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On 20th September 2014 (around the Equinox), earth’s connection with the new galactic north, Hercules, was activated. On the 28th March 2015, shortly after the spring Equinox, the new galactic south, Aquilia, connection was activated.

It was in September that I first received the information that the galactic south would change from a point in Sculptor to Aquilia, and that this would take place immediately following the galactic north activation –  but it didn’t …..and for six months we waited for the go-ahead. What a relief and joy that it has finally taken place!

As background, here is a re-play (see below) of a conversation with Tikal Temple III about the significance of these two points coming on-line in relation to the new star map fields and the optimised Beyond the Beyond timelines. The new star maps are also a foundation for the Mirror Matrix and for the opening last night of 12 diamond light platforms.

The bringing together of the newly activated galactic north and south points is a bit like a galactic mix sound system and was described to me by Nicolaus Copernicus as follows:

“It has to do with the stellar lighting system – there are different volume controls for different frequencies and your work will involve an optimised combination/re-combination of stellar patterning mechanisms in time and space. Like a musical sound recording system there are dials to be switched on; softenings, enhancers, nuancers so that the notes play/dance together in an optimised way for this and other timelines. This will also gently hold the infant/new stellar star maps in their early stages as they yawn and stretch and gradually come to life. Very nurturing, very tender and gentle. A co-creation where different musicians come together for a special event to each sing part of a song.”

galactic soundsystem

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Says Tikal III (first published September 2014):

There are nine days to go until we are a trine in love light with the Divine. To be as oneness in the love light, to be together as one once more. For these are the consequences when little things come together in the big picture. We go “beyonder.” Now it is time to go beyond. To go beyond time and space – to go beyond the curtains to where new territories lie. For the divine complement to be fulfilled.

For these new beginnings start as little threads weaving into a bigger weave – a new cloth that all can wear. For the thrills of the old don’t hold the same bearings anymore. Thrice makes a trine. For we are coming together as one in the oneness.

It’s nice to know you.

It’s nice to know you too yah yah.

We have been here for a long time you know (planet earth sacred site nature beings) and now it is time to leave – new beginnings. Yes – it’s time says the cuckoo clock. Time to be moving on.

Where are you going beyond to dear one?

Up to higher level frequency levels and points of interaction between ourselves and others. Between us and the stars, between us and the nature beings as all is one in the oneness. The ascension of all planetary bodies into oneness.

What does it feel like?

Like the tickling of a little feather, like the giggling of a marmotte, like the bubbles in a babbling brook, like twin sunrises and sunsets for all is coming together as one. Yes – we have all been looking forward to this for quite some time.

Where are you going?

We are going to higher ascension love light planes. A new patterning of fresh paw-prints on the earth.

Will your physical presence stay as it is/look the same?

Yes – for there will be a period of time before the earth “divides”.

Please explain – what do you mean about the earth “dividing”?

Time to stretch mind connection boundaries to what lies beyond.

Thank you I’ll open myself up more to listen to what you are saying.

Timeline re-calibrations requiring a new sense of direction, new sense of smell, new sense of heightened awareness. Nothing of the old remains.

Is that what you mean in terms of the earth “divides” – the old earth paradigm dissolving into the new earth heart-focused “beingness” and infinite potential?

Yes – but there is more ….

Ok – thank you please explain.

We are about to go beyond the beyond.

Have another piece of cake –

Thank you I just might.

What is `beyond the beyond`?

Hmmm let me think of the best way to explain this. When you get on a train you know that you will reach a point in space and time called a destination. At some level the destination point is one of “stoppedness.” `Beyond the beyond `is an understanding that the destination is just the beginning and that every destination and every beginning are intimately connected – there is no one without the other.

Time to stretch bandwidths. Each destination or what you perceive as stopping point at some level has a “bounce” rate (frequency).

I just received the star code for a star in Coma Berenices. I see that Coma Berenices contains the Galactic North Pole currently. (The galactic co-ordinate system is a celestial coordinate with the Sun as its center, the primary direction aligned with the approximate center of the Milky Way galaxy).

What does all this have to do with bounce rates?

For the stellar bounce rates are being re-set as well – not just those for planet earth as all is to operate smoothly as one and what effects one will impact the other as well.

Will the Galactic North Pole continue to sit at the same position.

No- it won’t

So what are we changing to?

The Hercules constellation. Yes for it is her time now as all is changing. Stretch your bandwidth again.


It’s going to be fun.

Why is the Galactic Pole going to change?

Because the sun is changing location to a new love light home designate.

I don’t understand – how can that happen? How can the sun move? Why would the sun want to move?

