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What can you tell us about musical frequencies in relation to the lifting of the veils?

Sorry I’m jumping ahead – Good Morning 432 – I got carried away! My hands are tingling.

We are playing resonance catch-ball.

What is the role of music in the ascension frequencies?

Musical frequencies are woven into different levels and layers of consciousness and as the veils lift, a clean page emerges onto which a new set of notes can dance.

These are creation frequencies for there is much confusion between ascension and creation. Creation is usually seen as a beginning in time and ascension as a point in time where there is some sort of culmination.

The key is that ascension is creation. The shift is simply the opening of a new space where co-creative energies can come together in a new way. All come together (both seen and unseen) to be in the All.

Like the mist on a morning mountain, the heart love mist rises upwards into the brain expanded space of the dreamtime.

Human collective dreamtime as a symphony. Individual and interconnected dreamtime resonances – all combining to form new orchestras. Not just one orchestra but infinite orchestral symphonies.

And as these resonances intermingle with the music of the nature beings, emergent new tapestries of light wind chime through time and space – the cloth for a new creative space is being woven.

Different notes and chords come together in the play and the interplay. Nature beings and humans co-creating in the oneness.

There are 36 new earth frequencies from the nature beings according to Machu Piccu. Each has its own sound and a 5D `colour` to match. Can you tell us more?

This is an ancient and much longed for harmonic that is being re-kindled in these times. The earth is moving in different ways so to create new planes, new universes even.

What happens to our hearts when we tune into 432?

It is an alignment that will help to lift the veils. It’s not just – “as above, so below” but also “as inner as outer” – infinity across the stars.

Can we sit with this for a moment in this expression?


There is a visual of a bird in a tree. Depending on how you look at it – it could be a bird in a tree in 3D, but it does not feel that way. It has a heightened quality even through it looks the same on the surface.

Go deeper.

Ok. The bird then becomes a beautiful peacock that opens its feathers up as it rotates through the full circumference of the planet.

That’s right – don’t forget the unseen “colours” that reside on different dimensional planes. These 5D “colours” can be experienced through the heart (the veils are still in place to prevent you from seeing them in 3D). These new “colours” go hand-in-hand with the new earth resonances.

If we combine the new earth nature being resonances with musical notes tuned to 432 and make music what happens?

New and emergent light streams and your own cell bodies combine and merge in a new patterning of oneness. Use your day dreams to release these “songs” into the skies – like balloons, like bubbles to circulate freely around the world.

What is the relationship between 432 and the green Gaia creation light?

We act as a gelling constituent within the green Gaia light creation soup? There is a new kiss of life as previously veiled DNA strands turn to embrace each other in a new connection to the flow.

Much is being discussed around manifestation – especially in relation and abundance and money. Can the 432 tone help us to manifest in 3D?

It is about the golden alignment to abundance. Money is just a label that is much  misunderstood.

In the creation of the new realities, each has his or her own blank sheet with which to create music.  And it is these new musical chords  that will activate the path of joy and all that is required for the new “tinglings” to intermingle and create manifestation.

The tingling of the 432 resonance, the tingling of the nature being/human connection resonance, the tingling of the intertingle of these two into new chords as a catalyst for manifestation.

What does “as above so below” mean?

1) It is a point of creative resonance between humans and their star sisters and brothers. And this connection will be made back to you – it won’t just be one way 2) “as above” in the infinity of potential and “as below” in the sea of consciousness. 3) The as above – so below” connection opening up in these times is through the heart and it is part of the period of the  “the great softening” in the relationship between humans and nature beings.

Can you tell us about the songs of the whales as universal storytellers and poets?

The whale song holds the oneness in the memory of the water and it is this understanding of the oneness held in this ancestry which provides the creative source for poems and stories. This combined with their ability to stay tuned to the resonant frequency of Gaia’s own heart resonance.

Thank you, thank you thank you.

Here are a couple of examples of the new earth resonances coming through the nature beings


Sound – song of a sparrow

5D `colour` of  softness



Sound – embodied in the songs of the whales

5D `colour – a mix between optimism and hope set across the backdrop of a morning sunrise.

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***Conscious conversations can take place when we enter into oneness with nature beings***

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