath will leave an imprint. Likewise, as the Universal breath inhales and exhales in divine creativity, it too can leave behind a visual imprint (in this case a crop circle) of this subtle expression.

That’s so beautiful. Why is this subtle expression through crop circles taking place on planet earth?

It is for Gaia to be able to express herself in the fullness of One – to you her beloved children.

So crop circles are actually Gaia breathing in oneness with the Universe?

Yes. At the same time, each individual crop circle is a different expression or facet of oneness.

Is the timing of this divine geometry designed to resonate with human beings?

There is a timing of sorts.

Do Gaia and the Universal Mother agree how this expression will manifest, based on what we might “need” at a particular time?

It’s  more like this….

Imagine pixels on a screen as her in breath draws in the multiple and diverse elements of a complex picture.

By this we mean every memory, every imagining and dream of every living being both past, present and future.  Every frequency and vibration ever or to be expressed. Every hope, fear and dream. The laughter, the joy and the tears. The different weather temperaments and seasons. The sunrises and sunsets.

Every single living pixel  – past, present and future comes together to form the divine in breath.

And as Gaia inhales with the Universal Mother they join in a still point outside of space and time. In loving conjunction and intent for the greater good they sit. Then, together the exhalation unfolds.

Why am I feeling –not sad- but deeply moved?

You are touched by the unimaginable love that is manifest in the expression of these two sisters uniting in this way.

What happens at the still point? Does something take place that influences the expression of the exhalation?

Yes – at that point there is a distillation of the truth, and it is this verity that forms the shape of the exhaled breath. So what is depicted is truly a perfect expression of the oneness  of creation.

We have some questions from my friend Tina of Inner Delight.

Go ahead.

Will connecting with these crop circle expressions help to integrate this oneness within us?

It is through the in breath of the heart that this integration can be facilitated. So, Yes. If the connection is only through the intellect, the analysis and the probing, the questioning of what crop circles are all about – not really.

We are not saying that detailed astrological analysis of crop circles is incorrect.  We are simply pointing out that rigid, mind-based interpretations can prevent an understanding of the true subtlety of the expression.

Can these crop circle expressions affect different layers of our being – emotional, physical, mental, etheric etc and help to bring these into alignment?

You mean weaving?

Possibly. What do you mean by weaving?

There is a note that sounds, a particular frequency when you breathe in the expression of the crop circles through your hearts and Yes these levels/layers you mention weave as one in that moment.

Why is it that so many crop circles appear in the UK?

Well it may be the UK for you but when, where and how is not an important consideration for us.  Borders are irrelevant in the greater scheme of things.

All the same there do appear to be many more crop circles in the UK.

Crop circles are not country specific as we see it. Whilst many subtle expressions play out in the UK, these are then shared across the world. The UK is a good conduit; there is an effective process for identifying, capturing and sharing this information. The interconnection fits – it works well. That’s the main thing.

The images of the Woodborough crop circle show what has been described as a sunfish shape. Is this related in any way to the shift from the age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius?

Indeed, what is beyond Aquarius and what was before Pieces? The structured interpretation of the mind does not bend itself to the oneness that is the expression of All that Is.

In the embodied expression of oneness, all is equal and it is this understanding of the particle within the wave, within the oneness of the ocean of All that Is – that is the truth of universal consciousness.

I have a couple of final questions. We can use visuals of crop circles in healing work – what happens exactly?

It is through this true expression of oneness that healing can take place, and as previously explained, crop circles can be used to help integrate/re-align the physical, emotional, mental and etheric layers.

The person doing the healing work is merely inserting the patterning of this expression into another being, who does not have the know-how to do it for themselves.

How does the spinning of a crop circle when used in healing work?

It can help with the integration if there is unconscious resistance. What is inside is outside and what is outside is inside. And it is this understanding of the truth.

Thank you ever so much.

Here is my favorite compilation of crop circles to music by Anael. It was up-loaded on YouTube by wjbombo

***conscious conversations can take place when we enter into oneness with nature***

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What is the solar feminine energy for you?

The solar feminine energy can help with the Gaia frequencies.

What do you mean?

