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This first section of this post is a Starseed perspective on the short Madagascar  (3 minute) video below.

Scene 1: The ascension/embodiment journey seems so long, much focus and intent required. But once you get to the other side and look back, those seemingly major challenges were in fact built up (by you) to be scarier than the actual reality.

Scene 2:  You are reminded that you were never alone on the path and that not only your own light teams, but many others were there watching and being as supportive as you allowed them to be. Yes – and they are delighted that you are through the final stage and have re-joined your light family.

Scene 3: So the party begins. This is the time to now express your true light authenticity through the multi-colour expression of your essence.  Starseeds now “Ignite the light and let it shine.” “It’s always been inside of you and now it’s time to let it through,” Baby you’re a firework – come on make your colours burst as you shoot across the sky.”*

Scene 4: And as new levels and layers of energetic vibration emerge on the planet – many different pathways leading to other places and alternative new earth planes. And that choice is there for each and every one of us should we wish to take it. This is the ticket you signed-up for. Have fun!

Fun Light Embodiment Tips:

Light Stream Games: When you go to bed at night, imagine that your body and energetic field are packed with different coloured pom pom balls. Start playing with intent through your fields.  Is there a red pom pom sitting in your aura that you can lob into the spleen space? Send the blue pom pom in your liver up to your crown chakra. The colours and locations are of your own creation and imagination.

Here’s another. Create wallpaper backdrops and insert them vertically through the body and field. What’s it going to be? multi-coloured butterflies or are you in the mood for floating in the middle of the ocean? Change scenes and have fun as you help your body and mind with the integration of the light stream colours. What is it like if you replace one for another? As you experiment, feel the vibration of being held in the new light flow.

Head to Head: Have a look at the relationship between your limbic brain and your brainstem. The brainstem is the part of the brain that locks into fear and low vibrations whereas the limbic system resonates with our emotions and inner truth on the spiritual side.  When I did this exercise I saw a tap that had been turned off such that the limbic system was not connecting to the brainstem. So we turned the tap back on so that they could both renew their loving connection and the flow between them was repaired. Next, have a look at your relationship with the other organs in the body. Better still, sit down and have a chat with them.

Colour Quadrant Activation: When this colour quadrant information came to me I was shown an image of a child’s bike with training (support wheels).  This is probably how our higher selves and other higher dimensional beings see us in this transitional phase – how funny! Become familiar with the resonance of these colours through the different quadrants of the body – they extend down through to the feet.

Play with different colour combinations until the various vibrations are second nature.  As you become more adept try playing some chords. Activate different resonances together. What happens if you do all four at once? Swizzle them around as if they are coloured spot-lights in a night club. Build upon the brain activation by creating your own colour quadrant dance floor – Saturday Night Fever style! Once you have activated this platform you can start to work with the colour coded keys.

Heart to Head: The heart and the head start off together in the embryo. If you look at the way the brain and the heart are structured you can see the connection. Over time, our relationship between the two has diminished.  My brain also felt left out on the spiritual journey as I chided it for my sub-conscious and unconscious thoughts and unnecessary worry.  In fact, I had to apologise to my brain for constantly telling it to take a break and go on holiday! Here’s a trick to help reconnect the two.


Take the four quadrants of brain and imagine that they form a space-ship.  This space-ship is coming down to dock into the four chambers and ventricles of the heart. Simplistically it can be seen as this illustration.

Ask what the docking `protocol`colour combination is for you.  Does your code consist of the same colours as your quadrants, but just in a different order? That’s what happened when I did this. I also filled in the bit in-between with pink starlight.  And, if your quadrants are not red, blue yellow and green – that’s fine too – we are all different. Since doing this exercise I have had a much better relationship between my own heart and head connection.

Jellyfish can help to hold space in our bodies

Jellyfish can help to hold space in our bodies

Nature Beings – Here to Help: Jellyfish were crucial for me in the early stages of light embodiment as they helped to both anchor the new energies as well as filter out anything unhelpful. The jellyfish told us: “your organs are not singing together and we can help to hold the space as you integrate. We flow with the cycles of the moon – in synergy with the ebb and flow of Her heart – little light transmitters across the oceans.” Our soothing vibration can help with the integration of embodiment energies.” Try a visualisation where jellyfish float through your body when things feel out of kilter.

