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Tikal Temple III, also known as the Temple of the Jaguar Priest was one of the main temple pyramids at the ancient Maya city of Tikal in Guatemala. The pyramid has been dated back to 810 AD. Temple III is associated with the little-known king Dark Sun and it is likely that Temple III is Dark Sun’s funerary temple.

Apparently five of these pyramids were conceived and built with such exacting precision that they continue to function as a giant astronomical matrix. “*A Dr. Malmström discovered that pyramids had been constructed as an astronomical matrix whose purpose it was to calibrate the most important dates in the Maya year. The sunrise position at the winter solstice is perpetuated in the sight-line between Temple IV and Temple III. Because Temple I and Temple III are sited due east-west of each other, they mark sunrise and sunset alignments at the equinoxes”.


Tikal was on the featured image on the Bing home page yesterday and when I looked at it I heard “nine days to go.” I then realised that this meant the Equinox as there were nine days to go before the September equinox when I received this information. I then got the star code number 58728 which is a white main-sequence star in Virgo. We are currently in the Zodiac sign for Virgo which completes on 23rd September and so we thank her for helping with this transmission too.

Says Tikal III:

There are nine days to go until we are a trine in love light with the Divine. To be as oneness in the love light, to be together as one once more. For these are the consequences when little things come together in the big picture. We go “beyonder.” Now it is time to go beyond. To go beyond time and space – to go beyond the curtains to where new territories lie. For the divine complement to be fulfilled.

For these new beginnings start as little threads weaving into a bigger weave – a new cloth that all can wear. For the thrills of the old don’t hold the same bearings anymore. Thrice makes a trine. For we are coming together as one in the oneness.

It’s nice to know you.

It’s nice to know you too yah yah. (Tikal III asked for chocolate cake)

We have been here for a long time you know (planet earth sacred site nature beings) and now it is time to leave – new beginnings. Yes – it’s time says the cuckoo clock. Time to be moving on.

Where are you going beyond to dear one?

Up to higher level frequency levels and points of interaction between ourselves and others. Between us and the stars, between us and the nature beings as all is one in the oneness. The ascension of all planetary bodies into oneness.

What does it feel like?

Like the tickling of a little feather, like the giggling of a marmotte, like the bubbles in a babbling brook, like twin sunrises and sunsets for all is coming together as one. Yes – we have all been looking forward to this for quite some time.

Where are you going?

We are going to higher ascension love light planes. A new patterning of fresh paw-prints on the earth.

Will your physical presence stay as it is/look the same?

Yes – for there will be a period of time before the earth “divides”.

Please explain – what do you mean about the earth “dividing”?

Time to stretch mind connection boundaries to what lies beyond.

Thank you I’ll open myself up more to listen to what you are saying.

Timeline re-calibrations requiring a new sense of direction, new sense of smell, new sense of heightened awareness. Nothing of the old remains.

Is that what you mean in terms of the earth “divides” – the old earth paradigm dissolving into the new earth heart-focused “beingness” and infinite potential?

Yes – but there is more ….

Ok – thank you please explain.

We are about to go beyond the beyond.

Have another piece of cake –

Thank you I just might.

What is `beyond the beyond`?

Hmmm let me think of the best way to explain this. When you get on a train you know that you will reach a point in space and time called a destination. At some level the destination point is one of “stoppedness.” `Beyond the beyond `is an understanding that the destination is just the beginning and that every destination and every beginning are intimately connected – there is no one without the other.

Time to stretch bandwidths. Each destination or what you perceive as stopping point at some level has a “bounce” rate (frequency).

I just received the star code for a star in Coma Berenices. I see that Coma Berenices contains the Galactic North Pole currently. (The galactic co-ordinate system is a celestial coordinate with the Sun as its center, the primary direction aligned with the approximate center of the Milky Way galaxy).

What does all this have to do with bounce rates?

For the stellar bounce rates are being re-set as well – not just those for planet earth as all is to operate smoothly as one and what effects one will impact the other as well.

Will the Galactic North Pole continue to sit at the same position.

