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When I woke up this morning the phrase `string theory` popped into my head. So after lunch I had a look on the Web to find the simplest, fool-proof definition. However, I wasn’t able to focus on anything I found. In fact, the descriptions simply weren’t resonating with the multi-dimensional 5D perspective on string theory that I was being guided to explore.

So a moose kindly came forward and took me through it all – thank you dear friend.

Words of wisdom from a moose

Moose image Hagerty Ryan, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on Wikipedia

Moose Convesation

Can you please explain string theory in simple language as well as its significance – what it is helpful for us to know about it?

When we put different molecules and particles together in a line we create a string or moment in time and space when all is aligned to the original oneness molecules and particle fields. The energetic time planes required are quite unique. Turn it to the right – No, that’s not quite correct. Turn it to the left, nearly but not quite. That’s because very particular and advanced time plane rhythms are required.

String theory has always been something that scientists talk about , why is it helpful for the rest of us to understand what it means?

It’s important for the equation dynamics for the trending spheres. What are trending spheres you ask. In what is called the law of probability there are a certain number of Yes, No, Maybe sequencing fields. They look one way within the traditional matrix field templates and another way, when outside those strictures and structures.

In what you refer to as the matrix, timeline continuations are not correctly sequenced in that the mind-map templating prevents a true connection with the oneness potential of all that is. However, in the Mirror Matrix, those templating restrictions have been lifted for the out of time and space beingness experience and expression thereof.

What is the relationship between timelines and trending spheres?

Imagine a mountain with a beautiful craggy brook running down one side. When it rains the water flows faster. This is because magnetic adhesions in the cloud rain spheres create a re-combination dynamic whereby there is a temporary acceleration as they come together for the downpour.

In the same way, timeline contemplations can speed up or slow down, they can accelerate and when they do so new and unbounded spheres of opportunity in time and space (new timelines) open up. This is a good example of what we mean by the Beyond the Beyond timelines.

Does Einstein’s explanation of string theory work in the same way in the Mirror Matrix as it does in regular 3D physical experience?

The spheres are also an expanded form of enlightenment or consciousness as when things get lighter they can speed up – and speed up they must for the new and accelerated timelines.

Imagine a sphere that is a ball of rainbow string and now start to unravel it. Notice that the string is thinner in parts and thicker in other parts. In some places it looks as if it expands gently outwards, takes a breath and then constricts again. So whilst it is a ball of rainbow string it is also a unique interpretation of each of your own journeys.

There is an energetic flow as well – imagine a flowey rainbow line gently bouncing up and down and down and up, a bit like a pulse. A pulse in time space potential.

In the 3D understanding of string theory, the inner and outer bounding patterns create elliptical spheres whereas in 5D, the nuancing is much more subtle as the inner planes on the horizontal fields are also accessed as part of the time matrix templating. This means that you can actually access the infinite time fields, they are available in the here and now and are no longer constricted in time and space.

By this do you mean that we can access an infinite number of potential timelines in the now moment?

Temporal time-plates have put certain restrictions in place impacting the horizontal nuancing patterns.

Dear friend – have you got any advice? What can we do to remove these restrictions?

Go back to your mountain stream and dip in your feet. What do you feel?

It feels cold and light and tingly.

There is some information deep in your heart that you can access now. These time-plate restrictions can be lifted.

I can see what looks like a black half-moon in my brain and then another and another – they all intersect at a central point (15 in total). We are unplugging them now.

As you do so your circumference wheel expands.

Thank you – Yes, I can feel a new alignment taking place. In this alignment I am the water as the stream flows down the mountain and the stream is me. But I can feel heaviness in my heart on the left hand side and I have just seen a black cross. Why is that?

Looking more deeply, I am feeling that this territory has been deeply defended. A part of the time matrix pulse where the pulse is constricted by what looks like a boulder. I am being called to the Garden of Gethsemane – now I can feel a restriction just under heart chakra and on the other side of my heart as well.

I am seeing ripples in a pool reverberating in outward circles. I sit in the pulse, in the nuance of that momentum and everything calms as further alignment take place in the upper spheres. Geronimo codes requiring for the left hand side. Paraplegic timelines requiring attention (I receive codes). Much resistance is noted. Unplug that genetic back to source, across all timelines, all dimensions, in between the worlds and across the universes all parallel life plug-ins.

