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“Travel” up-date

The ability to materialise and dematerialise at a cellular level will be important for some (maybe all) types of travel it feels.

Here’s a previous travel up-date with additional new information that came through this autumn.


Elongated rainbow platforms are essential for travel – this looks a bit like a triangle with a squiggly rainbow going through it. I saw a rainbow beam wrapping itself around me as we spun into the sphere field dynamic planes when practicing. As you spin the rainbow core becomes stronger. The name I was given for this is liquid rainbow dynamics.

This energetic comes through the feet from the heart of Gaia. It is also known as multiplicity dynamics. Fractals open up velocity as you spin and fractal spin alignment fields open for the new guided contours. The horizontal fields are also important for travel – as horizontal fields intertwine for new merges to unfold.

Re:travel in and out of the Matrix specifically. A quarantine was put in place in the inner spheres. As such, zero point shielding is required for this transitioning. Set your bounce rate to the universal quotient required for the nuance fields. To ensure a safe field without coagulation, reverse spheres and go back in time before the globules were emitted. Speed of travel is related to coagulation levels and expanding the lower fields.

Remove all blockages and straps that may hinder or prevent the required expansion. Also, remove any transmitter frequency blockers for travel to home territories. Look out for a travel blocker in the form of our DNA coiling systems or DNA supercoiling as it is called. DNA supercoiling refers to the over or under-winding of a DNA strand, and is an expression of the strain on that strand according to Wikipedia.

In my own field I saw a supercoiled DNA in the shape of the plectonemic structure – so it was vertical and twisted but in the top 20% or so the twist was out of alignment, almost disjointed from the rest so this had to be addressed. And, ask if any of your source codes need renewing – as the organic travel dynamic plugs straight back to source.


Read, Steady, Go!


* Switch on the engine. Turn your eyes into different colour wheels spinning.

* Put your sunglasses on!

* Take a crystal in each hand and amp up the vibrational sequencing field of the body using different colours.

* Apply colour frequency patterning.

* Align vertical horizons.

* Align re-patterning fields.

* Open trigonometry fields.

* Take a rainbow over your head to a point five feet behind your back (a mirror matrix access point). Now enclose yourself in this structure as if in your own mini rainbow pod.

* Look out the back of your head (past that 5 feet point) and you will see a space open up with your rainbow craft behind – there’s enough space for team to join too.

* Use the quadrants and keys modality to do the vibration of travel to the frequency required.

* Now it’s time to set the course, your destination. Go to Gaia spine point L2 to insert the “sequencing matter material. ” This looks like a little disc or program – a bespoke one for each journey. Imprint the “intent package” (where you want to go and why) into the DNA strand and put it at the centre of your heart. This also includes your starmap patterning for the journey.

* This then activates the “heart spark spiral” (Heart of Gaia) which propels your ship forward – so the heart energy drives the propulsion. This heart energy fires backwards through the back of the heart to the ship’s control panel.

* Now speed up. I used the quadrants and keys and the vibration of inspiration – however you do it turn the body into a living centrifuge.

* A little acceleration trick is to visual very brightly coloured fans unfolding in your field. It’s also helpful to practice doing this separately as a colour activation.

* The rainbow core which runs through the body now starts spinning to create the rainbow beam necessary for the liquid rainbow dynamics to ignite through the emergent fields.

* Check your oscillation frequencies are in tune.

* Now, imagine your body spinning multi-dimensionally at the same time. By that I mean consciously tap into all your dimensions whilst also spinning the body as if out of gravity.

* As field bands widen allow yourself to be held.

* Connect the spinningness of your rainbow eyes with a rainbow spinning star behind the body (further behind the ship) in a wavey rainbow flow which opens up the merge sequencing. This acts as an additional propulsion field and gives the extra time warp speed required to pass into parallel universes. Even whilst the attention is backwards as well as forwards (forward and back in time), it still expresses as fast forward motion.

It’s as if these two points become rainbow bounce balls, bouncing “time warp fields” off each other and holding together the momentum of the whole in a re-calibrated pulse mode for the journey. According to some external information I came across “Time-warped Fields use energy within curvatures of spacetime to generate fields of closed-timelike curves that can move matter and information forward or backward in time”.

* All cells in the body are now activated in full techni-colour.

* When you get to the final phase of this exercise see your “craft” as an inner and outer rainbow spinning circle. Like an inner and outer dial, spin the outer circle in one direction and the inner circle in another direction. See it as a lock being unlocked or a DNA being unblocked.