No- it won’t

So what are we changing to?

The Hercules constellation. Yes for it is her time now as all is changing. Stretch your bandwidth again.


It’s going to be fun.

Why is the Galactic Pole going to change?

Because the sun is changing location to a new love light home designate.

I don’t understand – how can that happen? How can the sun move? Why would the sun want to move?

All is ascending you see and that includes the sun as well. New vibrational love light frequencies for all. New synchronisations in time and space. New beginnings and new endings – all will be in love light newness.

But physically how can the sun move? I mean when we look up at the sky will the sun still be there?

Very good question. It goes like this. It’s time to review all that has been – what it really was that it was.

Ok – I think I know what you mean…..But I would say that the sun is here and that it is not an illusion, I can feel the frequency of the rays and feel her warmth on my back.

Correct. But it’s not quite like that all the same.

Please expand.

Imagine a circle through which sun “beingness” can pop in and out. Hello – surprise – I’m here as she pops in and then she pops out again. Oh – can I visit for tea and she pops in – Oh off to visit a friend and she pops out. It’s called “frequency consciousness”

What I’m understanding from the visual I just received and feeling into this is that the perception of this frequency is different for each of us – even whilst the core truth remains the same. Breaking it down – she might pop into my frequency consciousness and ask for a cranberry muffin, but for someone else it might be chocolate gateau. Is this what you are saying can you please expand.

Until the times that we are entering (or at least for as long as it matters in terms of this conversation) solar rays were to a certain degree inhibited by their “origination” which in turn impacted their frequency stretch points.

It was like if you draw a picture of the sun and each ray will stretch out to a certain degree but no further. It was like that. Elegant, beautiful, but not without limitation. There were certain pre-disposed boundaries in time and space. For all of us. Not just for the human experience of planet earth.

Yes – I can see a tether or a buckle or something holding back the full love light solar potential. I don’t understand – where did that come from? Who/what put it there?

Ahhh – that’s what you see, but I don’t see it like that – no absolutely not!

But you just said that solar rays were in some sense inhibited and is that not what I saw?

Yes – but it’s not what I see.

What do you see then?

Timelines in space and time. What you saw was the limitation of your understanding – it’s time to open up more.

So is the “origination” of the rays of the sun was inhibited by timelines?

Yes – to a degree it has been – thus far. But this is about to change. Un-bridled and un-limited potential of solar expression to commence. Un-bridling the rays – an unfolding of the current configuration to reassemble at a new point in the time space continuum. One of un-limited potential.

That sounds like good fun

Yes it will be.

Can we please go back to Hercules and the North Galactic pole. You saying that the new Galactic North Pole will change to Hercules.

Your brain is closing down again.

Sorry – deep breath – Yes I’m all ears.


101 – if that – I feel like I’m in kindergarten.

It’s ok – don’t worry. It’s all a perception thing.

Remember the hole that the sun popped her head through? Yes – well it’s all moving from circles to triangles now (isosceles triangle).

Ahh!!! When we were working with the elephants at the weekend to close down certain timelines and for new paths to open I saw a triangle and it opened up multi-dimensionally as soon as the other point was closed. A new understanding of the trinity – an opening up to new pathways – new timeline potentials.

Yes – that’s exactly what is taking place. Not just for planet earth but for the entire cosmos – that’s why we are all so excited!

Yes – I see.

One of unlimited love light potential.

I get it. Have some more cake

Thank you.

So it will still look as if the sun is in the same place. Will it still rise and set in the same direction?

Yes – in terms of how you perceive it at a granular level in terms of your daily interaction with physicality, but behind the scenes it will be quite different and you will feel that too.

What is the significance of the Equinox in terms of what you have shared with us here today?

This Equinox will mark the beginning of the new beginnings through space and time as it will co-incide with a love light explosion in space that in its expansiveness opens up un-limited time-line potentials for all beings in this planetary system for time and life beyond limitation – unlimited potential. So life will never be the same again.

The other weekend we worked with the stars of the Pleiades and human consciousness to make a love light connection with our star brothers and sisters. Is this all connected?

