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Image from Shutterstock.com

Image from Shutterstock.com

Elongated rainbow platforms are essential for travel. I saw a triangle with a squiggly rainbow line going through it. It looks like a rainbow beam that wraps itself around you – so as you spin the rainbow core becomes stronger. Convoluted light beam re-structuring is required for this as miasma dynamics are renewed. The name I was given for this is liquid rainbow dynamics.

This energetic comes through the feet from the heart of Gaia. Another phrase I was given to describe this is multiplicity dynamics. Fractals open up velocity as you spin and fractal spin alignment fields open for the new guided contours. The horizontal fields are important for travel – as horizontal fields intertwine new merges will unfold. That’s why we call ourselves space ships as we can travel through space and time.

It was explained to me by Gaia that we have an outer casing of cells that can be used to re-package the distilled essence of our intent in an extruded physical presence/form. This is one particular type of `travel` and happens whilst the mothership physical body remains at home base. It’s as if this outer casing of cells forms a channel between the interconnection of the physical and light bodies.

That’s why the colours are key. We can create a picture/image of our light body using pixels of colour. A bit like painting our own portraits. That’s why we are activating our colour pixels/fractals at the moment. It feels as if other forms of travel will be available once a greater number of cellular and DNA changes are all complete. This is an interim. An opportunity to play, learn and grow.

In terms of this particular type of travel you plug in the co-ordinates and create your own travel sequence for each journey using individuated star maps. Also, one of the spine points relates directly to travel. Though this point you can create/activate little travel disc. These discs or packages can be slotted into `the wings` also enabling inter-dimensional travel.

Here’s a re-post of the original conversation with Gaia.

Dear Gaia – thank you so much for opening up your bandwidth to us and for sharing this information.

When we teleport does our body come with us?

You have an outer casing of cells that can be used to re-package the distilled essence of your intent in an extruded physical presence/form. This happens whilst the mothership physical body remains at home base.

Does it also require the intention of the being that you are visiting to travel?

The oneness radar connection is where this takes place.

How do we get back?

Your mothership body calls you home when it is time. All is called from home.

Do we experience the body in the physical when we travel – if I visit a friend can we have cup of tea together?

All will be functioning for that period of intent.

Can we transport things?

You can “absorb” into your body presence to re-extrude back in the same way when you return.

Could I be somewhere with a friend and enjoy tea and cakes?

Yes – for you are partaking of the essence – a sharing of that vibrational signature though space and time. The travel intents are packages. They are complete and so it is known. It has been agreed in advance.

So if we are in two places at once where is our consciousness held?

In both.

Do we take on the same physical appearance or can we have other avatar shapes?

That which is familiar is easier to call home.

Is it possible to get stuck and not be able to get back to the home?

No – that won’t happen.

What does happen?

See a DNA strand in your body as a concentrated `collective` of unlimited consciousness. This DNA strand is a portal/entry point. A divinely combined/re-combined joint Mother Divine/Gaia expression. Imprint the intent package (where you want to go and why) into the DNA strand and put it at the centre of your heart. Then see your own heart at the centre of Gaia in her heart. Watch the DNA as it spins around in a firework display of love and melts into the Gaia `heart creation soup.`

Another visualisation I was shown separately is to go to Gaia – at the centre of the earth – (sit in the heart space as described above) and then project/launch outwards from that point to the desired location. The DNA can also be seen as a mini space ship – with an activation button – that has the ability to navigate through the green Gaia `heart creation soup.`

How might this expression be used?

Through the heart, but if the intent package is not properly in place – it will not happen

Can we travel to the stars?

Yes – for star sisters and star brothers, the transmission of information back into the body and through the body is to be shared both ways – this has not previously been possible.

Gaia Transit – Key Points

• There is a travel blocker on DNA currently. Ask to go to the point in time and space where this ability was closed down to turn off the blocker.
• We actually have to enter our own DNA – see the DNA in your body as a `collective` of unlimited consciousness.
• The travel intents are packages that we create.
• It’s as if a distillation of our essence is extruded and then physically re-packaged in a new moment of intent.
• The travel bandwidth is Gaia.

New Earth Resonance for time travel and travel

Sweet Ciceley


5D Colour: yellow bands of colour that stretch, curve and flow

Resonance in Nature: a woodland waterfall


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Lots of coded equations have come through these past few weeks which include a number for the mirror matrix. Here is a snapshot of what has been going on with the mirror matrix.

Codes received for:

the mirror matrix enhancement fields, the parallel and mirror matrix horizontal alignment fields, the mirror matrix indexing templates, the parallel and mirror matrix re-occurrence fields, the mirror matrix template fields, the parallel and mirror matrix occlusion zones, the parallel and mirror matrix octagonal occlusion fields, the parallel and mirror matrix lattice vertexes, the parallel and re-occurring mirror matrix index fields, the mirror matrix reversal tables.

At one level, this activity prepared the field for the activation I received today. It is a new level of expansion and connection into the mirror matrix.

My understanding is that the mirror matrix is a timeline adjustment field where all potentialities are possible. It acts as a reality interface and interplay between the Guardianships of Planet Earth and the rest of the Universe(s).

The mirror matrix infrastructure opens up into multiple matrice realities and it facilitates access to new multi-dimensional experiences, including parallel realities and parallel universes. This is because it can open up consciousness fields into new realities.

The mirror matrix features new holographic image libraries. It also plugs into new nodes of travel, through a new unified Stargate accessed within the mirror matrix.

The original visual (see below) I received for the mirror matrix last equinox is helpful for this activation.

As background, how we see depends upon the transfer of light through the retina where it is converted into electrochemical impulses which then travel along the optic nerve to the brain. This is how we experience a visual perception of our physical surroundings or earth physical reality platform.

But when we learn to look backwards and plug into our universal consciousness flow stream, we open up more deeply to parallel and multidimensional realities and these can be experienced as conscious reality as well. This is because “light” shoots into our brain from behind, rather than from the front and by expanding our horizons through the back of the head we can experience an expanded form of universal consciousness which in turn opens up a new cosmic highway.


1. Tune into a rainbow ball 5 feet behind the body – as you do so it will connect into the back (inner heart). In the drawing this is the rounded plate in the middle of the rainbow colour streams.

2. Now take your awareness beyond this ball (forget about the space in-between for a moment). Focus only on what is beyond that ball. If you visualise your whole body turning around to look at what lies beyond the rainbow ball what do you see?

3. Now return your attention to the rainbow ball. Visualise a circle divided into 59 rainbow segments – this is a reversal for the new 95 foundational platform which provides a horizontal flow path for parallel realities.

4. Spin this to the left and as you do so a rainbow spine column will open up vertically behind you. When I did it I also saw a circle of starlight consciousness around the spinning ball – a bit like a halo.

5. As all this unfolds your connection to parallel and multidimensional realities will be strengthened through this rainbow core. Why not dip in and out of this connection on a regular basis and make it normal part of your day!

*Through the middle of the head is a division which you may see dissolve when doing this activation.

**  A bounce rate is a vibrational frequency that is tuned into the rest of the universe.

Mirror_matrix transitioning

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