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Turn the body into a dodecahedron star (great stellated dodecahedron) within a quadrangle time plane (rectangle) to the 59th percentile.


Look for any blockages to this full expansion.

This then reverses to the 95.

The 95 ratio field current manifests as a stream across the horizontal fields and/or sideways (horizontally) through the middle of the body. It also offers transitioning support from `one to the other` as reality constructs dissolve and we flow into the Mirror Matrix

Go down to a granular level and take every cell in the body and deconstruct them in space and time to form an extruded version of the self.

Now ask for the innuendo fields to be revolved right back to their original time plating systems so that there is no interference.

Spin to the version of 95.724+19.725+19.729+15.789+15.785+-7+-9+-17.579+-18.575+-85.978 for the new two-tone and tri-trining systems.

Polygon spheres are for the opening – find the new time-trine lining systems in parallel universe and bring the two together as one.

Start spinning (back and forward in time together) through the triangulation and parallel matrix spheres. Ask that there is no inversion of the tetrahedrons along parallel lifelines.

All false concoctions are being removed from the plasma shields. All false matrices are being unplugged back to Source. All false elongation planes are being unplugged through the false symmetries. False elongation shields being unplugged through the mirror matrix vertice fields.

Feel yourself bobbing around in time and space.

Nanyah field planes are opening for the new horizons (Hurrah!)

Increase bounce rate through the quadrangle fields to 95728+89725+89723+89729 +-2+-3+-89.939 for the new momentum and forward facing plasma screens.

Go to lake Titicaca – false webfields being unplugged through the mirror matrix adhesion zones, false time planes being unplugged through the lower ventricles, false dynamics and false innuendo fields being unplugged. False diatribe fields and false suction pads unplug. False polygons being unplugged through the mirror matrix adhesion spheres. False timelines being unplugged through the triangulation spheres.

Continue bobbing in time and space.

Expand to a Jupiter, Mars, Venus conjunct and unplug all false star maps in the vertex intersections and parallel field time planes.

Now go back to the Mars horizons. False materialisms being unplugged from the inner spheres. False Venus, Mars, Jupiter conjunct points being unplugged. New `miracle codes` being unwrapped – for the time tribes are plane-ing. New field metrics opening up in the inner spheres.

We are on the train to Nanyah, choo, choo – where all is golden and to be beholden.

Coconut and cream cookies requested by the DM.

Breathe the vibration of synchronisation to 955 (quadrants & keys). See yourself as one molecule – as if sitting inside a little fluid bubble outside of time and space.

False dodecahedron time plates being unplugged through the interspheres.

1 step to the left and 2 to the right – now turn the dial to the number seven position – 18.932+19.589+15.795+15.579= 92.574 for the new equilibrium and new momentum fields.

False juxtaposition of timplates being unplugged from the lower dodecahedron planes.

The suns are rising on the northern pole spheres.

See yourself surround by different coloured sun bubbles; turquoise, navy, blue, pink, orange, yellow, green, gold, silver, purple, blue and white. Remove any false bubble blowers. Who blows the bubbles I ask? You do.

Vibration of truth to potency of 995 (quadrants & keys).

Remove all false holograms from the inter-vertex spheres. False mirror plating systems being unplugged from the lower left ventricles. False dodecahedrons being removed from the inner spasm planes – unplug all inner spasm planes. False metrics being unplugged from the inner coding systems. False plasma screens unplug.

How do we blow our bubbles? – I ask. You are the bubbles. You are both the creation and the inception point combined. How do we be in our bubble space? You are both outside and inside at the same time. It’s just a question of where the attention is placed – I am told.

Vibration of truth to 550 (quadrants & keys).

There were false time marks put on the inner vertex fields – unplug. False dimensional spheres in the interplanes. False left and right angled vertices. Unplug.

Now go five feet behind your back – the mirror matrix adhesion zones are being unplugged. All false mirror matrix revolutions in the interspheres being unplugged.

Vibration of softness and peace – 55 (quadrants & keys).

All false matrix spheres being unplugged from lower left ventricles. The flow needs to be re-calibrated in the inner spheres – vibration of synchronicity 55 (quadrants & keys).

Contemplations are being de-coupled from the origination fields for new source field codes are emerging.

995+882+333+444+955+999+994+995+818+905+904+903 for the mirror momentum processing pieces.

There is some block around the bubbles from the annals of history – what is that? – false polyhedrons in the quadronic planes. “You are not in control we are” – who are you? “The Guardians of the vestige fields.

1. a trace or remnant of something that is disappearing or no longer exists: synonyms: remnant • remainder • fragment • relic • echo •
2. biology: a part or organ of an organism which has become reduced or functionless in the course of evolution.

