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Skype Messaging

[05/10/2014 08:38:40] OWK:good morning my lovely… things uncannily quiet – like calm before the storm… I had a quick vision last night – usually don't get visuals so when I do I pay attention. The last time was the major tsunami whenever that was… last night it was a vision of all these Asian people. I had no idea what it was so I said I'd scan the news and see if there was anything going down in Asia – which of course there is – the Hong Kong riots… so just writing to see if you got anything on this also?

[05/10/2014 08:41:59] Nicola: I did tap into you last night in fact for a favour as we were doing the Ebol la la assignment. I'm just about to upload the visuals to Pinterest and will get back to you once done. Morning!

[05/10/2014 08:42:23] OWK: okey dokey xx

[05/10/2014 09:11:09] Nicola: Hi – For Ebol la la we were working at one point in the Asia region in the Solomon Islands – Timbala Bay- which was one of the earth alignment points for the work that we were doing. So I can tell you what we were up to and see if that aligns with what you have been feeling? There were points in the work where we sat in a space of great peace – also we downloaded a whole load of seratonin during the “operation” – blood transfusion.

[05/10/2014 09:11:49] Nicola: and that point in the Solomon Islands was under energetic stress and had to be cleared before it could come into play.

[05/10/2014 09:14:04] Nicola: The entrance was an old Atlantis point and we were working directly with them – joint star family work.

[05/10/2014 09:15:47] Nicola: There was grunge work to be done under the earth to start – re-lighting lights – 12 points. Protection was required throughout – in fact I had some very funny attempted attacks yesterday…

[05/10/2014 09:19:20] Nicola: There is an area on Salisbury Plain that is used for military training. The shape of the various segments looks like the chamber of the heart – only that there were a couple of extra chambers. I was told that it was heart by-pass surgery – the “patient's” heart was about to burst – to rupture which meant that we wouldn't be able to do the work – so it all had to be done very gently. There was one whole section to be removed. The “patient” got very emotional about this bit being removed – had to be soothed.

[05/10/2014 09:23:16] Nicola: So what happened was that the whole heart structure shifted into a new space. I seem to recall that inter-dimensionally a new point in space and time opened, and that the section was removed.

[05/10/2014 09:25:12] Nicola: At this point the “patient” was in a very sensitive state and its functions had to be fully supported in order for the work to continue. That's when the stellar surgery was prepared to ready everything for the transfusion. Then I got a flash of the bigger picture and why negative energies had been challenging our work – they were not happy to say the least….

Ebol lala_20141005_0002

[05/10/2014 09:26:34] Nicola: It actually went beyond Ebola – Ebola was like an example of one of their tools. But we went under the hood and un-plugged the whole thing. It seemed to be like this. If there is a virus and you don’t have protection in place it goes in and wreaks havoc. So this was about a damaged patterning at cellular/DNA level which has been there for some time – and was possibly put in there to control and/or limit our evolution. Like a back-door route through which these energies could enter our consciousness – a weak link in the chain.

[05/10/2014 09:30:48] Nicola: Once in we could be manipulated to a degree – certainly it was pretty well hidden. Ebola was only `the front` there was a far bigger construction and the Divine Mother unplugged that all the way back to source. The actual E-bola la la’s – and at a deeper level the damaged cellular structure was numb – could not move properly and could not express – unhappy and scared.

Ebol lala_20141005_0004

So they were gently softened and shown how to open up – we did a galactic exercise class where star beings came down too and everyone danced together – stretching and bouncing and opening up to the music. The ebol la la’s were so happy by the end – everyone was laughing! We were laughing and dancing to the music too – it was great fun!

[05/10/2014 09:32:50] Nicola: Then it was time for the blood transfusion – even at this point the field was being challenged. This was when I asked you if you would mind covering my back which you did – thank you!

[05/10/2014 09:33:13] OWK: phew that’s amazing work

[05/10/2014 09:33:21] Nicola: hang on not finished yet!

[05/10/2014 09:33:28] OWK: ooops!

But here’s the really interesting and unexpected bit. We got to the final bit with the changing of the quark bounce rate. It was like there were different balls to be juggled – six balls for the different types of quark – their patterning was also reversed. So normally – this sort of thing would be quite straight forward but it wasn’t there was a hitch….

[05/10/2014 09:37:06] Nicola: The connection between the stars and the earth was corrupted – there was something to be cleared under the ground here on this planet.

[05/10/2014 09:42:42] Nicola: I somewhat lost track of what was going on at this point, but what I do remember was that in order for this to be resolved, I had to go to a space behind my back and ask for “clearance.” At which point I was told that clearance had been received and I was given a key.

