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A chamomile talks about frustration

Hello dear friend. I love the smell of a chamomile plant and chamomile tea too.

It’s hard to imagine a herb getting frustrated about anything – I don’t imagine that you do….

How do you perceive the vibration of frustration in humans?

There are points in the body that get blocked and this leads to frustration.

What does this look like?

In the cycle of the flow there are passages of dissension and when points within these are `activated` they can become numb. The numbing prevents the expression in the fullness of who you are, and this in turn creates frustration.

(Diagram on path of frustration – see end of post).

What is numbness? It’s a quiz question!

OK! – If the body is numb you cannot feel physically and at an energetic/emotional level a lack of circulation creates dampness.

So what happens if you cannot feel something physically?

It’s as if nothing is there.


And what happens when something is damp?

The fire can go out.


What does this feel like to you?

A pretty grey and listless place where I would rather not hang out.

But people do – frustration has its own allure

Why is that?

Because it is an illusion – a trick. At a certain level it gives you an opportunity to play with fire. Numbness can be warmed/come to life, damp evaporates with heat.

I like warmth – it has a love association. “Come in from the cold and wet and warm yourself up in front of a nice fire.”

Yes – but the relief is short-lived and before you know it the damp cold returns, the numbness is back. You are experiencing the cycle of frustration.  Just when you thought all was resolved.

These points in the body that you mentioned – are they in the same place for everyone and/or do they move around and change?

That’s a good question. Red, Amber Green – like a traffic light they are activated at different times depending and it will vary for each.

Are these points used for anything else or are they just part of the path of frustration?

Ask the fairies.

Dear Fairies – can you please answer this question? Calista, the fairy joins us.

They are a part of your path and you have many paths. You can activate your own touch-stone points (as if with your own wand) depending on which life lessons and emotions you would like to experience.

So if I never wanted to be frustrated about anything again do I process all the paths of frustration?

The path-ways come second. What comes first are the touch-stone points or the resonances that form your life experience.

So if I wanted to eliminate all frustration in my life can I “identify” the vibration of damp numbness and just process that?

Would that be fun?

Yes – but I’m just wondering if frustration could actually be useful at times?

As the chamomile said it can have a certain attraction, an allure.

Now I ponder the issue, it would be the illusion of control (even if only for a short period of time) that has the potential to hold me in this bind.  A certain control over staying in `stuckness.`

Frustration is a very limiting emotion. It feels like going around in circles and getting nowhere. Is there any frustration patterning designed to help to keep us in our place?


How can we identify this?

(Chamomile speaks)

There is an exercise you can do. It’s like a bridge. Just a few simple steps and you can pass from one side to the other. And as you reach the other side the frustration evaporates.

Humans create and position their own bridges – these are shaped like arcs. They link together the different resonance points, and it is the pattern of these linkages that creates the expression of frustration.

I think I get it – can we try by doing the exercise together.

Yes – it is for us to do together.

Sometimes I get frustrated by being the only breadwinner in our household and the perceived pressure this can  bring. Is this a good one to try?

Let’s do it.

So I’m going to ask to be shown the bridge that represents my frustration on the above.  I ask that  it spans all the frustration points linked to this issue – (guided visualisation starts). Gosh I had not expected the bridge to appear so friendly and it is covered with brightly coloured fairy lights. They are helping – Thanks Calista!

What comes next – do I just walk over?

Two (versions of Nicola) of you are going to walk the path of experience over this bridge. The frustrated cold side takes the hand of the anger fired-up side. You must do so together – like sisters.

I’m feeling hot coals underfoot – a fear resistance – ok – have processed.

Here we go again. I find myself walking barefoot over the bridge and it is covered with a springy chamomile path. Thank you so much for this! And as I arrive at the other side there is only one of me. I feel a strong beam of light coming right down through my body.

Yes – you have now chosen to be in alignment on this particular issue which has caused much frustration in recent months.

Frustration pathway with numb points

Frustration pathway with numb points

Thanks ever so much to both of you – this really has been lots of fun and what a gift.

If you are trying out this exercise – make sure you ask the chamomile family and the fairies to help – that’s how it works. It also helps to have a picture of a chamomile – try putting your hand on one until it tingles.

