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Happiest time: When many, many nature beings came together as one this summer including the bird kingdom, the insect family, the beings of the oceans, animals of The Amazon and Africa and flowers of the world to create a love quilt woven from the new earth resonances. And when the stars worked in unison to gently nestle and protect this cocoon of wonder until it was time for the full activation.

Most emotional moment: When my much longed-for cubs came down from the stars as emerald and sapphire gems, and though into the lion grid which flexed and stretched in a new dance, until the golden lines dissolved into golden grains in a circle around the planet. For the activation of the lion grid it was necessary for the cubs to come home.  The protector mother/light heart essence returns for the turning of the times, a remembrance of that which has been long forgotten.

Best parties and celebrations at the end of a mission: Cups of tea, macaroons and egg and cress sandwiches with the Spirit of the Forest to celebrate the re-alignment of the Divine child energies within the new crystalline grid; vanilla sponge, raspberry jam and pink icing sugar with rose petals scattered on top and a back-drop of “Venice” for the Separation of the Tracks in July; dancing with the white lions (amongst many other beings) on the disco rainbow dance floor down the continental divide; an ice skating party on the Laguna de Guatavita following the rectification of an attempted sabotage of the Amazon artery.

Saddest mission:When we helped a pod of whales and their little ones “exit” early from the Taiji killing cove off Japan – just before the slaughter started. A fairy- tale book opened up and a pink submarine emerged with stars and starlight beams as it wove a path deeper and deeper down into the water and the whale beings followed. The grandfather and grandmother of Whale beings calling them home as they descended lower and lower, until a rainbow vortex opened up and together with the awaiting mermaids we helped them to pass through one by one – as we counted to 22 to ensure that no one was missed out.

A moment of awe: When in a North/South pole alignment, countless rainbows from across the Universe (too many to count) each one with a pot of gold or infinite potential anchored to the still point, and the essence of pure and original bloodlines integrated at the highest level into the oneness of the planet –  and stretched back out again from earth across the universe as a catalyst of the highest intent.

Funny mission things: Being given missions with multiple numeric codings when you are dyslexic and working with timelines! Doing a dry-run for a mission whilst at the hairdresser when just at the critical moment the hairdryer explodes, sending a ball of fire across the salon – they had never seen anything like it! When your partner thinks he has broken his foot on the night of an important mission; first thought – Team we need to fix this quick – next thought – someone else will have to take him to the hospital – I’m on mission!

Essential items for a 5D mission: Get your Stargates right! learn the different geometric shapes. A set of Caran D’ Ache coloring crayons and pencils, a compass, pritt stick glue, access to Google images, endless rainbow energy, hight quality protection, a pot of almond butter to keep you going through the night, a great team and the ability to travel anywhere, anytime and through time.

Thank you from the 5D Girl Team to: Gaia, Tara, the Stars, the Sun and the Moon,  the white lions, the bear family, the spirit of the North Pole, the spirit of the South Pole, the energies of the Nilotic meridian, The Amazon, Mount Shasta, Uluru, the trees of the world and in particular Burgundy (France), other ET friends, and last but not least all the nature beings on the planet as well as the vibrations of the colour spectrum. And thank you from me to the 5D team. It has been a real honour.

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In July Gaia asked us to welcome her sister Tara  – “For the girls are coming together as one for earth. The wonder of the earth guardians Gaia and Tara is to be seen.”

I remember at the time how accessible the Tara energy felt. It reminded me of the smell of freshly baked muffins – warm, gentle, soft, inviting – a motherly “homey”  feeling – a come in from the cold sit by the fire sort of thing.

We welcome Tara

Emsettia emsettia inik shara om ibivay. Ecksha ecksha eck im y vey. Eck shara eck shara eck nimmivey est Tara im behwaleh. Yam ya ni Tara. Nisktika. Imstara, imstara nettika om bi wahle ni se teh. Oro org ignantia. Si mettia ma op im soro ni denco ivafley. Eck in noro ni ba huna. Icksedera, icksata, ickshederay omni katah. Eckshederay, eckshederay omni ta. Si sata, si sata aim neviray.

