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Thank you so much for talking with us today.

For the time has come for the beginning of the new.

 I can feel a sense excitement, urgency even.

For the quickening is to all of us.

What will happen on 21st December 2012?

Dreamtime. We have been here already and will go here again.

People are fearful right now. As you see it what can be done about the fear on the planet?

It (the shift) will go through regardless.

Yes – but wouldn’t it be better if the vibration of the planet was the highest it can be? You feel so secure, so certain, so clear. Like there’s nothing to worry about.

There isn’t anything to worry about…

So much so that I’m smiling.

It’s only a game you know.

If only the human collective could also feel your clarity, your positive perspective. Have you got any advice for us?

(In the image used in the conversation there is a wall in front of the pyramid – as the photo was take from a different vantage point – this wall starts t0 disintegrate).

The fear will lessen.

But predictions say that there will be many challenges right up to 2017 before things start to balance out?

Well I do know a thing or two about prophecies! (Mayan Calendar reference)  Which timeline do you want?

Definitely the smoothest and most positive one.

So be it.

But doesn’t the vibration of the planet’s collective have to reach a certain level?

For each individual who raises their vibration it will suffice.

There is a lot of interference. What’s going on?

We are being tapped into at multiple levels – at least that’s what “they” are trying to do. But it’s too late it won’t make a difference at this stage of the game.

I’m seeing swords pointing at you from left and right

“They” are trying to confuse and confound the patterning of the memory. That which was set in place to come forth now. It is the ancestry of the heritage that this energy is being directed towards.

I’m still getting interference

Just up your vibration.

The pulse is quickening.

Chichen Itza then went on to show me that – as if the lower half of her structure is a skirt – and the male energy is looking up her skirt in a way that makes her feel vulnerable. A male/female energy exchange that was not appropriate – that did not respect the feminine boundaries/expression).

No more last peeks – that is now sealed and protected. This chapter is over. All is now in place for the new era.

(Two Egyptian protector beings either side of her structure – golden in form – something that you would associate with ancient Egypt appear).

Why were those swords from earlier still there if all is fine now?

“They” will still try to slice through time. “They” don’t bother us. The protection is now fully activated – no going back.

When you asked me to up my vibration so as to block out the interference, I saw a white channel coming down directly into the top of your structure. It really helped to focus on this. It was like being enfolded in divine light. What is this light and how can it help us to raise our own vibrational levels?

It’s my energy, my space fully activated – my star connection.

So what happens when we focus on the light that comes in from above?

If you meditate on this point you agree to a contract which says – I sign up to the new cycle and do so with the highest possible intent. Sign this contract and you are already there. You can leapfrog to the option that you desire – so there is nothing to fear.

Feel that vibration, hold that vibration of no fear about what will pass. Walk with us into this new era. It’s a matter of personal choice – nothing else.

This is where I want to be. This is the choice that I make. This is where I will go. That’s amazing – thank you so much. But if you don’t mind me pointing out that it’s one thing to sit and look at this point and quite another to be in this same space all the time.

Why? Did you add something to the small print?

No – absolutely not – at least not that I’m aware of…..

How do you feel right now?

Calm and happy. I could sit here all day.


Yes – friends. It has been a long time….

I laid down my sword the other day. Is it time to lay down our swords?*

Yes – it will be different now. In the past contracts were signed with blood. Now it is with a star palette with the colour of your choice.

I’m not sure how to hold this vibration permanently.


At my own ability – yes.

The connection to the stars is untouchable – what about your own connection to the stars?

We walk home here…

Yes – we are walking….are you home yet? We are opening the door – do you want to come through 100% or just 95%.

 Please help me to know – help me to be.

Can you feel it now as we connect together?

Yes – is this what will happen in December?

This particular pulse reaches an intensity peak across the world in December.

So we don’t need to wait until then?

No – do it now – why not? Anyone who wants to come can. The door is open. Can you let go of the fear of what will happen when you make the shift?

