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Examples of codes/alchemy for recent timeline shift – for the Forerunner Timelines

5D-2P=3C for the parallel timelines; 5D-9P= Equality for the timeline vertices; 85D-5T= organic new beginnings for the timeline parallels; 86B-3T=55 for the rejuvenation frequencies (la,la,la); 5928 for the parallel vortexes on the horizons; 3295 for the equilibrium to be maintained; 2752-75=69.8 for the new timeline frequencies; 8729.5 – 357.49=1.298 for the parallel matrices reoccurring; 2579-2956+AB29D for the truth codes;279T.3B-865T.2G =1.195 for the infinity codes; 54D-2P =777 for the synchronisation of the heavens; 9D-2Dx54G=89 paralells for the timeline re-construction; 8782D-579P=7728 for the divine timeline matricing; 22975-33957 for the axitonal alignment of the vertical fields; 58724-28295=118.25 for the new momentum; 26295.97358=go, go, go for the horizontal and vertical axis gate; 11294-32894=77927 for the glorious new horizons and new mornings; 26297.87529 = 99826 for the left and right parallel vertices = freedom

Timeline Streaming

Timeline Streaming

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Timeline implosions for maximum effectiveness

Timeline implosions for maximum effectiveness

+ – transiting. Oblique laterals on the horizons for the imploding timelines – all is concatenating for maximum effectiveness. Molecular changes underway.

* Oblique means not having the axis perpendicular to the plane of the base and/or diverging from a given straight line or course.

** Oblique muscles are important for spine flexing, rotation, as well as lateral flexing.

Spine point TH1 – El Rey Ruins Cancun (Mexico)

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I’m re-publishing this post from October 2013 as it could be helpful with the recent re-wiring of the brain (amygdala), clearing of upper layers and goodness knows what else these past few days!

My understanding is that the recent energetic whirlwind is partly to open up the horizontal flows further, and interestingly I was told – rhizomes – which are plants that have roots that usually grow horizontally. So the horizontal axis is expanding and the vertical free flow upward is also being strengthened.

The codes for this tool don’t have to be numbers, they can just as well be a visual of a nature being. The important bit is to find a colour and to visualise that connection in time and space when you make the connection.

5D Tools – Light body integration

This is a tool for communication with one’s higher self so as to help clear `upper` channels (clear/adjust/balance/strengthen) from the crown chakra upwards, although they also map to different parts of the body and help with integration throughout.  I did these for just over one month – 2/3 times per day and it was very helpful in multiple ways before the codes stopped – at least for the moment.

Clearing upper channels


1. Make a commitment to the process and ask your higher self to help you with the information required – as it is your higher self who will be providing the codes.

2. Have a pencil and paper handy so that when the codes come through you can make a note of them. If you are doing something else at the time, just get the information and do the second part later. Mine tended to come in at the beginning and end of each day.

3. It is the number of digital sets you get that will dictate how many channels there are to be cleared. My average range was between 6-8 channels with 12 being the highest number I ever got.

4. Now map your process onto paper. If you have just received eight codes draw eight layers; five codes – five layers. The layers represent streams, so mine were always done by hand and have a bit of a wave to them rather than being straight.

5.  Ask which code is to go with which layer as it may not be the order in which you received them – mine never were. To avoid confusion, I tick mine off once they are in the correct layer.

6. Once you have you have a code assigned to each layer, ask what colour to attribute to each and colour in every layer as guided.

7. Here it gets really fun. Starting with the bottom layer put the fingers of your right hand over the numbers to the right of your chart so that they can absorb both the colour light frequency and the code you have been given. As you do so gather this information in your heart so that the colour codings are integrated in one place.

8. Focus your intention above the head in a calm and meditative state. You are looking for your upper channel “match”. As you do so a light channel will open above your head. So if your fingers are on the purple channel, then a purple channel will open above your head. It is actually the code that “ignites” the channel connection. I saw this very clearly one day as fire-works or sparks each time.  In fact, it may also act as a DNA catalyst.

9. Now look more closely at that channel – do you see a fast-running energy like a stream or does the energy flow appear restricted? Is it a wide band of colour or a narrow one? Does it need to be strengthened? Is there dissonance in the channel that requires balancing? Each one will have a  different “personality”, colour, structure and is situated in a different location.