* At this point (when I practiced) a new space unfolded below – it felt like another universe, energetically different. I continued traveling and a black hole appeared. We turned the hole pink and traveled straight through it in a pink stream of light. Then we were in a huge rainbow bubble. In the middle I saw myself as if out of gravity floating around.

If this happens integrate your beingness within the whole – within the bubble. I saw a black outer circle, outside my sphere. Ignite this with rainbow starlight as an inner and outer integration of field plates takes place. When I clapped my hands rainbow sparks come out of my hands and feet- accelerate, accelerate.

* Finally, spin fast, multi-dimensionally through the universes in oneness as you return to the core essence field timelines.

We know how to do this – we really do. Just trust and go with the flow.

Bon Voyage!

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We weep for every time that a being on planet earth is hurt or experiences distress or pain. For star beings have feelings too, you know. And we ask to be heard.

We weep every time the vibration of violence expresses on this planet – for star beings have feelings too.

We weep for every bomb that has been dropped and for every shot that has been fired. For star beings have feelings and we ask to be heard.

We weep for all beings; animal, child, man and woman who has been abused. And we ask to be heard.

We weep for the strangulation of pollution on the natural world.

We weep for the exquisite beauty of planet earth and for all the dissonance that has been inflicted on her, all the ulterior motive agendas and distortions of the matrix patterning.

We breathe the vibration of compassion for every fish that has had its breath taken prematurely, for the trees as they are axed and for all those who are lost and confused. For star beings have feelings too, you know.

We breathe the vibration of compassion with planet earth – planet earth breathes the vibration of compassion with us.

Why are such things a part of daily life on this planet? So beautiful is the core essence of the soul – why such pain?

Hear us Divine Mother hear us. We ask to be heard.

Thank you.

Ninnia Ecksahbah.

New Earth resonance vibration of compassion

Caraway Plant

As music http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EF6nOpdl-k8

5D colour: Dolphins playing with mermaids in a joyful heart connection.

Resonance in nature: Like the exclamation mark in laughter (!) Dolphins and children laughing in oneness.

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A new level of cellular activation is underway. So much light is entering now, such an explosion of energy at a cellular level that my whole body has been humming. But sometimes, it feels so strong that I can barely expand sufficiently for all the light to enter – to integrate it into my beingness.

A couple of weeks ago I was shown how at a cellular level we can materialise and dematerialise at will. It happened when I was in conversation with a friend. Whilst (on one level) very much there in the room with her, at another level my body dissolved into and out of space several times over the period of a couple of minutes.

The words that came through were materialise and dematerialise. Dematerialise felt like I was physically experiencing one multi-dimensional state and materialise, a second quite different multi-dimensional state yet both were physical. When in a dematerialised state, the current physical reality was there but felt distant and as I rematerialised it felt more grounded.

Materialise felt connected to the layers of structure that permeate common assumptions around our relationship with the physical body and its perceived limitations as well as control mechanisms that are woven through what is called Society.

The materialised state looked a bit like osmosis. As described in Wikipedia, “Osmosis is the spontaneous movement of molecules through a semi-permeable membrane into a region of higher solute concentration, in the direction that tends to equalize the solute concentrations on the two sides… In plants Osmosis is responsible for the ability of plant roots to draw water from the soil. Plants concentrate solutes in their root cells by active transport, and water enters the roots by osmosis. Osmosis is also responsible for controlling the movement of guard cells.”

Either way, a materialised state has (up to now) been the way in which we sustain ourselves and interact with the external world. The osmosis bubbles can also be seen as bubbles of influence or holes through which external influencing factors including disruptive energies can enter the field.

The vibrational lesson is not to focus on first one and then the other, rather it is the pace of the frequency streaming between the two that matters. By that I mean the vibrational speed with which can shift from a materialised to a dematerialised state. Here’s another way to visualise it. Imagine you are a spaceship at night with multi-coloured lights that are flashing on and off – feel that vibration. Colour red (materialise), colour pink (dematerialise) then hold the merged colour of the two. Try this with different colour combinations.

I don’t know if the objective is to find and remain in a balanced state between the two or whether this is just an interim phase as we get used to a new cellular patterning that will operate in a permanently dematerialised state if that is chosen.

