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Last year a series of gifts were tucked away safely under the ocean beds of the planet in 19 different sea locations (19 gifts) – these are to open today, Saturday 31st October 2015.

The “runways” for these gifts were cleared this week in preparation for a major paralell universe gateway will activate, open and then close again today. This is part of a sort of test run for a later point in time. Key information will be logged and fed into the “central imaginings” for the time plated consciousness maps. Also, to facilitate a connection with the time/space templating fields.

These gifts also manifest at an individual heart level once activated and look like a bejewelled gift – similar to the same visual.

Different star systems came together to help both then. This included Hercules, Canis Vendica, Telescopium, Hercules, Libra, Saggita, Serpens, Ursa Minor, Bootes, Telescopium, Pavo, Ara, Hydra and Puppis.

This is a depiction of the “ship” (some might call it path “home”) through transcending time spheres.


Both visuals are a mystical collaboration with Susanna (5D Girl Team) in Spain.

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In honour (with a little help from my friends) of 5D Girl team canine members and in deep gratitude and thanks for their support as well as all the love, guidance and (beyond words) help the nature beings are providing through this shift.


Holly and Bramble (from right to left)




Elsah and Siddhi (from right to left)


This is a “forgiveness letter” or blessing – a gift of love through the Elohim. It is for all humans who have inhabited the planet and consciously, unconsciously or unwittingly harmed, damaged, plundered, lacked respect for, polluted or destroyed our natural environment and/or mistreated, been cruel to, tortured, punished or misunderstood the planet’s nature beings and the incredible gift of their beingness. It covers the entire history of the planet

The vibration of this transmission can felt up by opening up your hands (in front of the words) to receive the energy – you don’t have to read it all!

Ishea, ishea. Sperria immartika im tarka. Ettika estia im bah heh. Ostensia nika doro lo setto nitti varleh. Likadou ishika. Mirarvah lessia innihah. Mista neh sharto. Spim spimmia est terrato opsikom. Nitta bahwey im settia nikador.

Hesta ekarta sri sri narta devi. Esta hahna im deschira itti atarkah. Immira nesta ickador. Imperia istadoro. Nimsekkia ettah darweh. Ischedra marveh ikki notto. Nei lo settia ista karva. Mimmia mir ettika. Estaharveh mir lo toh. Istika nim nettia ischara.

Im tisandra ista harvia. Im ettinah sri sarkador. Nik nettia imahey immarta. Immeria leh sotto. Inkador enkah mar heh. Shey shandra, shey sarta strivera. Immakula etta dimmia. Spim sperria esta notto sequestria. Ninnarta ombivia sri kala keh.

Itta ha hesta. Ittia mir ittika. Itakhana ish schwarwa mei. Los totto impekarbileh. Ni landa estoria. Nimma dei otto. Sri kanda icksador. No nimmia ettarvia nitto nostro. Ikki shandra exista sterra. Immono ekarta stim stimmia escharta. Tei terria liquarta so dei. Devarta dissera, dischmia mettakarta, otto imbarviley. Ista im terria ikarta osto hey.

Heh imtrevia, heh immart, heh nitti khahna. Hestia nitti khana. Hestia otto im bahvaley. Lik likado omni ta ta tei imstivvia. Esta nikado im stemmia likah karteh. Nika liquarto. Nika listihah. Nim hemmia liquarta. Sono stei nivarna est nittia nivarna nikarta. Nestia noh nei. Noh noh nevarta. Estia schri senda im obva ittika innahey. Nik notto nimsekkka.

Imarshey, imarshey estaharva im oquidor. Sono statto mei mirabiley. Etta eck ok im starvia niquanta. Na teh sey. Tey istia nitta teh. Teh tamivhah. Ista ni nono, isto im trevvia, ista im sperria. Siquarno nim natteh ittador. Itta equestria sim solo nitta harveh. Nista harveh im terria esta nir nata nei equadoro. Im schim schim shey.

