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Once the Elohim explained to me that different light strand pathways will be available at this time and that each will be guided by the light with which they resonate.

And, of course the best parties always cater for all tastes. Look over there, a table of cheesecakes; lemon, strawberry, blueberry and raspberry or to the left chocolate bonbons, eclairs and cinnamon candy!

A full array of options, a multitude of flavours on offer. It’s just a question of choice. A time of joy and fun to be shared by all. And, just like a party you won’t enjoy it any less if at the end people `go home` different ways – and this is what will happen.

The path to Nanyah is one such path, there are many others it feels. In the past couple of days, I have received new information; Nanyah codes are opening for the inner fields and Nanyah field codes are being reinstated to the lower left spheres. As with everything multi-dimensional this is happening at all levels and layers from cellular and out into the cosmos.

So where is the path home once the party is over? Again, each path feels different even if there are perhaps some shared destinations. The paths home are held in starmaps, and all beings have starmaps – not just humans.

In terms of what I know about Nanyah, this starmap is held at a cellular level in the cytosol. The cytosol or cytoplasmic matrix is the liquid found inside cells and constitutes most of the intracellular fluid. It is separated into compartments by membranes. Most of the cytosol is water, which makes up about 70% of the total volume of a typical cell.The cytosol also contains large amounts of macromolecules, which can alter how molecules behave.

Information on Cytosols found here on Wikipedia

Take a jug of water and fill it with crystals. Then once that is set, take the new earth resonance quilt and place a glass container with the crystal water over the whole quilt. Leave to imbue for 5-9 hours or for as long as it takes. Have fun!





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Purification codes for the vertice nodes. Put individually under jug of water and imbue. Include codes to the right. Yes, and drink of course! But I wouldn’t recommend that you do them all at once.

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Today purification codes for the interspheres came through. This is a sacred location. The codes are silent. The water speaks. The occasional background snorting is Siddhi the beagle.

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Lower foundational time platforms are no longer under negative control systems.

Higher timeline energies can now be translated into our daily experienced physical reality and beyond.

A huge shedding has taken place, a massive clear-out (forward and back in time) across all planetary systems.

There has been a separation of negative time plane fields from what have been known as the lower dimensions – more shifting of these frequencies is currently underway.

This required a massive unplugging of lower dimensional aspects for these nuanced planes to emerge.

A changed dynamic has taken place in the upper spheres – 9D and above.

Timeframes are bending out of time and space.

The extrusion through the Mirror Matrix reversal fields will complete in the next 2-3 months.

A re-scripting of the holographic reality map is taking place.

We are very, very happy with all of this!

Bon Noel

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How does it feel?

How does it feel when the sun and the moon merge as one – how does it feel?

How does it feel when the sky turns purple in a blue haze?

How does it feel when the oneness fields open into the interspheres – how does it feel?

How does it feel when a caterpillar crawls slowing through the grass?

How does it feel when a ripe lemon drops gently from a tree to the ground – how does it feel?

How does it feel when a pink rose unfurls in the morning dew – how does it feel?

How does it feel when lucidity explodes into a kaleidoscope of colour?

How does it feel when the love light source fields reveal – how does it feel?

How does it feel when a violin note quivers in the wind?

How does it feel to taste peppermint pearl drops – how does it feel?

This is what it is to be multi-dimensional

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Things may get pretty intense these next 7 days. I have been told that we are going to be “dividing into half” 15 times a day. Timeline splintering every day from here to the 30th – that could mean up to 120 frequency refinements in one week. That’s what I mean by intense.

During the Solstice, the timelines of transcendence opened and a separation is underway through these timelines. The process underway is also for the parallel matrix revisions and part of the completion of extrusion through the mirror matrix.

As with everything multi-dimensional, this happens at many levels. In particular, many frequency nuances are taking place through the interspheres. The interspheres manifest at a cellular level through both the mitochondria and the ribosomes* as well as providing a conduit through to parallel universes.

We are going through golden gateways into these interspheres. Also, rainbow arches now connect the interspheres, providing a new form of more fluid communication both at a cellular and galactic level. At the same time, intersphere dividing is taking place on the parallel universes.