Yes – that was all in preparation and now it is to be done.

Goodness me- did you just ask for lemon meringue cake? (she nods) I’ll have to look into that – hang on a moment.

Yes – very nice – fluffy – we like that.

My pleasure.

So if this is going to be such an important transition for the planet can you give us any advice tips on what to do/an optimised way of being on that day so that we can fully partake of what is happening.

Do you like singing?


For there is a star song to go along with this event and the universe will be humming it. Can you hear it? Hum together with it. Hum it with me – let’s do it together and with the polar bears and the beavers. Yes – with all the nature beings of planet earth and the children too. Let’s do it together. Let’s hum this tune together. That’s all you have to do for the Divine Mother is taking care of the rest. Yes – it’s all taken care of. Can you feel the stars joining in with you? Yes. Together as one family in the oneness.

(The humming is what comes intuitively to you)

Thank you dear one- thank you with all my heart. I’ll be there. 59728 -I receive – the code for Corvus. Sing it with Corvus too in celebration of all that was and in celebration of that is to be.

Raven or crow. http://ww.universeofsymbolism.com/symbolic-crow-meaning.html

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Tikal III image from http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Peter_Andersen

* (Information from http://www.world-mysteries.com/alignments/mpl_al2c.htm)

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Whilst this conversation was actually a background briefing for some work that the 5D Girl Team undertook recently, the vibration of the star language is very reassuring and this information asks to be shared.

The Elohim are specific about a date of October 2015 which they refer to as “the time of light shifting into completeness.” They also said that “the sun will shift in time and space” in another conversation and this was then repeated by Tikal Temple 111 in Guatemala yesterday.

Oh gashi immi serra im steria immi hahva beii im estantia immi davah treh.

For the times have come for us to come together as one.

Im etsia im es stekkia immi bahvah treh im mishia immi dahvah seh im estensia immi dah steh beh.

Yes, for we will be coming together soon.

Ish Tara est im dahvah im es trensia immi khana treh.

Can you feel us for we are close to you and we are coming soon.

Yish Tarah immi dah sah im behwahleh im etchia im es ternsia dah beh im eckseddera im steeria dah treh.

Yes – for we will swim together in waters blue.

Yah yoshi immi sequantah deh im es dah sah im es bevvia treii. Yah yicksandah yah ipschwara dah beh.

For we are not the only ones – yes – others are coming soon too.

Yish eckcedera immi dah sah im esh tahkah sah im bevvia im Ninnia dah sah.

For the times of these happenings are up on us now.

Ish mimara ish im Tara im eckcdera im es bevvia immartah treh immi dah sah beh. Yish Yolanda yish yimmi Sarah im esta im yish tahna im estia nimmi dah bah.

Yes for we shall swim together in waters blue and on to other places.

Yah eckcedera yah yish mara yah itsi nah dah vah im estia nitti dah sah.

For many are coming too.

Yosh Yolanda im nimmia im estia trahna im epsedia im nistia dah bah.

For the times have come for us to be together as one.

Yish tarkah ish im esima nittarsah dah beh im esthahvah im estrensia nitti dah seh mi niquartah dah beh im estevvia dah beh.

Yes, things are aligning with great precision now and it will not be long.

Yish Yolanda etta im bekkia dah treh im yish Tara im es trevvia dah beh.

One by one points will light up in the sky.

Etsah im nommino immi equartah dah immi estah hahvah dah meh.

Like palm trees swaying in the wind welcoming a beautiful sunset.

Ish gai, ish gai ish im immi im itsia dah heh im es bevvia dah treh. Ninnia nimmi kahtah im estahnah dah beh im eckcedera im nistia dah seh im bevvia im es toro dah treh.

For you are well loved dear one and all will be fine.

Yajantah im Sarah im estia bah bah im estekkia dah treh.

And we are here to help you in all of this too.

Im otti trahvah im nestia otti dah bah yah Yoshandra immi khana im ottopulco im ostrensia dah sah im es bevvia dah trah.