Yes it was a genetic time-plug woven into the human cellular dynamic a long time ago. It’s all really just a question of aligning for the trining.

I feel a tingling throughout my body as if that mountain river stream is me and I am that mountain river stream. I ask for truth, I align as truth, I am truth on this day in the oneness and as the oneness.

Yes – for this will unlock the time-beams. Because that’s all they are: projections of time and space wrapped together in an infinite bundle.

Timeplate field matrixing opening up on the horizontals. For the parallel field lines are opening for the infinite contemplations.

Ishtah, Ishtah immartah deh ish im triennia is im equartah deh. Ish Gai, Ish Gai.

Conversations with nature beings take place when we enter into oneness with them. Our moose friend requested baked alaska – looks like it’s time to party!

Finally, here’s a quote I found from Albert Einstein: “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

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Edited/re-published from August 2011 – as explained by the Elohim.

In order to understand the evolution into the fifth dimension, it helps to see the world in a different way.

Our traditional understanding of the seasonal cycle is that in the spring, buds burst forth on the trees and that is what we all expect. When summer then follows it is natural and not unexpected that the sun will warm the earth and that the joys of summer will manifest. By the time autumn comes, it is no surprise that we are ready to slow down as the earth prepares to slumber and replenish through the silent months of winter.

However, as you shift to the fifth dimension each and every one of you will find yourselves at different time junctures in the cycle, at different stages or seasons of the year if you like, and these are unlikely to be in a sequence or pattern that is familiar to you.

Imagine that you are wearing a pair of glasses with revolving lenses which rotate from one season to the other (or one dimensional sphere to the other) in no particular order. One moment you are in spring, joyous at the emergence of a crocus through a late snowfall. Next, you find yourself in autumn, sitting in an orchard luxuriating in the last warm rays of the sun.

Each experience is authentic, unique and random in order. However, the summer need be no less enjoyable if your experience of it follows the autumn, and spring is no less real if it takes place just before winter. If you have chosen to be in those seasonal times at that moment, do not view this random abstraction as an unnecessary or unnatural complication.

Whilst at different stages, each season of experience an individual is going through is interconnected. This also means that whilst unique, each individual experience is at the same time helping to drive the momentum of the whole – whether you are aware of this or not.

Take each season and see it as a spinning top. Put spring next to winter, autumn next to summer. Spin them all at the same time. The vibration of each will still connect to the other, even though they are at a different point in space and time. Think of it as a random spiral of seasons, with each one sitting on top of the other spinning into infinity.  Connected, yet separate.

Each and every one of you are at different stages of the awareness cycle,in different seasons and each with different paths and diversity of origin. Thank Gaia for providing such an infinite array of possibilities in terms of how you experience these times!

Gaia has already refined and re-defined her essence in the fifth dimensional plane. She has quietly re-positioned herself in a new world. Now the human complement can start the translation of mind, bodyand spirit into 5D. Patiently, she is waiting for those of you who have made the pathway preparations and who are ready, willing and able to build a new world based on collaboration, co-creation, manifestation and compassion/understanding for all nature beings and earth elementals as one in the oneness.

Those who can pass back and forth between the seasons, who have the perception, awareness and ability to move from past to present to future and back again or to be in more than one time dimension at once are already starting to slip gently into a multi-dimensional awareness.

However, there will be others who are unable to re-pack their lives into a multitude of different seasonal moments. They will be fearful of a perceived lack of control and order and this will create further fear. Even if they are already in a place of fear, they will prefer to stay in this moment than change with the times.

They will choose to stay in the autumn, winter, spring and summer cycle as they know and understand it. They prefer to be told when spring ends and summer starts and will obediently wait for the winter to finish before spring starts again.

These people will justify the limitations of their viewpoint by saying that it is the natural cycle of things, when really they are creating their own rationale, one which serves no purpose other than to alleviate fear of the unknown.

In this new earth fifth dimension, for the first time, you will be able to consciously experience an infinite array of possibilities and choices across various timelines. This is what we mean when we talk of the end of time as we know it.

This transition won’t and cannot happen instantaneously. It will not be as a thunderbolt or a flash of lightening. It will be through a careful, quiet and considered approach with a tender empathy and heart-felt connection that humans will gradually start to experience this new dimension.

