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Blyde River Canyon

Blyde River Canyon

I just saw what look like white space bubbles in the sky?

 Yes – they are Friends – feel free to chat with them.

Friends respond – We come in peace dearly beloved  (musical notes play).

There is something supernatural about this space.

Do you not want to speak to us?

Yes – Who are you?

You know us.

My friends – The Elohim. Was that a space craft I saw at the beginning?


What was it then?

A reality expansion and constriction bubble – a lens through which we can see the world.

What exactly are you doing with the lens?

Gently breathing inwards and outwards into the collective consciousness of humans and all planetary life.

What happens when you do this?

We smile.

I’d be grateful if you could please explain.

We sit in the breath of sister Gaia inhaling and exhaling different frequency levels. Breathing out as the boundaries are expanded and drawing in on the inward breath. This is an expression of consciousness through the planetary heart.  An evolving consciousness of which you are all a part.

Is the planetary heart construct Gaia’s heart – are you breathing through Gaia?

In its most expanded form – Yes.

How did it come about that you and Gaia do this together?

It was agreed between the two of us – a process of co-creation.

What exactly is it that you are creating together?

Join us and see.

Are you sure?


I see lots of nature details; seeds, leaves, particles of dust, blades of grass – all fragments of a bigger picture. Snowflakes, raindrops, dandelion wisps….

What happens next?

These dissolve and then they re-appear. I inhale them on the in-breath and on the exhalation they disappear. As I breathe in the detail comes together and as I breathe out a new creation emerges.

What does it feel like?

Pure consciousness.

How does all this relate to the raising of the vibration on the planet?

We are not the only ones involved. There are other star beings working with the planet in different ways.

That’s interesting. We’d like to understand how The Elohim are working with Gaia.

Ho hum… little beetles, worms that wiggle, salmon that dance, the sound of leaves rustling in the wind….

Such intense love emanates through your words. Are you helping to hold a love space with Gaia?

Gaia holds the love space on earth.

What are you doing?

We are actually Being – we are in the Being of Gaia’s love breath.

That’s beautiful but what does Gaia experience from this?

Have a look…

Cosmic diversity.

Remember we were involved in the creation of your planet and we are now participating in the re-creation of the new earth planetary dimensions. Creation and then re-creation.  A constantly evolving cycle.

Have you got a message for us humans as we go through this shift?

Breathe the Gaia love vibration through the soles of your feet.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

We are kindred spirits.

Thank you my Friends.


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***Conscious conversations can take place when we enter into oneness with nature beings ***

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First published in October – she asked to be heard again.

Hello – my name is Cassandra (Chamaedaphne Calyculata) And my flowers ring like bells. My role is one of attunement and I resonate at a soft frequency that can offer solace. You can call me Cassie. My origins go back to the Gobi desert. This is why my leaves are leathery.

Ting, ting, ting – hear they ring like bells my flowers.

Bells are strong and hard on the outside, but when they ring the sound itself is soft and fluid. We (Cassie and friends) want to speak to you about softness.

For it is possible to be soft and gentle even if there is an outercasing. The structure of the 3D world is anything but soft so it is a challenge operate with softness and fluidity within this environment.

The 5th dimension, however, is one where it will be easier for you to chime with the softness of the heart. For in these times we too, the plants, are making a transition to a multidimensional reality and this is already underway.

Every morning we inhale the softness. The softness of the mother earth, the softness of the dew as it ossilates on our leaves. The soft and gentle rising of the energy levels as plant beings gradually calibrate to be ready for the day ahead.

If you all could learn from us. To spend even five minutes a day softening your brows, opening up your hearts with gentle love, stilling your mind in the moment. Then, you too could resonate with clarity – like our bells.

Ting, ting, ting.

Our resonance is also one of joy. A melting joy, a soft joy, a whisper of love. A gentle whisper – listen hard not just to us but to your own inner calling and your own interconnectedness with the purity and joy of nature.

As the beginning you talked of offering solace – can you explain more?