In the summer we were shown that “nunon houses” are molecular shapes/structures in the shape of a nonagon or a polygon with 9 sides. This cellular expression expands into the multiplicity fields as it ignites. It also a galactic calibration at sonar level which enhances cellular interaction and helps to integrate the horizontal and vertical fields. Nunon houses have been present in my awareness field all week and it feels as if this is all inter-connected.

Here is a neat tool I was recently shown which helps to increase the physical body expansion capacity and relieves and calms the body when it is being bombarded with energy. It’s a bit like a oneness integration tool. All you do is practice materialising and then dematerialising with different nature beings – whoever comes through – as you expand outwards.

As an example,

I dematerialise with Mount Everest, I rematerialise with Mount Everest. I dematerialise with Corcamonga, I rematerialise with Corcamonga, I dematerialise with Mount Shasta, I rematerialise with Mount Shasta, I dematerialise with planet earth, I rematerialise with planet earth, I dematerialise with the universe, I rematerialise with the universe, I dematerialise with my home base frequency, I rematerialise with my home base frequency. I dematerialise with Source, I rematerialise with Source.

The focus is on the pace of the frequency streaming. By that I mean the vibrational speed with which can shift from a materialised to a dematerialised state. Even, better change your body colour as you switch back and forth.


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Even whilst many multi-dimensional teams are working full-time, full-on to help ensure a smooth and seamless transition for the planet, sometimes these energies break through into our reality. When I asked what had happened yesterday I was told that parallel field plates were not adequately aligned.

As the light gets brighter and darkness rises like this, the spotlight means that it’s easy to track back the energetics and to unplug them. Here is work undertaken on the morning of the 14th November following the events of 13th November in Paris.

[08:04:36] I have asked to be taken right to the centre of all of this
[08:05:28] there is something called the `padlock fields` where those energies can go to plan these events- entering now
[08:05:48] false time plate materialisms being removed
[08:06:06] where do they engage – how do they do it?
[08:06:14] interlocking time planes requiring attention
[08:06:37] unplugging all falsehoods from the parallel timeline verification fields
[08:07:19] false paperwork being unplugged
[08:07:32] false entrance papers being unplugged
[08:07:37] this space is to be returned to the light
[08:08:19] false entrance chutes to be closed down
[08:08:20] I felt a huge clear transparent sticky spot like a blanket over something
[08:08:50] timeline sequencing distortion fields to be unplugged
[08:09:05] Yes I can see it thank you – like glue
[08:09:28] Yes
[08:09:41] But it has a bounce to it so we can work with its bounce rate to return it to the light
[08:10:10] yes like gelatine
[08:10:14] yes
[08:10:45] what yummy things can we make with gelatine – how about rainbow jelly?
[08:11:03] Taking it down through the magnetic reversal fields now so it melts
[08:11:16] Yes!!!
[08:11:57] a circular rainbow jelly mold of protection around the planet to protect it from external interference energies
[08:12:30] false timeline regurgitation fields unplugged
[08:12:45] false sequencing materialisms unplugged
[08:13:35] that piece is done – let’s bed in additional light – done
[08:14:11] Accelerate, accelerate across the time-plate licensing fields – we are going there next
[08:14:24] Ok
[08:14:33] unplug these materialisms back to source
[08:14:51] go to Mars via Pluto
[08:15:12] we need to work with an energy at the core of Mars – looks at bit like a worm
[08:15:44] all false fire cores to be unplugged back to source
[08:16:17] all false materialism in the timeline frequncing fields to be unplugged back to source
[08:16:43] all false astronomy codes to be unplugged back to source
[08:16:59] all false “factual” materialisms to be unplugged back to source
[08:17:20] we have to go to Jupiter now
[08:17:34] Ok
[08:17:36] false field materialisms being unplugged back to source
[08:17:41] now back to Mars
[08:18:02] unplug back to source all ships leaving Mars now
[08:18:15] close all backfield gateways
[08:18:34] close all wormhole escape routes
[08:18:49] unplug all timeline illusions
[08:19:16] unplug all false heart plating from the matrix materialism fields
[08:19:41] going to Pluto now
[08:19:55] mirror magnetic reversals for the parallel line fields
[08:20:24] ok
[08:20:26] a huge hole in space is opening up – like a vortex it will suck up all these negative energies
[08:20:46] false timeline matrixing systems being unplugged
[08:21:37] the dolphins and whales are helping to guide this energetic through and into this hole space opening – it will stay open for 5 minutes and then we will close it down
[08:22:08] The new earth resonance quilt just came forward
[08:22:15] human consciousness rises to help this energetic pass through and out of our consciousness spheres
[08:22:20] through the resonance quilt
[08:23:40] visualise it through the planet – the quilt energetic turns into a portal it is a portal
[08:26:22] I feel that the energies are asking to be transformed. Very subtle. They also know that there is nothing to be done, they have been found
[08:26:31] it is good it can all be closed down now – closing, closing, closing
[08:31:47]It feels as if from the Paris event there were/are many outcomes and that we are now on an optimised timeline outcome – I trust this is the case
[08:32:03] thank you in divine love light honoring
[08:32:52] I have to travel through Paris on Tuesday and then back again on Wednesday. The same happened after the last Paris attack I had to travel through and back a couple of days later – funny that…


