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I am receiving vibrational/activation drawings for the new earth nature resonances. Previously, these have expressed as: 1. A flower/plant vibration 2. Infused music 3. A 5D `colour`4. A sound in nature.

It was Khat, the Catha Edulis plant, who first told me about the 32 nature resonance frequencies and their vibrations in early summer of 2013. Then, in August 2014 as the Timelines of Innocence came into being, four further resonances were added to make a total of 36.

Khat explained that each one holds a different frequency and that beings from the Earth Star Council and Council of Oneness were directly involved in what is a planetary system `creation` in partnership with Gaia and the nature beings.
Here’s what the star beings said at the time:

Im hono himmia himarta shen shen shir schimia et scharta losta sequador im ottarveh sinarta ecklusia spimmia speria notendo ni nato ni nilato et osta mirador didarthey quinnea quo vestia sim sperria loquarto.

We honor our friends, we honour the colour beings, we honour the stars, we honour the flowers, we honour the trees, we honour Tara, we honour Gaia, we honour the lakes and the waters, we honour all earth sounds, we honour all earth delicate features, we honour the crust of the earth, we honour the sun and the moon, we honour all things in love and in light and in this honouring our friendship is sealed and so is this work.

Ni standa neyii, nistata tei terra omago im estria simmia no la sarta derria impackta imahva no lo sotto. Ankay oro ettata estria simmata dei divinika les trara non bimenday nitanga nittodor et clickia click sera nontarda bimmivey in estia nissi tarta.

And we too – the star beingness are honoured to be taking part in this earth planet work and working with you all on this most honourable occasion. And as one we are one – and in one we are of the one in this work that we are doing together. For Tara, for Gaia, for earth honouring, for the sun, the moon, the planets, the stars, the planetary systems, the universes and our core mother sparkling brilliance of life source – we are in love, honour and gratitude for the opportunity to come together in these times as one.

This sparkling new earth love quilt manifests in the fifth dimension and offers a path through the fifth dimensional inter-space into a sixth dimensional realm that lies beyond. It is for this that Gaia and Tara came together in the summer of 2013.

The first of the 36 resonances to express was the vibration of Oneness. Here are the nature beings that came forward to illustrate the vibration of Oneness – but as all is in the Oneness – you can choose your own expressions if you prefer. The best way to use them is with the quadrant and keys vibrational alignment tool – see below – or to create your own bespoke version.

To activate this connection all that is required is sincere heart-based intention. You can mix and match for optimal impact. For example, put your hands up facing the screen or on a printed image so that you can see and/or feel the resonance at the same time as listening to either the music or the sound in nature. Or, visualise the 5D colour separately if you prefer. The key is to focus on making a vibrational match in a relaxed state. Feel the vibration throughout your body – hold that sensation. Say – I align as the vibration of oneness, the vibration of oneness aligns as me or I breathe the vibration of oneness, the vibration of oneness breathes me.

The trigger code for the activational drawing is 99725 – a star in Cygnus – again you can feel it through your hands. And, Corcamonga has come forward from the Gaia spine points C5 – Corcamonga Peak, San Gabriel Mountains California http://bit.ly/1hE2kCa. Start off my placing your intention on this point with thanks for her assistance.

1) Oneness

Hordeum Jubatum grass

Hordeum Jubata grass

Creative commons – Wikipedia – André Karwath

5D Colour: an oak tree in the morning mist

NEW – Activational drawing for the vibration of oneness.


Resonance in nature from the hippos

Infused Music

Please note this version does not include the four most recent resonances which form a final circle.

new earth resonance quadrants

new earth resonance quadrants

Click here for how they work.

Ishima est Gaia immartah deh im es bevvia im es trinnia ecksahtah beh.

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Last weekend the last of three timeline weaves came into play to culminate a project started with the Elohim in early summer. This was the Timelines of Magic. It combines with the Timelines of Innocence and the Beyond the Beyond timelines to form an optimised triple timeline bundle for 2015 and a platform for anchoring 6D on the planet.