But help is at hand. In little snapshots of loving insight, Gaia tenderly encourages us to see life in a different way. There may be odd weather patterns, cold snaps in the middle of summer or unusually warm springs – yet all continues in the natural and divine patterning of things.

She will send little messages that you can see in your hearts – a reassurance that the plan is coming together nicely. An image of a tree here, a river there or a branch green with leaves quivering in the wind.

For this is the key to fifth dimension. It is for you to co-create in your hearts, the fifth dimensional new earth vibrations or resonances in order to understand the human creative potential and partnership with nature required to build a new world.

Only through the mirror of the heart will 5D be birthed into reality, branch by branch, stone by stone, tree by tree, plant by plant in each and every heart. This is just the first building block, but in many ways it will be he hardest and require the biggest leap in faith.

Some of you will recognise, feel intuitively, psychically or otherwise the tingling and anticipation of this momentous shift and transition. Remember these moments, cherish these snapshots, surround yourself with little gifts of knowing.

When times are challenging or you get momentarily knocked off course, return to these memories and make them of the moment. Place yourself in the reality of the anticipation and secure this space in your heart. Ensure that it is always accessible.

Learn to differentiate between the fading vibration of the third dimension and the authentic potential to be found in the new fifth dimensional vibrations. Do not be afraid if it seems as if the world is being turned upside down, because in some ways it is – and this is so that you can understand fully who you are and your own unique vibration in oneness with the divine heart creation of what is unfolding.

Ish Gai, Ish Gai.

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The September inter-weavings are not aligned to the “deceivings” – much disinformation is underway. However, this will not trip up the sequencing materialisms.

Inner and outer planes are colliding for the gliding. Innate spheres in time hub-caps recognise their unification in parallel fields. Timeline transitioning and transiting is well underway. Mirror Matrix and parallel universe fields igniting for the lighting. Mirror Matrix revisions for the divisions – all is in hand.

Tip for dealing with challenging enfoldments on the inner fields.

85D+83P+8DG+8DP=22957+98.925 on the parallel universe fields combined with 88257+89.985+18.979+98.975=17.547+19.548×89.375 for the Mirror Matrix and parallel alignment fields.

Ish Tara, Ish Tai.

Vibration of alchemy (white peony – front right quadrant of the body) to the potency of 995 right down to the feet. Then make a heart connection and combine the two and go and nest in Mount Everest – she will help. I breathe the vibration of alchemy with Mount Everest, Mount Everest breathes the vibration of alchemy with me.

Thank you NahNah, thank you.

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Mount Everest is here to help

Mount Everest north face from Ronguk monastery in Tibet by Carsten Nebel on Wikipedia

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*Lost rainbow fragments are being found and re-united – all is being transcended.
*New bandwidths of light opening – for the occlusion fields are concluding.
*New 5D colour fields are opening – new and expanded bandwidths of light.
*New kaleidecopes of colour opening – 5D bandwidths of light and beyond.

Ecksahbah Excksahbah immartah deh – Ecksahbah, Ecksahbah im es trennia dah beh. Im ishima, Im ishima, Im esta trantah deh im eck simmia im esta trahnah deh

(for now all is opening for the fields of acceleration)

Go to Lake Titicaca – as she turns gold, you turn gold, as she turns silver you turn silver, as she turns red, you turn red, as she turns turquoise, you turn turquoise, as she turns pink you turn pink and so on.



Only its NOT! Try this instead….synchs with the song.

DPHTCID HTGPTID CCDDF42 9948352 882D85P 992G85P

Thank you NahNah, thank you.

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We are here and you are there and you are there and we are here or so it may seem. You are here and we are there for so it has been. For we are seen and you are unseen and you are unseen and we are seen.

And when we are here, you are there and when you are there we are here, for so it has been. But not for much longer, for that critical point has been reached. For we are One and unified in a forcefield of light.

Integrations are underway for the oneness fields are aligning on the parallel lifelines. For parallel realities are unfolding for the new lifeline sequencing patterning. Timeplate sequencing of timeline fields is underway.

For you are here and I will be there is of the past, for we are all to live together as one in the love light oneness planes. For when I am here, you are there and when you are here I am there – will be no more.

Linear timelines are being re-calibrated for the re-unification fields. For this is the dawning of a new era and we shall all be trining in the intertwining. This is our message of love light. For the oneness fields are re-uniting.


