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Central to the experience of the fifth dimension is integrating our own energy streams with the Gaia/Tara new earth frequencies through our relationship with the nature beings, and understanding that we are all one and equal in the natural world.  In essence, we are all in this together.

This nature-based light stream integration tool, helps to re-calibrate our conscious awareness to a different way of navigating and flowing through time and space. Called the Celebrations of the Mind, it also activates long-forgotten codes about the truth of our real relationship with nature.  An initiation into a multi-dimensional way of being that is at one with the Earth.

I have worked with various levels and layers of this light stream integration tool over the past eleven months. Level 1 – core physical, Level 2 – Fairy/Devic, Level 3 – Angelic, Level 4 – Ascended, Level 5 – New Earth Resonances.

Levels 1-4 are especially good for physical complaints, ascension symptoms, attacks from negative entities/psychic attacks and working with animals and plants. They can also be used when things go wrong in 3D from IT glitches with PCs to household appliances.

Level 5 offers a more refined alignment as truth with the 32 new earth resonances. By simply working with the resonances in this way you are helping to heal the planet, as well as learning how to communicate and share with nature beings in the oneness.

Quadrants and Keys

Quadrants and Keys




1. Take a circle and divide it into four. This represents the four quadrants of the brain or “celebrations” of the mind.

Example Fairy/Devic Level Quadrant

Example Fairy/Devic Level Quadrant

2. If you are working with levels 1-4 create a circle for each level and fill each quadrant in with your colour of choice (see pic). Label these as it’s fun to see who comes forward to help and interesting patterns can emerge.

For Level 5, I partnered with plants for the actual quadrants (see image). There are 32 new earth resonances which makes 8 circles in total.  There is no one dictated plant per resonance. It’s just a question of choice. For example, Grace could be a blue lobelia or white jasmine or whatever comes forward. Once you have invested the time in creating your circles, there is no need to re-do them as they remain fresh and effective.

3. Now create your keys – these will activate the brain/heart connection. My keys for levels 1-4 tended to be a mix of colours whereas for level five they were all nature beings; a lake, a hedgehog,  a pink sunset, mist rising, stardust, wind rustled leaves etc.

Decide on one key that can spotlight negative energies/entities for levels 1-4 and always include it – my one for this is seaweed. The new earth resonances already have a frequency for strength and protection, which does a good job at picking up this sort of thing.

New Earth Resonance Quadrant

Example New Earth Resonances

4. Next ask (dowse, intuit etc) which quadrant and what potency is required in order to resolve the issue you are dealing with. For example, “who can help me with the stiffness in my lower back?” Then do the same with the keys – which key and to what potency is required?  Make a note of these so you don’t forget.

So the acute stiffness in the lower back might call for help from the Fairy/Devic realms, location – front left quadrant of the head (turquoise in our image), to a potency of eight, with the starlight key to the potency of seven. If you are having a day when riding the waves of change is a bit of a challenge, lobelia or the vibration of grace may be indicated.

5. Now you are ready to activate the process. Visualise and intend the chosen colour and/or nature being vibration all the way down the quadrant of the body you have been given.  It’s important to remember to focus this energetic stream within that particular quarter – a bit like an apple that has been divided into four. It also helps greatly to breathe the potency of the vibration into the quadrant (from the head downwards), as in the potency of five = five breaths.

Rough example of side view of left brain front and back quadrants as per earlier Devic/Fairy illustration

Rough example of side view of left brain front and back quadrants as per earlier Devic/Fairy illustration

6. Next breathe the key you have chosen into the heart. The keys always activate the process through the heart.  Again, remember to ask what potency. Now bring both energies together and merge the vibration of the quadrant with the frequency of the heart key and the activation will take place. This energy will expand out from the heart through the body and into your field where it will find its own natural boundary.  It is the combination of the head/heart connection which creates the alchemy.

7. If you are working with Levels 1-4 it is helpful to say “I breathe the love light, the love light breathes me” or any variation thereof. If you are working with the new earth resonances what you say will be specific to that frequency.  For example, “I breathe the vibration of compassion,” “the vibration of compassion breathes me” or “I breathe the vibration of equality,” “the vibration of equality breathes me.”