We invite them to the party – it’s much more fun that way. They had to look at the clauses in their contracts, there was a manipulation to be unplugged which then gave them the option to annul.

Put hands on visual – bring in gold and silver into the hands – left side gold, right side silver, and into the heart – from the heart one line (with this colour stream) goes straight down the body into the earth to a point 195 feet underneath which is a dial – it is turning, click, click. Unplug it.


Breathe the vibration of synchronicity to potency of 995 (Mars, Pluto, Orion and Taurus were in the interference zones – false frequency systems were being used). The new synchronisation re-calibrates the dial and will facilitate connection to new starmaps. You can bring in a Starmap of your desire at this point.

Back to Nanyah and the beginning of today’s journey

Spinning gold and silver plate is at 59 feet – click, click into the turning plate in love light synchronisation.

Gold and silver waves lapping the shore. Feel love light flames gently warm the body. The body turns silver, the body turns gold – the heart turns into a melting golden sun. Two circles – one to the right and one to the left (overlapping) form the tripartite of the three interlocking circles (the other is the heart circle) for the opening of the inner heart planes.

As this happens, a mass of energetic streams on the horizontal planes are re-routed upwards – up through the middle of the head and arching into two large overlapping circles to the left and right of the body but centred on the heart circle and overlapping the heart circle.

See a gold and silver column, 2 feet behind the back as more and more multi-dimensional columns open up behind the back up and down the length of the body. They are time sheaves. (sheaf – a collection of items bound or held together as one). Silver and gold columns as a golden coil opens up and through the head.

Anything is possible? Yes, this is correct – now you can begin your journey.

Unbounded planes opening for the inner spheres. As golden platforms open up for the inner spheres. A new era of softness is unfolding.


The spherical polygon is a generalization of the spherical triangle. A spherical polygon on the surface of the sphere is defined by a number of great circle arcs that are the intersection of the surface with planes through the centre of the sphere. Such polygons may have any number of sides.

In geometry, a dodecahedron (Greek δωδεκάεδρον, from δώδεκα dōdeka “twelve” + ἕδρα hédra “base”, “seat” or “face”) is any polyhedron with twelve flat faces. The most familiar dodecahedron is the regular dodecahedron, which is a Platonic solid.

Adhesions form as a natural part of the body’s healing process after surgery in a similar way that a scar forms.

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Audio – end of duality

Work undertaken yesterday for the planet with a friend and our team(s)

Unplugging off-planet control
Time dial coding system implant in brow
End of duality game
0.0 point
It was a game of false spheres
Free flight and travel for all
Time travel available to all
False mirror dynamic frequency spheres were put in place before time and space
A distortion of the origination codes
False codicils/codices were inserted into time tubules
New creation points without template tampering
Mirror Matrix back-up plan in place from the outset

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An artificial intelligence energy got into the interspheres. The world of this energetic is one where everything twirls around out of synchronicity with the light. In space it sits high as if in or connected to an asteroid belt. An off-planet AI energy that is manifesting through an asteroid energetic of chaos.

We see a spaceship which has a large circle carved into its underside – like a window onto the earth plane. This construct has the ability to push out magnetic frequencies and related AI control over the planet. It stays where it is as earth moves through the different phases of rotation, so it has full sight both night and day.

We look through this circular window onto planet earth to understand the dynamic of what is happening to create this field of interference. One factor was false shielding enabling it to gain access to this planetary sphere. It had the capacity to operate like a telescope – to intensify and magnify down to a granular level and then to pull back and expand its sphere of influence to a macro level.

Another element of the structure has the ability to navigate through multi-dimensional vision fields – it looked like a steering wheel. This controlling energy was able to time-stream through force fields of light at will.

Unplugging all false robot spheres from the interspheres. The structure has a robot hand with the ability to reach into parallel time planes and thus create a convoluted orbit which pulls time zones out of synchronisation.

False rods have been inserted into the magnetic time plane frequencies and these are to be reversed. We see big black lips of a woman – who is she serving and what is behind this energy? This beingness is made up of black rods, black magnetic rods. That is the construct of it, with a little dose of false angelics.

Also relating to Cern in some way, there are false force fields in the lower mechanics. We bring in the vibrations of purity, grace and alchemy. What is the point to be reversed – where do these reversal codes go? Vibrations of wisdom, grace, alchemy, synchronicity and purity. Ascension timetables were being backlagged. Vibrations of inspiration, love and being held by the Divine.