This isn’t magic in the traditional sense, it is about our relationship with the nature beings and Gaia as part of the opening of a channel that has not previously been available to humans.

The Timeline of Magic was grounded with a new alchemic periodic table brought forward by the nature beings – gold features strongly within it. This Mirror Magic periodic table gels with the 36 new earth resonances as well as the spine points, and strengthens the interconnectedness between them all to form a firm foundation for the Year ahead.


It also facilitates an expanded reception of the love light into the body at a cellular level.

Here is a conversation we had with a frog about magic in 2012 which describes what we mean by it in this context.

Hello – This is an unusual topic. You are such a beautiful green frog and so smooth and shiny!

I really don’t know much about magic – where would you like to start?

There is a kingdom of magic which sits within the animal kingdom.

Do you reside permanently in the kingdom of magic?


Can you access it?


When do you go there?

When we are directed by the winds?

That’s interesting

The messages undulate and flow in the winds.

So the wind is a medium for communication?

Yes – like a loudspeaker for the planet, the wind will broadcast what is going on that day and we can pick up requests?

How does this system operate?

The messages flow through us in the wind and it is how we resonate with this flow that matters.

How does the magic happen?

Through the water connect we can distil and refine down to the divine essence.

How do you know whether or not to do something with the information you receive.

We just listen. It comes through the wind – from Gaia in the wind.

Have you been involved in lots of magic?

Yes – on a daily basis.

Can all the animal kingdom sit in the magic?

Yes – all of us. From the eagles, dolphins, lions and salamanders to the alligators and giraffes – all do.

How exactly does magic happen?

Divine alchemy.

How do you interpret the messages you receive from Gaia?

We interpret the information as maps. Depending on the request, the constellation of the stars will be mapped to certain earth points underneath.

Do you mean as above so below?

Yes – we transmute until this connection is re-activated. A transformation in the blink of an eye.

Do you know why you were chosen for the role?

It was at our own request.

Can we make a request to you for magic in our own lives?

No – go to Gaia.

Is the kingdom of magic the same as the kingdom of miracles?

These are different. There is a separate process that does not involve us. You may see the two as one and the same, but for us they are different.

Magicians have wands and use them to do tricks. In the 3D perspective tricks can be learned. This mirage is a reflection of the experience or lack of expansion of awareness to be found in the third dimensional plane.

Have humans ever been allowed into the kingdom of magic.

No – it is well protected within the animal kingdom.

Can you give us any examples of the sort of information or requests that you receive from Gaia.

Ask Gaia

Gaia’s response

The requests can come in from all beings as collectives; animals, plants, devic kingdom, humans etc where there is a lack of harmony or integration between individual groups and the whole. These translate as discordant musical notes and patterns that are out of synch with the divine plan.

Happy Solstice! Igishea, Igishea immistia hahtah deh im es bevvia immi trahna deh with love from Nicola and the 5D Girl Team and with deep thanks and gratitude to the nature beings, Gaia and the Divine Mother – and to Etoile and Mirabelle – thank you girls!

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In mid-November the 5D Girl team worked with Uranus on magnetic reversals. These are bringing in magnetic adjustments which are expressing through multiple layers, including at a cellular level. The reversal energy can be very helpful for planetary and personal clearing when there is an energy that appears very dark and/or stuck.

Try this. When you see/feel that heavy energetic ask where to place your mirror. This is a rainbow reversal mirror and is fluid in shape – it becomes whatever shape is required in that moment. The key is in where the mirror sits. The moment you are show this, the rest just slots into place.

As a first step the mirror shines a spotlight on the dark, stuck energy so that you can see its full form and track it back to its inception point Then, through the mirror (comes in from the back of the heart) a love light flows through and dissolves whatever it was. The new magnetics support this flow.

These energies can also make the body feel out of balance. Here’s a handy exercise. Imagine a magnetic loadstone at the centre of the earth. It’s your connection so you can put it there. Make the connection between that point deep below and your body.