Ta ta terria. Ta ta nikador. Ta ta eckshemia. Ta ta inarta. Ta ta diskarta. Ta ta imokino. Ta ta discheminey. Ta ta tittia. Ta ta immaquo. Ta isteria. Ta ta trimivah. Ta ta nequarto. Ta ta timmsia. Ta ta territa. Ta ta niquador. Ta ta imschimmia. Ni notto nei dessika dessarta. Disscheminay dissika Tara tarta.

No lotto niquarta. Diska dei simmia ni harva schimmia shey. Starvia okka hitah im sterria ocarno. Ni natey nimbivah sinica stri settey. Ostavia sim settia sera tei. Tartivah, tartivah tei sim sekkia. Esta harveh esta terra im Gaia stera. Im stekkia terra. Im ostia nimmi vah ekarta tei. Tartivah im Tara nei. No sotto timmia. Es karta tim shera. Equarta diska tim tatarey – ni loro estia immahey. Okita temera ni sta teh.

Im kahteh neh terra. Spimmia listadeh liquarta tim ta toh. Timitay im opolu esta Terra. Immihah marva bei. Sim siquesta otto tei. Nittia harva dri summo ettika. Sum mittarta notto dei. Seh tevvia imma heh. Siquenda sim simmia. Schista veh nitta ta dekkia. Sim soro etavah. Stim settia ekarvah. Etta doro im pommio ista harveh. Ettikah immivah otto estria siquanta. Nista heh otto teh. Schim schim scherria itta ni stando, itta nivarah im banda stri sato omnivah.

Schim schimmia esta karta. Im terrim sipsi vardah. Mitta kilta mitreii i itika. Im stahna nittaveh. Estia estia nimahey. Nimma tri vahna estia nam shoro ebbivah. Nisto quinta ikkia. Ickshira etta dommina. Nitta doreh estia iquanta leschteh.

Sim sim serria, sim sterrata otta novo im terria. Sri sri samnivah, sri sri siquesta, sri sri equador, sim sah shey etta novo – etta equarta im stimmia esta tia tarkeh. Tarteh Tara ti. Tarteh Gaia im immisha. Ni sah teh dimmia esta mimmia ni ni zara teh. Ti ti Tara teh. Timsea, timpsea tim ta ta tei ecksedia.

Aaah Imaaaah. Okkitaaaar. Simmiaaaah. Ottivaaaah. Niskaaaah. Ninitaaaah. Terriaaaah.


Algorythm for Equality between Humans and Animals

Algorythm for Equality between Humans and Animals

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Who is in charge of this Matrix?

Multi-dimensionally, I see two large roundish beings but they won’t stop the game and move on as the “shiny ones” are behind them.

Who are the “shiny ones”?

They are us from beginning to end – (at a micro or cellular level, my understanding is that these are chromosomes).

Is it the Elohim? – not us – but we were them.

Filaments were removed from the rear view index mirrors (as if something was removed from the back field plates of that awareness).

This doesn’t make sense to me – how could that have happened?

There were ructions in the inner vertices – time plates were damaged. Time plates were destroyed in the inner vertices (these are currently being repaired).

The connection between the game and the game was lost, it all got distorted.

The “shiny ones” were used to put the new distorted time-plating in place. False star maps were also used.

I see two tall “shiny ones.” One is spinning to the left and one is spinning to the right – they are standing next to each other. More of a fluid form. In muted colour yet lacking colour at the same time. We spin them fast and they become one circle and then one figure, one element, one filament drops downward at great speed into another star system – ecksandra, ecksandra.

Up from that same trajectory rises another energetic, but this time an “original” version. It looks like an ice dance skater when they lift up one leg over the head and do that spinning twizzle thing. Mirror magnetic reversals to the inner tiptoes.

The two big circular shaped beings from the beginning have been distracted with chocolate marshmallow cake as the work is done. They were just being told what to do, they were just following orders.

Yes, but they didn’t know how to get out of it (leave the matrix) as the inside vertices were mixed up. Like two feuding soldiers going round in circles – as if chasing their tails.

We unplug them, but there are keys in each as well. Who owns the keys to this game?

The game got stuck in space and time. There was a hologram behind the hologram.