All is ascending you see and that includes the sun as well. New vibrational love light frequencies for all. New synchronisations in time and space. New beginnings and new endings – all will be in love light newness.

But physically how can the sun move? I mean when we look up at the sky will the sun still be there?

Very good question. It goes like this. It’s time to review all that has been – what it really was that it was.

Ok – I think I know what you mean…..But I would say that the sun is here and that it is not an illusion, I can feel the frequency of the rays and feel her warmth on my back.

Correct. But it’s not quite like that all the same.

Please expand.

Imagine a circle through which sun “beingness” can pop in and out. Hello – surprise – I’m here as she pops in and then she pops out again. Oh – can I visit for tea and she pops in – Oh off to visit a friend and she pops out. It’s called “frequency consciousness”

What I’m understanding from the visual I just received and feeling into this is that the perception of this frequency is different for each of us – even whilst the core truth remains the same. Breaking it down – she might pop into my frequency consciousness and ask for a cranberry muffin, but for someone else it might be chocolate gateau. Is this what you are saying can you please expand.

Until the times that we are entering (or at least for as long as it matters in terms of this conversation) solar rays were to a certain degree inhibited by their “origination” which in turn impacted their frequency stretch points.

It was like if you draw a picture of the sun and each ray will stretch out to a certain degree but no further. It was like that. Elegant, beautiful, but not without limitation. There were certain pre-disposed boundaries in time and space. For all of us. Not just for the human experience of planet earth.

Yes – I can see a tether or a buckle or something holding back the full love light solar potential. I don’t understand – where did that come from? Who/what put it there?

Ahhh – that’s what you see, but I don’t see it like that – no absolutely not!

But you just said that solar rays were in some sense inhibited and is that not what I saw?

Yes – but it’s not what I see.

What do you see then?

Timelines in space and time. What you saw was the limitation of your understanding – it’s time to open up more.

So is the “origination” of the rays of the sun was inhibited by timelines?

Yes – to a degree it has been – thus far. But this is about to change. Un-bridled and un-limited potential of solar expression to commence. Un-bridling the rays – an unfolding of the current configuration to reassemble at a new point in the time space continuum. One of un-limited potential.

That sounds like good fun

Yes it will be. Remember the hole that the sun popped her head through? Yes – well it’s all moving from circles to triangle now (isosceles triangle).

A new understanding of the trinity – an opening up to new pathways – new timeline potentials.

Yes – that’s exactly what is taking place. Not just for planet earth but for the entire cosmos – that’s why we are all so excited!

Yes – I see.

One of unlimited love light potential.

I get it. Have some more cake

Thank you.

So it will still look as if the sun is in the same place. Will it still rise and set in the same direction?

Yes – in terms of how you perceive it at a granular level in terms of your daily interaction with physicality, but behind the scenes it will be quite different and you will feel that too.

What is the significance of the Equinox in terms of what you have shared with us here today?

This Equinox will mark the beginning of the new beginnings through space and time as it will co-incide with a love light explosion in space that in its expansiveness opens up un-limited time-line potentials for all beings in this planetary system for time and life beyond limitation – unlimited potential. So life will never be the same again.

New Galactic South – Aquilia

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Here is a starlight message/activation that came in this morning.

“Those hiding behind the dark boulders are on the way out – their lateral references were deleted.”

It activates the heart and helps to align the parallel vertices. Parallels are very much of the moment including paralell realities and paralell universes.

Here’s the definition of vertices

Ecksahbah Ecksahbah immi treh im esta dah stahhah beh

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The individual calibrations of all countries across the planet to the new earth resonances  has just been completed all 248 of them – with a request for special dispensation if I left anyone out!

This is an important foundational platform for the rhythms of the Mirror Matrix and helps to maintain a lovely wavey flow on the horizontals. But this work was just as important for each of them at a personal level. Every country has its own country spirit and is quite unique and very beautiful.

They are sensitive to the energetics of the planet and their fields can be impacted by negative energies, just like our own. The country spirits of Africa had faced some of the darkest energies – at times their energy fields literally ripped apart. I was also surprised to find that many islands on the planet (even really small ones) had their energies manipulated, but then quite a few of them are under military control. Iraq and Japan were not in great shape either.

Despite all of these challenges, the country spirits of Earth have a great love of humans and when asked if they wanted to place an intention would often focus on the people of their lands.

Here are some examples of this:

Here is the full Project

But now this work is done and we can join together with the country spirits of the planet to Celebrate!

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This conversation with the Elohim took place last November. I have found it helpful in starting to understand the Mirror Matrix – which has just moved to a new phase of activation. In brief, my initial understanding is that the Mirror Matrix is a reality interface and interplay between the Guardianships of Planet Earth, the Moon, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Aquarius, and many more. Its infrastructure opens up into multiple matrice realities.