Ecksahbah, Eksahbah.
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Visualise a buttercup or a flower of your choice in the front right quadrant of the body – from the head all the way down (that’s the resonance for equilibrium, balance and harmony). Make a connection with your heart to integrate the vibration through your body and field. Now see this buttercup or flower of your choice hovering 50 feet above you (79th platform). All of a sudden it turns into a buttercup cloud, and rains down love light jewels in every colour you can imagine! Stand beneath it and enter into the magic as it rains down the body and through your feet into the ground.

Take a pink flower and put it in your hair – just above the right hand ear. Visualise it spinning to the left and then turn your left eye silver (also spinning to the left) and your right eye turns gold – spinning to the right. As you do so the pink flower moves behind your head (in the middle) and turns purple. As this all synchronises, the energetic elevates above the head (crown) level like a triangle. A handy little mini portal. Where will you go?!

Time to blow some rainbow bubbles! Imagine a crystalline spiders web in front of you face – a couple of inches away – blow through the spiders web and bubbles will emerge the other side. As you do so they will make your field tingle with golden light.

Take both hands and close and open them multiple times just to warm up. Ask Mount Shasta and Macchu Piccu if they would like to join. For we are going to ride the love train – choo choo! As your fingers open and close on the palm of each hand, see a coloured heart on each hand. Change colours. Turquoise heart, pink heart, red heart, gold heart etc. As you do so, that same heart will appear at the back of your heart. So see it on your back (location back of heart) as you make an intensified love light heart connection.

Ice cream surf cones: Imagine that you are one big ice-cream cone. What’s your favourite flavor? Say caramel – fill your cone so that the ice-cream is packed right the way through. Then go to the top of your scoop of ice-cream and start to surf and/or glide all the way down. So you could choose a surf board or be an eagle – the point being that you descend in circles right the way down, tasting your caramel (or whatever you choose) all the way.This is a field expansion tool for the Mirror Matrix. You may find your cone spinning in one direction as you twirl in another as you descend.

Enjoy the party!

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I was sitting in my office working this morning, when all of a sudden I started getting the hippy love vibe thing! So I grabbed a scarf and put it around my head like a bandana as my love vibration started to intensify.

Then a song from a group called Santana popped into my head – it’s called Soul Sacrifice and is know for an amazing drum solo.Things were really starting to rev up as my star team decided that they wanted a piece of the action, and came together in a rainbow drum solo!

Co-incidentally, Santana played this song at the Woodstock music festival which took place between August 15-18th in 1969. So we are re-living the summer of love `a la 2015` this very weekend!!!

And, as it just so happens this weekend an explosion of light is to take place in the inner fields, at a time of great juxtaposition and change for the planet. This will be a big timeline split as time matrix latticing becomes un-hitched. Because we are going far far out to beyond the beyond and back as parallel universes open up for the `Unbounded Timelines` as the Mirror Matrix continues to come on-line.

So whether you prefer to hang out with Arlo Guthrie, Santana,Jefferson Airplane or the Grateful Dead, it’s time to time-trip into the fluid, flowey (oh yes- flowery!) vibration of love light sharing and party this weekend. Put a flower in your hair, paint heart flowers on your face, find some coloured beads and join in a celebration of love light sharing with the nature beings – as together – we glide into an elevation of the planetary vibration.

Keep that beat going with your hands as if they are love drums, keep that beat going through those ascending time-bands, play the rainbow heart beat until the heavens open. Create rainbow lightening flares so bright that they light up the universe, and bounce that love light vibe out to our star family, as they bounce it back to us. For these times are upon us and it is NOW.


Image from Shutterstock

60’s hippy song playlist

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Ish schwara, ish Tara, ish immi gatzah ish im Tara, Ninnia im Ecksahbah dah bah ish im triennia ish im es stebbia nish Tara nish Gai. Ish im triennia ish immi dah vah beh ish im triennia dah sah, dah beh. Ish im stekkia, ish im ecksandrah, ish immi bahvah deh. Ish niquartah, ish im es tahvah, ish im es triennia dah seh, ish im es triennia dah beh. Ish Tara, Ish Tara, Ish Gaia, Ish Gai.

For the girls (Gaia and Tara) are coming together as one for the planet, for the transitioning.