Who owns the keys to the game?


Are we unplugging the hologram from the hologram? – yes – once we are through the magnetic reversals.

The original love light source essence fields are to be freed – no more disconnect and distance between the love and the light.

We are going to the “land that time forgot” – the biggest workshop (Aladdin’s cave) the Universe has ever seen. Mirror Matrix = uncorrupted physical manifestation of source love light.

Here’s something to try using the shape of a chromosome working through the eyes. For the left hand eye see a colour flowing in that shape but as it comes out of the back of the head it moves to the right hand side and changes colour. For example, gold for the first half and silver for the back bit. Then go to the other eye. For example, silver through the front part of the structure which enters the eye and then flips to the left hand side where it exits the head, this time in gold.

The colours change at the centromere point. It’s important that if you are following the line that starts on the left hand side that after the centromere it switches (exits) to the right side. Likewise, if you start with the right hand eye at the centromere point the continuation swaps to the left hand side. Play around with different colours until you reach a point of equilibrium and balance.The filaments can be the same length, it’s the reversal of the direction and changing of the colours that’s important.

A story

Once upon a time a beautiful angel woke up one morning – of the Elohim her family. What a beautiful day as she stretched her wings across the universes, what a beautiful day as she sparkled in the song-light of the stars. As she stretched out again her wings gently touched the rainbow starlight fields which created an acceleration in the wind fields.

As these danced together in divine interplay, new star beam tones were created – new frequencies of love light. These resonances, a foundation for a new platform, a new playing field of light.

In a different dimensional frequency spectrum, an experiment was underway. Galactic scientists were in the process of completing a new geographic reality. A planet called terra or earth, which had a back-up twin sister soul. Both pristine in their origination, both of equal purity. The other planetary creation was set gently in a paralell universe. She was called Nanyah and NahNah was their mother energy shared by both.

But when they launched earth planet into orbit, a rip in the time fields occurred and the placement was out of synch with the time plane sequencing. As a result, this creation lacked the full protection and shielding required to hold its source love light alignment through the dimensional reality spectrum. And so, the radar systems that had been put in place went down at a critical juncture in time. This in turn opened up human DNA to manipulation by external forces.

and further information from a previous mission.

It wasn’t meant to be like this when we (Elohim) created it. It wasn’t meant to be like this. There wasn’t sufficient protection. The radar systems went down. That’s why I came back – because we had the opportunity to adjust things in these times.

Because it was all meant to be so perfect – but it went wrong. We came for Gaia, we love Gaia. It all went wrong. It wasn’t meant to be like this. It just didn’t turn out as we had hoped. But now is a time for change and renewal. Remedies can be put in place – things different moving forward.

Different reference systems required. A breakdown of the shambolic to re-create shambala. Like how it ought to have been. That’s why it’s best for us to remain unseen. Yes, this is why we have returned to do our bit.

There are lost “references” to be found. New connections to be made in time and space. Not just timelines – something else. Something else that matters. We have to go back to the “originations”. There was an error in the calculation. That’s what went wrong. Remedies to be put in place.

Find the orgination of the tear. Put a mirror in place (mirror matrix) to reflect it back from whence it came. Then all will be fine – then the job will be done. That’s why we are here. For this to be remedied in time and space.

A facet of “individuality“ that has not served its function. To be done at a molecular level. The configuration wasn’t clean – levelling required. To be siphoned off and re-measured. Thank you.

In the “origination” of human DNA there was a point of weakness or “error in the calculation” and this weakness was then used as a point of entrance by energies not aligned with love light truth to meddle with human DNA.

Ninnia Ecksahbah, Ecksahbah, Ecksahbah, Ninnia.

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Definition of a chromosome https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chromosome


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I asked my team what’s going on with the Matrix at the moment and got the word Garguantuam. This (hilarous!) Garguantuam Grotto video game describes it all far better than words – right down the the grids and filters. And as she says at the end – Course Clear!

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Someone who calls themselves an angel isn’t necessarily an angel, someone who says they are a divine embodiment isn’t necessarily a divine embodiment, just because someone describes themself as an avatar doesn’t necessarily mean that they are an avatar.