There is a variation on this tool that can be used across all levels which is where you hone in directly on an issue and bespoke your quadrants right from the start. Animals, birds and insects tend to show up for me when working in this way. Here’s one (see pic) designed to help with nourishing, nurturing, energizing and cherishing.

Remember to thank the nature being that has presented. For example,  “Thank you dear  butterfly for coming forward to help with the replenishing of this vessel. I breathe the vibration of replenishment, the vibration of replenishment breathes me. Be creative. Why not try quadrants to remove old wiring, parasites, implants or  help with surrender and letting go?

Issues-led Quadrants

Issues-led Quadrants

An S.O.S option is to request a code instead of a key. Ask which potency is required and then visualise the code being written in love light on the inner chamber of your heart to that intensity. I visualise this on my back-  behind the heart – that way you can write from left to right.


The original free E-Book which goes into the process in more depth is based on Level 1 only.  A revised version will be published in early 2014.

Many many thanks to the nature beings, Gaia/Tara, my guides and higher self for this information and the enormous help and support it continues to provide for my journey.

Here is the new earth resonances for Truth as expressed by the nature beings.

Rosehip (Truth)



5D Colour: An eagle soaring on the horizon.

 Resonance in nature: The neighing of a white horse.


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Last month I went through somewhat of an identity crisis on the wing front. One day I had fairy wings, another day angel wings, another day it was a dragon-fly, an eagle and so on. What’s a girl to do I thought – am I all of them?

But then I realised that our wings offer different kinds of multi-dimensional expression and that there are many ways to fly and/or travel through the dimensions. This awareness also connects with a conversation with Gaia about teleportation or Gaia transit last year.

So the experience of travel with fairy wings will be different to that of an angel.  In essence, the wings we select offer a choice of diverse road-maps to different dimensional experiences. Here is what I have learned recently about travel, wings and things:

Packets of love light can be woven together and activated in different sequences to both direct and guide the desired direction for that particular experience. We can code these intents into our wings.

Create your own wing map – here’s an example:


Now activate each of the different colour elements in your wing map. Once individually activated, you can practice and play various harmonies, permutations and combinations with them.

You can also activate your body in the colour of the `wing panel` as that is activated. So if you are activating a pink wing panel – make your body pink so that they co-ordinate. And if you really want to go for it, plug all this into your own version of the light body integration tool and activate those strands too.

Use your wings to connect to your own higher dimensional experience in any given moment. When the wings are activated, dimensional levels and layers open up above. It’s a bit like turning on a  spotlight – something that is always there, but may not be in your current awareness field – see illustration below.

Explore different wing experiences. What do eagle wings feel like? How about being a butterfly? There are lots of wing templates that you can find to colour on Google or Bing images.

Work more effectively with your own inter-dimensional team by creating a unified force field in shared “wingedness.”  First create your own intent and activate this in your wing expression.  Then invite team members to do the same in a shared expression of light love. Now bring this energy into the here and now for the planet. Or jointly plug in a combination with your twin flame.

multi-dimensional expression through wing lens.

multi-dimensional expression through wing lens.

Wings can also be used to provide extra protection. For example, if on a mission you need to access a `safe house` fast,  place your intent on the wing segment that calls you and you will shift to a protected space.

It’s helpful to practice dissolving the physical body into different colours as a way to integrate the winged experience, as well as in preparation for a more physical experience of transit at some point in time.

If you are hurtling through the dimensions and/or stars, check that there is no contamination in your rocket fuel and that it is of the purest vibrational energy.  Also, ensure that there are no “blockers” in terms of how far and how fast you can go – the potential is without limit.

I activated my wings to this song by Empire of the Sun:


Here’s the new earth resonance for travel, time travel and teleportation

Sweet Cicely (the plant)


5D Colour: yellow bands of colour that stretch, curve and flow

Resonance in Nature: a woodland waterfall


As music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgzGwKwLmgM

Copyright © 2013 Nicola Bosdet. All Rights Reserved.

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