We return to the spaceship to reverse the vision circle that was being used to convolute earth planet energies. A circle around that circle through the colour re-streaming frequencies starting with magenta, orange, purple, turquoise, red, orange again, silver, gold and red. The energy that is being reversed is way bigger than the ship. Dual rotations take place through the multi-spheres to take us to a zero point.

Once that part is complete the vertex fields are re-templated for the timeline sequencing. I am looking through the circle on the ship and you can no longer see planet earth. There is just a milky opaque covering. Behind that is an old shrivelled energy – a bit like that lord of the rings character. False Mars spheres are being unplugged through the lower ventricle points as this is resolved.

Mind maps were being used on the lower left horizons. Old mental programmes to be unplugged, old paradigms, false ventricing programmes, false diatribe fields, false innuendo fields, false dissemination fields, false guidelines, false arch-angels, false fear revelations, false galaxies and false concentric rings are all unplugged.

This energetic had also roped beings on the ship into its construct that didn’t want to be a part of all of this – at least not any more and so that was resolved as well.

Thank you to Susana and Judy for your help and to all other beings in love light consideration of all that is.

Ecksahbah, Ecksahbah immartah deh, Ecksahbah, Ecksahbah im es trennia dah beh. All false sequencing mechanisms are being unplugged from the Mirror Matrix revelation codes.

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DNA update

This is described exactly as it happened. It all knits together with what I have been tweeting recently and also links directly to the The Elohim on “error” in DNA which was a mission that took place in October 2014.

Some of those visuals were re-published recently in Water eau-de-claire post as part of the “purification” exercises. These were Masaru Emoto photos of the sun which had then been coded during that mission. This was done on Jupiter with the help of the Arcturians.

“There are underground swimming chambers on Jupiter – you will then go to these caves and work with the waters there. A translation of the energetic configuration into the ripples of the water is required. There are 9 chambers. Use Emoto sun pool visuals and receive the information for each. This is where the mirror reflections take place – draw what you see and make a note of it. Little individual particle fields. You will then work further with each of those. Create a swizzle stick we are going to mix it up (within each one). Shaken not stirred. Particle bounce fields say yah yah. What next? You will jump into the waters of one of the pools – you will be shown which one nearer the time. Now take into your body the new configuration (DNA) – into your own molecular structure. “

It was today after drinking water imbued by those visuals that this information came through. This new mission work gets into more of the technical detail on what happened to DNA. It’s interesting in that it addresses both the marco and micro level.


Torroidal spheres were not in alignment with the light source
Solar system – earth among others
False torroidal systems in the interspheres
Find the zero point – in-between the Himalayas
Inner earth transitioning for the inter-positioning
It was no accident
Torus field manipulation took place in the inner spheres
AI interference – filters were taken out of the old algorithms
False field plates were put in the incision points
False laws of categorisation were put in place
False templates for the interference modes
This made it sticky in the interspheres
A sphere was inserted into the ventricle plate and it all went wrong
The white knights with white horses weren’t in the templating spheres
False matriculations were in place for the interspheres
False sequencing and positioning
All is to be re-ordered across all timeplate templating sequences
The Arcturians were involved in the inner realms
False dichotomies were put in place for the sequencing materialisms.
Spatial factors were also involved
Interstate-spheres were put out of place – it affected all of us
Timeline timeplating required for the new sequencing ordering
Yom Kippur – Day of Atonement
Neural pathways require dissecting – unplugging all false flags on the neural pathway systems
Laws of logistics inverted
Tetrahedrons on the inner planes
We are going back to 0.000 for the re-calibration
False molecule systems being unplugged
Spatial disconnection in the inner spheres
All false globule points being unplugged
All false time facing schisms being unplugged
Unplugging latex octahedrons in the interspheres
Unplugging all false sphere mechanisms
False planetary fields are being regulated
False synapse shields were put in place
We are looking for a point of (DNA) elongation in the central spheres
False gargoyle plates completed the schism
I see an undulating grey tube – this is the point of elongation
False sphere matrix shields had been put in place
We can fix the interspheres
The interspheres are a coagulation flow between DNA strands (as in changed to a solid or semi-solid state)
This put the universal harmony out of order
The dichotomy is now fixed – all is restored
The work is now complete thank you
The synchronicities will now unfold for the protoplasm fields
The solitude spheres are no longer available for the interspheres
False mechanics were in place for the interspheres
Markers in the sand have now been removed for the interspheres
Intersphere planing systems went down during the incision
False diametrics were in place
False catapults were used in the mechanism fields
False catapult planes were put in place on the interspheres
Interspheres were timeplating for the organelles
False sphere systems had been put in place for the inner matriculations


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This is the fourth and last of the `purifications` which have presented these past few days. I did it to When time Stood Still by ELO, several times over.