We can empathise and can offer solace through our gentle vibration – one that can soothe and heal broken hearts.

I keep getting an ancient Egypt connection – can you explain?

Our seeds were used in the days of the pharaohs as a tincture. Whilst the hard outer casing of the seed had to be crushed, the inner softness, our core essence could be accessed for soothing purposes.

Plant beings and animals are far better at healing themselves than humans. This is because humans have built up an ego attachement to toughness and the perceived ability to conquer all including illness. This hardened temperament makes it difficult for you to heal yourselves and this hardness is reflected in rigid thinking.  It can be a challenge for you to believe that you even have the ability to heal yourselves. Here again, there is much to learn.

Cassie, is there anything else you want to leave us with?

Ting, ting, ting, well let me think?

One way that you can soften your own outercasing is to visualise a globe of the world and to do a meditation where you reflect on a garland of white flowers surrounding the planet, a rope of pure white energy, gently pulsating and breathing outwards to the stars and inwards to the earth.

Inhale with us and take in the softness that exudes from the planet. Breathe in (with your heart) then exhale outwards and with confidence (through the back of the heart) and into the universe. A subtle acknowledgement of a quiet inner strength and knowing that all is perfect in the greater scheme of things. A clarity, a oneness, an understanding that resonates and rings clear like a bell.

Ting, ting!

Many thanks Cassie for your wise words.

Photography thanks to Magnolia on Wikipedia – creative commons license.

 Copyright © 2011 Nicola Bosdet. All Rights Reserved.

***Conscious conversations can take place when we enter into oneness with nature beings ***

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Hello – beautiful lavender – I do so love lavender and have been looking forward to this conversation.

Are we entering an era when humans will start to live their lives in the joy?

Do humans want to live their lives in the joy?

That’s a good question. It’s easy to get trapped in lifestyles and patterning. Some people expect joy to fit perfectly within that framework. What is the expression of joy to you?

The joy imprint is a window of potential that can open to any interpretation of joy that you desire.

Is it possible to hold a permanent baseline joy vibration all the time? I’d like to try this out. You are frowning?

Why don’t you choose today – right now – to lead the rest of your life in the joy vibration?

Can I still experience other happy vibrations like wonder, being enthralled, creativity and curiosity at the same time?

The new Gaia frequencies hold all the colours in the palette that you desire. But first join up the dots – that’s before you start colouring in.

This sounds quite permanent?

Not really. You can change the design in every second of every minute of every day – just pull out a clean sheet and start again.

You mean that the vibrational level has to be high to fully experience  joy?

Yes. All the new signature frequencies need to be ten out of ten for full manifestation. There are of course the star (stellar) frequencies too but that’s something else…

What is the colour of joy?


But we don’t have a colour for softness. We have soft hues and tones, gentle blues, wispy pinks and mellow yellows. Are you saying that colours exist outside of the colour spectrum as we currently know it?


If you look at a paint chart it’s hard to imagine space for other colours?

There’s no space in the colour chart because there’s no space in your brains to process or perceive outside that bandwidth.

It’s still hard to get my head around this although the logic is clear.

That’s something to look forward to then.


It’s how the colours reflect in your hearts that matters. On other planes, this added depth unlocks multiple new potentials – which you may find it difficult to conceive of at the moment.

Is this another of the many veils that are starting to lift?

Yes – this new colour palette is imbued through the heart.

How about sound? Does the sound frequency of joy already exist?

Yes – but best to take it directly from nature. Directly from its original source resonance and that’s the song of a sparrow singing.

What can you tell us about joining the dots and how we can do this?

See each dot as a unique part of your being – a punctuation point of self expression. If you want to manifest your heart’s desire or hold joy within your core vibrational frequency then the dots (imagine them as buoys in the ocean) must float freely, and you need to trust that unfettered they will sit in perfect alignment at any given point.

Sometimes anchors can hold the buoys rigid. This fixed position might be an unresolved emotional issue, societal programming, a negative implant or something designed to prevent you from seeing the truth.

