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A re-scripting of the holographic reality map is underway – right back to its point of love light origination.

The map of the “new earth” already exists in the intertwined and deeply rooted knowledge of the trees. See this as finely interwoven fibres, each a knowledge pool of its own, interconnected with others so as to create even bigger pools of insight and wisdom.

These fibres in the trees of the current earth reality have been ripped apart, splintered and broken, destroying the natural and original dynamic. This dynamic, this authentic and original nature patterning is now central to the new world unfolding.

Betula pendula, Inari wilderness, Finland by Percita

This divine patterning holds the original growth dynamic. It will act like a kaleidoscope, a lens onto the universal potential of our re-scripted holograph.

It also unfolds to reveal the new connection and dialogue required between humans and all nature beings. What is this new dialogue?

A unified, love-based communication with a potency that is rooted in the intent of all those involved in its creation. An overflowing of heart-felt enthusiasm and joy for sharing in oneness with the nature beings.

Have you signed up to the Terms of Engagement for the New Earth?

Welcome friends, Welcome.

Ish Gai, Ish Gai, Ish Tara, Ish Tai

Birch trees from Wikpedia

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They have been waiting to enter this planetary alignment for some time, but earth conditions were not in the position to fully support their beingness.

Now, however, the window for these channels of love light innocence has opened and they can transition – fully supported by Gaia herself.

These new children of the stars come in at Level 35 which means that they are already fully embodied. The diamond children are being ushered in by the blue light of the Elohim.

They have a central role to play in the optimised timelines.

Welcome dearly loved ones, welcome – you are so greatly loved.


They are protected by the Vibration of Kindness in 5D Colour: a violet spinning catherine wheel (firework)

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short extract from a previous recording.

Heavens Gate

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Female Swamp Wallaby by John O’Neil Victoria, Australia.

Dear Wallaby friend

What does trancendence feel like?

It is silky sheen in texture, subtle rainbow luminescences, tingling yet calm at the same time. It is a gift from the planes of transcendence.

Is transcendence about going beyond?

Transendence time space particles lock together in an elixir of love light. This beacon acts as a magnifier, an intensification of time zone templates for the transcendences.

Steps for Activation of the Transcendences – a gift from the Bird Tribes

This is a wing activation. I saw an eagle at the beginning – this activation is a gift from the bird tribes. See a rainbow vial with a love light liquid essence behind your back – a bit like a spine. To the left and right of this rainbow core is the wing structure – like that of a bird.

I was shown 15 trancendences – each one has its own star code and is linked to a particular star, as highlighted in the drawing below. The transcendences are activated through a double candle resonance match. My candles were different colours.

One way to do this is to run your finger from left to right across the name of the transcendence and the star code. Then ask to be shown the candle activation sequencing. These open up multi-dimensionally and are located in different places. Once I found the first one, the second one then appeared, and the activation of that particular transcendence was complete.

Once each one has been individually activated – bring them together as one star map and activate the star map in its own right.

I have found the gift of the transcendences very helpful for coasting above the rumbling lower field energies that are currently passing through.


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According to UNESCO, Palmyra is an oasis in the Syrian desert, north-east of Damascus which contains the monumental ruins of a great city that was one of the most important cultural centres of the ancient world. The systematic destruction and desecration of this ancient site by ISIL has featured widely in the media recently.

This is a short summery, following the completion of recent work by star family in a battle both in earth realms and off-planet, that was ultimately about sequencing materialisms or the control of optimised organic ascension timelines.

Inside the ruins of Palmyra, there is another set of ruins. These are memory plates relating to the ability of the human body to shift at a cellular level into expanded consciousness fields.

A golden rod or frequency transmitter was under attack from off-planet energies. They wanted to scramble up the spire and put a dark round cap at the top of it. False ring wheels were also being used in an attempt to shut down/close new growth nodules for new timelines. At a human cellular level, this was manifesting as a distortion of “molecular transcendences” linked to our blood platelets.

I was told that these negative energies were fighting for control of the “back-water fields” where intelligence maps were stored relating to false light. “In the backwater paddy fields love light has been corrupted”. This information had been sequenced into false Palmyra codes.