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This meditation activates the crust of the earth, as we walk the vibration of peace across the planet and the mountains across the planet exude a new merged vibration of peace.

Mount Sinai

Mount Sinai

Click to enlarge – image from Wikipedia by M Mousa

1. Hold up your hands in front of the picture to feel the vibration of Mount Sinai. 2. Now, put a globe of the world directly in front of your heart and breathe your heart through it. 3. Imagine a rainbow ball at the center of the planet to help ground. 3. Next, dissolve your being-ness, like earth turned to dust into Mount Sinai as you dissolve into oneness together. 4. Expand your essence out into the stars to open up the space further. 5. Sit in oneness with Mount Sinai and through Mount Sinai as she connects with all the mountains across the planet. 6. Say, I breathe the vibration of peace, the vibration of peace breathes me.

Angelic message for peace

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We are so excited to be coming into the humana body spheres we are so excited! We hold you so dear. We are so excited because we feel your love and you feel our love. We are so excited!

As the horizons expand for the lateral spheres – so we will be waiting. As the light chambers ignite in the inner spheres we will be there. We will be there and for this we are so excited!

Ishima, Ishima etarkah deh, immi khana nah dah seh.

For we will be there and for this we are excited! For when the inner spheres ignite the transcendences will take place for all is in the love light awakening. How exciting is that! We love you, we love you, we love you. And this is so exciting, for we are so excited by all of this!

Ecksahhbah, Ecksahbah immartah deh im ishima nitti khana beh – ish Gai, ish Gai, ish Tai, ish Tai.

Feel our excitement as we can feel yours. For happiness spheres are in the interplay. And for this we are excited! And we are so excited for the “more” as this is just the beginning – just wait and see! and for this we are very very excited! For we love you so.

Ish Ishima, Ish immartah deh, ish immi khana deh – ish Gai, ish Tai. For we are so excited!

59D+8TD+9TG+8TB+17.975+19.872+3+5+9.987+5.539+88.792 for the inner vertices re-occurring on the parallel time-line fields.

I see an oval moonstone – see an oval moonstone in your heart. Feel it, feel it, feel it.

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Once when I was waiting on a railway platform tears welled up at the plight of the trains. Who asked the iron and minerals used in their making if they wanted to be torn from the ground and melted, smelted, twisted and turned into 3D mechanisms of travel? Because we are all one in the oneness and I felt that deeply.

A couple of years ago I had an ecstatic mystical experience which lasted several hours. It had been building up for days. The pulsating in my hands and feet spreading across the body and getting more intense. It finally came through when I was away on a business trip. It was a horizontal flow right through the middle of the body, so strong that it was as if a river was flowing through me.

It’s hard to describe as I have never experienced such a strong physical experience in my life. All at once I understood why nothingness is about everything, what the light of truth feels like and the physical feeling of overwhelming love through every cell in my body. And, the realisation that this connection had always been there – just a question of re-discovering it.

The feeling came whilst I laid there in bed, it remained as I packed my case and headed off to the tube station as I had a client meeting to go to. It was just as intense as I bought my ticket and continued through several underground stops until gradually it started to fade.

As I was walking to the station in this physically blissed out state I contemplated how I would feel about remaining on this planet if I was in this state constantly. So (don’t ask me why!) I imagined what it would be like to be in this state in Hiroshima just after the bomb was dropped. Because surely in this state of complete bliss I would be able to bear the pain of living on this planet?

And here’s the thing. Whilst I know that what I had experienced was what many would describe as a spiritual pinnacle, and although I could not feel the pain of Hiroshima in this state, I also knew that given the choice I would prefer not to be on a planet where such things could happen in the first place. That’s why I have chosen not to re-incarnate here. I would much rather go `home`.