Eksetta imsha ni ta ta. De na Terra et imbiva dei nosta eck in ah im bara ni shandra etia. Eckinsha hey hey bata im spera ni la dono et okki  ishtia nii ma. Sho sho. Istia ekka otawa imsperia notto hey. Deva wittia sim noro ekarta si si na. Neme, nema ip osoro ni khana immara – itsa nekkia im otto imburo.

Im mimisha i Tara ottom sri ley devata nim suru.

Yin shara

(We welcome Tara with the upmost of our hearts).

Im bimmia eb stemmia no vano ocaro ne va dah. Im sestria netta imbahvai se nara impeto locara estia nim shimmia preconvare. Eestia im Tara da loco nemmia. Avatar eckshar ettiva nim logo  – orano ost imvecchia solo intonata est merria inconsio im bale im bevareh.

(For the light of the tree grows strong and her roots will anew find truth in the earth).

Im stettia ni locale ni vim verra ossata im vara. Etinga eshwara im berria om ni var ostia ecksera dirina ni statta. Ore embivar nimmia est simmia loro occante da meh imveria i loca ob est terra et natura ecksedia vim ba la. Immia nettia sri sa deve ni occulta im tempere et ottiga non stata sirria et alto. Num va estia ni da var.

(Now is the time to plant a new tree, a new tree line into this time space continuum. The love light of the roots, the love light of the soil tenderly intertwined in loving embrace. For so shall she (Tara) embrace dear earthlings).

Em Tara omni sahra et innita. Im saha dru bana et omnicom istia essa istia essara ni gam vareh in ettia hum sol. Immara ohono im cantra dexika sim y anda im charva in et estra nir va da. Sono spetenza im schara ni va da.

(Yes – for it is the roots that are important and they must all interconnect. The divine root light of Tara to weave across the planet. To interconnect, to be reconnected, to be re-woven into time space).

Ni bim vala nettia et oksara sri. Nevada sta suno im stettia . Im stettia ni vara et octia neh se Tara. Ni sempre, ni settia ni orinbale et im stata oro impensia it stata eckinshara ni ma drum – en insenka incensia di stattia sempra di valo or imperica nessandra im loro.

(For the threads of time are being re-woven, timeline disintegration and regeneration. A coming together in newness and in oneness of the whole).

Im kinnia ob in stanto ferra in etale nummuro or eckina sum stabile nirra vi va nirra stata su logo in extensia ni ni nomura  ni caletiga. Estia niga daleh im bahleh im bey scherra etira im na sa.

(For the comet is of the turning and the arc high in the sky meets in heavenly embrace as the two sisters Tara and Gaia embrace).

Im Tara im sahra im settia, ni sta dahla in organo etta ore mir mirvale. Tum Gaia, innega Gaia sum, Gaia nettira. Dimish ticka a Tara ni stantia.

(For the girls are coming together as one for earth).

Nigun stata ni tensia im o bara omni khan. Estiva lara ni meh istava irako deschira. Skribaro no lata im bevera hedera im omina. Deschirey ekka ni ta ta. Im serra ni ta ta in liria esta hey. Nesta origi, nesta iroko mei num li ta odaro im stemmia cataley. Schim schim.

(For the lies in the fabric will be torn apart. The new sisterhood is free. The lies – all of them – will be illuminated. And for these much awaited times we are in honor and gratitude for our star sisters Gaia and Tara).

Im tettia im Tara imminae Ecksita im Tara et indeyah dalla. Nestia della ipschwara et immea locato durano mi mi sri eckcedera in solo etacha xscriba imperia da mantra.

(For this is the time of new beginnings and we welcome Tara).

Ni stateh im terra ni ligu ta ta.

(For there will be a new order of things).

Im bimmia esta harva shey. In oro eckina mim sato perribar nasta him shera ebbevale in ostensia nir khana. Khani kay sata. Schrim schrimesta in occpitar na va la  im steddia sri nayvah. Esta himmi vah, esta incanta, esta mitarviley, esta simmia, esta ni santa, esta ontaria, esta himabah in occulto perischwara in etta sta narvah mir merria. Schim schim.