As I saw it, this is like weaving through multiple doors of various sizes very fast. They all looked somewhat rectangular but were of different sizes, each one following on from the other. They were not in a straight line – it appeared multi-dimensional through time and space, although the direction was forward and slightly to the left hand side.

So fasten your seat-belts it could be quite a ride!

Chlorella or something green like that and silica recommended right now.

*The ribosome is responsible for the synthesis of proteins in cells and is found in all cellular organisms. It serves to convert the instructions found in messenger RNA (mRNA, which itself is made from instructions in DNA) into the chains of amino-acids that make up proteins.

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This light language transmission (which came through on a walk this morning) is on the completion of this phase of extrusion through the mirror matrix and the opening of the timelines of transcendence.


A gift for the Solstice gateway from Star family

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A Map of Nanyah


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Be there or be square

55D+8TB for the parallel matrix reversal fields

29D.8TG=79.875+-2+-3+-33.975=7=8=9=79.875=19.874=89.789+=2+=3+=17.978 for the Eckshandra time planes

15.978+18.985+-5+-18.978+-89.975=55.987+18.985+-2+-3.978=19.974+-2+-9.989+-3+-4+-5.975-2-3-5-9.978 for the parallel universe fields

22.739+15.587+89.975+18.769=2=3=5=9.743=18.789 for the parallel line and linear equation fields

15.974+18.975+-2+-3+19.879+89.972 for the equational vertex fields

89.978+15.975+-2+79.487 for the timetable turning planes

83D+3TP+3TG=89.878-79.395 for the time trining `two-tone fields`

59.985+17.782+79.597+18.975+-2+-3+-79.979 for the opening of the new tuning systems

59.782+1515.987=79.979+-3+-4+-99.979 for the time trining turning tables

87.979+18.378=79.987+19.985 for the `two-tone trining sytem`

89.975+18.978+78.764+18.769+-2+-3+-59.975 for the opening of the new star systems

59.97D+18.97T=72.977+18.975+-2+-3+-17.979=78.979+89.973+87.868+-2+-3+-15.975 for the opening of the new time trining tuning systems.

Invitation activation

Focus on the vibration of each igloo individually and then combine those individual vibrations into one whole and a gateway opens.






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59D+8TP+9TG=55927 for the parallel vertex fields

55D+9TP+18.5TG+8.3TP+85.9DB+77928+18.295 for the Ecksandra fields

15D+8TP+18.3TG+89.3TB=79.9D3+18.9TP+85.9GB+18.3TC for the mirror matrix alignment fields

18D.5TP+89.5T3+18.5TB-2-5-9-12-55.9T3+18.5TB for the new engagement fields

18D.95.TGB=55.9DC+2+4+5+9=79.589+18.278+-4+-9+-15.978+98.784 for the time trining sequencing materialisms

55.3TG+89.5PT+-4+-5+-17.927+55829+17.987 for the parallel alignment and re-union fields

55B+9TG=5=9=17.957+-2+-3+-89.589+-7+-18.975=17.987+18.975=79.985+-4+-5+-9.978=55.97D+18.53P for the new nodice equilibrium fields

55.978+18.875+-2+-3=15.978+18.985 for the parallel indexing and material sequencing fields


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We have ignition


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Here is a piece of inspirational `Celestial Light Heart Art` by Vivi. It triggered Sophia codes in my field. If you look at the circles they start to rotate and open up the hole in the middle.

When the hole in the middle opens up, instead of being pulled in and through  (it took me by surprise) intense, fast bright colour beams shot out – very direct, highly focused.

They go all the way to Source- source codes are currently being revealed.


Vivi sends out a free weekly meditative moments visual if you sign-up here.

and also posts them on facebook .