It ties in with when I mentioned that I had received new levels of clearance. That was required for this weekend’s work. Then at the end I was told – the template is complete – and I am holding it – it has been integrated. One of the most beautiful things was that where were several points towards the end of the work, where it was so incredibly still, so peaceful – so all perfectly in place.

[05/10/2014 09:45:55] OWK:Yes, it feels as if something has cleared. You quite possibly diffused that angst in asia also.Nice clearing in advance of the full moon lunar eclipse coming up this week.

[05/10/2014 09:46:38] Nicola: The moment I asked for your help to cover my back – the presence i felt there vanished – thank you team friend!

[05/10/2014 09:48:06] OWK: My pleasure, that seems to be one of my ‘things’ at the moment!!!

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* With thanks and gratitude to my StarSistar in Spain who helped with this and created the drawings.

** This post is just one perspective on what is a deadly disease that is taking lives in Africa. We respect and honor what has manifested in the 3D physical reality. Our work took place at a different level and was undertaken (as directed by source) without judgment and with no attachment to outcome.


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Imagine this. Connect to the heart of Gaia, then connect to the stars – now lie down and experience all that on the horizontal – except that you are still standing up. Or, imagine that you live in Australia and that people really do walk around up-side down there. That might feel very odd at first….

The physical body is currently undergoing multiple structural changes at a cellular level in response to various factors, including new access to multi-dimensional horizontal awareness fields.

The emerging energetic body looks a bit like this to me:


So how can we align with these multi-dimensional awareness fields?

As a starting point, dissolve your understanding of the role of the spine as support for the body. Actually, dissolve your spine. New energetics are coming into play where it’s all completely different. Dissolve your understanding of the chakra system and any attachment to this structure – all this is dissolving too. Kundalini – send it to the dry-cleaners – everything is up for renewal and reconfiguration.

This is a completely different compass to anything we have experienced in this incarnation cycle. It also offers way more support for the expansion of our authentic selves, than previously possible.

Whilst the physical body is still at an early stage of physical embodiment, it feels as if the triple heart embodiment (Gaia, Divine, Galactic) are coming together in an expression of heightened sensory experience within the oneness and as part of all three combined as one.

This means a new and intense awareness of everything around us through sensory perception translated into physical sensations. In other words, increased perception and insight go hand-in-hand with a new and heightened awareness of the world around us, as experienced through what we can feel and sense.

This new sensory/vibrational experience combines 5D colours and much more, with the ability to experience physically what it feels like to be in oneness with colours, sounds, tastes, smells etc and – taking this forward – to share this experience with our nature being friends, our star being friends and the stars themselves.

All this is happening at a cellular level. When I am guided that someone’s `outer coating` is x, y, or z it’s a reference to the outer coating of their cell membrane. If the outer coating is grainy or impacted in some way, this affects `the stretch` of the outer coating which is its ability to absorb love light. Because when the outer coating of the cell is in optimal condition it can expand to the full, and absorb more light.

This in turn impacts our `bounce rate`. What’s a bounce rate? A bounce rate is made up of vibrational sequence bundles that calibrate to a universal frequency, as opposed to individual vibrations within the earth planetary field.

The `stretch` of the outer coating of the cell or it’s capacity to absorb light directly affects the `bounce rate`. In order to increase the bounce you have to be `stretchy. The more `stretch` the more light, the more light, the more switches are turned on, DNA activated etc. Think bouncy rubber ball(s).

Most, if not all, the tools on this blog are vibrational refinement tools that tune into 5-6th dimensional frequencies and above. The main thing is that in 6D you can still be in the physical. That’s why we are always having tea and cakes with the nature beings. They LOVE experiencing these sensory frequencies, so do our star sisters and brothers and even the stars themselves. Ask Jupiter what she loves and don’t be surprised if she says crème caramel!

In the end everything is a vibration and it’s a question of making a resonance match aligned as truth with that vibration. Vibrationally, it’s going to be possible to enjoy the experience of eating a chocolate éclair, for example, without actually having to eat one in the physical. Better still – go and share this experience with Macchu Piccu and sit down together and enjoy it. This is what going `beyond the beyond` is all about.

You won’t have to have money and to take an aeroplane flight to enjoy a beach in Tahiti. It’s just a question of aligning your frequency with that experience. An important part of all of this is to share this experience with our nature being friends – so that beach in Tahiti is a being. The tube stations in London have their individual being-nesses, so do country spirits, spirits of towns and villages, even your PC.