(For the times of the divine light are upon us and it is time for these roots to embed. Choirs of angels sing in chorus, fields of wild flowers will sway in delight. Salmon swish and swim. Little ants knot together in love. Little worms wriggle in glee. The kokoburrah laughs with the koala, kangaroos bounce, bees swarm – all are in delight as the love root intertwine of Tara is welcomed. The pulse of the earth hungers for love, for the remembering of these times of transition as earth healing starts. Welcome Tara – says Gaia.

As we stand in awe and joy at the threshold of this new daybreak in love light any remaining fear and doubt dissipates. As a new moon rises and as a new sun sets. In honor love and light for Tara and Gaia in the oneness and of the oneness and in this moment of divine and blinding white light.

Ora ick solo, ni ta ta di, verra estia nom shah. Estia nim ba huna. Emni nivara, emni shottara eckiney insatta num borro. Otta ni shah sti vana ob intatta ob mira nette nichey esta ni ligunda. Ob imara imshey da nettia ista nigara ob imvia ettia dirago. Ne sah shey. Estia estia nimmi shaa. Estia estia nim bahva. Estia in okaro. Estia im bivale – ock in oro sum ni ta. Sum ta ta.

(For we are about to enter wonderful, miraculous times – all is to be blessed. The Mother Divine is blessed, Gaia is blessed, Tara is blessed – all the beings of the shift are blessed. Blessed, blessed be dear one).

All nature beings of the planet were invited to the welcome party – word spread fast – and together all waltzed in oneness, joy and Tara Welcome!

*It is my understanding that Tara will at some point take over as Gaia ascends and that this is nature’s equivilent of succession planning.


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We firstly give thanks to Yoshimara for this “meditation” and time in oneness with the nature beings.

Smell a bunch of mint freshly bought from the market.


Imagine this jelly fish gently clearing your field.


Ask a raspberry what makes it want to burst with joy.


Feel snow flakes as they melt on your tongue.




The pansies say – Welcome the new beginnings.


The orchids say shimmer in your Beingness.


Do it again.


The dolphins are on their way home too – Eastwards.


Yes chocolate chip ice cream has its own vibration too – calorie free!


The vibration of equality – new earth resonances – a white spruce tree.


Equality as a resonance in Nature: sound of a squirrel.


The resonance of scynchroniciy in nature – aspen leaves in the wind.


A panda sneezes – the vibration of intention from the nature beings


Change the colours of the sky

Change the colours of the earth

Change the colours of the mountains and the volcanoes

Change the colours of the water

Do it to this video


For the time has come for all to be one, as one in the oneness. Yes – be in oneness and joy with all the nature beings on the planet.

Copyright © 2013 Nicola Bosdet. All Rights Reserved.

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We firstly give thanks to Yoshimara for this “meditation” and time in oneness with the nature beings.

What does a shrimp look like when in its natural habitat?


Listen to a wolf howl –howl with the wolves


Be in oneness with the nature beings of the planet

Crumble a sage leaf in your fingers


Recharge  your wings on a pink flower


What do the carrots have to say today?


Feel the bark of a silver birch tree


Spirit soar with the mountains – The Eiger


Relax with the dolphins and the whales


Run your fingers through slippery seaweed


Stand under a natural waterfall


Hold two baby rats in your hands


Put a flower garland in your hair


Travel Eastwards with this camel


Breathe starlight


For the time has come for all to be one, as one in the oneness. Yes – be in oneness and joy with all the nature beings on the planet.

Copyright © 2013 Nicola Bosdet. All Rights Reserved.

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We firstly give thanks to Yoshimara for this “meditation” in oneness with the nature beings.

Cuddle up with a baby fawn


Be like a sea anemone on the barrier reef and feel the gentle current


Have breakfast with a beaver


Make heart connection with an iris


Feel the vibration of a  romanesco brassica – yes it’s not just flowers!


Have tea with a willow tree by the water.


Spirit soar with the mountains – don’t forget to wave to the horses!