More often than not it’s the simplest and most unassuming people who have the strongest and most direct source light connection as opposed to those who label themselves as such.

Spiritual teachers can be surprisingly unreceptive to constructive feedback about their own fields. This can be a sign that their personal level of spiritual development may be impeded by their own egoic limitations.

In the same way that there are (sadly) people who abuse innocence in daily life, the same can be found in “spiritual circles” from teachers who use the astral to take advantage of people who trust them, to a more invidious (often invisible) form of abuse where the energy of followers and/or clients is used for their own purposes, played with or manipulated.

The spotlight is being currently shone on spiritual teachers, guides and so on from all “denominations” from New Age to Buddhism and the Indian traditions in this period of intense refinement. Those not fully aligned with love light will have to adjust and/or change if they want to continue in those roles.

There are so many levels to being multi-dimensional that some spiritual leaders may understand their beingness at certain dimensional levels, but lack conscious awareness at other levels. In itself, this doesn’t matter – it’s just that if they think that they are in full conscious awareness when they are not that it can be a problem.

When spiritual teachers, guides, gurus etc are not fully aligned as truth they open themselves up to the potential of being manipulated (often without their awareness) by negative higher dimensional energies who can use them as a conduit. This can be a very powerful and most unhelpful concoction and is more common than one might imagine.

Last but not least, is when they don’t realise that they are not aligned as truth and really believe that the work that they are doing is helping people and the planet, when in reality it is causing havoc behind the scenes.

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We appear to have reached a turning point, a point in time to be noted. Lower dimensional planes are being lifted up and through into higher dimensional fields, where an integration is underway.

These nuanced planes will sit “within” what we previously called lower dimensional planes and stretch into higher dimensional levels, in a “within” space there too. It has required a massive un-plugging of many aspects of lower dimensional planes for these nuanced planes to emerge – and this work is still on-going.

The main thing is that this integration enables the grounding that was missing for the higher dimensional planes and their sphere sisters to open into 9D and above. By this I mean, for us to be able to optimise and squeeze out every last bit of potential for translating the higher timeline energies into our daily experienced physical reality and beyond.

At the same time, a huge shedding is taking place, a massive clear-out (forward and back in time) across all planetary systems. In terms of Earth, some might call this a separation of worlds. However, it is not the separation of 2D,3D,4D from 5D and above – rather, it is a separation of certain time plane fields from what have been known as the lower dimensions. Whilst those particular timelines were still in place, it wasn’t possible for the integration with the higher planes to fully manifest.

If it had been a complete split between 2D,3D,4D dimensional planes and the higher spheres, there would have been limitations and restrictions on our development as we wouldn’t be sufficiently grounded for a full opening. Nor would it have been optimal for Gaia and the nature beings – who are of course hosting this shift.

This is why we have had to descend into the depths and yank back the foundational time platforms under negative control systems, as these are required for the full expandedness of the human consciousness templates.

Whilst, at a technical level it was something that had to be done and that we had agreed to, that doesn’t necessarily make our own personal experience of it any easier.

And, although a corner has been turned, this work is still underway and will probably continue until the Solstice when the culmination of the current transduction through the Mirror Matrix fields completes. There’s no rush in that all the time required will be taken to assimilate the new Unison fields.

The sign-posts on the horizon are clear and bright. What do they say? We are coming home, we are coming home soon.


The 1-95 time trines of the tree of love light* are fully involved in this process. These lenses of perception shine the spotlight on anything and everything not aligned as love light truth. This tool-kit is activated and available as a growth path option. * Tree of love light activates and expands the horizontal sphere plates as they move through multi-dimensional time and space, and up and down through different lenses of perception.


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As optimised time-lines concatenate, transformations are taking place on the horizontal fields. Horizontal horizons are multi-faceted. There are granular in granulations/rivets – deep within human individuality that are being re-spliced and diced as necessary. At another level it’s a bit like changing circumference or assigning a new set of values to a mathematical equation.