Then see what looks like a wide straw from that point – the width of both feet – and suck up into the body as you taste/smell/feel the juice of different fruits or they can be smoothies; pineapple, apricot, banana, peach, strawberry etc. These fruit essences are sucked by the body into the body at a cellular level. The body drinks deep. It’s a way of aligning with these new magnetics.

Here’s more on loadstones. I was in a client meeting the other day and I scribbled a drawing. It’s an expanded version of the quadrants and keys which has an outer circle that is also divided into four. We are calling it a 12D Slide Glide. It’s purpose is to facilitate and enhance our multi-dimensional connections, with a particular focus on the emerging horizontal fields for a new way of beingness.

12D Slide Glide

12D Slide Glide

Then this morning, whilst looking for an image of a loadstone to illustrate this post I also came across a visual by William Gilbert that looked somewhat similar to what I had drawn entitled spherical loadstones and magnetic fields – sort of timely! William Gilbert, (1544-1603) is considered by some to be the father of electromagnetics.

But it gets better. In this post http://aaronturner.thinkertothinker.com/?p=116. the author believes that Gilbert went off-track when he started saying that:

Extract from text.

“The magnet is aligning itself to the Soul of the Earth – so he asserts without demonstration. Further, the Earth is a living Being, and this Soul is not a literary euphemism – it is asserted to be real…. “In addition to the Earth as a living entity, he goes on to assert that all celestial bodies are alive, each with its own Soul, and that each will exert a force on the material from which it is made, just as the Earth exerts a force on lodestone and iron.”

Here is William Gilbert’s magnetic loadstone drawing

For our Uranus magnetic reversals work – this is what I was told by my guidance:

Magnetic template reversals, grounding on the sea shores, rocky enclaves hunkering down. Timeline-splitting taking place. Good momentum in the sails. Adjustments and re-calibrations taking place. Love light magnetic refractions
Splicing of in-organics. Time-line splitting, sequencing, formatting. Adjustments taking place, love light expansion, materialism dissolving. Happiness abounds. All will be in happiness as the waves crash upon the shore.

Time-lines splitting. Magnetic reversals required. Reversals in time and space. Go to Uranus for the reversals. Revving it up. Revving it up. Revving it back in time.

Integrations taking place, new calibrations All is shifting all, all is change, all is in the light. All engravings to be erased, petroglyps – hieroglyphs.

All transitioning fast – now at love/light speed. Originals being re-shaped. Transponding time codes. Undergoing stress-testing. Here were we go. Eureka timings in place. Use Geronimo codes. Force-field strengthened – everything is ready. New weavings, new matting to be laid. Diametrically opposed. Twilight zones manifesting for completing. Magnetic stuck things in wrong direction. Fortifying field.

Grandfather clock turns upside down. Cuckoo clock has run out of puff. Big Ben is a shadow of its old self. Greenwich meantime lines dissolving. Chaos energies to be dissolved.

Uranus: depletions under the surface, magnetic stratas, magnetic reversals. New bounce cycles. 12 moons frozen in time and space around Uranus – re-patterning required. Use “boomerang technology” to put into new positioning. The moons will thaw, unwind and then flow into this new positioning.

Transmission complete – thank you.



The magnetic turn-point keys used in the magnetic reversal work were strengthened using rime-knots (a physics term – knot theory). Taken from Wikipedia: “Research shows that there are “connections between the crossing number of a knot and the physical behavior of DNA knots. For prime DNA knots, crossing number is a good predictor of the relative velocity of the DNA knot”…Basically, the higher the crossing number, the faster the relative velocity.”

So, by using the knots we strengthened the holographic representation for optimised time-lines. A bit like a ballustrade – an assembled structure that makes the whole stronger.

From a science perspective – this visual looks a bit like how synapses work in the body


Ishima est Gaia immartah deh

and thank you very much Uranus.

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