Ish im eck simmia, ish immi tah vah deh. Ish im dah hemmia ish im estekkia im es dah sah beh. Im ecksandra, im esta dah sah beh, im estevvia dah sah neh. Yah ick Sarah, Yah, Yah. Yah im es triennia, Yah, Yah. Yah Irokino, Yah Yah. Yah ista Harah, Yah Yah. Ishi nah gishi im esta hahva beh im es temmia im esta dah sah beh.

Celebration! – fruit cocktails for all!

Ish im Mara, Ish im Tara, ish immi quastah ish immi dah sah neh im es tronnimo ishi dah sah neh – For there will be a skirmish (cats claws – cat fight) and much shielding is required around the planet. For this we will be there.

Ish im Harah, Ish im Tara, Ish im Gaia dah treh ish im Gaia ish in estemmia dah seh. For we will be standing there as one forcefield united.

For an explosion of light is to take place in the inner fields (immiment). Ish im Gai, ish im Tara dah seh ish im es tevvia dah sah. One for all and all for one – all will be united.

Ish Gai, Ish Gia, Ish Tai, Ish Tai ish es geronimo im esperria dah seh im niquarta dah beh. Much shielding is required for the unfolding of the new force-field alchemics and we will be there for this.

Ish Gai Ish Gai, Ish Tai Ish Tai – and for this we will be coming together for the girls (Gaia and Tara) are coming together as one for the planet.

For we will be there as the new nodules arise for the unveiling of the parallel universe fields. For we will be there for this unveiling of the heavens.

Ish Gai, Ish Gai, Ish Tai, Ish Tai

For we will be there as the rivers unfold, as magnetic planes unravel – for all is to be opened up for the travel. For we will be there.

Ish Gai, Ish Gia, Ish Tai

For we will be there for the unfoldings of the new movements, the new pathways the new beginnings even as the endings pulsate into the new. For we will be there.

For we will be there as the angelics herald the new mornings, the new beginnings, new trances, many advances. For we will be there.

For we will be there and this is not to be taken lightly – this moment in time – for we will be there. For we have always been there and we will be there now.

Ish Gai, Ish im Tara ish im tremmia dah seh ish.

For we will be there as the rapids of love light unfold. For we will be there for all to behold.

Ecksahbah Ecksahbah immi es trahna immi es dah sah – immi es niquartah dah beh im es tevvia dah seh.

For we will be there as the locks are unlocked, for we will be there as the blocks are unblocked. For we will be there.

Estah hahvah deh ish im es triennia dah seh immi es niquatah deh ish im bevvia dah treh – Ish Gai, Ish Gia, Ish Tai, Ish Tai.

For we will be there as the small unravelling unravels, and we will be there as the bigger unfolding unfolds. For we will be there.

And whilst it might seem as if all is in a trance, this is all simply patterning for the new dance. A dance across time and space for the new beginnings, for the quantum unfoldments in time and space. For this is for the new beginnings and we will be there.

For we will be there as the mountains arch their backs – ish guinatsah, ish guinatsah – for we will be there. Ish im Tai, Ish im Gai.

We will be there for the exhalation and we will be there for the inhalation – for we will be there with you.

And we will be there for the new field pockets of love light unfolding.

For we will be there for the ups and downs, for the momentum and the equilibrium, for we will be there.

For nothing is to be left to chance or hazard – for we will be there – for we will be there for everything. For we will be there for all of you.

For all is assured – rest assured.

For we will be there.

This is our message of love light.

The Elohim.

From Nicola to the Elohim – Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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Sometimes we can feel stuck or as if manifestation is taking a long time. We may feel that we have tried everything; what next, what did I miss out? How can I look at this in a different way? It can feel like Ground Hog Day until we realise that there are many more lenses of perception (or spheres), available to us that we probably didn’t even realise existed – at least not at a conscious level.

This extruded perception is very helpful for the transitioning process that is underway. It is about realising that we can stretch way beyond anything we may have thought we were are capable of. And, we know exactly how to do it. It’s just a question of remembering how to access the multi-dimensional spheres which connect our upper and lower grounding systems.

In these awareness fields, we can see the structure of our multidimensional selves as we gain mastery of our full field sequencing patterning. By this I mean sequencing streams and the correlation of material matter to sequencing streams. Timeline phasing is also key to these sequencing patterns.

