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This morning I woke up with a headache (after visiting a dog rescue yesterday) – we came back with these two beloved beings.

Elsa and Siddi

Elsah and Siddhi

So I asked what would make it go away –  and was shown how ice lolly healing works. It’s very simple. First imagine that your body is very very cold; as cold as an ice lolly, as cold as the north pole, as cold as an icicle. Feel this ice cold all the way through your body;the skin, the organs, the tissues, the bones, the cells etc.

Now, visualise that the body has an outer colour coating (like an outline around the body as if you had drawn it with a pen). For example, this could be violet and the inner (everything inside the outer casing) could be orange or the outside lemon yellow and the inner turquoise, outside pink, inside emerald green and so on. This means that there will be two colours for every imprint.

Here comes the best bit. Bring your colours to life and activate them as if you are an ice lolly through your taste buds.  So really taste the cold lemon of the yellow – suck it deep into the body or try raspberry tasting red in your outer coating and icy minty green inside the body. And, if a taste for that particular colour does not present itself, try a flower instead or a rainbow. If you place the intent for the healing before you start, the optimal colour combinations will come to you intuitively in a steady sequence.

You will know when you have reached the end of the healing, as all the colours will merge together as one and the ice coldness will start to melt and flow into oneness.  Just relax your awareness into this healing multi-dimensional stream.

It reminded me a bit of the Meet My Light Body post.

Here are some amazing ice lolly inspirations

Immi shah, immi shah dah hahnah treii – thank you everyone thank you

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First activate the code 95702 in your heart  – do this in the back of the heart as the catalyst is in what we call “behind us” in this activation.  If you click the image it expands.

Now imagine that your body is divided into four – all the way from the head down to the feet. Front left is white, front right is bright pink, back left is gold and back right is silver. Play around with the different segments and jump from one to the other. Light up the pink segment with your intent – what does that feel like? do the same for white, silver and gold.

Continue to bounce around in no particular order – from white to silver, up to pink and diagonally across to gold, for example. Finally, see if you can play chords with the colours (which are love light resonances). What does it feel like to focus on gold and white, or pink and gold or silver and white or gold and silver or other combinations all at once. Whilst you do so feel and visualise this light stream right down the quadrant of the body that is lighting up.

Rainbow Light Stream Activation

Rainbow Light Stream Activation

Once you are comfortable with your ability to navigate your space and what it feels like to apply this creatively, return to the star 59702 visual that is already activated and start spinning it in the back of your heart (your heart opens up behind you – not forwards in this one). Now put it all together.  Try this to music (see how fast you can get your moves) – choose a good tune for this sort of thing and then bring together your heart magnetism with the brain pathways which the colours have opened up.

This in turn, opens new channels and pathways for rainbow love light streams to activate and enter. These can manifest in multiple ways from a vertical column right down the body to horizontal channels and rings or open up as multi-dimensional levels and layers and more.

Have fun! With love from  Nicola and the 5D Girl Team crew.

Image of rainbow from Andrew Dunn photography – creative commons license – Wikipedia

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(Conversation with the spirit of the forest) Oh, your energy is so amazing – so soft.

“Yes I am a love fountain and this fountain shoots up into the skies. And I enjoy it when it does. Back and forth, up and down like a dance”.

What are you here to do dear one?

“I am here to help hold alignment with the new and more fluid grid resonance. Resonance matches are held in the divine father energy magnetic refinements.”

I’d be most grateful if you could tell us more about resonance matches and the divine father energy.

I get an image of a baby that wants to come out – still in the womb and past its due date. We are to free or “deliver” the baby as quickly as possible with ease and grace.

Are you connected to the lion grid dear one?

“I am connected to the underground channels.”

Why did I see an image of a castrated baby? How does this link to the divine father energies?

I see a spider’s web with a spider on it. It’s as if the divine baby has got caught in there.  The spider has spun the web and caught/trapped it. Gently – other colours emerge in the spider’s web. The spider does not want its baby to be taken away as this will change the resonance. The spider likes the current resonance – it finds it yummy. The spider thinks that it’s her baby – but the baby wants to be set free.

Is the spider going to stay on the web?

“The spider is going to go to another part of the time/space continuum.”

I see it dropping very gently into another part of the time/space continuum. For our mission dear one show me what our spider’s web will look like?

I am told that there are codes (from ancient scrolls) that will change the frequency of the web. The divine grandfather energy is also too fiery and needs to be cooled with water.

The Caves

We start off at the grotto in the woods. We introduce ourselves to the spirit of the woods and thank the Elohim very much for facilitating this connection. And we make an honoured connection with all the beings who are working with me and the 5D Girl Team. In turn the spirit of the forest welcomes us and the spirits of the forest, the elves fairies and others including the trees of the forest come forward to offer their support and love, and to hold space for us for the duration of the mission. This includes the stars in the sky as the mission is to be done in darkness with the support of the stars as well.

