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In January I was shown four quadrants and keys and how to activate these. When this information arrived there was also a depiction of a child’s bike with training (support wheels). This is probably how our higher selves and other higher dimensional beings see us in this transitional phase -how funny!

In February, my higher self showed up with a set of colour keys. I put these safely in my heart and waited for instructions on what to do with them.

Quadrants and keys are a crystalline alignment tool that work in harmony with the new energies. The colour combinations produce extremely versatile frequencies, as expressed in bandwidths of light, which can used for everything from healing and identifying negative energies to mystical work.



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What will the New Earth Planes look like?

The new earth planes will have delicate links, translucent filaments of light that will interconnect with other planets and universes. A current, a multi-colour stream of the highest creative intent and potential will stretch out in every direction, pulsating in unison with the sun and the stars.

This complex and elaborate rainbow web will exude a beauty beyond your current comprehension. Beauty and love working together – beauty feeding love and love feeding beauty.

The new earth planes will be based on the new heart-felt connection of humans and nature beings breathing as one. Hand-in-hand, a partnership with the trees, plants, animals and other entities now respected as equals.

In unison they sing – we have come home – and we are here to share the joy of this remembering across the universe. Thank you to the heart-beat of the eternal star cycle for this momentous opportunity.

Will we all go to New Earth Planes?

Different light strand pathways will be available for those who choose to take them – a diversity of choice and plurality of thought and culture. So it is normal that people will make different decisions when the time comes.

Each will be guided by the light with which they resonate. Like a banquet or a feast there will be a full array of options and a multitude of flavours on offer. It is not that one is right and the other is wrong. It’s just that depending on one’s palate, you will be more inclined to choose one dish rather than another.

It will be a feast – a time of celebration and joy because all the hard work has been done. It will be a time of festivity.  And at a party you don’t enjoy it any less because people may go home separate ways at the end.

Where will the people who are not going to the New Earth go?

The people and nature beings who want to reside on the various new earth planes will all go there. Do not worry about the decision of others – their requests will also be met.

Is there a New Earth Plan?

The map of the new earth planes exist in the intertwined and deeply rooted knowledge of the trees. See this as finely interwoven fibres, each a knowledge pool of its own, interconnected with others so as to create even bigger pools of insight.

Such fibres in the trees of the current earth reality have been ripped apart, splintered and broken, destroying the natural and original dynamic. This authentic and original nature patterning is an absolutely essential part of the new earth plane planes.

It is important that humans understand and accept as truth this new universal law, this divine patterning.

This patterning holds the whole growth dynamic and creative potential of what can emerge. It will act like a kaleidoscope, a lens onto the universal potential. It also unfolds to reveal the new spiritual dialogue required between humans, the nature beings and our star family.

 How will we get there?

The timings, the landmarks sit already on the map but there are many maps and like sailors it is up to you – earth peoples – to set the course (your compass) for the path that you wish to take in the times ahead.

A boat requires the wind billowing in its sails, and for the sea channels to open if it is to speed to its destination.  The dolphins will work with the stars to ensure that all is in the perfect pattern for this to happen.

There will be a total and unconditional coming together at all layers and levels (that has always been the design – the grand plan), so that the portals interconnect and any uncertainty and doubt is cleared out.

Project the hope and love that you have into the twinkling gaze of the stars at night. Tune into the birdsong in your meditations and their blissful harmonies will help to soothe your souls.

How can we embrace and embody the new light energies?

The ecstatic light streams have been unbridled. Electric beam bundles of light. No beginning, no end. No short-circuits. Take them in your hands and weave them like a piece of cloth.

You are weaving your own garment of light.  As your embodiment is of your own divine creation it will be what you wish to “wear.” Do not wait for a predicted date in time for it to be – done unto you – as if divinely decreed or bestowed upon you by another.

What is the light garment of your choice? What colour(s)? What texture? What design? It is your choice. And if you choose to choose again you can do so – time and time again and in every moment if you so wish.

Like Christmas lights, your DNA will spark multi-coloured threads. The weave is in place – it is just that all has not been fully activated yet. This will happen sooner than you think. Blow into your hands as you weave – what are your heart’s intentions?  This is your light stream interface with the new energies. An ever changing expression of joy in the oneness.

The subtle frequencies will grow stronger as you soften into them. Your light garment reverberates with the new colour palette of infinite potentiality. You are here because you have done this before and will know exactly what to do.

Is there any advice for the coming shift?

If you find yourself intensely challenged, the ability to be flexible and versatile are essential. The energetic beams that you send out and the beams that you both absorb and pull into the bodily sphere must be able to change and dance in tune with the different times of the day.

Like a concerto, to transition you must move and breathe in concert with the universe. If you understand yourself as one body together with all other earth beings and merge in unison, it it will be easier to breathe and you will feel a fluttering of anticipation which says that despite the (temporary) turmoil all will be well.