Copyright © 2013 Nicola Bosdet. All Rights Reserved. The lyrics quoted from the Madagascar video clip are from Katy Perry. Madagascar 3 clip from Chandra Vravi You Tube channel with thanks.

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This conversation was different to normal in that the communication was largely through visuals when it is normally the other way around.

Hello dear little ones – I thought that perhaps as you are so young that you wouldn’t have the knowledge, but you reached out to me and it was impossible to say no! And of course the information is in your own DNA.

Silly me!

DNA is quite a controversial subject. Many people believe that we have useless junk DNA in our bodies. What do you have to say about that?

Silly humans!

Baby Mongooses shine the spotlight on a DNA blocker

Baby Mongooses shine the spotlight on a DNA blocker

Yes – how are the light-stream energies entering the planet helping with the activation of our DNA?

I am firstly shown a bundle of wires that are all twisted and then little worms wriggling around.

Is it important to remember that our DNA is a living being?

They then show me a caterpillar that is sloughing off its skin to become a butterfly – an image of beauty and hope.  But this is quickly followed by two more images; one of a fish hook and then a bird that wants to eat the worm. These depictions bring with them a feeling of vulnerability.

Is the activation of our DNA at risk – is there a danger? I ask.


What might this be?


Be quiet? Ah – quieten down my mind. Yes, it has been a long day and I did not sleep well last night either. I’m tired.

Let’s play!

Ok! Shall we play `hide and seek` with the DNA?


What do “they” want to do with it? I am then shown a vat of boiling oil with an image of it being poured onto the DNA to cauterise and prevent growth.


Musical notes are trying to break out – so “they” must prevent full expression of authentic humans.

I guess you could say that environmental factors like GM, chemtrails, pesticides and the general fear vibration are all geared towards that….

What can we do to protect our DNA so that we can evolve and expand dear little ones?

I see a silk scarf of many rainbow colours. What do we do with this scarf? I ask them. This image is followed by marbles (possibly ball bearings) rolling around. What do we do with the marbles? I ask, and am told that “they” are “preventing happy movement” of the DNA.

Can we go inside my DNA and play`hide and seek`? Yes – we swim inside to find mini cannonballs flying around and marbles being pinged all over the place by catapults. It is a pretty crazy scene. Is human DNA under attack? I ask.


I am then shown a visual of a cloud (hidden source). Implant or device?


Trying to make sense of this I ask to be taken back to the rainbow scarf.  One of the baby mongooses goes either side to flip it like a skipping rope with me in the middle.  However, as I start skipping my bare feet touch down on fire-hot red coals underneath.

The baby mongooses then show me that the energetic movement of the DNA is being hindered in that it cannot stretch and expand to its full potential. Another way of looking at this is that there has been a cauterisation or blocking of our relationship with our DNA, and our “undulation”  or connection with its full potential.

They suggest that the solution would be to oil the DNA – but in a different cool and lubricating way so as to to loosen things up. That would be good medicine.

You need to be able to slip and slide better – it will be easier.

If there is a device or implant –  can we please remove it?


Are we going to play`hide and seek’ again?


Is this device or implant to be found in the DNA strand?

No – it’s in the brain.

I try and get a location fix by using the colour quadrant/key tool that I have been shown to `search and find` but nothing comes up which is highly unusual – in fact this has never happened before. “It” wants to hide. So I ask the mongooses to help.

Let’s play a game – I want you both to guess a colour! They do so and Emerald quadrant (intensity of 6) is shown. What colour key(s) now? Interestingly, quite a few came up. Sapphire (6), Pink with Stars (3), Gold (7) and Pistachio (14). These combinations are different for everyone in any given moment so that was just what applied to me at the time.

As one of the Pistachio drops melts in my heart, I see some dissonance and deal with this immediately. But it all becomes clearer when we move through the final filter of the clouds above my head. This is the point where normally one can enter into the oneness.

But this time I find chaos. A bit like hell on earth – there is a subtle religious undertone.  The French word “renverser” or to turn upside down comes to mind. We retreat quickly down to the heart to work out what to do next.

It’s a new game called Surprise!

I am shown that we are to explode the alchemical colour combination in a star burst.  We stay under cover until the potency is balanced and then move quietly up through the clouds- ready this time. Spontaneously, I clap my hands and let out a small cry as we move into what was a hell-realm space only a few moments before.