I know that’s what I want. Earlier you spoke of a male female energy that had to be balanced. Tell us more.

Ours was more of an implant.

Have us humans got an implant that kicks in right at the end – when we are nearing making the shift? One that manifests as fear?

It’s a pattern – within your DNA.

Can we transmute this fear?

 Some will – some won’t. All can. It’s a matter of choice.

 Is there something you can help us with here today. I’m so done with the waiting…

“They” wanted to destroy your records so that you could never go back to the beginning. To that point of infinite potential – so that you would not be able to find your way home.

How can we be in full alignment with our channels like you are?

100% full circle. Have you gone 100% full circle?

 On the perceptual bandwidth?

Yes. The rotation has to be pristine. Look at it. If there is no layer to be lifted, there won’t be anything underneath.

So can we seal and balance this point?



Focus on it and transmute the fear.

Will this point be in the same place for everyone?

All part of the Galactic alignment. You have to seal it for yourselves. In the end it’s your own soul contract that we are talking about here. I’ll hold the space whilst you do the work – look at me.

I’ve found a point of resistance in my own rotation. I’m going to blow pink starlight into it.

Do you really want to step through?


It is sealed – it is done. When the fear of the transition dissolves into the knowingness all will be re-aligned and the vibration will rise as a result.

So we are all going to help each other to get there. The nature beings and humans coming together.


Thank you so very much – this will really help people.

Here’s the exercise from Chichen Itza to help us with the shift

Focus on the light coming into the top of the pyramid.  It’s also helpful to hold up your hands and to direct them at the image until you feel a sensation or they start to tingle.

The rotation is at the level of the eyes and goes all the way around your head. It’s as if your eyes – the inner perception – is turned outwards – inside-out all the way around. It may help to visualise a visor or the outer ring of a planet as a band around the head at eye level.

It also helps to visualise it like a circle divided into little staging posts where you can sit and reflect on what you see.

So if you start looking forward (out of your eyes) that is the 12 o’clock point, then you stop half way between 12-3, stop at 3, then halfway again between 3 and 6, then at 6, then half way between 6-9, then  the 9 o’clock point, then half way between the 9 point and where you started looking straight ahead. That’s a total of eight stops.

Every time you stop, sit in the calm and oneness and quietly observe what you see or not as the case may be. The important thing that you are in the fluidity of the flow and that all feels calm and knowing. You are observing different perceptual fields.

At certain points you may “see” things or feel something. Use a processing tool to deal with whatever arises.

When I did the exercise it was clear all they way around until the final point before the full return was complete. Here there was a click – something blocking the way – preventing a smooth circle.

Others who have have tried this meditation experienced a range of things (at this same point)  relating to being held back from ascending in some way which manifested from fear to a red light or train tracks that were too gunged up for the journey to continue. 

You may find other things to be dealt in points of the rotation too.

Don’t forget to thank Chichen Itza!

Copyright © 2012 Nicola Bosdet. All Rights Reserved.

***Conscious conversations can take place when we enter into oneness with nature beings***

* as in new and different ways to approach the work to be done.

Creative Commons License from Wikipedia thanks to Bjørn Christian Tørrissen

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In the autumn of 2011, the Elohim told me that a new way of “oneness” between humans and nature beings is necessary for our transition to the new earth.

If you have chosen this path –  it is time to sign up with hearts and souls to a new accord.

Don’t underestimate the huge effort that nature beings are currently making to reach out and to help to loosen our 3D mindsets*.  Their unconditional love for all of us is simply awesome.

With their help – those who whish to do so – can be helped to make a graceful transition into a more fluid, fifth dimensional space where anything is possible

Here is now the nature beings see the way forward between us and them:

1. White Lions – A new way forward in the oneness

“In the evolution of the planet it has been difficult if not impossible for animals to live together with humans in oneness. Survival and fear factors intertwined us in a dance through the ages. It was believed that there was no other way. However, the new core essence and earth flow configuration are erasing the imprint that was hardwired into your DNA,” says Nyanga the White Lioness. She reminds us that the old contract has been torn up and that it is time to sign up to the  New Terms of Engagement between humans and nature beings as they are key to living in oneness on the New Earth.