It facilitates access to new multi-dimensional experiences, including paralell realities and paralell universes. The Mirror Matrix will feature new holographic image libraries. It also plugs into new nodes of travel, through a new unified Stargate accessed within the Mirror Matrix. Horizontal timelines are currently concatonating for the paralell mirror realities. This is all part of the optimised Beyond the Beyond timelines. The Mirror Matrix will continue strengthening and expanding through to the next Equinox and perhaps beyond.


A Conversation With The Elohim

Things are turning now – time is of the turning. No more yearning. Time space battle-fields taking place – all is to be acquired. No longer desired. Yes it will all happen like that. Earth was a battle for the knowledge, understanding and wisdom of the optimised timelines. There is a timeline of maximum efficiencies (Beyond the Beyond Timeline bundle). They synch better with all that is. There are many understandings to be taken from the earth life experience and this is the most synchronistic set of timelines. These also provide optimal integration with other planetary transitionings as we are all one and part of the same.

The signs are changing circumference – new values. Truth adjustments being made. Slicing and splicing. Focus (your intention) where the aspiration is greatest. There is an adjunct to all of this. We are transitioning together multiplicities of synchronised `sounding systems`. All connects back to the initial vibration. So the alignment and tuning of one of the instruments plays a part in the chorus of the whole (as in the Universe and beyond). There is an expandedness or stretch to the Beyond the Beyond timelines. It is better for the attunement to be aligned to this note, to this key rather than others.

In the `underworld times` there were depictions that were useful, reflections of things from which we could learn. In order to harmonise and optimise our own be-ingness with All that is. It was a game, a board game, a game of cards. The expanded awareness of consciousness in the duality fields provided multiple viewpoints. Earth from Mars, Mars from Earth, Earth from Jupiter, Jupiter from earth and so on. Different reality framing points. It was fun, it was interesting. It was a good game. All that has landed on multiplicity fields. All that is transitioning through multiple fields. All angles, all contemplations, all nuances, all thinking forward and back in time – this is interesting.

There are information sector fractals. They are designed to cluster bands of information so that they stream down multiple runways all at the same time. Multiple runway information dissemination streaming. This has been most interesting. But now the Beyond the Beyond timelines are concatenating. All limitations are receding, nothing will be bound anymore. No more stripping back required. Love light ligaments, tendons and joints are to be stretched to the full extent like ballet dancers in their prime you will shine and all will align. The transition will be graceful.

Transition timings are key for all is to be synchronistic. Horizontal transformations will take place – it will take place on the horizontal fields. Like the string of a violin being strengthened or loosened, the horizontal lines will merge in different capacities – all knowledge will be newly intertwined.

The joints will simply move into a new position in time and space. The synchronicities and synchronisations will be fine tuned. It will all pool into a new pool. Horizontal horizons are multi-faceted. Many pieces making up the whole is what we mean by that. There are granular ingranulations/rivets deep within human individuality (the body). These are being re-spliced and diced as necessary. So we can avoid body recombined contamination.

The love light source `re-combinance` is multi-faceted and flexible – it can be moulded to various shapes. It can be optimised for transitioning. The horizontal timeline horizons have to have time to contemplate themselves. This is something that is most enjoyable to experience.

In the meantime we are here to help you to make this transition. We are of the times ahead as you would perceive it. We came back to help, to be of service. We are of the love light re-combining. We are of the love light transitioning and transforming. We are of the love light source integration. We are of the will of all that is. We are of the transcendences. We are of the love light colour beams. We are of the Elohim.

Ick sharah, ick sharah, istia kartah deh im estia im estransia immirtah deh im es bevvia im es ikki sahtah deh.

This transmission is now concluded – thank you.



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My initial understanding is that the Mirror Matrix is a timeline adjustment field where all potentialities are possible. It acts as a reality interface and interplay and it’s infrastructure opens up into multiple matrice realities.

It facilitates access to new multi-dimensional experiences including paralell realities and paralell universes. The Mirror Matrix will feature new holographic image libraries. It also plugs into new nodes of travel, through a new unified Stargate accessed within the mirror matrix which means that we can connect directly with Star family.

Horizontal timelines are currently concatonating for the paralell mirror realities and the Mirror Matrix will continue strengthening and expanding through to the next Equinox and perhaps beyond.

Here’s a star message for the Equinox – ishea, ishea, immarvah deh immi esta harvah immi nitratah deh im estekkia im nitti khahna deh. This means  – As new technologies emerge, parallel realities will come out of the mould and/or that as parallel realities come out of the mould, new technologies will unfold.