All of a sudden the clouds clear and I feel a warmth on my forehead. There is also a strong re-alignment through the head. All is done.

Thank you so much little ones for guiding me so perfectly.Your incredible insight and wisdom belies your youth.

There are many other questions that I would like to ask about DNA, but I sense that you would rather go off and play now – so perhaps another time?

See here for further information on the quadrants.

***conscious conversations can take place when we enter into oneness with nature beings***

Copyright © 2013 Nicola Bosdet. All Rights Reserved.

Baby mongooses playing in Channai, India from Wikipedia creative commons – with thanks

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The Cenote Sagrado was a place of pilgrimage for the ancient Maya people at Chichen Itza in Mexico. Cenotes are deep water sinkholes formed by water percolating through the soft limestone above and they stretch across the region in underground lakes.

This information co-incided with a 5D Girl Team conversation with a pyramid about the end of the Mayan Calendar as both are in the same location.

Portal entry site

Portal entry site

It relates to a stargate portal that you can enter through the Cenote Sagrado. It had already been recently activated at the time and co-incides with Latin America as an energetic hub.

The breath-energy-prana that enters at the cenote says that duality is done.  It is one of many tools and new levels of insight that are coming on tap in the next couple of years and can be accessed by lightworkers for healing and manifestation.

We are pulled in via an access point near the middle left of the cenote and it immediately feels as if one is in a gentle bath in the stars. The space is best described as granary storehouse where energetic grains are kept. These are seeds or star essences full of nourishment that can be sown and distributed across the world.

They are a beautiful and multi-faceted source of renewal and rejuvenation with the undercurrent of a very soft energy. For example, if there was a mission to do in an area of the earth that had been ravaged or where there is great ignorance, scattering these seeds can bring healing.

We can take the star seeds and throw them into the wind – something to be done with great care, attention and love when the timing is right. Star pollen that can also be used as a “potency” and spun or woven into the threads leading to new earth planes and the creation of new realities.

The energetic potential to create something new and quite fabulous is now activated.  A huge vibrational potentiality from the stars for creative growth and expanded awareness.

This is a re-opened point rather than a new entrance. Back in time it got contaminated and its quality of childlike innocence was abused. Due to a lack of respect and nurturing by humans it was closed off. That might have happened when it started to be used for human sacrifice. The original ground rules were not respected.

The cenote pools are like a birth canal and umbilical in nature through which this pristine purity can enter the planet. Exquisitely beautiful – very soft – it feels as if you are in the womb. In this place the star grains are safe. It is also filtered and pure here. You can access the essence directly from the cenote rather than have to go up into the stars.

The land around the outer area of the cenotes is very fertile and has an energy of deep longing and a desire to bring through the energy at this time.

The whales were involved in the opening of this portal – the whales and the whale frequency are working across the planet with or without us.There are also jaguars in the vicinity of the pools who act as protector beings.

The activation took place when the eyes of the jaguars lit up in oneness with the beingness of the cenote pools and the star map connection was made.

Cenote video on nicnac YouTube channel with thanks. Photography from E.Kehnel on Wikipedia with thanks.

Conscious conversations can take place when we enter into oneness with nature beings. Copyright © 2013 Nicola Bosdet. All Rights Reserved.

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This is by way of sharing a meditation that came to me last autumn and was helpful in opening up the body more fully to Gaia flow.


It’s as if our energetic connection with nature has been smashed at various points in the body – specifically knees, hips, elbows, shoulders.  One of the many veils put in place to take us away from our organic nature connection. This first meditation relates to the knees specifically.

The Meditation

Lie on your side – and feel the ancient longing in the body to drawing-up the Gaia breath from the earth.  The knees are on top of each other – my legs were slightly bent at the time. Imagine each knee as a globe of the world and as you do so, superimpose both these globes into one globe point as both knees come together in oneness with the earth.

Then focus your full attention on your knees as if you are in meditation with them.

My own experience was of an incredible heaviness which manifested as slight discomfort. It reminded me of how acupuncture can feel on the kidneys if one is very tired. It was as if this important Gaia connection between us and the earth had been drought ridden for a very very long time. Such that the connection to the `now remembered` waters of love also resonated with a deep emptiness and longing to be filled again.