2. White Bison- knowingness

The White Bison  talks about the inner confidence of the knowingness where humans and nature beings can live together in oneness. “Through the Gaia connection knowingness on earth is found. Through the roots of the trees and via the roots of your feet grounded and firm – knowingness is sucked upwards into the branches and drawn up and into the body. It is an acceptance that as humans you are one with the universe and the universal patterning of this planet as expressed through the diversity of the nature beings,” the bison adds.

3. Bugle Plant – trust

A bugle plant reminds us that “it is no good if all the nature beings are in trust, harmony and oneness with Gaia, but you humans remain ever questioning and separated from your own heart’s knowingness. This would make it impossible for us all to sit in oneness. And a trust-based connection in the oneness between all nature beings and humans is essential on the New Earth,”  she says.

4. South African Whale – harmony and balance

“The new earth resonances of the fifth dimension work in perfect harmony. Each frequency layer, whether of one circle or multiple concentric rings will always strike a perfect chord. A harmony of oneness. A tune that can only play to the truth,” a South African Whale tells us. She continues: For if you are to be with us all on the new earth, humans must embrace the harmonic convergence or understanding that harmony and balance between humans and nature beings are essential.

5. Machu Picchu – the frequency of oneness

“We were told how we can hold the transmission of the Machu Picchu energy frequencies so as to experience oneness with all nature beings. “And the ability to hold the healing frequency of oneness with all nature beings is one of the Terms of Engagement for the New Earth. For you can all help to heal the planet through the oneness,” said Macchu Piccu.

6. Lilly of the Valley – let go of all fear

“Whilst each `tree of life` can be described as an `individuality,` it also forms an important part of the whole. And if even one molecule, no matter how small, within the form is flexed with fear, the integrity of this whole will be impaired. This is why it is importantto let go of all fear,” according to a Lilly of the Valley.

7. Lake Titicaca – conscious decisions through the heart

“As nature beings we know that the choices are limitless. But human minds constrain and restrict the understanding of choice. By this we mean, the choice you have in every second of every minute of every day to consciously choose what you experience, whether awake or asleep. For it is through the heart that all choices are available,” commented Lake Titicaca.

8. Uluru – the realisation of who you really are

“Importantly, if we are all to sit together in the flow of oneness on the New Earth. If humans are to work as equals and in partnership with nature beings, then you must raise your vibration so that we are all on the same wavelength. The more closely you resonate with your core essence, the more authentic the connection you can make with us. This realisation of who you really are is key for the New Earth,” says Australia’s Uluru rock.

9. Evening Primrose – we are all equal

“There is no head chef in the restaurant of life. The universal mother does not love us less nor does she consider nature beings to be less important than humans. Trees are not better than pansies because they are bigger or older. The manifestation of the New Earth cannot take place in a hierarchical environment where humans believe that they are at the centre of everything, with the rest of us pitching in around you,” an Evening Primrose pointed out.

10. Potentilla plant – Sign up to the new Terms

Finally, Sid the Silverweed (Potentilla) reminds us to “Sign-up through your feet to the new Terms of Engagement with nature beings. It’s very simple. You can do this when walking in a town or in the country, by the sea or in the mountains. With each step you take, tap this message – as if in morse code – through the soles (souls) of your feet whilst you say: True to the depths of the earth I am, True to the stars in the sky, True to my heart – the sun and the moon. As the roots of the trees intertwine – see the truth of the light divine.”

*3D – not better or worse – just different. A choice we can all make.

Copyright © 2012 Nicola Bosdet. All Rights Reserved.

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The vibration of heart knowingness or wisdom

Hello – you look really calm and content – like a deep knowingness.

The knowingness is ever evolving. The true knowingness is unfathomable to many humans.

Why? I don’t understand.