Sit in a field of lavender in provence and smell the fragrance


Relax with the dolphins and the whales for a bit


Be still with the grasses as the sun sets


Bathe in a mountain stream


May your feet be one with the lands – hiking in the rockies


Breathe starlight – Say I breathe starlight – starlight breathes me


Change the colours of the sky

Change the colours of the earth

Change the colours of the mountains, the volcanoes, the waters and the trees.

Do it to this video.


For the time has come for all to be one, as one in the oneness. Yes – be in oneness and joy with all the nature beings on the planet.

Copyright © 2013 Nicola Bosdet. All Rights Reserved.

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We firstly give thanks to Yoshimara for this “meditation” in oneness with the nature beings.

Marvel at the plumage of a cockatoo


Throw dried flower rose petal confetti wherever you are standing


Say good morning to a tomato and wish it a beautiful day!


Sing with the trees


Sit and meditate under the angel oak tree in South Carolina


Have you ever visited Mount Snowden – the tallest mountain in Wales?


Time lapse of fern opening up


Watch ants building a nest


Swim in a Caribbean bay


Stroke a polar bear – with her permission of course


Swing through the jungle like Tarzan!


Fly home Eastwards with the swans


Feel wet sand underfoot as the sun sets on a beach


Breathe starlight


For the time has come for all to be one, as one in the oneness. Yes – be in oneness and joy with all the nature beings on the planet.

Copyright © 2013 Nicola Bosdet. All Rights Reserved.

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We firstly give thanks to Yoshimara for this “meditation”

Marvel at a caterpillar


Have a conversation with some camels


Spirit soar with the mountains around macchu picchu


Be bendy like a green snake


Soar like an eagle


Have a shower as if you are an elephant


Kiss a pink tulip


Sing with the trees


For they all love you too.

May your feet be one with the lands – hike through the lake district


Put the moon in your heart


Glide on the back of a turtle


Swim with the tropical fishes


Sway in the wind with the palm trees


Sit with the doves as they coo in the vibration of love sharing


Neigh with a horse in the truth vibration


Relax by a babbling brook


Change the colours of the sky

Change the colours of the earth

Change the colours of the mountains and the volcanoes

Do this to music


For the time has come for all to be one, as one in the oneness. Yes – be in oneness and joy with all the nature beings on the planet.

Copyright © 2013 Nicola Bosdet. All Rights Reserved.

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We firstly give thanks to Yoshimara for this meditation.

Cuddle the lion Cubs


Giggle with the grasses


Ride on the back of a rhino


Sit in the vibration of wisdom or heart knowingness


Fly with the bees


Breathe turquoise with the penguins


Swim with the whales


Spirit soar with the mountains


Show love and respect for the ants and ant eaters alike


Have tea with the polar bears


Have a mud bath and laugh with the hippos


Smell the fragrance of a yellow rose


Sing with the trees


For they all love you too.

May your feet be one with the lands


Put a cockatoo on your shoulder


Surf the waves


Fly through the sun


Skim your hands through the oceans


Fly home with the geece


Change the colours of the sky

Change the colours of the earth

Change the colours of the waters

Change the colours of the mountains

Do it to this video/music


For the time has come for all to be one, as one in the oneness. Yes – be in oneness and joy with all the nature beings on the planet.

Copyright © 2013 Nicola Bosdet. All Rights Reserved.

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The united council of oneness is a star council made up of various collectives  which describes itself as combined as one in love and honor – the team of the United. 

Yoshima equestia ni sta karta. Nira quayla im extensia. Nikka si stahta. Loro imbaahvelay innia nesta –  esta quo qum. Imma imareh si si settina. Etta na hah vah barimeh. Estia estia immahahva. Ni loco nitta tanda in equadoro. Shim shimmia esta hahva. Spim spimmia equadoro. No lo sah teh. Trim trivia osta canta. Divereh sum stanta novo. Equadoro sri srianka. Imma neh hah – si stando issia tempereh. Esta ikkia immhahva beii. Sequa inanndo.  Spezzima sitta stemma sotto.

