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  • If I am in a permanent state of bliss I won’t notice if you are giving me a hard time …
  • I’m having an identity crisis. One day I have angel wings, the next day fairy wings, then I had wings like a dragon fly and then it was an eagle – what’s a girl to do?
  • My pendulum is glued in four places and the chain is connected with blue tack (penniless Starseed)
  • See that eagle – it’s not an eagle – it’s a drone and you are being watched.
  • Sign on car windscreen – Ekchandrah ekishah divikah – Back in 5 minutes – in star language
  • How are you doing? Not great –  am having withdrawal symptoms  – why? Haven’t had any new missions since mid-August.
  • Why are you waving at that cloud? just saying hello to friends.
  • Loud speaker in departure lounge – “due to newly optimised timelines – flights to full-time new earth planes delayed until 2015”.
  • Apparently she’s having an affair.  Oh – does her husband know? “He’s” even living with them. What! Well, “he” is  from the 9th dimension so they are managing to keep it under wraps.
  • If you apologise to me in this reality as well as across all my parallel lives, all dimensions, in-between the worlds, forward and back through time and across the universes then maybe I’ll forgive you.
  • Why are you waving behind your head?  just saying hello to the team.
  • What do you do if two inter-dimensional beings jump you from behind – get out of there fast…
  • How many embodiments can you have at the same time?
  • Catch up with girl-friend over coffee –  Well I was doing a dry-run for a mission at the hairdresser when all the hairdryer exploded, sending a ball of fire across the salon – they had never seen anything like it… It was good practice!
  • My starship  insignia is a green lightning bolt – what’s yours?
  • See that butterfly – it’s not a butterfly – it’s a drone and you are being watched.
  • I’m just getting a star language download – leave me half the diswasher and I’ll do it when I’m done.
  • Its arrived, its arrived! What? my globe of the world –  we are going to have sooooo much fun!
  • Just up-dating my Linked-In profile – latest skills  and competencies – multi-lingual star language translator.
  • This surrender thing just isn’t working – well try surrendering the surrender of the surrender then – ok.


  • “I’m going to dowse all new business so I only work with clients who are making the shift.”
  • “Process…PROCESS…Process it….Have You Processed that yet – don’t complain – PROCESS.
  • “Did you check the bed linen for crystals?” I can’t find……. weekly washing machine crisis.
  • “For goodness sake – please don’t display that wand in public!”
  • “Who are you talking to?” “I’m just apologising to these flowers for having to cut their stems – flowers do have feelings you know.


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