Imagine this. Connect to the heart of Gaia, then connect to the stars – now lie down and experience all that on the horizontal – except that you are still standing up. Or, imagine that you live in Australia and that people really do walk around up-side down there. That might feel very odd at first.

The physical body is currently undergoing multiple structural changes at a cellular level in response to various factors, including new access to multi-dimensional horizontal awareness fields.

The emerging energetic fieldmap looks a bit like this to me. It illustrates this energetic at both a micro (cellular level) and macro (galactic level) and was described to me as a Oneness Roadmap.

The initial information I got illustrated this dynamic vertically – looked a bit like an onion – so it can be interpreted in different dimensional planes. Then we drew it horizontally as per below as it looks a bit like a space ship that way! As the understanding evolves I will up-date this visual as it feels as if there is more to come shortly.


Here’s a definition/explanation of the different facets in this visual.

Stellar communication slide: So near and yet so far at times it seems. Hello – how are you? can you hear me? have you been all right for all those lonely, lonely nights? Heh, how are you feeling? Don’t you realise that all those things we did are for real, not a dream. I just cannot believe that they faded out of view – abbreviated lyrics from ELO’s Telephone. Try listening to their song to make your star family connection – ask them to step forward as you dial in through your heart. My team love playing this game!

Stellar communication balloons or spheres. There are 99 nodules for the new modules. Transitioning spheres will appear on the horizontals. Transitioning through transverse timelines will become the norm. Out-of-matrix synchronisation essential for the implementation of transitioning spheres.

Synchronisation chamber: Synchronisation at all times is key. Just ask a hedgehog! Also important for synching potentialities with parallel realities and ensuring that time-frame nodules are in place. There is a horizontal synchronisation activation which takes place under the feet – see horse at end of post, visualise horses on a merry-go-round.

Rainbow platform: The rainbow platform or arch is activated through the Gaia spine points. 9 suns around a concentric ring form to open the hollow earth spheres. A fully activated spine point continuum is a multi-dimensional space holder for the new star-maps in their frequency positioning.

Bounce rate quotient larder: What better way to optimise your bounce rate and cellular stretch capacity then having a bouncy, squidgy, sweet and delicious larder full of pink and white marshmallows. Stocked from floor to ceiling with divine potential, there’s no chance of running out of steam and better still it re-stocks automatically!

Nature resonance compote: Bottle the 36 new earth resonances in a jar and you have all the inter-dimensional stepping stones available to open up the full horizontal field spectrum and much more. As dimensional shift spheres open further the potency of the resonances goes from strength to strength, bringing even more elasticity into the timeplates.

New star maps: We are now able to create our own star maps for each and every situation from a star map for healing a health issue to a star map to harmonise a moment of multi-dimensional conflict. This can only be created in the love light and aligned as truth with “permissions”. It’s a bit like putting in a requisitioning order – at this stage at least it starts with a request underpinned by Divine intent.

Ginger snaps with cream: This is cellular re-distribution programme for the atomic body realignment and the sub-atomic parallel line fields. At a physical body level I saw this structure in the middle of my body down to the feet – soft and utterly delicious! And it felt so loving supportive and nurturing as well.

Conscious awareness streams and filters: Each at his or her own pace, fast-track or snail’s pace we all get there in the end. If you want to speed up put the sound nodules on automatic and to slow down adjust the sift filtering systems.

So how can we align with these horizontal multi-dimensional awareness fields?

As a starting point, dissolve your understanding of the role of the spine as support for the body. Actually, dissolve your spine. New energetics are coming into play where it’s all completely different. Dissolve your understanding of the chakra system and any attachment to this structure – all this is dissolving too. Kundalini – send it to the dry-cleaners – everything is up for renewal and reconfiguration.

This is a completely different compass to anything we have experienced in this incarnation cycle. It also offers way more support for the expansion of our authentic selves, than previously possible.

The triple heart embodiment (Gaia, Divine, Galactic) are coming together in an expression of heightened sensory experience within the oneness and as part of all three combined as one.