Feel the air, feel the breath of the air through you and in your heart. Draw circles in the sand. See a siphon – for the separation and the sifting of all particles is to begin. (I see a pack of cards and as one falls they all fall – all are interconnected. I hear the rustling of leaves and those leaves are interconnected across the world. I see concentric rings spreading outwards – la la la – they say).

Nestanta liquanta.  Hosta im heii. Nasta im trevia sitt siquerha. Statta somnia likka tandah – imma heh. Im ottowah sri sanda im opsikom.  Etta imma hahra narvireh. Etta ettanga sim simulah.  Miquarta ta ta tei. Nistia nikka deii. Li li likartah esta homivah.  Ha ha hinnia im tempera. Osta ni harveh, nista ni tanto. Schimma esta ta ta.

For the times ahead will push the boundaries of what has been accepted before – all will turn – it is for the turn-around now – earth changes are due. Breathe gently dear ones for all will be well. The complications of the “guardians” have been resolved.

I see an ancient tablet of fluid sand and it is turning as if cleaning – a clean slate. I feel joy and bliss as if a weight has been removed. I see clouds in the sky clearing as if to form a picture frame around what is to be written on the blue sky. I feel happiness and joy – see the birds weaving a new stratosphere, a new air energy energetic. I feel myself being lifted into the upper levels and layers of the sky – where you can float in oneness. I see lettering – like words – a new language breaking through the sky’s atmosphere.

For we are to breathe together in a new way – for now is the time of deep breath. I see something that appears to be a shifting or a movement within the air/sky levels and layers. Like a blank canvas on which things can be re-written at a molecular level. I feel deep happiness inside as I know that I am being re-written as well.

Etta bahweh ni ni nisendo nir nitarkah deii spim exterria in alto. Darvia darahinah et ettinarkah sanda. Tara im loca da hesta.  Ni nivareh incatterra sum homiley. Esta verda simmi ni tato. Sti stri elixia im etta mimmi dequento teii. Tessika im homo hahvireh.

Statta etinka shirri shey shey shirri. Sim statta etta novo sri eklarta. Trim temmia etta doro. Ni hah natteh, ni nah klara, ni nah nevikah, ni nah tosata. Ni nah netta nikartah. Ni nam obsimmi, ni larah, ni niqueseta, ni nimmia, ni nitta, ni imma bahva, ni loquanta, ni ni nitosta sterria im khana quii.

Breathe for the longings of the new day. Breathe for the little ants, breathe for the fluffy tails of the bunny rabbits that bounce. Breathe for the endings, breathe for the new beginnings. Breathe for the sky – and that will change colours too. Breathe for all that will disintegrate, breathe for all that will collapse, breathe for all that is to be renewed. Breathe for the love light of the new dawn. Breathe for the tenderness and caring – for you are held.

It is time to join hands as one for this momentos change (I see digits in my brain running really fast). Take out your road-maps, where are your scrolls? I look but there are no maps, no scrolls. Instead I sit around a fire with new friends, a new way. It’s as if we are roasting marshmallows, drinking hot chocolate. All is good with friends and in warmth.

They continue – Ahh feel  the sighing of the winds, aah feel the joy of the leaves whispering. For all is gone and done now. Aah, the salmon as it splashes upstream – moving forward into new lives are you now. The sun concoction will change as will that of the moon. No template rigours of the past way of doing things.

Barniah, barnia bim beii.  Barniah battivah. Si sequesta im alto mattah teii. Sett galaxia moto hahrey im ebstemmia nikka quai loro. Im hannika, im bahvirey. Etta lu lu sri sinahvah omni bar.

Iquartah dquantah seii. Dim estra nikki karvah imostia stenarkah ottirey. Sequanta stimma vah.  Ha ha hinnea et imbivah ney starta.  Seii loquarta likseaah tim a tata.  Orinonco himarvah beii.

For joy shall be beholden to all. For the times of turn and change are now. For all is to be “elongated”. (I see like taffy being pulled out). A new density, a new heightened frequency is upon us. The digits will change, the hours and timings will change. A new `click tick` connection with all that is and the memories of the old are to be erased – to be lost in time and space. For the trappings of time have been removed and now it is for all to see.