Over the weekend we (my team and I) downloaded and activated an expanded consciousness template. This comes with a really neat cone like tool which demonstrates how our energetic construct can interweave with at least 95 (spheres) or different levels and layers of dimensional perspective. Because 95 is the full stretch – of a new tree of love light – and offers transitioning support as reality constructs dissolve and (those who choose) flow into the Mirror Matrix

The structure is made of multi-dimensional inter-spheres – for the transiting of trajectories and of timeline synchronisations (important for manifestation). This is about timelines opening up into unbounded spheres. Sequencing modules are being re-calibrated for this.

Simply put – when it come to manifestation it helps if we can tap into the origination of the manifestation (its start point) in time and space and make a connection with its original and resolved state, to help bring it into play in our physical reality.

It was explained to me that it’s all about re-patterning the paginations for manifestation – aligned to our highest source love light outcome – naturally. This is also all linked to a new and way more intense physical level of embodiment.The nature beings are far more present in this emergent reality.

The tool I was shown acts like a universal bounce rate re-calibration mechanism – a bounce rate is based on the vibrational latitudinal and longitudinal points, which hold us in synchronicity with the unfolding of the horizontal and lateral timelines.

So we each have an earth planetary bounce rate as well as a universal bounce rate, but the ideal is to always be fully in synch with our universal bounce rate – that way we can maintain an optimised star connection.

This in turn opens up multi-dimensional timeline travel through multiple spheres and across inter-transitional galaxies. Unbounded spheres knit together for the transcending of timeline codes. Expanded consciousness streams for the transcending of timelines.

Lemuria may be the last time this was on tap for us.


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My team and I will be hosting a party in August!

This event closes today (Monday).

If you would like to join in the fun, please choose any one of the below and/or a selection for your financial contribution. The party will take place on Wednesday 12th August at midday (Pacific time USA) and probably last around 40 minutes – maybe a bit longer.

Jug of pink lemonade:$12
Crunchie bar with vanilla ice-cream:$12
Chocolate cupcakes:$15
Vanilla and fudge eclairs:$15
Strawberry and vanilla cheesecake:$25
Lemon meringue cheesecake:$25

p.s. the nature beings chose these!

What will we be doing? I won’t exactly know until the day, although we will almost definitely go off-planet at some point, and we will also be playing some really fun Party games!

It’s important to register in advance so that we can “meet” you all first. The party will be live using a conference platform. Places will be limited so that it will be individual as well. Please email me by close of play Monday if you’d like to come.

Are you coming?

Are you coming?

Party invitation from Shutterstock.

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What’s for breakfast?

Our light bodies require a different type of nutrition or loving nourishment. Each day pick something delicious and drink this vibration right through the body. By that I mean drink it into every muscle, every cell. In the light body all parts of be-ingness are equal, so the cartilage in your knee has every right to enjoy the vibration of lemon mousse as do the taste buds in your mouth. Visualise the colour, feel the texture. And the best thing is that it doesn’t matter if you cannot do wheat, dairy or sugar! I found that it can be easier at first if you use foods that are soft and slippery. How about a rhubarb fool or strawberry cheesecake or blackcurrant mousse!

I AM – a soufflé!

Imagine a soufflé as it fluffs up to perfection in the oven. Imbue every cell in your body with your soufflé mix – what’s it going to be cherry, strawberry, chocolate, mint? Then as your soufflé gently expands feel the expanded resonance of your body vibration rise. See and feel the colours, taste the taste. Yummy!

Cross-country skiing

This is a great one when you are off hiking or taking the dog friend(s) for a walk. Imagine that you have a cross country ski on each foot. The key is that each one is a different colour and you change them in synchronisation with each other. Watch the light plate slide forward with each step. Right foot turquoise, left foot read, right foot gold and left foot silver, left foot red, right foot gold and ride the vibrational flow as you glide forward in oneness flow glow.

Psychedelic intensity – ramp it up

Regular colour intensification exercises through the body are also very helpful. Find a wall or some plain curtains and see them as a blank canvas. In this game coloured blobs spontaneously appear on your canvass. Here’s how it works. Move your body to where the colour blob is located and put your hand on it – so it might be x2 steps to reach up to the purple blob on the right, then x1 step to the left and a stretch across for the pink blob, followed by x3 steps to the right for the red blob and so on. As you put your hand on the blob visualise your whole body lighting up in that colour. Must be done to favourite music!