So the nodules had to be unfolded in order to be un-coded. Timeplate corruption was healed. False City of Light dynamics re-calibrated. All that was false rectified.

It was as if there was an imprint of ownership/trademark/logo on our potential to fully expand into the love light at a physical level, one that was being held in place very tightly – like a ligature. But now this work is complete, human expandedness can open up to cellular activation level 30-35 (and upwards from there in good time).

At a higher dimensional plane, the city of Palmyra structure is bathed in soft rainbow light – for the new beginnings.The spirit beings of the ancient city, including those associated with its ancient artifacts have ascended to higher realms far, far beyond any further potential manipulations.

Finally, the word agricropolos came through (The word acropolis means “upper city,” in Greek). All is returned to the Divine.

The following day, I received the vibrational frequencies for 15 Cities of Light which are spheres of angelic magnitude. The names are not so much names in the traditional sense, as they are expressions of vibrational frequencies. I have seen similar sounding words come through when writing light language.

Their point of origin is outside of this solar system, but I but feel as if they are on the same orbit – possibly around 2 suns. They could even be different levels of one place – interlocking spheres in time and space.

Each vibration is exquisitely nuanced and subtly different. They are an incredible gift in these times of challenging energies, and one to be honored and shared in the love light.

Ninanyah – the house of flowers
Estrentia – the house of love light luminations
Mirabileh – the house of mirror magic (central sphere for love light adjustments)
Equartah – the house of source light essence streams
Nishanyah – the house of stability and love light
Estempsia – the house of sharing and caring
Titianyah – the house of love light exploding
Niquestah – the house fruitful recollections
Nishantah – the house of wonderfulness
Equestria – the house of smiley faces!
Mimikhana – the house of love light enlightenment
Mimartah – the house of love light shielding
Mikiquestah – the house of love light strengthening and intensifications
Niquartah – the house of core love light essences
Miatzah – the house of love light passion


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Thank you dear friend, thank you.

Once upon a time there was a “land” near the Osiris fields. They were together but not together, they were on different timeline sequencing materialisms. All was together but not together. Timeline sequencing fields were mal-adjusted, so it was not to be trusted.

There was a “river” that ran alongside the other streams of love light (59 in total) that was critical for the sequencing materialisms, but all was not well adjusted to the correct timeline fields. Trinity sequencing materialisms were not in place. So all could not alight on the correct sequencing platforms. Words beyond time and space shall leave not a trace.

So the sequencing concluding fields were not aligned to the trining. Correct sequencing circumferences were not in place. For all will be provided for in the Divine alignment fields. Back in time – forward in time, frequencing materialisms taking place on the lower stratas.

For these correct timeline sequencing fields can be accessed in these times. Free energy is of the frequencing spectrum.

See a rainbow flame from your heart to the top of the head. Frequency spheres require adjusting for the parallel and linear equation fields. See a concentric rainbow ring in your heart. See a rainbow triangle from the tops of your shoulders to above your head –  put this triangle five feet behind you – like a rainbow tunnel – so from the shoulders to that point five feet behind.

Now replicate the whole dynamic to 9 feet under your feet whilst staying connected to the first trinity field. Parallel dynamics for the new sequencing fields. Next, put all of this in the protective outer casing of a rainbow pyramid.

I see an information template to be accessed, drawn in images as if on a scroll of some sort. Now activate the different slabs in the rainbow pyramid as they come up for sequencing. Orange, blue, gold, purple yellow or whatever sequence comes to you for the dance.

As you do so this completed dynamic (the activated rainbow pyramid) which also contains the rainbow flame and heart sphere also moves to five feet behind the body to the Mirror Matrix alignment.

Sequencing fields are now opening for the new materialisms. All is good, we will be completing shortly. I see rainbow  firework wheel – time to celebrate for the party has begun!

Creme caramel souffle as specially requested by our firefly friend.

A materialism = manifesting into reality.

*Conscious conversations with nature beings can take place when we enter into oneness with them*

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