Siquanta si stahnah –  im bimmia nesta inquantah ekkador. Esta siqunta seii esta imhahva berria.  Sikka ti latta. Esta im kandador, esta im berria.  Nesti i hanka im trimavey. Omni ni tata stittia imkarnika.

Mimi mahteh im locum.  Tevvia si striano setteh. Ankar esta inkanta mir homileh bahveh esta estikkia. Ni hi si stanto im obero –  ni likki sim stendhia. Hessa lessistia mimi hahna.

For joyful re-writings are called for now. New frequencies, new pitches, new tonalities as you soar free into new beginnings. For the soul can soar and the heart can shimmer – peace is at hand. ( I see many diamonds in the sky – each one sparkling in its own unique way). For you must learn to breathe in a new way in the oneness – for all will be turned upside down, to be renewed, refreshed, replenished.

For this is the knowingness, an inner knowingness, an internal harmony of the “electronics” behind the oneness of the divine re-calulcations of all that is. A divine re-wiring, a re-contemplation, new interpretation of the beingness – of all that you are.

For the light is to descend in a new way as yet not understood. As yet not wondered upon, as yet not beholden. Little raindrops from the sky will dissolve the final threads for all is to dissolve and to be dissolved now. New frequencies, new bandwidths, new worlds. All is for the turning.

Ettia equarta im simmia steh. Essia nissarta hambivah. Nikka teh sti steria sim sekka stahtia teh.

Open up your wings for now is the time to fly and not be fearful.

(I see a magnifying glass and when you look through it’s as if we are huge beings looking down on this planet and that earth activity can be viewed as little pinpricks, like interesting patterns. Permutations and combinations to be observed with interest in the dance of All that Is).

Copyright © 2013 Nicola Bosdet. All Rights Reserved.

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The united council of oneness is a star council made up of various collectives  which describes itself as combined as one in love and honor – the team of the United. 

Stammia in mitta hahsa. Niquarta es deii stimaveh, es nosto himbahsah. Nitakeh na ta hannika deii. Im ostevvia sperria canto. Nimahva esta teq siquanto sim solo im extrensia. Ka kalento.  Shimmia sri navah.  Besstia im ottowa terra. Terra stri khana. Terra stri imbivah. Terra sti niskarta.  Collinquo im sterria nasta harveh. Dim dexta im ostia khana.

Green cities of light in the sky sit ready for the new dawn. Little green shoots spring up from the ground. For the rains will come. The new dawn will light up the planet for all to see. (I see little ants scurrying – it feels very good). And we will be there for you for these times are to start anew. Wonderful times, wonderful times dear ones. For all is clean and to be re-shaped. (I see what looks like a violin being tuned).

Shah canto im hemmia. Lesiquah ni statta non deii sei terra. Esta notta hahvey.  Esta iquarta sim sinestra tarveh ha. Hah hah iquanta. Hah hah himevvia, hah incanta da nosta stah teii.

For there will be marvellous sights to behold and for the young ones too. For all is of the turning. Breathe gently, deep sigh for all is done. All is good, all is transitioning, all is smooth, all is come. All is sequential, all is for the exploring, all is transcended, all is natural.

Nah tah neh nahta. Dim steh. Hahta sim sinestra im oktovah sequa dah sah.

(I see bright sparking jewels as if placed in a new order – a new orbit, a new patterning of things).

Dista stah tekkia sim nutro nah tehnay. Sim nutro nah tehnay. In ikquador esta kha hanah. Ni lorrimar estahahveh teii. Im excedera si stanta teii. Lostra im okkivah nir nahna estemmia quo quo deii.

For the lost ones will find themselves again. The tears (as in rips) will be mended and repaired. A new day will dawn. All is to be renewed and rejuvenated. For the tears (as in crying) will be no more. The threads of a new existence are being woven. (I get a visual of being safely tucked up in bed – a good feeling of being safe – being held).