If necessary, for relief whilst doing this stretch out the legs down to the earth star and the arms up to the stars in the sky – then return to the original position until you have processed all and any fears, images, distortions, blockages etc. that had been helping to hold this veil in place.

Once this bit is done sit up and feel the energy as it comes up the spine to the head where like a fountain it flows back over the body.  As this takes place rotate the head around to the right.  When I did this,  further down the body an ancient point opens – like a large round stone – it is the opening of a long dormant point.  In the sacrum area a spinning white translucent plate soft as a spiders web appears – like a new operating system.

Return the focus to the head – imagine it turns into a crane (as in the bird) as it soars down past your heart through the body and down into the ground to the heart of Gaia. Send down your brain to Gaia in the form of the crane as she dives.


It’s as if we return to our authentic orbit in the oneness.  We were taken out of our natural cycle with nature but can now return to it. Their (the nature beings) language, their understanding, the inter-connectedness with Gaia.

The new earth vibrations also have homes in the body – points with which they resonate in particular. Like a treasure hunt it will be fun for us to find them. They group together in musical resonances to reflect a new way of understanding and oneness with nature.

A crane helps with the meditation

A crane helps with the meditation

Photograhy from J.M.Garg with thanks on Wikipedia – creative commons.

Copyright © 2013 Nicola Bosdet. All Rights Reserved.

Conscious conversations can take place when we enter into oneness with nature beings.

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A Rosehip talks about the vibration of  doubt

A Rosehip talks about the vibration of doubt

When we first started this conversation I was on the Eurostar and it broke down  – we had to switch trains and so our chat was never finished.

Your berries are so beautiful and bursting with life – no doubt there then!

Why do you doubt?



I often doubt that humans will get their act together when it comes to the planet. Whilst we understand about the ravages of pollution, not enough is being done fast enough in my humble opinion.

Also, there are those on the spiritual path who are doubtful and critical of anything that does not resonate with their own belief system and how they perceive the world.  

This vibration lessens their receptivity to the light-stream energies currently showering the planet as well as being toxic for others. I find it puzzling that doubt is so prevalent in the spiritual arena….

As a rosehip what is your understanding of the vibration of doubt?

Doubt runs in perpendicular lines – stops then starts again.

Like a rosehip coulis!

the stop-start of a doubt coulis

the stop-start of a doubt coulis

Doubt can cause people to question who they are and what they are about. How can we avoid being led astray by doubt?

You have a story – Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat.

I don’t remember how it goes but yes.

This coat was made of many colours – correct?


And what happens when you use the thread of doubt in the creation of your own dream coat?

It would be tainted. Whilst on the surface it would still look beautiful it would not hold up to close inspection.

Yes – and for those doubters the threads of doubt are very strong and tightly pulled together. So what would happen if these threads were cut?

The coat will fall apart?

Yes – for doubt is just a position of hold-out for those who are fearful of seeing the real colour of truth.

The real colour of truth?

For the real colour of truth is in fact ALL colours. There is no I am right and you are wrong colour in truth. It changes in every moment.

Is truth the absence of doubt?



Doubt is one vibration. Truth is all vibrations as expressed in the truth of the light.

So truth can be considered an opposite of doubt in that case?

They can play with each other in that sense.

As I said the line of doubt starts and stops. Is this my truth? – move forward – do I resonate with this? – stop. This is how I see it – move forward. They don’t see it like this – stop as you consider their perception. I don’t care what they think – move forward again.

Doubt is a continuous stop-start cycle whereas truth is continuous in the flow. No little rosehip seeds to stop and contemplate on the way. The essence of all my parts is fully integrated as in the flow of the truth.

Thank you dear one for this wisdom – your friend the Calcite had some interesting things to say about faith which links to doubt as well.

What is the 5D “colour” for truth? An eagle soaring on the horizon.

What resonance? The neighing of a white horse.

With thanks to Katerina for her pic of a raspberry coulis here is the receipe. Horse neighing from Phil’s YouTube channel with thanks.

With thanks to Morn for Rosehip image on Wikipedia – creative commons

Conscious conversations can take place when we enter into oneness with nature beings. Copyright © 2013 Nicola Bosdet. All Rights Reserved.

