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The other day I heard spiritual surrender described as the “dreaded S word.” And it’s true that if you look it up in a dictionary, the description of surrender is somewhat off-putting.


verb (used with object)

1.To yield (something) to the possession or power of another; deliver up possession of on demand or under duress: to surrender the fort to the enemy; to surrender the stolen goods to the police.

2.To give (oneself) up, as to the police.

3.To give (oneself) up to some influence, course, emotion, etc.: He surrendered himself to a life of hardship.

4. To give up, abandon, or relinquish (comfort, hope, etc.).

5.To yield or resign (an office, privilege, etc.) in favor of another.

verb (used without object)

6.To give oneself up, as into the power of another; submit or yield.


Yet, the many levels and layers of “surrender” are a critical part of the spiritual journey. The other night as I lay awake I asked the DM to show me how to surrender in totality – 100% of the time. “Show me” I asked and she did in the form of an armadillo which announced himself shortly afterwards.

Over the next couple of days, my armadillo friend and I were inseparable. I slept with my hand on his picture at night and either sat on him as I worked during the day (sorry dear one!) or propped him up against my screen.

Here he is:

An armadillo helps out with the process of surrender.

An armadillo helps out with the process of surrender.

The first thing he did was help to hold the space. This was in part by just being there, but we also imbued a bath with Armadillo “essence” so that it would seep into the physical body at a deep level.

He then showed me how he could help with his x-ray vision so as to identify blockages to surrender in my fields. These manifested visually as small pockets of resistance, that were highlighted/outlined as the scaled coat of an armadillo. They varied in size and shape. But each time I was able to process the fear or whatever it was that was hindering surrender by honing in on that point. We worked in this way for a couple of days.

We then went on a journey through the elements of fire, earth, water and wind. Bertie, the dragon (one of my guides) came along for the ride and I hopped on his back.

Each element held its own process of purification – where I was given the opportunity to deal with various blockages/issues around surrender. Finally, we went to a cave where Bertie’s  mother lived and we actually had to fly into her fire breath and deep inside her. It was a bright pink fire and it led to my own heart which had at its center a beautiful wild red rose.

On the first night I woke up with my hand (placed on this armadillo image) tingling. In the time that followed, it felt as if my body was suspended between heaven and earth – held in space and time – such that every organ, every muscle, every cell was in a state of total relaxation. A sense of “meltingness” that it is hard to express in full – a “softening” into a state of inexorable expansiveness and bliss.

My body was very very happy with what was going on and whilst there was still some chatter in the mind, the physical feeling was so overpowering and wonderful that any mental questioning was muffled out. This was it I thought – just a question of holding the vibration through the day as well.

This lasted for a couple of nights, but on the third night – the sensation did not come. What had happened? It was explained that we can have a `peak` experience of truth and that we find our way back to it over and over – until we no longer drop away from it. And, importantly that the Divine Mother’s definition of surrender is Unconditional Trust. I was guided to gently explore this issue and address anything that required attention.

The first thing that came to mind was an experience last autumn when the Divine Mother spoke to me -“it’s all going to be fine,” she said.  I was just sitting at my desk working, when a voice came from behind. Never before or since have I experienced anything like this. It came as a complete surprise – especially as Her voice was loud, unexpected yet full of kindness and certainty.

Then the revelation came… if the DM had come directly with reassurance that everything would work out just fine – there was no reason to worry about anything in my life, financial or otherwise. It was all already taken care of – all I needed to do was to trust Her unconditionally. This realisation brought with it an intense outpouring of emotion, as I thanked Her for this support and acknowledged/apologised for the part of me that had not been able to grasp the gift of this knowingness and reassurance.

I was one of those children who tended to do the opposite of what they were told. So when my mother advised never to touch a live plug sockets as “it’s dangerous”, I decided that it would be fun to do exactly that. So I found a metal bar from a game in the playroom,  and then then connected directly to a live power point…

However hard I tried, it was impossible to pull myself away from the huge surge of electrical energy that shook my body as a turned into jelly. I was stuck, totally powerless. All of a sudden and with great force I found myself thrown across the room and was free from the connection. An angel or guide  must have stepped in and saved my life   Don’t think I ever told my mum for fear of getting into trouble.

Fast forward to the exercise/meditation where you go back to the inception or entry/source point of a trajectory, time-line, series of events,  pattern etc.  As soon as we began, the DM appeared as a blue outline image.  This was going to be an important release. When I saw the inception point, it felt just like being electrocuted as a child. My bare foot was being held in a powerful source of negative energy that was preventing me from surrendering in full. So we heart melted it in pink starlight so all could be brought into balance.