Let’s go to Tahiti and have a lovely chat with the beach and the waves and experience what if feels like to bring the sunset in on that too. The same for colours – how does the vibration of deep purple feel different to red – what happens when you swizzle them all around to music and enjoy them in the physical. Try dancing to colours with a star friend. What does your star friend think of the whole thing? Check out how much fun they are having!

So with this heightened sensory awareness, communication opens up at multiple levels. That’s why the human body is so amazing – and we can share these sensory experiences with the nature beings – and they in turn can share back with us what they are experiencing in a combined/re-combined shared oneness experience.

This frequency is like a rainbow dial – it just gets turned further and further up until the gateway opens. So the baseline is physical embodiment or moving into that at some level. A place where we learn to play with multi-dimensional frequencies, integrating vibrational wave-lengths into the oneness. Heightened awareness, fine-tuning vibrations of exquisite sensitivity.

A Divinely guided oneness experience based on human sensory perception (those that we are currently aware of) and much more to come, as blockers unravel within the body and healings take place.

For me the best bit is that we can share this with the nature beings and the experience of the nature beings sharing this back with us, and we can share it with the star beings, and they share back with us. And the Divine Mother and Gaia and Tara and everyone enjoying this enjoyment too!

Here’s how the Elohim explained these horizontal fields:

As optimised time-lines concatenate, horizontal transformations will take place – it will take place on the horizontal fields. Like the string of a violin being strengthened or loosened, the horizontal lines will merge in different capacities. All knowledge will be newly intertwined.

Horizontal horizons are multi-faceted. Many pieces making up the whole is what we mean by that. There are granula ingranulations/rivets – deep within human individuality. These are being re-spliced and diced as necessary. The `signs` are changing circumference – new values. Truth adjustments being made. Slicing and splicing. This means that `body recombined contamination` is avoided.

The love light source `re-combinance` is multi-faceted and flexible – it can be moulded to various shapes. It can be optimised for transitioning and travel (on and off-planet).

Love light ligaments, tendons and joints are to be stretched to the full extent – like ballet dancers in their prime you will shine and all will align.

We are of the love light re-combining. We are of the love light transitioning and transforming. We are of the love light source integration. We are of the will of All that Is. We are of the transcendences. We are of the love light colour beams. We are of the Elohim. Ick sharah, ick sharah, istia kartah deh im estia im estransia immartah deh im es bevvia im es ikki sahtah deh.

I’m Ninnia Ecksahbah – an emissary from the Stars.

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“It wasn’t meant to be like this when we created it. It wasn’t meant to be like this. There wasn’t sufficient protection. The radar systems went down. That’s why I came back – because we had the opportunity to adjust things in these times.

Because it was all meant to be so perfect – but it went wrong. We came for Gaia, we love Gaia. It all went wrong. It wasn’t meant to be like this. It just didn’t turn out as we had hoped. But now is a time for change and renewal. Remedies can be put in place – things different moving forward.

Different reference systems required. A breakdown of the shambolic to re-create shambala. Like how it ought to have been. That’s why it’s best for us to remain unseen. Yes, this is why we have returned to do our bit.

There are lost “references” to be found. New connections to be made in time and space. Not just timelines – something else. Something else that matters. We have to go back to the “originations”. There was an error in the calculation. That’s what went wrong. Remedies to be put in place.

Find the orgination of the tear. Put a mirror in place to reflect it back from whence it came. Then all will be fine – then the job will be done. That’s why we are here. For this to be remedied in time and space.

A facet of “individuality“ that has not served its function. To be done at a molecular level. The configuration wasn’t clean – levelling required. To be siphoned off and re-measured. Thank you.”

* The bottom-line is that the in the “origination” of human DNA there was a point of weakness or “error in the calculation” and this weakness was then used as a point of entrance by other ET races to meddle with human DNA.”


Sequence 1

Go to Jupiter – the Arcturians will light the approach to the entrance gates from behind Jupiter with a torch. A protective “field bubble” by the Arcturians will extend from that point around Jupiter – preventing any external interference and holding the space.

From this point you will see the gates. Guard gates to be taken down. The gates are grid wordings – you will see those – clearance has been given to go through.

Sequence 2

Go to Jupiter’s red spot atmospheric storm. See a circular shape with rivulets around the outside – they are bringing in an energy flow – but you will be reversing it to turn outwards – changing the direction of the flow.



Now do the “saliva” tests -see visual- information to be obtained so that all can be co-ordinated. We look into the petri dish through different coloured lenses; turquoise, red, yellow, green and orange. Like an x-ray as the cell divisions will look different depending. Note the results – these will be shared. Information dissemination.

