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Humans don’t quite understand the amazingness of minerals. I’m so delighted that we are making the connection today.

What is it like being used as one of the ingredients in chemtrails?

It’s hard to express how deeply we “feel” the vibration within all this contradiction.

What do you mean by contradiction?

Brothers and sisters, nature beings of the planet – minerals and chemical derivatives bonded at birth – to be split open and re-purposed and re-packaged in a configuration that is harmful to the natural world.

Surely nature understands that it’s not your fault. What do the skies say?

Their lungs are aching over California and elsewhere – constricted respiration.

How does it feel to the sky when they are spraying – to the air?

She (the rock) coughs.

You mean it’s hard to breathe?

Yes – the chi/prana – it’s all over the place – so the symmetry has been lost.

Can you tell us more about this symmetry?

It is no longer pristine – the inter-connectedness is being damaged. The sky to the earth, heart-bonded sister connection, becomes strained. Like hands reaching out – but that are withered and tired. Always there for each other, but tired and withering.

That’s awful – I’m so sorry.

And then there are the children…

What do you mean?

Little cloudlets that scamper across the skies, shading the earth on days when the sun is strong and providing rain to nourish, rejuvenate and regenerate the soil. Disruption. Poison. Wrong sort of chaos. Disconnect. Not in synch. Twisted out of shape.

She coughs again.

What about the earth? The soil, the trees, the vegetables and the plant kingdom.

She shows me an image of a spade digging up dry, barren soil where nothing can grow.

What happens when the chemtrail dust/residue comes down?

It’s not like icing sugar on a cake.

No – what is it like then?

There is a heaviness. It’s as if all the lights go out. Like a net has been cast over the energetic field in which they (plants, trees etc) play – control of expression.

She coughs again.

Broken chains.

What chains are broken?

The chains that make up the symmetry. The ancient templates of oneness.

What do the templates look like?

The template of the overlay for the sky and the template for the underlay of the land were synchronised together to work as a whole. As one, in equilibrium.

So what you are saying is that the chemtrails are disrupting the balance of nature?

It’s more than that. They are pulling apart the threads that make up the chains.

I’m trying to imagine these chains. What do they look like?

Decorated with hand-painted brush strokes from angels – they were. When all was in fire and ore – molten. They’ve gone too far, they have gone too far back. They don’t know what they are doing.

Who – the scientists?

Yes – they are un-picking creation at a molecular level.

Some say they want to control the weather patterns. What’s your view on this? She shows me a visual of structures with antenna type projections. Are you saying that the HAARP activity is part of the problem?

Yes – stretching the threads so they snap.

Double whammy.


How do you see the future with all this?

She gives me a visual of dark storm clouds.

Can you take me on a journey and show us? (it begins). We go back a long, long, time along many windy paths and down again. Are we going back to before the creation of the planet? I ask. Is there a destination?

Finally we arrive at a cave – a darkish chamber. I see liquid glass being blown into beautiful creations – new planets.

Where are we?

Where the chains are made.

Back in time?

Yes. We all melted into one you see and it is this oneness that is at risk. The chains are the “chains” of Creation – that which links all of the “livingness”.

I understand.

Many humans are feeling the effect of the chemtrails on both a physical and spiritual level – can you comment on this?

“They” don’t realise what they are doing? The inter-connectedness between you and us is also being destroyed.


The human earth Gaia connection, the connection with the stars – all are being confused. Hard to know where you are. Body is confused. Mind is confused. Spirit is confused.

My heart hurts – is there anything we can do?

She coughs again.

Help with respiration. Healing cannot take place unless we can breathe better.

There must be something we can do to help you all to breathe more easily?  As the French would say – soulager – to ease and alleviate, to provide relief. 

So that we can  – soupirer – (word for sigh in relief in French) she replies. Yes, it’s time for us all to breathe together in the oneness.

What will happen if we don’t?