The remainder of the night was spent in bliss. It’s all a bit of a blur. It was as if this state of surrendered release had always been there and was just waiting to be discovered.  And that it was the core connection to my true and authentic self –  that was at the same time the connection with the Divine – as expressed in the particle that is Nicola.

We are all so blessed to have the potential to progress at such speed in these times. 

Copyright © 2013 Nicola Bosdet. All Rights Reserved.

***Conscious conversations can take place when we enter into oneness with nature beings***

With thanks the picture of the Armardillo comes from creative commons license on Wikipedia.

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The_Earth_smallestDear Gaia – thank you so much for opening up your bandwidth to us and for sharing this information.

When we teleport does our body come with us?

You have an outer casing of cells that can be used to re-package the distilled essence of your intent in an extruded  “physical” presence/form.  This happens whilst the mother-ship physical body remains at home base.

Does it also require the intention of the being that you are visiting to teleport?

The oneness radar connection is where this takes place.

How do we get back?

Your mother-ship body calls you home when it is time. All is called from home.

Do we experience the body in the physical when we teleport –  if I visit a friend can we have cup of tea together?

All will be functioning for that period of intent.

Can we transport things?

You can “absorb” into your body presence to re-extrude back in the same way when you return.

So is the teleportation process similar for nature beings?


Could I be somewhere and have tea and cakes?

Yes – for you are partaking of the essence – a sharing of that vibrational signature though space and time. The teleportation “intents” are  “packages”. They are complete and so it is known. It has been agreed in advance.

What happens if we want to stay longer?

You have to give up the concept of control. It is not to be used in that way. It is of the moment. If is of my flow, it is of my essence as so are you all.

Will children be able to teleport?

Yes – some already do.

So if we are in two places at once where is our consciousness held?

In both.

So we are in two places at once?


When we teleport, do we take on the same physical appearance or can we have other avatar shapes?

You will prefer to keep your own body image – that which is familiar is easier to call home.

Is it possible to get stuck and not be able to get back to the home body?

No – that won’t happen.

How common will teleportation be?

It will be protected – so it’s not a question of numbers or amounts. The capability is there for as long as I so choose. The are levels and layers of protection.

How does it happen?

See a DNA strand as a concentrated “collective” of the DNA in your own body. This DNA strand is a portal/entry point. A divinely combined/re-combined joint Mother Divine/Gaia expression.

Imprint the “intent package”  (where you want to go and why) into the DNA strand and put it at the centre of your heart. Then see your own heart at the centre of Gaia in her heart. Watch the DNA as it spins around in a firework display of love and melts into the Gaia `heart creation soup.`

*Another visualisation is to go to Gaia – as if at the centre of the earth – (sit in the heart space as described above) and then project/launch outwards from that point to the desired location. The DNA can also be seen as a mini space ship – with an activation button – that has the ability to navigate through the green Gaia `heart creation soup.`  

How might this expression be used?

Through the heart, but if the “intent package” is not properly in place – it will not happen. The channel is predominantly for the purpose of co-creation.

Can we travel to the stars?

Yes – for star sisters and star brothers, the transmission of information back into the body and through the body is to be shared both ways – this has not previously been possible.

Will teleportation  remain with us into the future?

It is a divine expression at this stage of the journey.

I’d like to travel the planet to have conversations with nature beings  directly– will that be possible?


Can we teleport with others or in groups to the same location?


Gaia Transit (Teleportation) Key Points

  • Key is within the DNA – there is a blocker on DNA currently re:teleportation. But it can be turned off. Ask to go to the point in time and space where this ability was closed down to deal with that.
  • We actually have to “enter” our own DNA  – see the DNA in your body as a “collective.”
  •  The teleportation “intents” are packages that we create.
  • It’s as if a distillation of our essence is extruded and then physically re-packaged in a new moment of intent.
  • The band-width is Gaia and we travel down her birth canal.
  • We are re-birthed into a sacred new experience – this takes place without any fear.
  • The vibration is experienced as the flow of that intention or a series of flows.
  • Teleportation is a question of choice and ability – Gaia will decide  how long the channel remains open.

I’ll up-date this entry if more information comes to light. Up-date – April 2013 – the colour quadrant/key method can be applied and helps to create the package field required.

for interdimensional travel – try this at 38 degrees

Transport/connection runway

Transport/connection runway

Many thanks again to Gaia.

Copyright © 2013 Nicola Bosdet. All Rights Reserved.

***Conscious conversations can take place when we enter into oneness with nature beings***

Image comes from Apollo blue marble image of earth from Wikipedia (creative commons)

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