Yah yah yahtimah. Yah yah yitarkah shey. Yah yeh imbivvia ni hasta tahna. Ni siqustia tahna. Im ottowvah si stemmia ti khana. Littia nittinka ni hahva deii. Sim stattia im ottowvah deii. Ni canta sta streii. Leekah si stantah deii. Keekah im notto dah seii. Listia imbahvah sikka ta teii.

Hold on tight for the ride has begun. You will be held – new notes to be strung (like a musical instrument). New sunshines (x3 suns) to rise. New dances to weave. New songs to sing. New joys. New experiences. New illustrations. New times of day – a new beginning for all. For the codings are being renewed. Light doors are opening for those who so choose.

Im extensia, im imnah nattah ti kayeii. Sequestra nattah imbahvaleh. Sikki ti torro. Im lahteh stekka sim sinnarta. Mir rejuvino ni likk tah tah. Sorrai stikki canta. Srim obibleh statta norro.

Rivers will run clean. Dark nights will be no more. The glaciers will melt clear. All will be together as one. No more of the past. Past, present and future will all be laid out as one – as brothers and sisters. For these are times to behold. (I see a page with many lines of code in different colours – blue, pink, yellow – lighting up as it flows in movement).

Siqua si statto dahna. Nissia im ottowah teii. Trevvi nissia im ottowah teii. Trevvi nik lah doh. Trevvia im emstemmia nah deii. Im stemmia ni trahva deii. Si sotto lah tah sommnia. Ni quo quo im tevvia leysandah. Si si si si si si si (light laughter).

For happiness abounds and yes life structures will change. Happiness abounds – yes – all will be free for the turning. Shackles unbounded, freed to love and to be in the love. Love light freedom to be all that you are. To spangle in star light, to shimmer in moon streams, to dance through the sun. For lessons are learned now – the breakthrough is here.

Si stahnta da neii im opulqo. Ta deii sim sterria nitta vah vah. Im colloquio si stahnah teii im obstensia. Likarta somni voro. Eh, stah deii.

For the times of change have come, they are here now. All is good. All is well. All is taken care of.  (I see a leaf that is life lacking and has holes in it as if eaten by a bug, followed a vibrant bright green leaf bright with life).

Tim lahquai ta teii simnivah si.

Breathe deeply dearly beloveds – breathe deeply. (I see a map of the new world – I feel happiness and joy. I feel a new bandwidth of love light and grace throughout my body). For the healing is to begin too. New love light creations born out of the truth, love and honor for All that Is.

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This is a  “forgiveness letter” or blessing  – a gift of love through the Elohim – as part of the Council of Oneness and as directed from Source. It is for all humans who have inhabited the planet since its creation and consciously or unwittingly harmed, damaged, plundered, lacked respect for, misunderstood, polluted or destroyed our natural environment and/or mistreated and misunderstood the planet’s nature beings as well as the enormity of what Gaia has done for us and for the planet – Tara too.

This was an emotional transmission for me and I offered up a deep and heart-felt apology on behalf of us all at the end – it  also felt as if a great weight had been lifted.  Anyone reading this who is of the highest intent for the nature beings can share in the blessing.

It spans the history of the planet and goes through many things that have taken place over that time.

The united council of oneness is a star council made up of various collectives  which describes itself as combined as one in love and honor – the team of the United.

With many thanks to the Elohim

Ishea, ishea. Sperria immartika im tarka. Ettika estia im bah heh. Ostensia nika doro lo setto nitti varleh. Likadou ishika. Mirarvah lessia innihah. Mista neh sharto. Spim spimmia est terrato opsikom. Nitta bahwey im settia nikador.

Hesta ekarta sri sri narta devi. Esta hahna im deschira itti atarkah. Immira nesta ickador. Imperia istadoro. Nimsekkia ettah darweh. Ischedra marveh ikki notto. Nei lo settia ista karva. Mimmia mir ettika. Estaharveh mir lo toh. Istika nim nettia ischara.