10. The objective is to achieve a balance where each channel is gentle yet strong. Breathe this intent until a vibrational match between the colour code you have been given and the channel that has opened up. If you are quiet and pay attention you can feel a colour stream “correspondent” within the body itself.

11. Say whatever feels right to hone and re-enforce the connection. I used: I reconnect with my (x colour) love light, my (x colour love light) reconnects with me – we now breathe as one; I breathe my (x colour) love light connection, my (x colour) love light connection breathes me; I breathe my (x colour) light source stream, my (x colour) light source stream breathes me or simply I breathe my love light connection my love light connection breathes me.

12. When is it time to move up to the next channel? Each of my own adjustments were pretty quick and when it was time to move on I received a little nature being symbol in same colour. At first I would put my left hand up and see the image in this hand. Then I just got the visual as it was faster. For example, a purple jelly-fish appears to say that it is time to move on from the purple channel, moss indicates that particular green channel is balanced and an orange star appears once the orange channel has strengthened.

13. Channel by channel move upwards until you have completed your chart. From beginning to end (including getting the codes and do the colouring) it would take me around 15-20 minutes. It’s interesting to file each sequence and look at how the information evolves over time. I noticed the following.

Whilst my focus was on Clearing/Adjustments/Balancing/Strengthening my understanding is that this is a versatile tool. For example, I briefly explored using it for Letting Go Codes which works in just the same way.  For this I said – I breathe the elixir of transformation, the elixir of transformation breathes me.

Each frequency has a potency and initially I did make a note of these. For example, it could be the blue channel to the potency of 5 (as you would in homeopathy), but I personally found it distracting to have to make a note of these. When you get the symbol that it is time to move to the next one, the correct energetic match will have been made by default.

Sometimes, if the channel seemed a bit life-less I found a false window to be dissolved behind which sat the authentic channel. Just use your preferred tool for dealing with dissonance and fear.

The main thing is to experiment and to have fun – there is so much our higher selves can do to help us on this journey. It’s just a question of asking.

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It’s All About those Timelines – no trouble

You know those tunes that you listen to once and then you just can’t stop it playing over and over in your head. There’s one like that by Meghan Trainor called All About That Bass. So we created our own star version of the chorus.

Because you know it’s all about those timelines* `bout those timelines – no trouble, It’s all about those timelines, `bout those timelines, no trouble. What did I say? It’s all about those timelines,`bout those timelines – no trouble. Because you know it’s all about those timelines,`bout those timelines – no trouble =*optimised Beyond the Beyond timelines.

Galactic Communication

In the same way that you can tune into a radio station, it’s also possible to plug into multi-dimensional communication channels and get an energetic snap-shot of what’s happening on the planet. It reminds me of the BBC’s shipping forecast. If you have heard it before, you will know that regardless of what is going on at sea, the latest weather up-date is always delivered in very distinctive and neutral tone.

Now the shipping forecast issued by the Met office on behalf of the maritime and coastguard agency at 11.05 on Friday the 24th…(starts at 1 min 29 seconds).

Here’s a galactic forecast issued by Star family. Timeline marauders coming in strong on the horizontal vertices. Action required. Quadrant 5, exit 9. Jump platforms to Mars to be removed, exit 4, quadrant 89. Agamemnon codes requiring. Rumblings under Mount Everest – remove uneven timeline matrices. No further action.

Ascension Jargon

What is ascension? Oh it’s quite simple! – let me explain

Human explaining ascension

Great accelerations of consciousness are underway as we shift into kristed states of beingness and embody the cosmic merging of our multi-dimensional bodies.

Starbeing explaining ascension

Oneness contemplation of earth planet strawberry cheesecake frequencies across all timelines and all dimensions, in-between the worlds and across the universes is most interesting to experience. Now, where’s the chocolate ice-cream?

HELLO! – ish Gai, ish Gai

multiples_9Finally, look beneath the surface

As many new multi-dimensional levels of awareness open up, you may find that all is not necessarily what it seems. When it comes to what is being said by wayshowers, guides, teachers, gurus, divine embodiments of, avatars etc. always seek deep heart intuition and follow your own inner guidance on what/who resonates. Now – more than ever.

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