The first time I did this my team came to the door of my bedroom to wake me up and 5.00am and said – “come and play” then they showed me how to do this. So ask your team to join you – much more fun that way! A variation is to see vertical colour streams and to stand in each one and drink the colour through the body that way. The most important thing is to have lots of fun!

Colour me beautiful

Here’s another. Create wallpaper backdrops and insert them vertically through the body and field. What’s it going to be? multi-coloured butterflies or are you in the mood for floating in the middle of the ocean? Change scenes and have fun as you help your body and mind with the integration of the light stream colours. What is it like if you replace one for another? As you experiment, feel the vibration of being held in the new light flow.

Colour Quadrant Activation

When the colour quadrant information came through, I was shown an image of a child’s bike with training (support wheels). This is how our higher selves see us in this transitional phase – how funny! Become familiar with the resonance of these colours through the different quadrants of the body – they extend down through to the feet. Start by choosing which colour you want in each quadrant.

Colour Quadrants

Colour Quadrants

Play with different colour combinations until the various vibrations are second nature. As you become more adept try playing some chords. Activate different resonances together. What happens if you do all four at once? Swizzle them around as if they are coloured spot-lights in a night club. Build upon the brain activation by creating your own colour quadrant dance floor – Saturday Night Fever style! Once you have activated this platform you can start to work with the colour coded keys. Here’s a rainbow light stream activation.

Rainbow Light Stream Activation

Rainbow Light Stream Activation

With a little help from our friends…

Jellyfish were crucial for me in the early stages of light embodiment as they helped to both anchor the new energies as well as filter out anything unhelpful. The jellyfish told us: “your organs are not singing together and we can help to hold the space as you integrate. We flow with the cycles of the moon – in synergy with the ebb and flow of Her heart – little light transmitters across the oceans.” Our soothing vibration can help with the integration of embodiment energies.” Try a visualisation where jellyfish float through your body when things feel out of kilter.

Play pom pom fields

When you go to bed at night, imagine that your body and energetic field are packed with different coloured pom pom balls. Start playing with intent through your fields. Is there a red pom pom sitting in your field that you can lob into the spleen space? Send the blue pom pom in your liver up to your crown chakra. The colours and locations are of your own creations in time and space.

Heart to Head

The heart and the head start off together in the embryo. If you look at the way the brain and the heart are structured you can see the connection. Over time, our relationship between the two has diminished. My brain also felt left out on the spiritual journey as I chided it for my sub-conscious and unconscious thoughts and unnecessary worry. In fact, I had to apologise to my brain for constantly telling it to take a break and go on holiday! Here’s a trick to help reconnect the two.

Take the four quadrants of brain and imagine that they form a space-ship. This space-ship is coming down to dock into the four chambers and ventricles of the heart. Simplistically it can be seen as this illustration.

Ask what the docking `protocol`colour combination is for you. Does your code consist of the same colours as your quadrants, but just in a different order? That’s what happened when I did this. I also filled in the bit in-between with pink starlight. And, if your quadrants are not red, blue yellow and green – that’s fine too – we are all different.


Ice Lolly Healing:

It’s very simple. First imagine that your body is very very cold; as cold as an ice lolly, as cold as the north pole, as cold as an icicle. Feel this ice cold all the way through your body;the skin, the organs, the tissues, the bones, the cells etc.

Now, visualise that the body has an outer colour coating (like an outline around the body as if you had drawn it with a pen). For example, this could be violet and the inner (everything inside the outer casing) could be orange or the outside lemon yellow and the inner turquoise, outside pink, inside emerald green and so on. This means that there will be two colours for every imprint.

Bring your colours to life and activate them as if you are an ice lolly through your taste buds. So really taste the cold lemon of the yellow – suck it deep into the body or try raspberry tasting red in your outer coating and icy minty green inside the body. And, if a taste for that particular colour does not present itself, try a flower instead or a rainbow. If you place the intent for the healing before you start, the optimal colour combinations will come to you intuitively in a steady sequence.

You will know when you have reached the end of the healing, as all the colours will merge together as one and the ice coldness will start to melt and flow into oneness. Just relax your awareness into this healing multi-dimensional stream.