Im stahvia mitta daran. Im trevvia ekitara. Im domino ista ga hah. Immarta netti hah bah. Sim sterria etti gayhii. Nis tosto itti tarka. Im berria metti tarka. Im okkito esta innia mir mimmia nimnisha. Isti cara est Tara. Ettivahra im haro. Noro netti im isseti. Ni nitti noro im sora. Etta dhara in Tara. Semma stevvia im oktevvia. Im ekarta ni nimarta. Im tensizia est extensia. Testa toro im oro. Nu nu nanga im behanga. Chi chi varnika – esta mim estarikkia. Bim etanga esta nir numo im Kaiya nitto noveh esta im hannika so stetto lorika es sotto liquinsia stattey seh seh simmia. Ness simmia. Esta simmia. Simmia simmarta. Niki loquita nikarta nikadoro. Djum djum.

We thank the spirit of the grotto for facilitating this stage of the voyage – Issika nir stahna dehna nirimi barvah nikkita em semmia ni latto.

We wait until our little underwater transport capsule arrives. Again, our friends are there to help and to look after us. Me, Mirabelle and Etoile.

I go to each cave in the order given. There is a roman numeral, a code that the spirit of each cave will give us at the end of each visit. Later on as we look down the spiders web there will be “segments” that will open up where these numerals will sit.

Castellana (near Bari)
When we arrive I say: Im histia im dahva treii ni noccota devara im stemmia nitta quai schey sandra im ottowa kali. We have a star language chat and at the end I ask for the numeral. We the head to the next cave in our little underwater capsule.

2) Neptune’s grotto (Sardinia)

When we arrive I say: Histekkia sir sharna im ambivah ekita sirano ipsia sequenta mimmi dah. We have a star language chat and at the end I ask for the numeral.

We the head to the next cave.

3) Frasassi – central region of (Marche)

When we arrive I say: Stano terrato conquista epavor ni calendria eskarta timmia tei. We have a star language chat and at the end I ask for the numeral.

We the head to the next cave.

4) Blue Grotto (Capri)

When we arrive I say: Im povoro imklinta testa omni terra esta hinnia nimmi bah. Im stimmia im hestia bah. We have a star language chat and at the end I ask for the numeral.

We now head back to the grotto in France and come out at the bit at the bottom of the grotto, where there is the water pool. We thank the spirit of the grotto for facilitating our return – Estia nikkatanda nei stahna im Tara im obvio sri stata tei – mirador mimi mirador.

The Rocks

We then go to the rock location where there is the water channel and we sit on the rocks and meditate until the spiders web map appears. Once we “see” it appear we `sing spoonful of sugar.` This will coat us safely for the work to be done.

We then say: Itta dara nei sandra immashey. Pikquita ettika nistaho ni nekkia nirvarna esta quodo immara shey. Shey shimmia estia ni noto nekkia terria im obvia lesta sey sotto. Nakarta, tim terria estria nischandra niki loquita stim barvia no loquanto. Stimmia terra im opsulo terra in quinta texta – im destria solo loquarta imamshey.

Now we put the four codes from the grottos into the spiders web in order for it to open up and drop downwards. First colour the segment and then put in the roman numerals.

web entranceEntering the Web

We put on our special wings for the occasion – they are a bit like a spider’s web themselves but they are star-fairy wings in fluorescent rainbow colours. Etoile and Mirabelle are making them right now in preparation. We can fly around to different areas of the web with these if we are not in the central elevator channel. The central elevator channel is pink with stars.

We have to get access permission to go up each level – like pushing buttons on a lift. The button or first ring gives us entrance. It’s as if at every level there is a hidden level that drops down once the entry button is pushed. There are 12 levels and each has 10 concentric rings within it.

There is a central channel that is the consistency of jelly – it is pink with stars – like a lift but one that enables us to move very gently, very softly.

Each of the 12 levels has a number. When going to each landing I go to the relevant concentric rings and then ask the angels to take me to that level above my head. Like a multi-level cake plate for tea parties each one is like a level, layer, a landing.

We have our alignment toolkit with us. Today, this consists of 3 quadrant and key sequences;Family Ties, Solar flares and Spirit of Woods. We are going to find three floors to go to (Trinity). Then a final floor or phase to exit. There is also a baby elixir so that the baby is soothed and protected.

Each time we start at the bottom and go up through the central pink jelly and star channel. Our base camp is sparkling bright white and we start there each time and go upwards. Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3, Phase 4.