There are different stages – it just so happened that they unfolded as an evolution, but it can be done any way really – together or separately.

1. Do the same for the Gaia spine points as with the water for the Nanyah activation and drink.

2. Open up the spine points multi-dimensionally so that they hold a field – feel that for a moment.

3. Now paint colour circles around the circumference of the planet until it opens up with a smile.

4. The space is being held by the spine points and they also match mirror points in a 5D/9D circumference field merge.

5. Next, visualise a colour circle in your heart then find its mirror circle match – same colour – in time and space.

6. Do as many as you like. This is a great warm up.

7. The next stage is to use the two-tone system from the new duo-tone/sphere technology * which activates the cerebellum (relates to new star map time plating systems, also infinity fields).

8. See two circles in your heart – each one a different colour.

9. Now find a point in time and space where there is a reversal of these two colours. For example, if colour in heart is purple on outside with yellow inside, look for a match in space and time where it is the reverse, as in yellow on the outside and purple on the inside. Bring these two together to merge/activate and do as many different colours as feels fun.

10. Here’s another variation. See a coloured star in your heart and find that colour star match in time and space. When you see the star in your heart (eg blue star) say “materialise” then when you make the mirror match to the star (eg green) in time and space, say “dematerialise.” Feel the vibration that is the merge of the two states – this is the interspace. The merge of the two creates a vibrational sequencing rotunda. The interspace consists of interspheres  and leads to paralell realities/paralell fields.

At a cellular level, the interspace is a space deep within and/or through the mitochondria. And, it’s important for travel as when we de-materialise we can create an `extrusion` of the cell, which means that it is possible to be in two places at once. What can be done with the merging of the balls/stars is that we can weave timeframes in and out of boundary spheres and reshuffle timelines

* The outer and inner spheres are aligning as one – that’s how the duo-tone system works.

Put glass dish with crystal water over spine points to imbue.

Spine Codes

Spine Codes

Gaia Rainbow Spine points (below)

C1 – Mount Adams (Oregon – USA) http://bit.ly/PHxL7Y

C2 – Mount Shasta http://bit.ly/1hldUVF

C3 – Valley of Fire, Overton (Nevada – USA) http://bit.ly/1k8CN6O

C4 – Red Rock Crossing – Sedona (USA) http://bit.ly/1fPWoFt

C5 – Corcamonga Peak, San Gabriel Mountains California http://bit.ly/1hE2kCa

C6 – Teotihuacan – pyramid of the sun – rainbow skull – heaven’s gate (Mexico) http://binged.it/1ha5NvJ

C7 – Lake Texacoco – rainbow pyramid – (Mexico) http://bit.ly/1mN4zbI

TH1 – El Rey Ruins Cancun (Mexico) http://binged.it/1iqXzRo

TH2 – Uxmal Pyramid (Mexico)http://bit.ly/1k8E8KW

TH3 – Chichen Itza – Cenote Sagrado stagate (Mexico) http://bit.ly/1hlg1Jg

TH4 – River at Vilcabamba (Equador) http://bit.ly/1iqJVc4

TH5 – Machu Piccu (Peru) http://binged.it/1H6A9wa

TH6 – Moray (stargate – valley of the Incas, Peru) http://bit.ly/1ruSDvv

TH7 – Chinchero (Peru) – Inca ruins – mythical birthplace of the rainbow http://binged.it/1yfvRRE

TH8 – Wing image – Nazca lines (stargate) (Peru) http://bit.ly/1mPvLZS

TH9 – Lake Titicaca (Peru) http://binged.it/1IS4Y8f

TH10 – Coranado volcano and lake (Peru) http://bit.ly/VWXRGV

TH11 -River at Oururo, Bolivia http://bit.ly/1lWCwK2

TH12 – Parinacota volcano – Arica – Atacama desert (Chile) http://binged.it/1DhE3Qr

L1 – Cliffs at Antogagasta (Chile) http://bit.ly/1lWCOk2

L2 – Elqui Valley river and land (Chile) http://binged.it/1Fj1HPz

L3 – Valley de Curico – (Chile)This waterfall and rock location http://binged.it/1z5HO7s

L4 – Vina Valpo – Chillan mountains (Chile) – in the region of Christ the Redeemer http://binged.it/1NxB2Sm

L5 – Puerto Tranquil – Aisen (Chile) http://binged.it/1aDaVZL

Sacrum – Straits of Magellan – (links to Magellan codes and gateway)



Cocyx – South Pole http://binged.it/1CFdmRS


Galactic activation timecode sequencing




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Thank you team, thank you for all that I have learned in 2015.

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