Any such issues must be resolved if you are to join up all the dots. And, you can only colour in once the dots have been joined.

Is there any advice or an exercise to help us to open our hearts to the new Gaia frequency colours. Perhaps we could use joy and the colour of softness as an example?

Imagine that you can see through the sense of smell. Taken a lavender stem and inhale it into your heart.

I love the smell of lavender – so relaxing and soothing. Can you explain what happens.

The 3D brain is hardwired to see things in a certain way. It’s a sort of defence mechanism. But the scent of the lavender/heart connection wafts under the radar and opens a space. In the limited 3D perspective, this space is closed and so a new multi-dimensional perception of colour is required.

This is wonderful – thank you so much!


Colour of  softness

Smell of lavender can help to open this space in the heart

Sound – song of a sparrow


From previous post Pump up the volume –  reality in high definition

The Wild Earth range also have a sparrow essence by Daniel Mapel for joy.

***Conscious conversations can take place when we enter into oneness with nature beings***

Photography of a lavender plant by Xemenendura on wikipedia  (creative commons license).

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Nyanga is a white lioness from South Africa who was going to be put down after killing a zoo keeper when a gate in her cage was left open.

However, an international campaign led to her life being spared. A new petition from the Global White Lion Protection Trust * is now underway for her to be transferred to the Tsau White Lion Sanctuary.

Nyanga – it is an honour to speak with you today. Is there anything that you would like to say about where you are living currently?

I am calm and at peace, the wire boundaries do not prevent my spirit from roaming. Would you like to roam with me?

You mean as a meditation before we start the conversation?


(As we breathe together it’s as if layers of perception are opening up).

This is the path that the White Lions walk. Intermingling with the core of the land as one. This is the place where we shall speak. In this space we can hold our conversation.

Thank you – again it is an honour.

Do you mind if I ask about the zoo keeper that you killed?

That’s fine – it just happened. The plan was bigger than the event.

What do you mean?

The plans are starting to unfold. They are patterned into the earth – Africa is unfolding her heart.

Is there anything you would like to say about what happened?

**It was not personal. It was agreed from both sides.

Please tell us about this plan?

The plan is the result of multiple potential outcomes but all lead in one direction. To a place where humans and lions can walk as one in respect and harmony. I am here to tell this story around the world. To explain the plan as we see it and to help you to understand what is happening. It’s expression starts in Africa, but this is just the beginning.

What is this plan all about?

First find the pulse and then feel the pulse.

What exactly are we taking the pulse of?

The Nilotic meridian (The Nilotic meridian runs through the Giza plateau – Egypt – southward into the depths of Africa).

Can we take the pulse together so that you can help me to understand this information?

Yes – we are going deep into the caves.

The caves are in darkness but star diamonds sparkle inside them.

The pulse of the Nilotic meridian mirrors star frequencies. These resonances held by Mother Earth are changing and this is what we are here to tell you about in these times.

I’m feeling joy in my heart

Yes – there is much excitement about the unfolding of this plan.

So you mean that things will be different moving forward.

Yes – pulsating through the veins of Africa.

Can you help us to interpret the pulse reading so we can better understand the significance of the plan for humans?

The pulse reading is different to your current understanding of yourselves.

In what way?

As humans (mankind).

In terms of our relationship with the natural world?

It goes beyond that – in relation to the universe. All is changing as the plan unfolds.

Are these changes going to happen with or without us humans?


 It sounds as if we are the last one’s on the planet to hear about this!

 That may well be the case.

So, if it is all going to unfold one way or the other with or without us – why do you need to communicate this?

We the White Lions are called forward to undertake this communication for all is one and equal and it is time for the veil to be lifted.

There is mention of many veils – which one do you speak of?

In the evolution of the planet it has been difficult if not impossible for animals to live together with humans in oneness. Survival and fear factors intertwined us in a dance through the ages. It was believed that there was no other way.