We will ask which is the first level that we are to go to. Do the Nikola Tesla exercise and ask for the web to be magnified to the magnitude of 350 so that it can be stretched out and we can see where to go. This will provide the lighting or illumination required so that we know where to go to and enable us to receive the entry code. So we say:

Essima, essima extensia irata conumiquo estanta deii ist sevvia immarna. Immarnihara solo dei otto stah khanna imepsia statto nei. Dei nostra kitta li khana immoro devia nimboro quinta destra ecksanda immia immarsat. Ni loquio ekki darta simmia in esta nivi vonalo. Immiha, immihasta, equadorey. Schim schim schimmia. Netta ta dei sim siminostra trinqadorey nisha som latte in estevia stri strata getta. Di dimira sim sinitta im opivahley.

1) Colour in the central circle with the colour that is that floor. 2)Next ask to be given the 4 digit code to enter. Phase 3) Then put right hand palm over circle image – like and energetic paw print – and say whatever comes spontaneously in star language. This will open up the layer below for the work to take place

A) Family ties – Quadrants & Keys

Family ties - keys

Family ties – keys

Family ties - quadrants

Family ties – quadrants


Once all the quadrant work is done, we now sit back and meditate on the whole 12 level of rings which is like a circular cake stand structure and we sit in oneness with the spirit of the forest until the colours light up brightly. This will be the sign that the baby has been safely “delivered.”

To conclude we move to the rock face where there is a final quadrant sequence, which sets it all in place. It is also the point where directly working with the spirit of the forest the underground channel flows, She connects/are connected/harmonised/healed.

Hamivah estanga es im himmia miravah niquata neh dio. Ipsia imstempey iquadoro semsia – nischasandra. We now join with the spirit of the woods.
Take out water flow quadrant and keys and do the exercise. We know that the work is done when the tap flow section runs Royal Blue.

And we give thanks to the Spirit of the Woods for the work we have done together.

Essima imshimmia stahey nivaldo. Mittichah. Niksanda etti nahwah. Mir mir eckanda sta ka dah. Mim vahley settivah eschandra immi vey. Sti satto sotto immihah. Niquardo loqita sessima inhedera. Mimixia shey standa lo loquarto nittodorey.

Tea in the Woods with the Spirit of the Woods and the Woodland Nature Beings

We now return to the woods. We go to the moss covered stone bit in the forest where the water gently pools. We sit by the big old tree friend that I spoke to when last in the woods. We have a gift of thanks with us for all the support and help that was received during the mission. It looks like a pink sphere – the girls are drawing it now/creating it. It’s a star map of the new earth resonances – the star activation connections that took place. We are going to offer it to the spirit of the woods – our friend and helper. We will all be closely connected from now on.

I take out the star map and put my right hand on it with my left hand facing up and say whatever comes spontaneously at the time and we sit together and have a conversation with the spirit of the woods. She offers us tea and pours us cups of tea from a tea-pot. And there are macaroons and egg and cress sandwiches. She says that we must be hungry after all that work! The beings of the forest – fairies, elves and others – are also there surrounding us and listening intently as we have our tea and chat. Finally we say goodbye and fly home to bed.


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Stage One

We go to earth central under the sea to do this work. I enter with Etoile and Mirabelle into an underwater space ship as we are taken – just go with the flow – glide through a sub-strata of the ocean floor. We will be served hot chocolate and croissants along the way.

We go first to ocean volcanoes to help soothe and open them up so that they can breathe better, so the breath is not constricted. This will help the earth to let off steam. Gentle little adjustments, tweaks to be made to earth central.

There are 4 volcanoes. We start off by meditating on the magnetic chamber of the volcano image to go to the first one. We go into the magma chamber of volcano one. It is sticky and tarry. Heat is to be removed from cankerous sores. These are deep down portals/gates to be opened.

volcano_2Now intuit the colour of each ring. The colour range is pink, purple, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, sea blue, silver grey.

Paint each circle with the 3rd finger of the right hand. Gently in a rotation as if gently putting cream on a sore baby’s bottom. The creams are different colours and they go in concentric rings.

As I do each ring read what is written in star language – I can also use the word Heh with this as I work my way around the ring. We blow them all pink rose quartz kisses as we leave to move onto stage two of the mission – (have rose quartz with me)

 Stage Two

Immea est terria ocano innata devi sum sumera inetale biou biou mimi kha eckshandra si solo lo timpivora settin tando omnivar. Like little rose dust coloured star sprinkles new seeds, new deserts, new oceans in time. These are to be gently sprinkled into the time/space continuum.

Estabahwa inokkita sri nim bambo bukkaru ostentia nexia otto tarveh immitah im guro osta senvia etta tatta bim ovale sequestia latta somni nuno.

For there is much love in these times of heightened vibration and new seeds of love are to be sown too. In meditation we will dust off an old “channel” through the breath. It is narrow and inflexible it needs to become wider. Then we are going to fly through with our wings drawing a rainbow through it. There are doors along the way that have to be closed. There are 6 doors to be closed.