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Multi-dimensional coding using spine points

Mount Shasta + Lake Titicaca + Corcamonga for the organza fields

Lake Titicaca + Red Rock Crossing + Corcamonga for the divine line paginations

Mount Shasta + Teotihuacan +22749 for the sunshine vibrations

Lake Titicaca + Coranado + Shasta for the new divine line paginations

Machu Piccu + Titicaca for the organza fields

Parinacota + Lake Titicaca + Mount Shasta for the new divine beginnings

22729+82751 + Lake Titicaca + Mount Shasta – Cocamonga for the divine light manifestations

85D+7DC + blue + pink + the organiza fields for the divine life line celebrations

55.9DC+17.8TP=74.975 + Corcamonga + Lake Titicaca for the Eschwara fields

59D +8TD+9TG + Mount Shasta +- Lake Titicaca +- new beginnings +- the new ascendence fields +74.259 for the `rock and roll` sequencing materialisms

EL Rey + Cocamonga +- Mount Shasta +- Lake Titicaca for the divine timeline ascendence fields

85D+9TP+8TG for the new time-frames and linear sequencing materialisms

55D+ 8TP+17.3GT=65.974 + 18.259 +17.358 for the new sequencing materialisms

Mount Shasta + Lake Titicaca + Corcamonga +Lake Titicaca +-2.979 for the new equilibrium and balance fields.

85D +9TP+8GT = 19.279 to unplug the firefly falsification codes

29D+2BD+Sea Green + blue anenomes + hedgehogs for the transcending timelines of the spheres

85D + 9TD +8BT=69.878 + 14.975 =-2=-3+-17.975 for the Gargantuam fields and the harnessing of the new energies

Mount Shasta + Lake Titicaca + new divine interventions of love light sequencing for the new freqencing =15.DTP+19.3GP=-2+-3+-4+-9.979 for the new divine central nervous system functioning

50.8TG+18.9TP+ Mount Shasta + Lake Titicaca +the equarta timeline planes for the new parallel universe fields

55D+9TP+8GP=17.979+-3.379 for the conclusion of the occlusion zones

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Breathe the circles into the heart.

Bee Gees – Too Much Heaven

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It struck me the other day that whilst some of us are aware of our multi-dimensional selves and the work that we do in different spheres, others are unaware or less aware of the amazing things that their higher selves are up to. So does it matter if we are aware or not in terms of the outcome of this work? Probably not. In which case, what’s the point of multi-dimensional awareness in the first place?

In terms of what I have been shown, moving forward, this multi-dimensional awareness is required to translate our aspirations and desires into physical manifestation – from cellular changes and the ability to heal the body, to shifts in our immediate physical environment as well as the physical beingness of the planet.

(Point of clarification – every being on the planet is undergoing the shift, and the cellular changes that come with that including the nature beings. What I have been shown is that to bridge from these cellular changes to (for example) the ability to heal the body of any disease or to be able to physically travel in time and space, requires a certain level of multi-dimensional awareness. That’s because the experience of the multi-dimensions stretches the bandwidth of our consciousness and just how far we can go. The cellular changes alone (without embracing this multi-dimensional awareness) won’t – it feels – translate into this sort of physical manifestation – added by Nicola on 21/12/2015)

This will primarily be through transcending timelines and operating in sphere planes outside constrictions of what has been experienced as the limitations of a false matrix structure and system.

Here are my top 5 predictions for 2016 (the first half at least)

1) We will join together with the nature beings – united as one – for the environmental healing of the planet. Energetic work will start to manifest in spontaneous healing of damaged planetary systems both on earth and elsewhere within this solar system.

2) Timelines will become increasingly fluid. This means that we will be able to feel what it’s like to consciously step out of one timeline and into another and/or to create little “timelettes” where we can go and play before returning to our core ascending timeline.

3) Gaia ascendance fields will become so strong that we will see increased examples of tangible shifts in awareness when it comes to the relationship between humans and the nature beings, our connection with the natural world and the respect and trust upon which such relationships are built.

4) At a cellular level, we will start to feel at ease with how to materialise and dematerialise the body physicality. This will be a step by step process with all the guidance and support required. It will culminate in the ability by some to be physically `seen and be` in two places at once on planet earth – known as Gaia transit.

5) There will be an explosion of love in the inner fields which, star by star, will ignite the outer horizons. The Gaia spine points, as experienced multi-dimensionally, can play an important part in helping us to maintain continuous alignment with our source love light connection.

This feels good NaNa – this feels good – thank you.

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