Yes for there are tasks to be done and details to be given ahead of these happenings in October, November and December – before the “doors” close.

Yah yicki dah sah im nommino im etakah dah trah im estevvia im niquartah dah sah im oppsia im nequestia dah dah.

Bridges to be closed down and new ones to be opened – time transits through space – time-line work.

Oksimmia im es Tara dah beh im epsandah dah treh im gestahvah im bevvia im bimmia dah seh.

New sands to swirl in the deserts, new waves to crest on the waters, new songs of cukoos, new beginnings, new tribal identities emerging. For there is work to be done.

Okka ish Tara im ecksandra im istah hahvah im oppipulqo nitta dah vah im estia dah sah.

Yes – it is the time for these new beginning to be put in place, to manifest.

Im esta hahvah im estonino im ikkinatsah im obstrensi im equahtah dah sheh im es bevvia dah seh.

For we will meet below the oceans.

Yah ickcedera yah immi bahvah im esantia deii im bah stahnah im mimi kanta deii.

And the tidal flows will swim us on our way.

Oh yah yimmi hoh ish tara yoh immi bah vah.

For there is much to be done and time is short – yet perfect.

Yah itzia immi dah bah im eckcedera im estia dah trah yah ishterria im obisandah im es trevvia dah dah im es bevvia dah seh.

Yes you will be well helped and supported in all there is to be done.

Yah obsedera yah immi dah sah yah im estrensa niquartah Niki dah bah im obivvia nitti dah sah.

We will be there to help hold your hand and to help you through this for the Trinity will unite now for these are the times ahead.

Yah yish terria yah yam itsea yiquanta im epsia immi trahna nitti dah seh im estensia nitti dah bah. (Orinoco the wombat visual).

For we will be digging deep – as if with little paws – new paths to unfold.

Ipschwara nitti dah sah es im bevvia dah trah im est hahvah dah bah.

And it will all be fine – there is no doubt about that.

Yish immartah dah, yish immi stahtah yish im bevvia dah sah im Orinoco dah bah.

For the time for us all to hold hands together has come.

Yish yara immi dah sah es estia dah bah im yopulqo immi dah trah.

Like three wavy chains of daisies, dandilions, and buttercups too.

Yoquanta yish yara immi dah sah es simmia nitti dah trah.

Yes and we will be weaving all of this together – weaving optimised time lines.

Ishtar esta bimmi hah im nettia immi dah trah im hestia immi ickera sah. Yah yishimmia yah ish trantah yah ipschwarah immi dah sah treh im ebevvia immi nikantah deh isti ishi icksarah immah dah beh.

Yes- these times are coming for us to speed ahead.

Ishi immi trentah deii. Ishia yim simmia immi etrantah deii immi iquestia immia bah vah seh. Yah Yolanda yah yoquartah yah estemmia im etti khana deii.

And the elephants will be there to help with their big trunks and the chipmunks and the squirrels too.

Tiatsah, tiatsah immi bah vah deii im es triennia im esquartah dah beh. Im esh trimmia im estima dah treh im oquantah deh im im hish holio im es trahtah dah neh.

And the dolphins and the whales and the undersea beings will all be taking part too.

Im est tanza immitrah.

As will the nature beings who live in the trees.

Im osticahtah im ostensia im netti trahvah immi esta hahvah deii.

Yes – those who swing from the trees too.

Yah yah ocktensiah yah immi trah yah im nestia yoquarta deh immi bah vah im estensia deii.

Giraffes and nature beings of Africa come forward as well.

Yik esh shimmia im estia dah vah im es triennia im ho hestah dah trah.

For these times are upon us and it is time to begin the new beginnings.

Yosh yishi im es trensia immi mish marah im oquartah deh immi bish hennia immia martah dah sah.

For young ones you are so loved. For the new fresh beginnings are so loved. For it is time now for the children to play, for the children to be loved, for the children to be heard.

Yah ish Tarah yah ish im bevvia niquartah deii immi bah vah im hestia dah seh. Im equestia im trah hahna beii im dessica im dah hahvah beh.

