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  1. No TV – only scan news headlines if you have to read them.
  2. Energise any meat or low vibration food with your hands.
  3. Increase lighter food – soups, salads, smoothies etc.
  4. Household cleaning products – anything more natural available?
  5. Sing with the plants – did you know they can sing! Listen to this.
  6. Meditate every day – bite-size chunks work well too.
  7. Practice Qi Gong or Tai Chi to help with the flow of energy – or Yoga or Pilates.
  8. Don’t forget exercise is an important part of spiritual practice.
  9. Don’t take yourself too seriously.
  10. Feel the joy! Try a Joy Sprinkle Infusion.
  11. Crystals are your friends – communicate with them – here’s what a green chlorite has to say
  12. Say hello to the trees, birds, flowers every morning- say hello to your star friends at night.
  13. Wave at the moon.
  14. Feel the sun in your heart.
  15. Learn some fear processing tools if you don’t already use them.

  16. Try distilled water.
  17. Put Imoto labels on your water and understand the importance of water and vibration better.
  18. Try walking meditations – say through the soles of your feet. True to the depths of the earth I am, true to the stars in the sky, true to my heart the sun and the moon. As the roots of the trees intertwine see the truth of the light divine.
  19. Review your life agreements and contracts.`
  20. Weave out negative people from your life – share you life with people with whom you resonate.
  21. Go to sleep holding a crystal or put one under your pillow.
  22. Stand against a tree whenever you can.
  23. Give your liver some extra support – milk thistle is a good one.
  24. Plant some seeds and watch them grow this spring.
  25. Put flowers on your desk or even a pine cone or twig.
  26. Sun gazing
  27. Learn how to “surrender” and what it means for you  (the single most important tip for 2013).
  28. Process and release throughout each day.
  29. Ask the Divine Mother – what can we co-create today and how can we make it fun.
  30. Feng Shui or de-tox your house of the 2012 energies. Fox Mountain Pure Positive Energy spray is great or use bells or sage.
  31. Audit your relationship with money – are energetic blockages holding back the flow of abundance?
  32. Explore each day through the eyes of a child – here’s what a marjoram plant has to say about innocence.
  33. Constantly question the status quo.
  34. Repeat – my DNA is my best friend.

Top Tip: Be aware that spiritual teaches and guides may not be all that they are cracked up to be….

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Without a doubt the on trend “colour” for the end of 2012 has got to be the rainbow spectrum. Most sought after, double rainbows have been seen as never before across the planet. As a result, a plethora of new phrases have recently entered the Oxford English Directory including “I’m rainbowed out” aka have done too many missions recently. The Double Rainbow Dash anthem is also set to be a Christmas number one in the music charts.

Solar Cocktails

This autumn has been an almost non-stop Happy Hour when it comes to those melting love energies that rain down on solar flare days. In a conversation the sun explained that the increased solar resonance puts a spotlight on the heart-beat that is Gaia’s new fifth dimensional form. A human heart-beat re-alignment, with the potential to match the pulse of All that Is. “I’ll have my solar cocktail with a rainbow parasol and pink sugar pops that fizzle – thank you”!


The process of integrating a chunk of information from a down-load or a heavy-duty period of processing has come into its own recently as one of the best ever all round excuses for opting out of some of the more mundane 3D chores. Can you unload the dishwasher? “Later – I’m integrating.” Are you going to spend all afternoon doing nothing? “I need to integrate my soul memories of Atlantis.”

Coming Home Here!

The exact terminology is hotly debated by Starseeds. The most rarified form of expression is widely considered `Be-ing home here.` In contrast (whilst in the right direction) `walking home here` is taken by some to mean – “I’m in transit” – so could lack 100% commitment to full embodiment in the here and now. And for those  of us who have dreams of one day finding a “here” on planet earth that is not “here” as we know it – there is always  “coming home here…”

What are you doing on 21/12/2012?

The good news is that no-one anywhere on the planet is going to be “stood up” (English expression meaning jilted) on this most special of Divine dates! (or by the DM on any other date for that matter).

Namaste from the 5D Team.

Things Starseeds say…..

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Double Rainbow Dash is shared from DasieLove88 Channel on YouTube

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What does “the arching” mean in relation to the land?

We are new energetic points that pulse in partnership with the places of  The Great Softening.” Like an archer holding a bow – we play alongside other tension points.

So you are helping to hold the space?

Yes – but this space is really held open by the stars and a giant stellar template which overlays the entire planet. These nuances will be managed to ensure that they are all harmonious and in concert with Gaia.

How is “the arching” expressed?

It stretches to the outer limits of creativity, a bouncing of ideas, an exhilaration of being, sharing and co-creation. The land will hum with creative energy/an intersection of creative flows.

Like a mountain stream, sometimes faster, sometimes slower.

Hearts will aspire upwards to the stars in anticipation – of what?