This means a new and intense awareness of everything around us through sensory perception translated into physical sensations. In other words, increased perception and insight go hand-in-hand with a new and heightened awareness of the world around us, as experienced through what we can feel and sense.

This new sensory/vibrational experience combines 5D colours and much more, with the ability to experience physically what it feels like to be in oneness with colours, sounds, tastes, smells etc and – taking this forward – to share this experience with our nature being friends, our star being friends and the stars themselves.

All this is happening at a cellular level. When I am guided that someone’s `outer coating` is x, y, or z it’s a reference to the outer coating of their cell membrane. If the outer coating is grainy or impacted in some way, this affects `the stretch` of the outer coating which is its ability to absorb love light. Because when the outer coating of the cell is in optimal condition it can expand to the full, and absorb more light.

This in turn impacts our `bounce rate`. What’s a bounce rate? A bounce rate is made up of vibrational sequence bundles that calibrate to a universal frequency, as opposed to individual vibrations within the earth planetary field.

The `stretch` of the outer coating of the cell or its capacity to absorb light directly affects the `bounce rate`. In order to increase the bounce you have to be `stretchy. The more `stretch` the more light, the more light, the more switches are turned on, DNA activated etc. Think bouncy rubber ball(s).

The nature beings also LOVE experiencing these sensory frequencies, so do our star friends and even the stars themselves. Ask Jupiter what she loves and don’t be surprised if she says crème caramel! Better still – go and share this experience with a nature being. How about tea and éclairs with Macchu Piccu or go to Tahiti and have a chat with the waves there as you become one in the gentle rhythm of the connection.

The same applies for colours – how does the vibration of deep purple feel different to red – what happens when you swizzle them all around to music and enjoy them in the physical. Try dancing with these colours – allow their personalities to express.

So with this heightened sensory awareness, communication opens up at multiple levels. That’s why the human body is so amazing – and we can share these sensory experiences with the nature beings – and they in turn can share back with us what they are experiencing in a combined/re-combined shared oneness experience.

For me the best bit is that we can share this with the nature beings and the experience of the nature beings sharing this back with us, and we can share it with the star beings, and they share back with us. And we can all share this with the Divine love light Source and Gaia and Tara – everyone enjoying this enjoyment!

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At the time of writing this post on what it’s like to experience multi-dimensionality in August I didn’t go into detail on the tool I had been given at the time. Here is a summary of the tool as it came through – ish Tara, ish Tara, ish Gai, ish Gai.

This a link to the 95 (horizontal) levels for the tree of love light which is alluded to below.

Key points

*Unbounded spheres knit together in oneness for the transcending of timeline codes.

*Expanded consciousness template.

*Universal bounce rate re-calibration mechanism.

*Expanded consciousness streams for the transcending of timelines.

*Sequential patterning is optional. For example, level 26 can jump through to level 38 even if one has not experienced/mastered the in-between levels.

*Sequencing modules are being re-calibrated.

*We can look through multiple lenses of perception (up to 95 currently) that we don’t even realise exist yet.


There is an energetic structure that looks like a cone, it feels like an expanded consciousness template. Description: Cone connecting upper and lower grounding, wider and rounded at the top. This cone is called a sphere as the top is a sphere where you put the blob of ice-cream. How can we connect with it?

I saw it down through the middle of the body. What is interesting about the cone is that it is elastic – like an elevator – the whole construction can stretch really far into the stars, expanding outwards as it does and then come down again. It reminds me of a periscope – it can go way out into consciousness, into the stars. It can slide up and down and is a part of our energetic structure which I have never seen before.

This cone is an expanded consciousness template which stretches from level 1 – level 95. These 95 levels are also different dimensional lenses of perception. What is interesting about the 95 is that this is also the number of levels in the tree of love light for the horizontal hemispheres. It ends at 95 because 95 is our full stretch as it currently stands, and we may well reach this by the December Solstice (but it does extend further).

At top of the sphere is a circle – so multi-dimensionally you see 9 circles within each other – different colours, codes, doorways. This is how we go in and out of these different multidimensional levels as the cone extrudes and gently bounces up and down – a bit like a bouncy slinky.