When my mission plan came through in late 2011 I had to sign a contract with Source, to confirm my commitment to the incredible journey that was about to unfold. The funny thing is that I had no idea what I was signing up to – all I knew was that my heart said Yes, yes and yes. Yes, to Gaia, Yes, to my friends the nature beings, Yes, to my star family and friends and Yes to Divine love source.

If it involved all of them that was fine by me. I stood in the silver birch tree in our garden as I made my heart-felt commitment and heard the champagne corks popping across the universe as I did so.

This morning I received a message from Source, and as I fell to my knees embraced in love light divinity she said “are you up for it?” This was in response to a message that I had received yesterday when my multi-dimensional team and I were given permission to “get on with it – green light”. Clearly I hadn’t fully acknowledged the invitation to do so. It is my revised mission plan.

The day before there had been a galactic meeting to discuss just how fast we can go in the shift process currently underway. The time-frame for further speed-up was being considered. My team put forward our position – which can be best be summed up as “bring on the party!” It was concluded that inner flickering (that’s the pace of DNA activation) could be increased still further, and as a result permission was given for speed-up across multiple timeline frequencies.

At the same time, there is a new facet to this evolution in my mission. It reflects a deepening at all levels that is taking place and new opportunities that will arise from this deepening. The other day I put up a post which included a paragraph that I took down shortly after. This is the paragraph I deleted.

“A big thank you to my team for their incredible sense of humour through what has been a very challenging process at times these past few months; for the endless supply of chocolate cheese cake! all the love, the tickling with feathers… and most importantly the inner knowingness that we will all be together again one day soon. It was that which really kept me going. Thank you Matzi, thank you.”

When I said together again one day soon I meant `home` and so in love light sharing this is what `home` means to me. Yes, initially `home` is about aligning our vibrations to our original love light essence strand and the embodiment of this in the physical on this planet.

But when multiple home resonant vibrations sharing the same strand origination come together as one, a unification of fields take place and following that the potential for the unveiling of a new physical reality that mirrors this collective vibrational patterning.

The Mirror Matrix offers many routes `home`, different home trails, different paths. My ticket is for a vibrational frequency called Nanyah, which is based on the new earth resonance and spine point algorithms. In Lemurian times there was a place called Ninanyah. In essence, they are the same thing, but just on different points in the time space continuum.

This is now a top priority. To hold my `home` vibration with such commitment and strength that a physical path between “here and there” has the potential to open up for all beings who share that same core resonance. I have also been told that we are going `home` more quickly than expected. Yay!!!

I love you Nah Nah I love you so much – help me to be all that I can be.

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We appear to have reached another turning point as the integration of lower dimensional planes into higher frequencies continues. A point of no return has been passed, which includes a changed dynamic in the upper spheres – 9D and above.

These sacred geometries are central to the sphere planning processes as in how everything interlocks, co-ordinates, integrates. See them as little creation inception points.

This change means that original points of creation and manifestation can no longer be tampered with at these levels, and that the playing field at this level of sacred geometry is finally 100% secure.

This was critical. It is essential for `forerunners` to be fully supported energetically at this level for the unfolding and manifestation of their origination spheres (what we are here to do/be).

As I posted previously, some might call the process currently underway a separation of worlds. However, it is not the separation of 2D,3D,4D from 5D and above – rather, it is a separation of certain time fields.

Whilst some timelines were still in place, it wasn’t possible for the integration with the higher planes to fully manifest. In particular, the Armageddon codes and all their multiple timeline experiences.

If there had been a complete split between 2D,3D,4D dimensional planes and above, a full opening of the upper spheres would not have been possible. This is why we have had to descend into the depths to secure the foundational time platforms under negative control systems, as these were required for the full expandedness of the human consciousness templates.

Without a full opening of the upper spheres, the support required for the next phase was not fully in place – that’s why something had to give. The impetus to break through and continue with the work to be done was too strong – it just couldn’t be held back, despite all manner of attempts to do so.

What’s the message coming through now? Accelerate, Accelerate, Faster, Faster, Go, Go, Go – it really is all within reach.

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Igniting inner wiring

Clearing the pipeline visual


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A big day of separation is underway – for all the closings, many openings – including the parallel universe fields.

Turistas en Machu Picchu [Tourists in...]

55D + 98C +3TB +8TG = 55.3DP + 19.3GT + 5 + 5 + 9 + 78925 +18.579 = 78.764 for the lateral and left facing vertex fields.

Photography by Rocco Lucia

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