People will not exactly know although they will feel it in their hearts. A deeper knowing and coming togetherness never before experienced.

Can you tell us more?

From these locations, energies will be pulsed out far and wide. Sometimes more intense, other times softer and more gentle.

These energetic points will arch – the arch itself is a living and vibrant entity. And these arches of high energy and joy will stretch across the planet – like rainbows.

This is so wonderful – thank you.

Do you live in a place of Softening or Arching?

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***Conscious conversations can take place when we enter into oneness with nature beings***

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South Pole


Both these conversations took place in the summer of 2012.

A conversation with the Antarctic

Can I ask what has been happening – you seem much happier today?

Yes – thank you.

My pleasure.

We are one in the oneness.

Yes – I feel the same way. It’s as if you are an old friend.

We are.

What is it like being cloaked in such brilliant whiteness?

White reflects well the consciousness of the planet.

What are you reflecting?

Planet earth consciousness upwards and into the universe. Star “submissions” out through the crown chakra and up through the dimensions.  Up into your universal connection with the stars – a human birthright. The potential to access your own understanding of yourselves.

There was a blockage in my crown chakra – that is now unblocked.

Was this blockage having an impact?

The overall vibration was not expressing itself as fully as it might.

How did the blockage come about?

Their instruments.

Who was doing this?

People/beings from more than one place… They wanted to try and control the skies. We were jamming their equipment – the two bandwidths were not synergistic.

Are they aware that Antarctica is spoken of as the crown chakra for the planet?

That’s not what was bothering them.

Are you sure the problem won’t return?

The issue has been dealt with.

I’m so pleased to hear that – what will happen now?

They are trying to work it out – cannot get their heads around what went wrong.

Or right perhaps?

Yes – all is smooth and calm now.

I can feel that too. Can you make your full star connection?

All systems go! We couldn’t turn properly. We could not rotate fully you see, so the crown chakra got blocked.

So this impacted the energetic field?


What do you mean when you say “trying to control the skies”?

Mineral extraction.

Like the story in the newspapers recently about a plan to mine meteorites in space – that sort of thing?

That would just be a cover up. It was a two-way scheme. We help you/You help us.

You mean mining in space?

No – space mining us.

You must be kidding!



They want to understand the earth mineral patterning of the replication you see. The constructs and the interactions – experiments. No one will know and who cares they thought.  So a deal was cut that would be useful to both sides.

Are you saying replicated as in cloned?

It was more than that – it was about deconstruction.

All minerals?

No just some. Straight from Gaia’s heart – Gaia’s DNA.  Including those that help to hold the magnetic field.

That’s terrible.

Ripping the heart out of Mother Earth – to suck her dry.

What did it look like?

Transportation “devices.” But these were not synchronistic with the crown chakra space. The two could not work together so there was a blockage. Neither of us could function properly, although they thought that they were making progress.

Are we talking about physical extraction?

No – it was the energetic patterning. However, it would have resulted in the same thing as the integrity of the shape would have collapsed. Earth would eventually have imploded. But they think that this planet is doomed anyway so that did not matter to them.

So why the Antarctic – why here?

This was the first one – an off the radar experiment.

They picked the wrong place….

You bet.

How do you interact with the North Pole?

In harmony – the North Pole is helping to hold the space. She is being put upon as well. Her energy fields are being messed with.

Like your own?

No – in a different way.

Is this affecting the work that you do together?


I can see something gunged up – what is that? Does it relate to the North Pole?


It looks like a knee joint and ball. It’s as if the synovial fluid is not flowing properly – so that the joint cannot rotate fully.

Exactly that.

Has this all got to do with the circle that you mentioned yesterday?


So the key is to un-gunge the fluid – help to free up the North Pole energy flow. How exactly is the North Pole energy field being impacted?


Plantations of what?

Rods – deep in the ice.


Electromagnetic vibrations polluting the waters.

Are they there for that purpose – energetic sabotage?

No – for other things…

They (the rods) can be cladded. You can wrap up their outer casing so that they do not reflect back. Pins in the Mother’s heart. Malicious intent towards the natural world for the greed of others.

Are you being watched?

Yes. But it’s fine – the rays are all bent now. It’s too late for anything to be done about that.

Is the North Pole being watched?

Not in the same way.

Can you tell us how the star energy strands stream into our consciousness?

Through the nature beings – it is the nature beings that welcome and integrate these energies across the planet.

Thank you very much for this information – we’ll visit the North Pole right away.

A Conversation with the North Pole (summer of 2012)

North Pole

North Pole

You are so ancient and such a beautiful spirit. Where do you come from?

I come from the oneness, from the stars – of the embodiment. Never frozen in time – always evolving.

How to you help to hold space for the Antarctic?

Through the ripples of the water – from the North Pole across the planet.

What exactly is gunged up?

Similar to water when there is an oil slick – the integrity of the structure changes and it cannot do its job. When our energies are gunged up – this in turn impacts the flow around the rest of the world. We are itchy as the axis is chafing, the lubrication is lacking.