I would say that the tool that we are looking at here is also a transitioning sphere. Because we are not making the full connection, the full connection within ourselves yet. It’s not quite happening, where do I go? what do I try? There is a whole piece that we haven’t even realised exists – a piece of support that we can integrate.

Up to this point it can feel a bit like Ground Hog day – until we tap into these multi-dimensional spheres we may feel stuck points in our lives.

This tool is also a Universal bounce rate re-calibration mechanism – a bounce rate is the vibration of the latitudinal and longitudinal points which hold us in synchronicity with the unfolding of the horizontal and lateral timelines.

Simply put, it is our vibrational connection with the universe. So you have the earth planetary bounce rate and we have a universal bounce rate – when you re-calibrate to that you open yourself up.

For manifestation – if we tap into the timeline origination of the manifestation then the lesson to be learned, what we are looking to solve, what we perceive as a block dissolves the moment the connection to that original timeline puncture point in its resolved and pure state is made. It just requires a re-patterning of the paginations – that’s all it is. We have an outcome that we desire but it’s not working out – all we have to do is to re-pattern the paginations – it’s really quite easy.


Feel the excitement of your of your beingness to make this connection – it’s all tickly. In the person I was speaking at the time, I saw traintracks all the way up the body. Dissolve any resistance and structure should it present.

Look out for some multidimensional “interference centres” within the body.

Then go into the ocean and breathe with the ocean to clear the body of any potential disconnect. Lemuria – maybe the last time this was on tap for humans was Lemuria. Let’s go to the bottom of the ocean. I was told that through the gates of Lemuria is an extruded perception that is necessary for the transitioning. Breathe the sea world into your head, the whole brain.

Now look for any blockers around the eyes and remove them. I see a mask, not that thick and metallic looking – it was soldered into place during and/or after Lemuria.

Scan for metal clasps that have been put in place to stop the integration of these different multi-dimensional spheres within us. The sheeting is coming down –it is being removed.

Also, check if there are any “ET spheres” requiring attention for the lower alignment and look out for any blockers in the lower back.

When you go into and through these multi-dimensional plateaus or lenses of perspective – new nodule horizons – new nodules – new surprises are created, come into form and manifest.

This is linked with a physical level of embodiment and a more intensified connection between ourselves and our bodies. It’s about realising that we can stretch way beyond anything we may have thought we were capable of doing/being. We know exactly how to do it – multi dimensional timeline travel through multiple spheres. Across inter-transitional galaxies, transitioning through time and space.

We are able to start moving into awareness fields where we can see the structure of our multidimensional selves – this is on a different page. But for the mastery of our full field sequencing matter (matter as in the material body),it’s about sequencing streams and the correlation of material matter and sequencing streams. That’s why the timelines come in like this for the sequencing patterns. And, it’s through all of this that we can learn how to travel.

* There are 559 stratas across different hemispheres – reflected in the reversal of the 95 (59).

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Hunkering down the new – for all is True

55D +3TP +8TG +9TB =79.985 for the horizontal and parallel line fields.


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See a square box in your heart – all boxed in like a pretty picture. Pretty sky all in a box, ready to unwrap.

Yes, the sky is a physical reality but what happens when we work with it at an energetic out-of-the-box level?

In the pretty box when you focus there are tentacles, they appear without colour. We did a mirror magnetic reversal on the backward timeplate. It looked like an old-fashioned cash register with a drawer that opens out when you ping it. Reminded me of the beginning of the Pink Floyd song – Money.

I was then told that this visual is an “illusion of the delusion” and that it’s held in place by a false star map chronology.

So we reversed the timeplate indicing vertices back to the minus 0 point. This is the point in time and space when the “finger first pushed the buzzer” and the sky game was activated.

I then saw a false backdrop at the back of the head. It felt like a movie screen and was of a black fabric type material.

Next old wiring across the whole of my upper back area showed up which we unplugged – unplug falsification fields.

Moving to my head I saw a black circle. I was shown that the “movie” is being played from the inner vertices. Go to the soles of your feet, they were blackened. I then brought liquid gold up through my body and when it reached the top a spinning silver star activated in my head.

