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Here is a regularly up-dated gallery – accessed via Pinterest to click into visual in full – with some of the Starseed tools used by the 5D Girl Team on missions to help facilitate a seamless transition for the planet as well as new experimental work.

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Things Starseeds say – latest

  • So she sleeps on one side of the bed and he sleeps on the other and the wand sleeps in-between them both!
  • Conversation with osteopath. “so what exactly did you do to your back?” “Well we were doing a Starseed dance and I was an eagle and we were flying through this green triangle, but there was some turbulence as we entered the portal and I think that’s what did it….”
  • What time is it? – don’t know I stepped off the time matrix clock.
  • How old are you? – don’t know I un-plugged from the death programme.
  • It is reported in today’s Figaro newspaper that the French government (famed for taxing everything) have introduced a new tax. Yes, they have just put a tax on colouring crayons and pens as they don’t believe that ascension should be free.
  • What’s real? – is this real? – is it real? Article in the Financial Times newspaper on ET’s.  The Daily Telegraph asks “Do we live in a Matrix?” This followed an article in The Independent as to whether death is just an illusion and a book review in the Daily Mail suggesting some human DNA comes from off-plant. All in mainstream British newspapers and published since October. EXTRA-ordinary.
  • “My friend is on her third course of IVF – still no luck…” Why don’t you try parthenogenesis – asexual reproduction, where growth and development of the embryo occurs without fertilization. Just imagine! The best thing is it’s free and you don’t have to worry about how many DNA strands your partner has activated – because you don’t need a partner…”
  • Hhmmm – I think I’ll wear the bright white one with the rainbow backdrop  today– oh no – perhaps not that one… I’m going to be rainbow raindrops all day – uh – actually it feels more like a butterfly wing day. Starseed deciding on which light expression feels best.
  • OMG – I have a twin-flame. We were last together in Lemuria. I’m in bliss. We are doing heart swirl texting through the dimensions.
  • I am this fir tree – this fir tree is me. I am the sun – the sun is me. I am this snowflake. This snowflake is me. I am the rainbow, the rainbow is me.
  • “Freedom lives within you and giving makes us feel good. Say hello to my people. Say hello to the future. Loving every moment because you make me feel so alive.” Empire of the Sun – Alive – starseed anthem for 2014.
  • Thank you to my guides, thank you to all my star friends, thank you to all my dear StarSistars, thank you to the stars, thank you to the DM, thank you to Gaia and thank you to Tara and thank you to all the nature beings for all the wonderfulness of 2013.




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Following yesterday’s solstice activation/meditation (see previous post), here’s what what happened to me later that day.


On the morning of the solstice I was given a rainbow coloured staff. How funny I thought – what am I to do with this. The answer arrived yesterday evening. I was sitting with my back to the fire –  it was sore after pulling something out of position whilst doing a starseed dance the day before. Suddenly I felt a presence behind me – a light being, a friend.

The visual I got was like one of those old-fashioned corsets that fastens up the back. It was wrapped around me and constraining the body. Suddenly I felt the ribbons of restrictions being undone, and I realised that the staff was in fact my new rainbow spinal column. So we put it in place. Strong and glowing, this new rainbow core has initiated an explosion of light expansion in my body. It also links directly to new rainbow wings.

It feels as if the rainbow core has a magnetic attraction that signals  to the photonic light that it will feel at home here, as well as activating DNA internally. Yes, the light seeds are coming home and I am on the way home too.


Light Body Activations and Tips


When I first did these light body activations with the new earth resonances in the summer, they came in two parts. Stage one was the activation into the Oneness Glow Flow, and this was followed a couple of weeks later by a further activation which also uses the resonances.

Oneness Glow Flow

Oneness Glow Flow

For the Oneness Glow Flow activation I did the following  – I’m not sure if it’s important to do all these steps – am just sharing what I was guided to do at the time.

Write down from 1-32 the names of all the new earth resonances. Create a colour symbol for each or some way of identifying them.


Now select your own body colours. My colours were green, yellow, orange and blue – yours will probably be different. I found the body image on Bing (images) under `anime female body.`

Ask to be shown where that resonance sits in the space behind your 3D body.  Top left image with green and yellow bodies and resonance symbols in-between. This is because it’s time for them to come out of “storage.” As I did this a heart connection was made with each.


I then worked with the back of the body, and asked to be shown the location for each of the resonances – see orange image with numbers on it (to the left). Each number is one of the new earth resonances from 1-32.

Once this was done with the third digit of my right hand on each number – one by one – I said I activate the vibration of…x… into the glow flow. For example, with my finger on the 10 (right hand leg) – I activated the vibration of equality into the glow flow. The left palm was held up as I did this.

This second activation – called Hello – was done a couple of weeks later. It is written below exactly as I received the information for myself.

I am the orange body (see image below). Standing directly in front of me is my purple body. Starting with the vibration of Oneness (number 1) I go through all 32 resonances. Each time that resonance will identify itself in my purple body and stretch out towards me.