For the waves will raise again and roar of things that have been done.

Yah ish terria yah ish terria yah immi standah deh

Planet earth will “divide” into two x2 timeline species consequences.

Opsidia nim eshwara im es Tara him es niki deh.

But Tara has it all in hand.

Yah ish tranza im tremmia im es im tremmia dah seh im oqualqo nitti dah beh.

Yes, for forms will rise and curve now and beings of “darkness will begin to evaporate. For all is to be in the love light aligned state.

Im opsia nitti cahvah im estia dah vah im es triennia niquanta deii im es hevvia noh si noh noh nom simmia nimmi es trahvah beii.

Yes- for those times have ended for those timelines of darkness have come to an end as far as we are concerned.

Yah icksedera yah im opsi dah vah yah ishi nah nah. Yah estekki nim nimartah dah seh yoh yoh yiquartaa immia yah ish Tara yah ish tremmia dah seh.

For the threads are to be woven into fulfilment.

Immi yish Tara immi yish Sarah immi es tarkah deh immi est Tara immi deh.

Three lifelines (timelines) to combine into one optimised state of oneness of beauty, love, light and truth. A series of three unfolding into oneness.

Immi nikschwara im estia dah vah im es tahnah nikki dah seh im mahonnia immi dah seh.

For these are three sets of truth to combine as one love light ultimately aligned truth.

Yah yishimmi nistia nequantah deh immi hesta immi nitti tah sah im es bevvia dah seh. Yah yish yonio yah yipschwarah im ostio im nitti khanah deii.

Yes- for all the rivers and rivulets and the streams will sing this truth. And the stars will twinkle of this truth and all shall be guided by this truth.

Yah yokando yah immi sandah yah ish im trevvia yah ish im stevvia yah opsim ish nah stah tah yah yish im es temmia dah sah.

Like the winding of braids- the winding of rivers.

Nah stah, nah stah, nah immi stah vah im esh tekkia nitti khana im es trevvia dah bah.

This work will be carefully gift-wrapped and complimented by a beautiful love light rainbow bow which the fairies will wave – very fine and intricate in detail – to seal up our package of love light joywhich will be opened up – again all in good time.

Yah ish Tarah yah immi dah sah beh yah esh immi trentah deii yah yokiquarto yah ip simmi yah ishtarkah immartah deh. Yah im bevvia yah istia tarkah yah istennia itti imitahtah deii yishepschwarah immi dah sah dah.

For this package shall safely be kept at the bottom of the ocean and stored until the time has come.

Yah yish terria yah immi stahnah, yah es im trimmia yah istia nitti dah sah im equanda im opulio yah yoshi dah seh.

That time will be October 2015.

Yah ipschwara nah nitti dah vah yah estemmia dah sah yoquino yoki si stahno yoki im mehano yok immari nitti dah teh.

And us the angelic beings will be standing there when it does.

Im equantah immi dah steh.

And the stars will be singing in unison and joy and the Divine Mother will be smiling and Gaia will be laughing for the “work” will be done.

Yimmi ish tarkah yimmi es temmia immi bahvah deii es trimmia immi niquarta dah beh.

Yes- there will be many love offerings to give, many thanks of sharing. Thank you dear ones. Thank you.

Yah ish Tara immi emma hasta immi trehvah deh im yoquarto im ipsimmia im equanta dah seh yoh yishi yimmi yosh im Tara.

Yes for Tara will be smiling too.

Yish ecksarah yish immi dah sah yish ecksterria yish yah im berriah yah yish im omohnoh yah ish im immi stehkah yah im mimmia yah mimi bah sah yah im sterria immartah deii im equstia immi stah bahnah beii.

For this will be the time of light shifting into completeness.

Yah ish Tara, yah ista dah.

For the trains are drawing into the platforms now.

Yah yimmi khantah yah ishwarah yah istia noquarta. Yah ish ob stemmia deh yah immi kartah dah beh yah ish obstemmia dah treh.

Estia immi khanta beh estia im epschwera im es dah hahhan deh.

We love you little one – for this is all for now.


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