Because in the 3D when there are depths you reach the bottom but in true knowingness there is no bottom, no boundaries, no containment. It is ever evolving.

People in the world are uncertain and fearful right now. It’s as if the knowingness is missing. Why is this?

And fidgety too.

Yes – a feeling of being unsettled.

This is where the nature beings can help. Through the Gaia connection knowingness on earth is found. Through the roots of the trees and via the roots of your feet grounded and firm  – knowingness is sucked upwards into the branches and drawn up and into the body.

Is the knowingness a message from Gaia?

It is an acceptance of all that is. It is an acceptance that as humans you are one with the universe and the universal patterning of this planet as expressed through the diversity of the nature beings.

Is Gaia frustrated that we are taking so long to “get it”  both as a collective and individually?

We “walk” the planet too you know.

I was hoping you would say that!

Along with the white lions and the spirit bears. There are other nature beings that “walk” with us as well.

Can we walk out into the tall grass together?


I can feel the grass on my calves as the wind shimmers. Like a sea of knowingness across the prairie.

Do you truly want to be in the knowingness?


Are you sure?

Yes – I’m just a little preoccupied as I have to get onto the day job stuff and am running late today.

I understand.

Sorry – I’m focused again.

Knowingness is timelessness. The end of time as you know it will facilitate knowingness. But timelessness does not mean we will walk off into the sunset together never to return. Do not fear, it is simply about letting go of the need to control and be controlled by external circumstances.

Nyanga the white lioness,  who walks with you,  talks about how the white lions have been called forward to undertake the communication that all is one and equal and the spirit bear talks about a new clock with a dial that is no longer divided between the darkness of the night and the light of the day.

When you “walk” together what is the message of the white bison?

The flow of knowingness will only come as you learn to let go, and the more you let go the more space will open to let in the flow.

It is a flow that is wavy – not straight.

That’s correct.

One that ebbs and flows.


The curve of the planet and its orbits, the curve of your spines as your bodies undulate with movement. As the relief of letting go into the knowingness is expressed a pool emerges  into which your tears can flow.

And as the deep release into the oneness flows, concentric rings of relief morph outwards to the outer circumference of the planet.

Then with the in-breath, a deep and indestructible knowingness is drawn inwards to the heart, your own heart – the heart of Gaia. Teardrops into the oceans of oneness for knowingness to emerge.

The knowingness of being held in the oneness is such a huge relief.


Is Gaia feeling that things are going too slowly and that the awareness of our relationship with the nature beings needs to speed up?

It is time to “walk” the planet purposefully now. You can all walk with us – that invitation has already been put out.

We perceive the tiredness of the hearts, souls, spirits and bodies of many of you and we are extending a helping hand. To all who are working so hard in these times, but who are also tired – exhausted even.

Don’t give up on yourselves for the outcome is already assured. You will know this truth from the heart as you enter the knowingness.

Can you help us with a visualisation so that we can “walk” with you purposefully and in a way that integrates, revitalises, replenishes and nutures?

You may initially find a resistance as this is how this veil has been held in place. Sit in your heart and wait until that passes. Then visualise a white lion, a spirit bear and a white bison.

I can see that but where do I as a human go – it’s hard to see where we fit in?

That’s another blockage. Sit with your heart and look at it another way. You are only reluctant because of the perceived “power” of us being together in this way but this is really just a fear of letting go and being in the flow.

Let’s sit down in the tall grass and have a picnic together. Would you like that?

Yes please! that sounds wonderful.

See this wicker hamper. What would you like in it?

A red tartan rug would be really smart. And my favourite treat at the moment is oat milk with coco powder  – no sugar. Actually, can we have chocolate chip cookies but make it so that my body is fine with the wheat and the sugar?

Of course. Anything else.

This is fun!

(Nyanga the white lioness  roars in agreement)

So how do we all “walk” the planet together?

(Spirit bear has asked if we can have cupcakes or was that Mirabelle offering her one – I’m not sure).