She takes me back to the cave that we visited and to one of the beautiful blown glass creations. As I watch it explodes into smithereens. From the creation of a planet to the destruction of a planet.

Thank you so much for all this insight.


Copyright © 2013 Nicola Bosdet. All Rights Reserved.

***Conscious conversations can take place when we enter into oneness with nature beings***

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Light beings (friends) arrived from other planetary systems in December 2012 and now reside in inter-dimensional New Earth planes. Welcome! Way showers helped “sign-post” and hold the space as this happened. There was also portal mayhem at the time with unhelpful energies unwittingly invited into earth planes causing confusion on the high-ways –  entrances had to be re-aligned so that the priority “traffic” could pass.

In January I was shown that four colour quadrants in the body can be used to help elevate and balance our vibrations. Once you have mastered the four quadrants there are a collection of rainbow keys to further refine and optimise these vibrations. They can be used for everything from experiencing the vibration of knowingness to maintaining equilibrium across the various fields as well as the physical body. These are interim tools to help with the transition into our light bodies as we start to remember. More coming soon.

Meet your DNA – The roots of the trees provide road-maps across the body and like synapses these have energetic star points that join to light up. Help to light yours by sitting in a DNA “bath.”Create a beautiful backdrop and then go back in time to a point when you were both better acquainted. Clink a glass of champagne together in celebration.  It is now time to come forth and shine. Embrace this emerging knowingness in your own DNA Walz. Make the planet your ballroom and watch as others join the dance.

Jellyfish come forward to help hold the space as our bodies integrate in the new light streams. She says: “your organs are not singing together and we can help to hold the space as you integrate.” The Jellyfish tells us that her tentacles are for moon-bursts and love bubbles. “We flow with the cycles of the moon – in synergy with the ebb and flow of Her heart. Little light transmitters across the oceans – tingling with the love/heart connection. Our soothing vibration can help with the integration of embodiment energies.” Try a visualisation where jellyfish float through your body when things feel out of balance.

A white fox shows the truth

A white fox shows the truth

An arctic white fox advised on how to turn up the love vibration. He explained that sometimes humans can be prevented from accessing the full vibration of the heart as a magnetic energetic implant has been put in place making it harder to reach top velocity. To address this issue, imagine that there are rain clouds around your head. The rain starts falling – it is wet and cold. Focus on your heart space as the clouds rotate around your head in clockwise direction. Expand your vision sideways and outwards as you do so.  Then watch as the rain turns to warm rainbow droplets and liquid love melts the dissonance. Finally,  the clouds change direction and a xylophone plays or there is another sign  – all is healed. 

This little  friend can help with self-nurturing

This little friend can help with self-nurturing

A chameleon comes forward to help with the nurturing of the body – much needed whilst so much change at a physical level is underway. Sea-horses present to help with the vibration of spontaneity – visualise these floating through your body like the jelly fish. The receptivity of the body to new frequencies can be helped to open with the energy of the Romanesco Brassica ! So you can print pictures out (has to be colour) and sleep with them, sit on them, put them against the body, imbue the crystals with their energies, make essences by putting the images under a glass of water etc.

A rosehip says about doubt – “the vibration of doubt runs along perpendicular lines – stops and starts again.” Like a rosehip coulis!  That would be really nice with a sorbet. “Yes. You have a story – Joseph and the technicolour dream coat. So let’s start by identifying the colour of doubt”. To be continued…

Much is still being released with the ever-increasing light intensity.  I was most grateful when recently the laughter of a Kookaburra helped me to release old childhood traumas. Try listening to this if you have similar deep-rooted issues rising to the surface. It’s powerful healing.

Copyright © 2013 Nicola Bosdet. All Rights Reserved.

***Conscious conversations can take place when we enter into oneness with nature beings***

Thanks to photo taken by Ansgar Walk of the white fox – creative commons on wikipedia.

Walz of the Flowers is by film maker Aaron Buckley with thanks.

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