However, the new core essence and earth flow configuration are erasing the imprint that was hardwired into your DNA. Importantly, we too have moved on. The old contract has been torn up and New Terms of Engagement between humans and nature beings are emerging.

This all sounds wonderful. But animals are still being shot for sport, the White Lions themselves are at risk of extinction and lion cubs are paraded for amusement in Africa. This is all quite a contradiction.

This is just the beginning of the unfolding of the plan.

What will happen if humans just ignore this message and continue with their lives as if nothing has changed?

All is already changed – that cannot be stopped.

I am here to tell the tale. Against the odds my life has been honored. The old paradigm is starting to break down. My situation was viewed through a new lens or perspective. Compassion was shown and a heart connection made.

Now the veil we speak of is lifting. This new heart connection will continue time and time again and grow exponentially to spread across the planet. From one story, one little miracle, a night sky full of star miracles will dance in time with the new pulse.

The impression of love and patience that you exude is quite incredible. But there again I guess it has been a really long wait…..

The pulse is quickening. The times of change are upon us. All is well.

Have you got anything to say about Nelson Mandela?

He has sat with us and knows of this – South Africa was at the forefront and has the chance to be again.

Is there a function that is not apparent to us that the animals in Africa hold?

The animals in Africa are a reflection of the heart.

Are there others that you would like to see step forward for your cause in South Africa.

Our cause will be spread through the heart and will transcend geographic boundaries. I am just here as a messenger who foretells of the divine plan that is already underway.

Thank you very much from all of us.


**This is a faithful representation of what Nyanga told me and is not in any way intended to be disrespectful to the family concerned.

***Conscious conversations can take place when we enter into oneness with nature beings***


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Hello – This is an unusual topic. You are such a beautiful green frog and so smooth and shiny!

I really don’t know much about magic – where would you like to start?

There is a kingdom of magic which sits within the animal kingdom.

Do you reside permanently in the kingdom of magic?


Can you access it?


When do you go there?

When we are directed by the winds?

That’s interesting

The messages undulate and flow in the winds.

So the wind is a medium for communication?

Yes – like a loudspeaker for the planet, the wind will broadcast what is going on that day and we can pick up requests?

How does this system operate?

The messages flow through us in the wind and it is how we resonate with this flow that matters.

How does the magic happen?

Through the water connect we can distil and refine down to the divine essence.

How do you know whether or not to do something with the information you receive.

We just listen. It comes through the wind – from Gaia in the wind.

Have you been involved in lots of magic?

Yes – on a daily basis.

Can all the animal kingdom sit in the magic?

Yes – all of us.  From the eagles, dolphins, lions and salamanders to the alligators and giraffes – all do.

How exactly does magic happen?

Divine alchemy.

How do you interpret the messages you receive from Gaia?

We interpret the information as maps.  Depending on the request, the constellation of the stars will be mapped to certain earth points underneath.

Do you mean as above so below?

Yes – we transmute until this connection is re-activated. A transformation in the blink of an eye.

Do you know why you were chosen for the role?

It was at our own request.

Can we make a request to you for magic in our own lives?

No – go to Gaia.

Is the kingdom of magic the same as the kingdom of miracles?

These are different. There is a separate process that does not involve us.  You may see the two as one and the same, but for us they are different.

Magicians have wands and use them to do tricks.

In the 3D perspective tricks can be learned. This mirage is a reflection of the experience or lack of expansion of awareness to be found in the third dimensional plane.

Have humans ever been allowed into the kingdom of magic.

No – it is well protected within the animal kingdom.

Can you give us any examples of the sort of information or requests that you receive from Gaia.

Ask Gaia

Gaia’s response

The requests can come in from all beings as collectives; animals, plants, devic kingdom, humans etc where there is a lack of harmony or integration between individual groups and the whole. These translate as discordant musical notes and patterns that are out of synch with the divine plan.

Thank you very much – it has been a real pleasure.

*** Conscious conversations can take place when we enter into oneness with nature beings***

Photography from creative commons license by Leon Brookes on Wikipedia

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