This exercise can eliminate charged states relating to frustration, which may have been sabotaging your efforts to resolve an issue. Whilst focusing on frustration, you may have been unaware of other underlying patterns /programs etc. which were calling for attention. Once the layer of frustration is removed, it can be easier to see what these are and to deal with them effectively.

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***Conscious conversations can take place when we enter into oneness with nature beings***

Thank you to photography from creative commons license on Wikipedia by Kallerna

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Home made apple pie

Home made apple pie

Much is written about ascension symptoms – usually tips on how to deal with the negative. I found a blog entitled Spirituality and 2012 on ascension symptoms. It had 571 comments and so had clearly struck a chord.

There were no less than 35 things to look forward to (NOT) from dizziness, loss of balance, back and neck pain, ringing in the ears, “gritty” eyes, insomnia, heart palpitations difficulty breathing, a tendency to cry, not remembering the meaning of anything and loss of identity to name but a few….

The list  included “a loss of desire for food,” which is not something I have experienced – quite the opposite in fact. It all started whilst I was doing a meditation on the planet last autumn. It was just a routine meditation, until my globe of the world transformed into a giant marshmallow covered in chocolate with a biscuit base. I remember these as a child – wrapped in sparkly tinfoil. It was just too delicious to observe, as I found myself devouring my marshmallow planet – a real sensory delight in the oneness.

This was the beginning of an ascension related heightened sense of smell and taste that come with a higher vibration. They are without doubt one of the more enjoyable ascension symptoms! Actually, it all started off with a sense of smell thing.

If I came across something on the internet that was energetically dodgey it would smell funny, and I knew right away to close that page. Equally, my sense of smell can now enhance a visual. The smell of sand in the desert is one I remember in particular when watching a video on the Giza pyramids as I could taste it as well. Or the joy of sniffing a large bunch of fresh thyme, straight from a market stall.

One disadvantage of the higher vibration is that I have become highly sensitive to dairy, wheat and sugar and can only indulge from time-to-time in such cravings. Vanilla ice-cream has got to get the top slot. That’s not just vanilla ice-cream – we are talking full-fat organic ice-cream with vanilla that apparently comes from Madagascar.

The ice-cream thing got to such an intense stage that I put in a manifestation request to one of the new earth planes  for `ice-cream trees.` The idea is that these trees would have fruit that is flavoured and textured to your favorite ice-cream, but without the sugar and dairy. Think double chocolate chip with no calories.

Back to the practicalities of the so-called “real” world,  here are a couple of my current healthy but indulgent ascension snack tips to help satisfy even the most heightened taste buds. Hot chocolate made with oat milk and pure coco powder (no sugar) – lots of lots of it – two heaped tablespoons for just one cup gently warmed. Also,  pecan nuts dipped in honey – yum. If you really want to go over the top try them together. It’s what I call breakfast at the moment.

My favorite trick to get around an especially intense food sensation day is to watch the British series of MasterChef – the professionals. This way I can get to “taste” the experience without challenging my waist-line!

Here’s an example from the 2o12 final:

Described as a “texture and taste sensation”, how about Kerry’s (minute 43 on video): Green olive and pistachio cake, white chocolate parfait, marshmallows, fresh raspberries and a raspberry coulis.

Or if you prefer something richer, how about Anton’s (minute 48, 29 seconds): Dark chocolate cylinder filled with caramel, banana parfait which shards of honeycomb tuile, a banana bread disc, roast banana and finished with caramel dots and popping candy….

(the video has been taken down so cannot link but you get the picture).

Sometimes I feel as if there are ” beings” looking through my eyes into the world. Just like when ET opens a fridge for the first time in the movie – they too are in wonder at such a sensory discovery process.

All I can say is that if part of my “Be-ingness” is to share and channel the vibration of delight as experienced in the amazing diversity of our food; the sights, smells and tastes up to our stellar sisters and brothers – then bring it on!

Previously – Ascension, food and chocolate post

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Photo from Dan Parsons – creative commons – on Wikipedia

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Hello there – you are beautiful – really sweet! You said that you want to talk about sorrow but you don’t look or feel sad?