Im tisandra ista harvia. Im ettinah sri sarkador. Nik nettia imahey immarta. Immeria leh sotto. Inkador enkah mar heh. Shey shandra, shey sarta strivera. Immakula etta dimmia. Spim sperria esta notto sequestria. Ninnarta ombivia sri kala keh.

Itta ha hesta. Ittia mir ittika.  Itakhana ish schwarwa mei. Los totto impekarbileh. Ni landa estoria. Nimma dei otto. Sri kanda icksador. No nimmia ettarvia nitto nostro. Ikki shandra exista sterra. Immono ekarta stim stimmia escharta. Tei terria liquarta so dei. Devarta dissera, dischmia mettakarta, otto imbarviley. Ista  im terria ikarta osto hey.

Heh imtrevia, heh immart, heh nitti khahna. Hestia nitti khana. Hestia otto im bahvaley. Lik likado omni ta ta tei imstivvia. Esta nikado im stemmia likah karteh. Nika liquarto. Nika listihah. Nim hemmia liquarta. Sono stei nivarna est nittia nivarna nikarta. Nestia noh nei. Noh noh nevarta. Estia schri senda im obva ittika innahey. Nik notto nimsekkka.

Imarshey, imarshey estaharva im oquidor. Sono statto mei mirabiley. Etta eck ok im starvia niquanta. Na teh sey. Tey istia nitta teh. Teh tamivhah. Ista ni nono, isto im trevvia, ista im sperria. Siquarno nim natteh ittador. Itta equestria sim solo nitta harveh. Nista harveh im terria esta nir nata nei equadoro. Im schim schim shey.

Ta ta terria. Ta ta nikador. Ta ta eckshemia. Ta ta inarta. Ta ta diskarta. Ta ta imokino. Ta ta discheminey. Ta ta tittia. Ta ta immaquo. Ta isteria. Ta ta trimivah. Ta ta nequarto. Ta ta timmsia. Ta ta territa. Ta ta niquador. Ta ta imschimmia. Ni notto nei dessika dessarta. Disscheminay dissika Tara tarta.

No lotto niquarta. Diska dei simmia ni harva schimmia shey. Starvia okka hitah im sterria ocarno. Ni natey nimbivah sinica stri settey. Ostavia sim settia sera tei. Tartivah, tartivah tei sim sekkia. Esta harveh esta terra im Gaia stera. Im stekkia terra. Im ostia nimmi vah ekarta tei. Tartivah im Tara nei. No sotto timmia. Es karta tim shera. Equarta diska tim tatarey – ni loro estia immahey. Okita temera ni sta teh.

Im kahteh neh terra. Spimmia listadeh liquarta tim ta toh. Timitay im opolu esta Terra. Immihah marva bei. Sim siquesta otto tei. Nittia harva dri summo ettika. Sum mittarta notto dei. Seh tevvia imma heh. Siquenda sim simmia. Schista veh nitta ta dekkia. Sim soro etavah. Stim settia ekarvah. Etta doro im pommio ista harveh.  Ettikah immivah otto estria siquanta. Nista heh otto teh. Schim schim scherria itta ni stando, itta nivarah im banda stri sato omnivah.

Schim schimmia esta karta. Im terrim sipsi vardah. Mitta kilta mitreii i itika. Im stahna nittaveh. Estia estia nimahey. Nimma tri vahna estia nam shoro ebbivah. Nisto quinta ikkia. Ickshira etta dommina.  Nitta doreh estia iquanta leschteh.

Sim sim serria, sim sterrata otta novo im terria. Sri sri samnivah, sri sri siquesta, sri sri equador, sim  sah shey etta novo – etta equarta im stimmia esta tia tarkeh. Tarteh Tara ti. Tarteh Gaia im immisha. Ni sah teh dimmia esta mimmia ni ni zara teh. Ti ti Tara teh. Timsea, timpsea tim ta ta tei ecksedia.

Aaah Imaaaah. Okkitaaaar. Simmiaaaah. Ottivaaaah. Niskaaaah. Ninitaaaah. Terriaaaah.


Copyright © 2013 Nicola Bosdet. All Rights Reserved.

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