Life is fun when you let go isn’t it…

Yes – can I have some more hot chocolate please?

Of course.

We” walk” the vibration of change and transformation around the planet daily. The knowingness of the white Bison an assurance, a resonance that all is well. For you are truly with friends.

Do not think of this “walk” as a long and arduous plod or trek,  a dusty road – something that is challenging or has to be done.

As nature beings, our spirits roam free across the planet. Our spirits are not bound by rules and regulations, cultural difference, country barriers or geographic challenges.

As you sit with us on this picnic rug in the joy and knowingness (that we are all one and all) your hearts can open fully and your spirits will roam (walk)the planet with us.

We’ll be back tomorrow for more hot chocolate – how about 4.00pm?

Yes – we can meet like this anytime – night or day. The inner confidence of the knowingness is one of the Terms of Engagement for the new earth where humans and nature beings can live together in oneness.

This has been truly wonderful – thank you ever so much.

***Conscious conversations can take place when we enter into oneness with nature beings***

Photography from Mongo on Wikipedia – creative commons license.

Copyright © 2012 Nicola Bosdet. All Rights Reserved.

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The wind, it is carried in the wind….

Can we work with the winds? What can we do with the wind?

Work with the different winds across the world to spread the message. The winds of the desert, the winds across the oceans, the winds of the mountains, the winds that come with storms. The gentle wind of a beautiful day. The wind breath of the Elohim.

Use the wind as a tool for integration. You can unlock the winds too.

Create transmissions through the winds across the world.

Where do we go to find the winds?

Sit with Gaia. The winds are created through the breath of Gaia. The wind of your own breath, the wind of the breath of the nature beings – co-creating together in one joined-up morning wind breath across the planet.  This is something that you can all do.

Please show us what to do?

Sweep out the old – “wind” in the new.

How can we do that?

Sweep out the fragmentation through the essence of the oneness.


  • The branches of the trees sweep out the old
  • The sands of the deserts erase history
  • The seaweed in the ocean filter out the fear vibration
  • Solar winds – “wind” in
  • Voices of the ancestors – “wind” in
  • Chorus of the animals – “wind” in
  • Every single blade of grass, every leaf…


All the nature beings are ready and waiting for the call. A new footprint across the planet They are waiting for YOU (Humans). They are waiting for the announcement that the door is to be opened, for hear this clearly – the time has come.

It is time for YOU to open the door and let them in – are you going to let them come in? The wind is sounding a wake-up call – listen to the wind.

We want to bring our message to the planet. It is time for the nature beings to help clear out the debris, layer by layer so that the new can enter. It is time to bring in the oneness.  Let in the nature beings to help with this work. All that is required of you is to hold the space of oneness with the nature beings.

It is time for the tree-star connections to fully activate again. Roots intertwined and pulsating like a peristalsis as what is to be transformed comes to the surface.

Work through the winds and with the winds in the oneness of a new way. And work with the angels for the angels are coming down – NOW.

Thank you very much to the wind

***Conscious conversations can take place when we enter into oneness with nature beings***

Copyright © 2012 Nicola Bosdet. All Rights Reserved.

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Hello – your eyes are all knowing and really gentle at the same time.

There are words to whisper.

Why are these words to be whispered?

On the frequency of whispering – words of wisdom. In the dreamtime we walk soft as a whisper.

What is the frequency of whispering?

The whispering authenticity of our true nature expression.  The “cracks”  are starting to open up.  See them as multi-dimensional “cracks” in time and space. These “cracks”  act as channels and lead one with all into the new and emerging realities.

Tell us more about the spirit bear essence.

We bring a softness that enfolds – one that binds and combines. We are one of a group of nature beings (that includes the white lions) who are helping to widen these channels. This is so that the nature being wisdom can be shared with the human collective. We the Spirit Bears have been waiting and are ready.

Can we walk together in the dream time – to share with us the path of this wisdom.

Let us walk a while into the forest.