I ask to be taken to this “channel” and I ask to be shown where each of the doors to be closed is. Once I see each one a star shoots out towards it and it closes and we move on until six have been counted.

This is what I ask: Immea netwah interra se secordo, liminara est ambivale etta eckshah. Nittando ossirey nimmia stetten imarah lo dosero quinto tekkniki sam soro im loro best na havarah. Sequesta inattenzia imagor loro orgaro ni luni sinarta.

I will now be taken to a landing. In osoro sumo nirana mettidah – I ask. That takes us to a level like a landing followed by 2 more of these “channel” paths. The first landing is made of pure white light. We stop there. And with our bare feet on the landing pause whilst our feet make a re-calibration that will enable us to go further.  Immea netta suno akina samiiyah stinni settia bim ovale.

A ladder then appears to take us to the next landing. There is work to be done here. The ladder is slanted to the right. We are going to change the colour codes on the platform. Like a disco dance floor it will flash. Each colour is a code –  Orange, Blue, Purple, Green, White with stars. Then we drop down to a level through the dance floor.

This time the floor is in liquid gold. There are voltages running through it. We are in bare feet but it does not hurt – it just tickles. Like a frisson through the wings. This is the place where the wings can get signed if the wrong intent is present. The voltages are rainbows. I put up my arms and do the Nikolai Tessla exercise with the rainbow streams coming through to bond to my heart at the same time as connecting with the rainbow stream.

Once this healing is complete the rainbow movement sequence starts. It looks like this:

1. The rainbow stream coming in from my arms starts a downward movement to the floor at the same time that the rainbow flow starts a movement up to my heart. 2. As soon as they merge the rainbow wash then rises from my head upwards to a point where it stops naturally.

“Fix the blockage” I ask to be shown a blockage to be mended in the field – it is around knee level and to my right a bit. I ask to be shown by my friends where this is: Immea ottovah estemmia inkarta sta na na epsia mittendah.

We place the harmonising pulse on top of this tear causing the block and it heals. The colours are blue then green, then yellow – the pulse turns.
Then in a flash I am in a cylinder which circles me and the white light draws us up upwards to a place where a rainbow carpet unfolds. This is the last of the landings. This is a place of changing potentialities where timeline patternings are woven. It’s like there is an outer and an inner casing. We are now working with the inner casing. Angels work in this space/have a presence here.

There is a connection to be made. It appears like wires from two tubes to be connected together – they are located in both of my hands. One of the wires is corrupted; it looks sizzled out and short-circuited. I will say the following words when I see it.

Ishantia mir bah vah eckshantia ishantia cedera im optiva immitah. Bivahrey ninnia ottowa mir mir ambia. Tsu dhara omnivar. Solanga et optiva ni huna. Et optivah et climmia nissandra ni nissandra ni exeta ni bahva miria nik nate. Noh noh ninnia ecksedera attivah oso osata per imbia nitta natte et istia suro otto imbevhia siria esta nikana.

By saying this it ensures that the timeline cannot be damaged or tampered with again as happened in the past. It will not be able to be contaminated.
Now there is a colour connection required. In the sand we pour out liquid red, blue, green, yellow, pink, purple. It’s as if they are colour gouttes – pink, green, yellow, purple, blue, silver.

They form pools and you can look into and these openings of insight, knowledge and wisdom. Once this is done the circuitry is now to be connected. Now I see a rainbow core through my body which starts to spin. This creates an anti-clockwise spiral coil and wrapped around that there is an outer white band or shield of brilliant white light.

Sandgouttes_volcanoeThis in turn creates the opening of a space that opens outwards in a circular way. It’s as if I am in a big circle in the universe – in the stars. It expands into the stars as we all work as one on this and it is to be integrated into the stellar fabric to hunker down the work. I am in space – particle that I am. A particle among many particles.

Do twinkle, twinkle little star on ipod for the vibration of strength, shielding and protection.

A group of stars form a ring around me and start dancing in a clockwise direction. It creates like a protection field. We set this in place by saying the following:

Estahah omnikar et ira osota mimbivah ekka inta sirabah postia eka una im nettira oxa oxikhan. Tara imbivahley estia oran sutra irigago mimi va. Ostansia setta imba mir mir achatta ora nomo in inclusia om statta im noro. Tu tu tutterey – im tutterey – im tutterah ecksandra im tuttera, omnika im tuttera, estevia im tuttera, ostavia im tuttera. Im tutera terra atta terra. Schim, schim.

They come in through my hands and connect in the heart. As this happens the rainbow energy shoots upwards and downwards at the same time.

We give thanks to the 5D Girl team and all beings who took part in this work – Im Estekki, im povoroh dah seh immartah deii immi khana beii.

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