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On my goodness you are so lovely and cuddly!  You came to me this morning to talk about the Matrix and your advice would be most welcome. I am trying to get rid of some Matrix residue which somewhat resembles glue. 

It is actually in the nature of `devices` – smelly jelly – (says the panda).

A panda friend helps with dissolving the matrix

A panda friend helps with dissolving the matrix

Yes – it does look that way psychically. When I saw my field this morning there were swathes of the stuff and I thought I was just about done with the Matrix…

Yes, it is a jelly making device.

(I see a petri dish in a laboratory with an agar like substance on it). Thank you that’s really helpful. Does this happen in the final stages of dissolving the Matrix?

What do you do when something is broken?

Glue it together. I get it – so there is a sense of humour behind this one!

(I see a figure of a man laughing. He looks like he comes from a couple of hundred years ago and is in the creative arts – the theatre or a puppeteer – something like that.)

Did he make this? Shall we visit him for tea?

You can go deeper in order to facilitate the disintegration of this “connection wanting state” for that is the vibration we speak of here. It says “You really do want to stay with the Matrix don’t you”?

Let’s go back further to the point of more than one dawn and more than one horizon.

To a point where time-lines split?

Yes – into what you perceive as the future – back to the future to where the glue is made.

This is fun! I just need to get a glass of water – back shortly. So does the glue help to hold the Matrix together?

No – but it holds you to the Matrix. Are you ready?


(We return to the laboratory.  I am told – ossification of bones – which is a natural process of bone formation. The jelly in the petri dish consists of bones that have been rendered down to jelly).  Why are star sparkles being sprinkled into the mix – I don’t understand?

The glue jelly is identification with the essence of your own physical structure. So the fear is that if the structure breaks down, you will break with it. And the stars are just an extra twist. Are you going to abandon your hopes and dreams? Leave the Matrix and you will never find your star sisters and brothers.

Thank you. No wonder this thing had a hold over me – how clever…

So what can be done about this?

It’s easy.


Let’s ponder. Return to the point of more than one dawn and more than one horizon.

Are you coming too?


Gosh what a busy cross-roads – traffic everywhere.

We have to sit and wait now.


You’ll see.

I see just one line now and keep getting the image of an empty mould. Are we going to pour something into the mould?

No – we are going to watch.

I can see that male theatrical type figure again. Is he pouring the moulds?

No – he is watching too.

The machinery has a conveyor belt line with moulds and there is something expanding/filling up within each. Are we going to do something with the moulds, the machinery or both Wise One?

New dawn, new horizons – we now wait until the sun comes up. When it rises we will infuse your jelly.

Can we use the colour quadrant/key tool? 


Blue quadrant – intensity of four and pistachio key – intensity of four (the colour combination is unique to each individual at the time).

We start by infusing the blue quadrant in the body and then call forth and activate the pistachio key in my heart which melts into a pool of greenness. The two colour bodies then embrace in joy and expand to fill my field.

This energetic essence mist then gently rises from the heart and upwards through some clouds that sit above the head and to a point of  stillness where we enter into the oneness of the new dawn panda has described.

Can you please explain what just happened?

This vibrational colour mix will dissolve/transmute the illusion that the glue jelly is holding you in the Matrix. It is all just a show – one put on especially for you.

Wouldn’t it be easier to just go and deal directly with the device making the moulds?

No – the moulds are an important part of the game for `the collective’ and the show must go on for others even if it does not for you.

Wow – that’s really cool. Yes – and perhaps the male theatrical figure was in charge of running this particular show. Thank you again. Let’s celebrate!

I suggest cupcakes but my team want a full-on celebratory cake. I am reminded of one my mother used to bake for all our birthdays. It consisted of four layers of chocolate victoria sponge with whipped cream and black cherry jam spread between each layer, and to finish it off chocolate frosting and grated chocolate on the outside. I am shown candles being added. Well, if this is going to be my first day of true freedom why not make the most of it…. what a party!

More great Matrix songs:

Midnight Oil and Freddy Mercury

Copyright © 2013 Nicola Bosdet. All Rights Reserved.


Conscious conversations can take place when we enter into oneness with nature beings.  You Tube video link to Vargheart’s Channel. With thanks to Aaron Logan for panda pic – creative commons on wikipedia.

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