With the access so as to harmonise with the whole.

My heart is bursting with intensity just looking at you – why is this?

It is of the solar love vibration.

After many thousands of years we are returning to the cycle of the “feminine.” How does this feel to you?

A real relief. Luckily, we don’t experience time in the same way that you do or it really would have been a bit much.

Do you remember what it was like before the patriarchy?


Can you describe this?

Like night and day, the change was so dramatic.

“They” have been trying to cut the liens or connection of the mother beings to the memory of that time you know.  It was never going to happen but they have tried.

Who is “they”?

The ones that tried to meddle with the pattern of the stars in the sky. To pull us all off course – into another orbit if you like. But the Mother Divine tendrils held strong.

Were these people humans?

Yes and No but more No than Yes.

I’d be grateful if you could tell us more about the Gaia frequencies and the solar feminine. Have you been involved with this?

Like a xylophone, the frequencies are tonal and they have a mirror representative in the stars.

And what is your role?

These are secrets.

Do you help with protection?


Can you tell us more about the Gaia frequencies?

These are based on love or love resonation frequencies. The custodians sit in the stars. They ensure the integrity of the whole is kept intact. That’s why “they” tried to meddle with the patterning of the stars. It was to disrupt the Gaia earth support.

Did you play a part in preventing this happening?

Yes – we cannot talk about that bit.

Of course – we respect that.  Are there other ways in which you are involved with the solar feminine energy?


Is there anything that you can share with us?

See a `spider’s web` cast across the earth but sitting high in the sky.

What does this do?

I am being watched.

Do you want me to continue this conversation?

Yes – we can.  Like a filtration system.

How does that work?

Its primary function is to filter things that go out (upwards).

What sort of things?

Toxins, specifically, fearful vibrations.

Are you involved with this?


What is your role?

We ensure the integrity of the whole – the tension or bounce is important.

Are you saying that negative or fear energies are bounced back down to earth again?

Balls bounce in games and this is a game. Yes, the human fear vibration is re-cycled. This ensures that the perception of duality is maintained. It was considered practical to do it this way.

Having you been helping to transmute any of this fear before it is re-cycled?

No – not in the patriarchal era. But as we enter the era of the divine feminine all is changing. Like night and day as we have said before. The veils will start to lift. There was a vibrational level coming from the collective that had to be reached first and this has been done.

Were you helping to protect the rest of the planetary system from our human fear vibration?

Yes – you are not the only ones you know.

Has the use of Chemtrails rails had any impact on this `spider’s web` in the sky?

There were those that sought to control the filtration system. One of the purposes of Chemtrails was to create a human `spiders web` in the sky. One that would be able to control what comes in and what goes out.

However, this activity would also disrupt the web that was already in place, including the delicate and subtle interaction between earth and the stars at a number of levels. This was not in the plan.

Have you found a way to neutralise this?


Can you tell us how this is done?

No – absolutely not.

Sedona is known for its energy vortices – does your energy strengthen the feminine side?

We have been helping to hold the light of the solar feminine. Like the smouldering embers of a fire that can ignite at any time, we have simply been waiting for the right moment.

Can the solar energy help to turn up the volume of the Gaia frequencies?

Yes – this in turn will make it easier for humans to make a heartfelt connection with nature beings. The Gaia frequencies had to be hidden – out of reach- that was our role. People will start to become aware of their increased intensity – they will become more noticeable.

But we (Cathedral Rock) and others will continue to help to protect the Gaia frequencies. The source and conduit will be protected, so that it will not be possible for anyone to interfere with them or to try to mimic their resonance.

Is there anything else that you would like to share with us?

Yes  – The sons and daughters of the tribes* must be honoured. They understood these things far better than you do today.

I will ensure this is done – thank you very much for your time today.


* This refers to indigenous peoples who visited/lived near Cathedral rock in times gone by.

***conscious conversations can take place when we enter into oneness with nature***

Photography of Cathedral Rock under creative commons license on Wikipedia by Adam Baker

Copyright © 2012 Nicola Bosdet. All Rights Reserved.