As the silver ball spins it reaches out to the stars and pulls in an energetic from all the stars in the universe in a circular rotation, as our time-frame sequencing is re-formatted multi-dimensionally through time and space.

Then I saw a large V shape in the middle of my body. It feels as if it will slide backwards like a gateway but it is creaky, unused perhaps for some time. But when I feel into it further it is sharp, a bit like a cookie cutter, not very comfortable. Unplug that.

Next I am told that new alphabets are to be displayed on the left hand vertices. There is a false alphabet soup which looks a bit like vomit to be dealt with. Imagine a circle which is the alphabet soup and as this is unplugged, another sphere opens up around it. In this second sphere there are beautiful flowers and stars in perpetual motion. It’s not dark, the coloured star sparks are in daylight.

But it’s not over yet!

Just as that happens the “magicians hat circumference wheel” opens up around it. This is a blocker, a seal to prevent the understanding of our true relationship with the sky and the stars and the cosmos. The seal is clear and looks gel like. It’s as if there are specks of sand in it – a bit gritty. We unplug this and as we do so sun love heart spheres open and the seal dissolves.

I am told “it’s how we are in motion within the oneness of the whole that counts” and that this includes our bounce rate with the universal equilibrium. Our inhalation and exhalation with the spheres is created by being in unison with the stars in the original and organic sky space templating. If we dance with this dynamic, we will see the truth. Sit in this space and feel your connection with the star/sky mirror map.

Machu Picchu then called and I saw MP embodying the sky and the stars – for everything is the sky – “skylarks are completed” she says. It’s the same for us too – we embody the sky and the stars, we are that. Be the sky with Machu Picchu in the oneness and as the oneness.

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Energetic up-date

We have entered into an intense process of 100 days & nights (to conclude by the end of the year – Solstice) of extrusion through the Mirror Matrix reversal fields. This is the biggest energetic clean-up operation the planet has ever seen – and much more.

What exactly does this mean? Imagine a ball of light in your right hand and a ball of light in your left hand – a tube connects the two. When the ball on the right hand rotates to expand, it has an impact on the ball on the left which also opens and the tube between the two strengthens.

Likewise, when the ball on the left rotates to open up, there is more scope for the ball on the right to expand and the tube connecting the two also strengthens. Importantly, this is a process of connection between the two, and not one of separation or splitting of dimensional planes. That said, the landscape will change.

Higher dimensional realms are held within the ball on the right and can be accessed through the tube. However, an optimised expansion and opening of these high frequency bandwidths requires a grounding in the lower spheres and a “rectification” or re-formatting of any vertices that are not aligned as truth.

This higher dimensional light has a magnetic pull on the lower dimensional spheres and literally pulls them towards the fields of love light reversal, where quantum healing, clearing and un-plugging is underway through ALL the multi-dimensions both on this planet and across the universe. That’s what makes this point in time so incredible.

This script has already been written and is being played back through codes. These source codes are fully activated and present in the ball on the right. Specific resonances in these codes have a mirror or “twin” in the ball on the left.

In a highly refined and precise movement, these love light codes can target and shine the spotlight on their mirror match in time and space through all the dimensions.

Over this period we may well see and feel an intensification of the shadow spheres as played out in our physical surrounds or in the media “reality.” However, at the same time it is just as likely that miraculous events will unfold, and that our own conscious expansion will illuminate beyond what we ever thought possible.

This is all part of the re-scripting of the holographic reality map and is essential for the Beyond the Beyond timelines. It extends way beyond grid work to planetary geometry, solar system history and off-planet energetics of earth control. As a result (hopefully!) we will start to experience a far more supportive physical environment, one that respects and nutures the light.

The extrusion is illustrated here:

Mirror_matrix transitioning

Ish Gai, Ish Gai, Ish Tara, Ish Tara, Ishi NaNa, Ishi NaNa – Ecksahbah, Ecksahbah.

Copyright © 2015- Nicola Bosdet. All Rights Reserved.

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