What are these “rods” the North Pole spoke of about?

Electronic sound beams. As a result, the correct currents cannot flow properly and the vibration is lower in density. This is what we mean by gunged up.  And there is one energy stream in particular that is important for the rotation.

Please tell us more – I’m getting a visual of Egypt. How does Egypt link to these energy streams?

The currents flow underneath – they cannot all be seen. There is an underground connection between the North Pole and Giza. This acts as a sort of ionic distillation centre. It is where left and right are balanced, where upswings in the polarities are soothed.

But I don’t understand the Egypt connection?

The star maps will tell you. They can explain more about these connections. There is a stellar overlay – one that is to be activated. These  points have to be open for the stellar docking to take place. They act as  magnetic matches – so does the Amazon.

Will the docking take place as soon as these points are clear?

Yes – We are going to go full circle in a new circle/cycle – the past does not matter.

Thank you – yes – we understand.

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Good Morning – how are you feeling right now?

Very happy – it is time you know – we are very happy it is time.

Time for what?

Time for us to go and grow together.

Go where together?

We will breathe in oneness and unity.

What happens when we do that?


Go on – please tell us! Was that a shaft I just saw?


To where?

An impenetrable point thus far – this information is out of your dimension.

Can you help me  to just get a snapshot?


Looks like a droplet gently slipping into a pool of water.


You can trust me. Remember –  I signed-up for this.

(Visual – a key opens a lock).

Things will be held in a different way in the heart.

Can we say supported?

Yes – The lines will be erased – there will be a blank sheet.

Do you mean that new crystalline grids can be created?


They will be inserted at an inter-dimensional plane that is both seen and unseen at the same time.

It will be called “the great softening” as we all inter-flow together. We are all ready – soon now soon – even the little pixies. It will be of a softness that you have never before experienced.

How long will this time of “softening” between humans and nature beings last?

Together we can transcend time.

Will it be open eternally?

The love of the heart is eternal. There are different levels and layers, each to unfold in their own time.

(Visual – after a stone drops in the water, the ripples eventually stop and it goes back to being still – until another stone is dropped in the water and the process starts again).

Can you give you us any human dates?

Like Cinderella at midnight the chords will strike.

Will that signal the end of “the softening”?


I am just asking so that we can all be prepared – put in place what is necessary. (Laughter echos all around). Yes – you think its funny but us humans can get serious about things like this!

Another level or layer will kick into place once “the softening” closes.

It appears that there will be an overlap at both the start and end points for “the softening”. The nature kingdom thought the whole conversation was hilarious as they all know exactly what is happening. 

My understanding is thatthe great softening”  has now started and will continue until the end of 2014.

As a result, new highly activated energetic points will open up around the world – places where humans can co-create in oneness with the nature beings. 

Dear Land – Thank you very much.

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***Conscious conversations can take place when we enter into oneness with nature beings***

Softening Activated Land

Softening Activated Land


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I have been asked by the Elohim to “pass it on” or share this information.

A message 

The ecstatic light streams have been unbridled. Electric beam bundles of light. No beginning, no end. No short-circuits.

How can we embrace and dance with these new light energies?

Take them in your hands and weave them like a piece of cloth.

What am I weaving?

You are weaving your own garment or that which you will be/are. As your embodiment is of your own divine creation it will be what you wish to “wear.” Do not wait for a predicted date in time for it to be – done unto you – as if divinely decreed or bestowed upon you by another.

What is the light garment of your choice? What colour(s)? What texture? What design? For whatever you choose it can be woven into your light body. And if you choose to choose again you can do so – time and time again and in every moment if you so wish.

I “saw” some fabric psychically the other week – it was nicely woven but without colour – is this related?

Like Christmas lights, your DNA will spark multi-coloured threads. The weave is in place – it is just that all has not been fully activated yet. This will happen sooner than you think.

Blow into your hands as you weave – what are your heart’s intentions?  This is your light stream interface with the new energies. An ever changing expression of joy in the oneness.

So my light garment could be an expression of the desert sands?

Yes – you can finger paint in the sands.

Or a tiger?

Yes – if you choose the expression of that essence in the moment.

The subtle frequencies will grow stronger as you soften into them. Your light garment reverberates with the new colour palette of infinite potentiality. You are here because you have done this before and will know exactly what to do.

Can we co-create with the nature beings?

When you plug into the nature being(s) then like a light bulb – you will switch into that intermingle frequency where co-creation can take place. The world becomes a colouring book. There are no geographic boundaries. The canvas is global. The dimensional shadings are multiple.

Love paint touch-stones with other human hearts and beings on the planet.

What does it mean when we talk of people “glowing” in these times?

Core frequency resonances will bounce off and ignite each other. Those who can see will see, but those who are on a different vibrational level will be unable to see the “glowingness”.

Thank you very much for this insight

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