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In the autumn of 2011, the Elohim explained a new way of “oneness” between humans and nature beings. Here are the ten Terms of Engagement I received at the time, which are how the nature beings see the way forward between us and them. If you have chosen the path to Nanyah – it is time to sign-up NOW.

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1. White Lions – A new way forward in the oneness

“In the evolution of the planet it has been difficult if not impossible for animals to live together with humans in oneness. Survival and fear factors intertwined us in a dance through the ages. It was believed that there was no other way. However, the new core essence and earth flow configuration are erasing the imprint that was hardwired into your DNA,” says Nyanga the White Lioness. She reminds us that the old contract has been torn up and that it is time to sign up to the New Terms of Engagement between humans and nature beings as they are key to living in oneness on the New Earth.

2. White Bison- knowingness

The White Bison talks about the inner confidence of the knowingness where humans and nature beings can live together in oneness. “Through the Gaia connection knowingness on earth is found. Through the roots of the trees and via the roots of your feet grounded and firm – knowingness is sucked upwards into the branches and drawn up and into the body. It is an acceptance that as humans you are one with the universe and the universal patterning of this planet as expressed through the diversity of the nature beings,” the bison adds.

3. Bugle Plant – trust

A bugle plant reminds us that “it is no good if all the nature beings are in trust, harmony and oneness with Gaia, but you humans remain ever questioning and separated from your own heart’s knowingness. This would make it impossible for us all to sit in oneness. And a trust-based connection in the oneness between all nature beings and humans is essential on the New Earth,” she says.

4. South African Whale – harmony and balance

“The new earth resonances of the fifth dimension work in perfect harmony. Each frequency layer, whether of one circle or multiple concentric rings will always strike a perfect chord. A harmony of oneness. A tune that can only play to the truth,” a South African Whale tells us. She continues: For if you are to be with us all on the new earth, humans must embrace the harmonic convergence or understanding that harmony and balance between humans and nature beings are essential.

5. Machu Picchu – the frequency of oneness

“We were told how we can hold the transmission of the Machu Picchu energy frequencies so as to experience oneness with all nature beings. “And the ability to hold the healing frequency of oneness with all nature beings is one of the Terms of Engagement for the New Earth. For you can all help to heal the planet through the oneness,” said Macchu Piccu.

6. Lilly of the Valley – let go of all fear

“Whilst each `tree of life` can be described as an `individuality,` it also forms an important part of the whole. And if even one molecule, no matter how small, within the form is flexed with fear, the integrity of this whole will be impaired. This is why it is importantto let go of all fear,” according to a Lilly of the Valley.

7. Lake Titicaca – conscious decisions through the heart

“As nature beings we know that the choices are limitless. But human minds constrain and restrict the understanding of choice. By this we mean, the choice you have in every second of every minute of every day to consciously choose what you experience, whether awake or asleep. For it is through the heart that all choices are available,” commented Lake Titicaca.

8. Uluru – the realisation of who you really are

“Importantly, if we are all to sit together in the flow of oneness on the New Earth. If humans are to work as equals and in partnership with nature beings, then you must raise your vibration so that we are all on the same wavelength. The more closely you resonate with your core essence, the more authentic the connection you can make with us. This realisation of who you really are is key for the New Earth,” says Australia’s Uluru rock.

9. Evening Primrose – we are all equal

“There is no head chef in the restaurant of life. The universal mother does not love us less nor does she consider nature beings to be less important than humans. Trees are not better than pansies because they are bigger or older. The manifestation of the New Earth cannot take place in a hierarchical environment where humans believe that they are at the centre of everything, with the rest of us pitching in around you,” an Evening Primrose pointed out.

10. Potentilla plant – Sign up NOW

Finally, Sid the Silverweed (Potentilla) reminds us to “Sign-up through your feet to the new Terms of Engagement with nature beings. It’s very simple. You can do this when walking in a town or in the country, by the sea or in the mountains. With each step you take, tap this message – as if in morse code – through the soles (souls) of your feet whilst you say: True to the depths of the earth I am, True to the stars in the sky, True to my heart – the sun and the moon. As the roots of the trees intertwine – see the truth of the light divine.”

*The number background to this post is the algorythm for oneness between humans and the nature beings.

Ecksahbah, Ecksahbah, Ecksahbah immi treh im Nanyah immartah deh. Ish Gai. Ish Gai.

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