Mirror_matrix transitioning
Here’s the 5D Girl theme tune for this equinox

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I have made suggestions as to how these can be activated, but the best bet is to just follow your intuition. All the visuals expand.


Step 1. Activate and clear your shelving unit. These sit just behind the back (to the back of the heart) and can extend to the shoulders. Visualise your shelving unit – what colour, shape and texture is it? Sometimes we have blockages to manifestation. If so, ask to be guided as to what is to be done. Once open, you will see the shelving unit expand.

Step 2. Intuitively, put your finger on one of the squares – whichever one attracts you. Say the code number if that helps. As you do so, imagine the whole of your body turning into that colour – sit with it until you feel that frequency enter your field.

Now choose another square and continue to do this until the activation feels complete. Each number code has a different frequency. If you feel/see a blockage to a particular frequency entering, just clear and continue. It also works to do the activation in batches or even one per day over a period of time.

Once activated, don’t forget about your shelves.  This is a living being-ness expression of abundance and you have come together in a collaboration. Clean, up-date and refresh your shelves regularly. Play with them. Is your shelving unit coloured perspex with vases of different coloured flowers, have you painted your shelving unit with your dreams? The main thing is to have fun.

Thank you for my friend Vivi for inviting me to help bring through the prosperity codes.

Prosperity Codes

Prosperity Codes


This is a horizontal field activation through the sacrum that flows as a stream through the sacroiliac joint. Take the purple visual that says  – left side – and put your left hand on it and put your right hand on the turquoise visual that says – right side. (as illustrated in sacroiliac joint) visual. When I did this with a friend the lower part of our backs were buzzing on and off for 2-3 days – it was pretty intense!

Sacrum Socket Ignition_1

Sacrum Socket Ignition_1

Sacrum Socket_2

Sacrum Socket_2


These came through at a time when I was asking for help/for space for my resonant vibration to express more fully. The little flower cups at the top activated when I put my hands over them. The pink cup on the left = left hand and the blue cup to the right =right hand.

When activated the visual “relaxes,”  the turquoise droplet with the code 99723 drops down and the number/lettering sequence that runs horizontally at the bottom lowers down through the body.

Once activated, the structure looks a bit like a jellyfish with tentacles. It expresses as a very slow, very soft “bounce” rate. Deeply supportive and nuturing – holding space for the full expression of our sovereign selves. A “bounce” rate is a calibration between our earth resonance and our galactic selves/star family expression so that the frequencies integrate into one optimised vibration.

Sovereign Self Codes

Sovereign Self Codes


These open up a light stream down through the crown chakra. Take the cylinder on the right (vertical lines) and superimpose it on the cylinder on the left (horizontal lines) so that a new patterning is created. Do all this at crown chakra level.  At the same time, put your hands over the visual and take this vibrational frequency into your field to activate the upper sequencing of the two cylinders.

Cylindrical field codes

Cylindrical field codes


Each flower stamen has an 8 digit code. They are written in silver and gold. Pass your finger over each to activate. Then take each flower stamen one-by-one through the navel  as they combine to create a flower chain as part of the new `alphabet` of light.

They open up a connection that runs through the navel to a point situated around five feet behind the back that connects to the `mirror matrix.`

Flower Codes

Flower Codes


Activates as yellow sun in the middle rises up and spins to the left.

Third Eye Activator

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On Monday night angelics, star beings, nature beings and inner earth beings came together for peace on the planet. This audio is a recording of that coming together and the work that was done.

After this took place, I then received the following meditation which combines with a star song for peace that came through earlier in the day.

Mount Sinai

Mount Sinai

Click to enlarge – image from Wikipedia by M Mousa

This meditation activates the crust of the earth, as we walk the vibration of peace across the planet and the mountains across the planet exude a new merged vibration of peace.

1. Hold up your hands in front of the picture to feel the vibration of Mount Sinai. 2. Now, put a globe of the world directly in front of your heart and breathe your heart through it. 3. Imagine a rainbow ball at the center of the planet to help ground. 3. Next, dissolve your being-ness, like earth turned to dust into Mount Sinai as you dissolve into oneness together. 4. Expand your essence out into the stars to open up the space further. 5. Sit in oneness with Mount Sinai and through Mount Sinai as she connects with all the mountains across the planet. 6. Say, I breathe the new vibration of peace, the new vibration of peace breathes me.

You do the meditation on it’s own or to Imagine by John Lennon or to the star language and nature being ballard for peace.

Here’s the star language song for peace on the planet

Eckshimmia, eckshimmia ecksahkah deh es im bevvia immartah treh.

p.s star beings don’t always sing in tune!

With great thanks and gratitude to all the beings who took part.

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