I can feel the pine needles underfoot and the sun is going down.

The hierarchy of survival in 3D structured the understanding of how we all interconnect. Here is the chapter on the bears. Here is the chapter on the fish. Here is the chapter on the relationship between the bears and the fish.  Here is the chapter on humans. Here is the chapter on how humans perceive and relate to the fish and the bears.  But these are all just staged excerpts from a book.

In the fifth dimensional space fear and survival of the fittest will no longer exist and this is just as true for nature beings as it is for humans.  The bears and the fish will sit in the sunlight together and will enjoy the subtlety of this experience.

How does this new dialect fit into the widening of the channels that you mentioned?

Our wisdom is the whispering of the intermingle. It is the force of nature as a collective that is being enfolded into your reality construct. For nature beings move forward together as one now. Infinite permutations and combinations of beauty and diversity from across the planet.

If you choose to be a part of this, to allow us into your dreams and aspirations, then your longing and that of the nature beings can combine together in the oneness.

Can humans do anything from their side to help widen these channels, this new communication/connection between humans and nature beings?

It’s not so much to for you to open them as it is to acknowledge that they exist.

How can we acknowledge them?

By honouring the fact that you have a strong connection with the natural world and to listen to our whisperings and to whisper back.

Yes – to whisper through our hearts – Thank You.  Thank you for being here and thank you to all the nature beings for being here to help us humans through the shift.

There is something else for light workers and light warriors. The White Lions and the Spirit Bears walk the planet daily and you can walk the planet each day with us.

How can we do this?

The clocks are all to be re-set, re-calibrated. What time is it? Is it the time of the spirit bear whispering? Is it the time of the white lion walking? Walk with us, re-calibrate your own inner clocks so that we can share this daily expression together.

Have you got anything that you would like to say about this week’s Equinox?

Nature beings can work in partnership with humans as a point of equilibrium and balance. We help to balance out the arcs and rotations in our daily walks around the planet. If you walk with us, you too can help to do the same. A new clock with a dial that is no longer divided between the darkness of the night and the light of the day.

Thank you so much- that was wonderful.

Here is a link to the actual bear interviewed (first image)

***Conscious conversations can take place when we enter into oneness with nature beings***

Photography with thanks to creative commons license on Wikipedia

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Hello my dear friend. We are really sorry about what is happening  to the dolphins and whales.

Thank you for the prayer pillar and all the prayers taking place to help protect us from the killing cove  fishermen. We are aware of this intention, this resonance to help us to pass by in safety.

Would you like to help strengthen our dolphin prayer pillar?

Yes – for this is to shine brightly (reference to increased vibration).

How can we do this?

The dolphins would like to help to weave compassion across the planet. To help to open the compassion of the heart-space. Compassion is the thread that knits together this understanding in the communication of oneness.

Compassion for the fishermen, compassion for the lack of understanding that we truly are as one, compassion for humans and the learning of humankind.

As we dive in and out of the waters, compassion is being interwoven between the fields of oneness. Compassion is being threaded through life-cycles and across timelines. All that you dream of will happen in togetherness.

We thank you very much for this. How would you like to help strengthen this prayer pillar?

We can interweave compassion with you. All through the heart of Gaia and her winds. We want to help you and to work more closely with humans in these times.

That’s fantastic!

We want you humans to be with us in the oneness. For in that space we can achieve much. There are waters where we can swim together.  We can weave in threads across the oceans.  For these new Gaia light systems to wash upon the shores. But the lesson of this planet is that we are to do this together through the oneness.

So will we blow it in?

Yes – through the Gaia heart wind.  Compassion threads, weaves itself in through the Gaia heart wind.

Is compassion one of the new earth resonances?


What 5D “colour” does it take?

Dolphins playing with mermaids in a joyful heart connection.

What does compassion sound like?

Like the exclamation mark in laughter (!) Dolphins laughing in oneness with children.

Thank you – we will do all we can.

***Conscious conversations can take place when we enter into oneness with nature beings***

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