This will be the most intense period of fire and purification that any of you could ever have imagined. It will be about energy, it will be about the wavelengths, a new basis for communication, a heart-worldly connection. You will start to discover and experience for the first time the real power to traverse fear. In a split second the fear and darkness will be filtered like silt to the bottom of the glass and the light body bubbles rise and bounce to the surface.

What else might we expect?

Filaments of light are breaking up the density shape form. The entities and beings (humans and others) that are pulsating in the new 5D reality are changing the actual structure, the composition of your atmosphere. This includes the air that you breathe and the water that you drink.

Threads of light are being woven into the matrix and are dissolving the reality construct. For all is connected, interconnected and one. Like a fountain of truth, the light will shine through. These light filaments will cascade into your reality; drip by drip, drop by drop, truth by truth. And in so changing the structure of the flow, it becomes more fluid.

Rotating in multi-dimensionality, these beams of light will undulate and they will weave and connect with other undulating lights so as to make infinite connections across the planet Earth. As a result, “reality” will quiver, thus creating a certain chaos and uncertainty for some and for others great delight!

As the warrior light of old is ending, the new light-stream undulates directly through the Universal Mother. Yes – she will direct you in the flow and protect you in the flow. All you have to do is trust and to follow the path that is offered.

In the times ahead, the energy of the children of the stars will act as a catalyst.  It will unlock different levels and layers through which light can be introduced. This energy will act like a flare. It will show hidden pathways through which light can be actively injected. Pathways, that would otherwise not have been so evident.

It will be like entering through the back door. In this way, resistance encountered due to fear or lack of confidence can be dealt with in a below-the-line way and at an unconscious level. For the resistance of the majority in number must not hinder the minority of greater intent and their ascension.

There is a window for the work to be done by these children and others. They are here to manifest by helping humans to reach a certain vibrational level. Their liquid energy will act as an accelerator, an impulse or what is required to reach a tipping point when the true separation of the essences will occur.

When a cup gets to the point where it will overflow, it overflows. And as all it needed to do was overflow, there is no need for it to overflow any further.

Likewise, as soon as the work is done, the next light experience commences.  For it is truly for this much awaited time that you are all here for. The other is just part of the interim transition.

Tell us about how we can shine better?

There are things that you can do to get to the point where you can shine 10 out of 10 if this is important to you and we can see that it is. That which you shine is the authenticity of your connection to nature and to the heart embodiment that is an expression of your soul. As you gain the confidence to radiate your Be-ingness and to connect through the heart and with the light as an equal, your signature essence will intensify and glow.

Imagine you are greeting a friend as you extend your radiance outwards to fill your field. Now, visualise a stream that circulates around the perimeter where your field ends. If you are not ready, take a deep breath  and sit  down and relax next to the stream, while you listen to the gentle burbling of the water. Meditate on the stream, pure and clear. Then go back to your heart – that is the key.

Feel safe in your heart. Then bounce with confidence back in the colour of your aspiration to the boundary of your domain again. See the light that borders the other side of your stream, white and intense. Cast caution aside and jump into the stream with abandon. Feel your body dissolve as it becomes a fluid colour swirl with the whiteness of the light as it joins you.

Here’s another meditation from the Elohim (Shine, shine, shine)

Sit under the stars and scan the universe as you look for one star in particular to tune into – you will know which one.  Then connect your chosen star in the sky with the diamond star in your heart. Put on your coloured star cloak to create a point of pulsation of ever growing impetus. Shine, shine, shine – actively reaching high up to make your star sister connection.

Continue to ramp up the momentum in the form of a spinning wheel – increasing with speed all the time. Shine, shine, shine, as with every bit of energy and intent available until you get to the point where the much longed for star connection is made. The stars are a reflection of the direct diamond heart connection we can all make as the divine window to the heavens opens.

(Whilst doing this, I felt an unexpected wave of intense sadness and understood how the matrix of our 3D reality has so prevented us expressing the authenticity of our longing to join our place in the stars).

Tell us more about our relationship with the Stars

This exchange of gifts – of you to the light and the light back to you – will put into motion a series of events. Pinpricks in the night sky will manifest as thousands upon thousands of diamonds, a shower of soul sparkle lights that will traverse time, cut through confusion.

The star patterning sends back a mirror image of deep-rooted Soul intent and purpose on Earth as reflected in the night sky.  And just for a moment, time will be still as the “as above – as below” potential swim together and lock in embrace and longing.

In this moment you will be able to step outside of yourselves and see and understand not just from the perspective of planet earth, but at a Universal level, the role you have to play. Also, how each of you can undertake this role as unique individuals, whilst being a part of the greater whole. A human soul connection with ALL.

This star light garland will symbolise the celebration of the Universe to the fact that humans are crossing the Threshold. That you will make this star connection as you are welcomed into the Universal family.

This twinkling garland in the sky is a reflection of each soul commitment to the new earth planes and the spiritual progression of humans. It is rare for a space to open in such a way that the connection made is this intensive and made by so many, be it in their own time. For it is not the time that matters – you see – as this connection will be made out of time as you know it.

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