A salamander talks about about sorrow

The experience of sorrow can also bring comfort.

How so? Don’t we seek comfort to avoid feelings of sorrow?

See me as I wriggle and rub my skin against the earth. Rubbing off particles of skin, sloughing off the sorrow.

Do you feel sorrow?

No – but in times of change and turmoil humans can a lot.

Yes – sorrow does come with the human experience.

It’s very beautiful to watch when you let go of sorrow?


Yes – little multi-coloured specks dissipate as they leave your energy field.

I would have thought that the vibration of sorrow was heavy?

Whilst at the “lower” end of the spectrum, it has the capacity to loosen and facilitate letting go which is a positive energetic release.

So sorrow can act as a catalyst.


All the same, I’d prefer other means of letting go given the choice.

The vale of tears is beautiful in the early morning light. Pure – intense.

There is much human sorrow on the planet. How does this manifest on a collective level as you see it?

It rises up into the clouds above the planet where it is transmuted and rains down again. Nothing is lost. No wastage. Re-cycling as you would say. All human emotions are really precious.

So sorrow does not get sent to the cosmic landfill site then!


Salamanders are symbolically associated with change and transformation – you even shed your own skins. Is this how you understand the transformation of human sorrow.

Sorrow is a type of alchemical process. It works like this. Two opposites come together. Sorrow and joy in play and undulation. One would not be possible without the other. It is a game of observation in intensity which is why the fireworks are so beautiful.

Whilst I can understand this at a certain level, human sorrow is often linked to material destruction, illness and other things that cannot quickly be processed.

Human emotions are like elastic. You can stretch them out and they can snap back quickly into shape. You can take a band and stretch it out and keep it extended if you wish to experience that vibration for longer. Longer or shorter – that is the choice.

Sorrow is a complex emotion. Whilst on a conscious level a person may believe that a certain experience has run its course, unconscious issues may hold them back from moving on – all a bit of a struggle really.

The starfish can help.



Thank you for all you have shared with us.

Dear Starfish – how can you help when we feel stuck in sorrow and struggle?

A star fish offers to help

A star fish offers to help

The dial of destiny can be switched. See the outstretched shape of a starfish being moved clockwise or take your starfish friend, place it on your face and like a clock move one click to the right.

That’s amazing.

Starfish have a `click point connection` that can bring together lower and higher vibrations.  A sort of centrifuge when you want to swap dualities. We can work through mermaids as an intermediary.

Mermaids exist?

Yes (at a certain dimensional level) Guardian Angels of the seas.

Do you get many requests for this sort of thing directly from humans?

When the human heart opens to the seas and to the abuse and pollution of the sea beings, there is a healing place where we can connect directly in the oneness.  Starfish were there at the beginning (creation) when the full spectrum of emotions was being agreed.

How was it decided that you play this role in relation to sorrow?

It was our connection to the raw core elements at the heart of the earth. Like you have a table of the elements (periodic table) there is a table of the emotional field in the natural world.

Are you happy for people to approach you directly in times of sorrow and ask for help.


Thank you that’s very kind and generous. You really are so cool – yet so forgotten in a sense – as you  sit on the ocean bed.

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***Conscious conversations can take place when we enter into oneness with nature beings***

Photography from Wikipedia on creative commons license. A salamander by Chrischan and a starfish by Briana.

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The other day I was taken on a journey in my head – up and down stairs, around many bends and into a new understanding of how intent (via our brains) has an important part to play in accessing and manifesting the new dimensional light stream expressions.

I was also shown an image of a child’s bike with training (support wheels).  This is probably how our higher selves and other higher dimensional beings see us in this transitional phase – how funny!

Here’s the free quadrants-keys-first-edition based on my experience of working with them over the past few months.


Also, following doing this exercise daily for about a week  – a firewall to ascension appeared in my field today 7 January.  Psychically it was as if molten lead had been poured on my head and this in turn prevented the colour connections being made. This was really interesting – as I have personally found the exercise a highly effective way of re-wiring the brain and accessing other dimensions. So we dealt with it.

Happy New Year! from the 5D Girl Team and thank you to Lasersfreak Nohoe for the amazing light show.

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