Now go to the petri dish to find the point of “origination”. Little nodules – 15 – to be gently unpicked in weave and divine flow – yellow inner tube casings – delicate wave.

Draw the “origination” – at one point in the drawing of the “origination” there will be a point – a line that stretches out. Human DNA strand to be spliced – see the break – a line – cut it there – the new beginnings and end of the old.


A pair of scales will be used for the re-measuring – Arcturian friends will be helping. Bounce rate of 9 ingredients to be changed. New alchemic configuration. Never to meddled with again. Sit with the new bounce rate until all is synchronised.



9 templates – 9 layers of surgery – one on top of the other. Tetrahedron. These then slip one into the other – because with the new protective outer coating nothing can be done to distort the DNA again.

Now new “engravures” to take place – go to the snail shells to work with the “patterning” and colour and code.


Sequence 3

There are underground swimming chambers on Jupiter – you will then go to these caves and work with the waters there. A translation of the energetic configuration into the ripples of the water is required. This is where the mirror reflections take place – draw what you see and make a note of it. Little individual particle fields.

You will then work further with each of those. Create a swizzle stick as we are going to mix it up (within each one). Shaken not stirred. Particle bounce fields say yah yah.


What next? You will jump into the waters of one of the pools – you will be shown which one nearer the time.

Sequence 4

Return to earth. Under sea sonar can pick up dissonances – we can look there to see if the work is done. Merlin will help you to find it – Excalibur. Find Excalibur – does the sword come out? If so, the work is complete.

Yah yah ecksandrah yah yah ishwara – yah stahahnah deh yah immi bahvah seh. Ish Tara, ish Gaia, ish immahvah beh im ep stemmia immarvah deh. Yah yishi, yah equarto, yah immi trahna deh im es trensia immartah karvah deh im extensia im dorado deh. Ishtar. Ishtar.

Here’s the funny bit. I went to find Excalibur and saw Merlin and then the stone – purple with a green sword. But then it vanished – poof – in a cloud of smoke! I was like heck? Then he said “that’s the trick” – then I saw the stone and the sword in a different location, and as we were looking at it the sword jumped out of the stone with a flourish and did a little spin. How human that we should think that it’s up to us to pull the sword out of the stone!

At the end we all danced to the vibration of Oneness – all the star beings – big ones too – on the dance floor and they were very very pleased. A multi-coloured rainbow dance floor in the stars. Yes – we are very happy indeed. Yah yah ikki shah. Yah yah eck sharhah.

Thank you Arcturians

Thank you Jupiter

Thank you Team

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Over the summer of 2014 my team and I (5D Girl Team) joined with the Elohim, star beings, stars and nature beings for The Timelines of Innocence – 59278.

Our work consisted of a series of assignments to adjust, refine and open up new timeline potentialities, specifically relating to an optimised new earth entrance for the planet, as well as a transit route for those beings that won’t be re-incarnating on earth.

It felt a bit like cards in a deck to be re-shuffled, and let’s add some additional cards while we are at it – for the best possible result.

These optimised Timelines of Innocence entered fully with the recent New Moon. The Beyond the Beyond timelines also flow through the Timelines of Innocence – so this timeline is much welcomed at multiple levels.

Phase II of this work was based on the new earth plane resonance quilt. The new earth plane resonance quilt has different functions; it holds the vibration for an optimised state of being on this planet as well as acting a gateway. Mirroring the theme of expanded awareness, four new resonances manifested whilst this work was taking place – the vibrations of laughter, freedom, delight and held by the Divine.

At the time, I saw the unfolding of this timeline depicted as a beautifully lit up space ship, bright with colours and it was being escorted by other space ships as it gently floated into a new space/beginning/frequency. It felt like an important moment – one of universal significance – by this I mean of a new relationship within the universe. I had been told that something would “turn” and it did.


Some of the heavy clearing currently underway is connected to the free flow of the Beyond the Beyond timelines which pass through The Timelines of Innocence as well as the melting away of all that was; including the old astrologies, the old wisdom scrolls, all imprinted wisdoms and spiritual etchings of the old cycle as well as some healing modalities.

The visuals below show some of the work undertaken to help open up space for this new expanded expression of love light potential. A new particle bounce rate was also set.


expanded quilt_20141102_0001

Additionally, an important manifestation of Oneness took place between humans and the birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, insects, plants, trees, rocks, waters, earth, devic kingdom, angels and star beings. It was agreed that – We are all equal in the eyes of love light source – equal as one in the oneness.

This is one of the Terms of Engagement for the New Earth. Ekkasah eck shimmia esta dah vah immartah deii im obseddia immartah beii.




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