As I see the point appear on the purple body (like a map) I touch that point on my orange body (and/or mark it on your image). That point star then spins into a smile so that I know the activation is complete. Other symbols may appear and/or star language can be used for the activation and to indicate that it is complete.


5D Light Embodiment Tips

Resonance points will most probably be different for each person. So draw your own light body. The colours will probably be different too. Each of us is unique and so are our light body blue-prints and signatures.

The resonance points are also unlikely to stay in the same position if you repeat the exercise. It’s not like 3D where you have acupuncture points, and they are always to be found in the same place. This is a multi-dimensional tool and the patterns are always changing.

Light bodies require a different type of “nutrition” or loving nourishment. Here’s a sort of 5D meditation. Each day pick something delicious and drink this vibration right through the body. By that I mean drink it into every body, every muscle, every cell.  In the new light body all parts of be-ingness are equal, so the cartilage in your knee has every right to enjoy the vibration of lemon mousse as do the taste buds in your mouth. Visualise the colour, feel the texture.

And the best thing is that it doesn’t matter if you cannot do wheat, dairy or sugar! I found that it can be easier at first if you use foods that are soft and slippery. How about this: rhubarb fool or strawberry cheesecake or blackcurrant mousse.


Also, do regular colour intensification exercises through the body. Find a wall or some plain curtains and see them as a blank canvas. Ask your team to help get you started. One fun game is where you are shown coloured blobs which appear on your canvass.

The game is to move your body to where the colour blob  is located and put your hand on it – so it might be x2 steps to reach up to the purple blob on the right, then x1 step to the left and a stretch across for the pink blob,  followed by x3 steps to the right for the red blob and so on.  As you put your hand on the blob visualise your whole body lighting up in that colour. Must be done to favorite music.

The first time I did this my team came to the door of my bedroom to wake me up and 5.00am and said – “come and play” then they showed me how to do this. A variation is to see vertical colour streams  and to stand in each one and drink the colour through the body that way. The most important thing is to have lots of fun!

Here’s some great advice from the Elohim on light embodiment


And the vibration for Inspiration asked to be included.

23) Lemongrass (Inspiration)



5D Colour- peacock feathers

Resonance in Nature – a peacock calling


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The poem at the bottom of this new earth activation/meditation came to me shortly after I first woke up – three years ago. It may have been from the Elohim as I was closely connected to them at the time, and spent much of the day walking around in a blue bubble. Two years later, I received the  Terms of Engagement for New Earth Planes and this is also one of them.

I had always thought that when “the roots of the trees intertwine” I would see the truth of the light Divine, as in something external would bring enlightenment.

However, when I did the activation/meditation last week what it meant became crystal clear at long last. The truth of the light Divine in this instance is our true and authentic connection to Gaia and to the long-forgotten (but never lost) information about who we really are and our connection with the Universe – like a blue-print of our new relationship with nature.

On the morning of the solstice I was given a rainbow coloured staff. How funny I thought – what am I to do with this. The answer arrived yesterday evening. I was sitting with my back to the fire –  it was sore after pulling something out of position when doing a starseed dance the day before.  All of a sudden I felt a presence behind me – a light being.  I was wearing one of those old-fashioned corsets that ties up the back. It was constraining the body and as this being started to free me of the corset and I realised that the staff was in fact my new rainbow spinal column. So we put it in place.

Strong and glowing, this new light body core has initiated an expanded phase of light body up-grade in my body. It feels as if the rainbow core has a magnetic attraction that signals  to the photonic light vibrations that they will feel at home here as well as activating DNA internally. Yes, the light seeds are coming home and I am on the way home now too.

New Earth Activation and Meditation

New Earth Activation and Meditation

Here are some tips:

  • It could be helpful to do a new earth resonance activation first. There are lots options – from working with the actual sounds, images and 5D colours to some new earth resonance activations that will be posted later today.
  • I started with the roots (True to the depths of the earth I am) drinking in the love-light energetic bubbles through my root feet, and then jumped up to the new earth platform 2 feet above my head.
  • When you jump on the upper platform the sun and moon drop down into a position of readiness, but you also need to activate them individually using whatever comes naturally. Also, the moon and sun filters act in both an upwards and downwards sense and expand horizontally once activated.
  • Then I activated the new earth resonance stars at the top of the picture. These turn into rainbow droplets and gently drip through the roots of the trees on the upper plane as they descend to meet the rising energetic bubbles (boules) in alchemical embrace. The 5D colour for the resonance of love sharing is rainbow rain as well.
  • Take time and sit with it.
  • The vibration of kindness came forward to accompany this.
  • Also, silica in homeopathic form is very helpful.

Vibration of Kindness – Hakone Grass


Activated music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VnsQmeeG4qs

5D Colour: a violet spinning catherine wheel (firework)

Resonance in Nature: sound of a swan


* Any nature being can help to activate a resonances as we are all one in the Oneness.

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