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Dear Venus – It’s a real honour to speak with you tonight and I apologise for not getting on to this earlier in the week. Love Nicola

What can you tell us about this love vibration?

It is a frequency of the new dimension – a space where the flow is different.

Is different to what?

To anything you have ever known – a re-calibration of the heart.

Is the new love vibration linked to this week’s Venus transit?

Yes – and the arc of my transit around the planet was in perfect perpendicular to other arcs as yet unseen.

What is the significance of this arc to the love vibration?

At one level it was a message from the stars to be seen and shared with all. One of hope and clear direction for the inner transformations now underway.

And as my transit traversed the planet, a layer was peeled back to reveal both an inner and outer reflection.

Is the message you mention to be found in this reflection?

The message is to be found within the frequency itself.

Can you expand please?

The inner and outer reflections are a means to an end. The inner reflects the outer and vice-versa, but it is still the same thing. A spotlight on the consciousness of the human collective.

Are you saying that the truth of who we are was being reflected back to us?

Yes – and this truth is nothing more and nothing less than the love vibration or the essence of All that Is.

Why is there both an inner and an outer reflection?

What is known and on the outside and what lies beneath and is unknown. Conscious or unconscious – together they constitute the collective consciousness.

How are our heart’s going to be re-calibrated?

The rotation of my love arc has helped to activate a new cycle of motion. This motion is also defined by a new signature frequency created by Gaia especially for her beloved earth children.

How does the flow in the new dimension differ to what we know or are familiar with?

To be held in the flow of the heart requires great trust. It is different to what you have known and all you have known will no longer exist in the same way.

How can we best experience and integrate with the new love vibration?

It is more a question of letting go and allowing the love vibration to experience the full and unconditional flow that is all that you are – full, undiluted, love potency and potential.

Like I said the “inner and outer” are merely reflections of the consciousness of the human collective, and it is now time for your collective understanding to expand so that you can start to experience yourselves as a loving reflection of the universe.

How can we sit in this new love vibration frequency?

The wait is over. The time is now. The preparation is done. You can now sit in this new dimensional space. But don’t just sit in it. Laugh and jump and cry and smile and know that a very long wait is finally over. Clap and cheer if you like – why not!

How do we reach this frequency – is this about increasing our vibrational levels?

New frequency levels are manifest in different levels of awareness. In the 3D plane, what you perceived as full vision was actually blinkered. In the new dimensional plane your “sight” will expand significantly.

Recently, one of my guides showed me how to make a closer connection with him by learning how to “see” in a 360 degree awareness circle. Is this what you mean in terms of “sight”?

Imagine a periscope. You send up your visual aid – take a full 360 degree look at what is going on, experience the scene and then dive down into the 3D depths again. There will be a period of adjustment for those making the transition, when your reality will be defined by both planes as this new “sight” or awareness is integrated.

Will the message you mentioned to be found in this frequency be the same for each of us?


What will it say?


That’s really funny! I thought that there might have been a heavy, deep and real message. (Nature beings have a great sense of humour).

Many people are starting to wake up to a greater awareness of their relationship with nature beings. Has the Venus transit had a particular impact on this?

Whilst a layer was being peeled back during the transit, a veil was also being lifted. A division within your own hearts that has made it harder to respect, empathise, identify and love nature beings as you would your own children.

Imprinted in your hearts has been a memory of the nature connection once experienced by humans. Ever since, you have  felt a  heaviness, sadness and sense of loss, which has in turn helped to lower the vibration of the planet.  As your own hearts heal, so too will your relationship with the planet.

Gaia has ascended to the fifth dimension – where you can join her. It’s time to meet your new family in the love dimensional frequency. Be the love generation. Experience with joy the new love vibration and give thanks to Gaia for sharing her essence unconditionally with all earth beings.

In love and oneness – VENUS

Sorry – I meant to ask – What are the “other arcs as yet unseen” that you mention at the beginning?

Gateways to different vibrational levels – the journey is endless.

Thank you so much – we really appreciate this.

***conscious conversations can take place when we enter into oneness with nature***

Photo of recent Venus transit provided by Tom Ruen under creative commons license on Wikipedia

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