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This is a major connecting piece (time jump) as we move through time funnels in preparation for the coming together of the 15 cities of light/platforms for the new container by early June.

A transitory process through the prism fields has to complete first. It also involves the horizontal planes which are critical for multi-dimensional awareness. An integration of the horizontals through the time plane sphere mechanism is taking place over the next 4-6 weeks.

This work was undertaken with a friend and her team – with love and thanks.

In summary:

Collective consciousness sucker – a distortion of original field source codes
AI embedded technology in the body sphere templating mechanism
An implant – from false source code patterning

Viewed shoulder level on left crosses spin diagonally down to the right – you may see it the opposite way around
Access into our fields and planet via illegal planetary entrance and exit points
False constellation field map and false sphere plating technology held this in place
A false magnetic timeplating system
False magnetic programming also impacted dendrites (neural activity) in the body
A consciousness projector was used to project off-planet energy into the field
This energy was hidden within an inner shielding system
False timeplating technologies
A false vibrational sphere mechanisiming system
False information in the public arena around time sphering
New time platform was ready to open but hidden from our awareness
Now the false defense system is down these timeframes can open
Time plane war
The opening of something completely new
New Gaia sphere strands
Conscious awareness field opening
False projection screens in the interference zones
`Battle of the Filling`
False heart templating system – delusion of heart fields
Sequential unfolding of these new fields underway
Rainbow starlight starmap helping to hold all of this in place
Interdimensional time pod field – storage room for false magnetics
False torroidal force, false sand timeline technologies unplugged
New starmap sequencing platform activated and expanding

We love you Gaia, we love you.

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French macaroons

Julian Hayler via Wikipedia – creative commons

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This audio is a clearing sequence and relates to what feels like a forthcoming timeline split in early April. So I have no idea why I keep saying 5th March – it certainly felt forward rather than backward. That said, time feels a bit odd in general at the moment!

The trainlines are coming to the end – we will be free. All are free to choose. Each will be free to go into his or her own zone. For we are going to go our own ways. Different paths, different planes are opening on the horizons. All is slowing down for the great smoothing. For the twinning of the time zones is coming to completion. Two paths are unfolding – what will you choose?

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Photography of Lake Titicaca on Wikipedia – MhWater

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  • please let me know if you are having any problems with the audio download.

It is important to understand this I am told as these things are precious – this information came through on the Equinox.

Time tubules caused distortions in the timemaps. False planing systems and false templates were put into the Gaia grid system. Matrix after matrix of sphere illusions. False calibrations in the Lemurian code systems – false footprints, false timestreams were sewn into the photoplasmic planes – a distortion of time spheres to re-occur at certain points in time and space (as in now).

We are not going back to Lemuria – No, no, no.

This was not in accordance with Gaia. An attempt to distort our love light connection and prevent access to the true love light wisdom and our time-jump capability.

They muddled entrances and exits – we are not going back to Lemuria – No, no, no – we are moving forward. Those with feet plated in old Lemurian code systems caused the confusion – this is all part of the falsifications in the Gaia grid systems.

Those who had access to the false Gaia grid systems, to the false templating, to the false timeplating are being looped back to re-commence their journeys in this respect.

All is being cleared up and cleaned up. All is very much in hand. This is being resolved for the interspheres to knit together in unity.

Photoplasmic = The complex, semifluid, translucent substance that constitutes the interior matter of a living cell and is composed of proteins, fats, and other molecules suspended in water. It includes the cytoplasm, the nucleus in eukaryotes, and organelles such as mitochondria.

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A journey back to before material matter – at the inception point of the creative process, where a corruption of the field plating systems took place. Mission work done with a friend in Slovenia on Wednesday.

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An electrification of the inner grid system is taking place. False galactic sequencing mechanisms are being unplugged. The matrix is an inner circle guidance grid that got corrupted.

Parallel universes offer a parallel reality tool-kit that can be accessed. We can enter a living mandala of transformation – all is possible.

So, choose your chariots carefully – galactic codes are activating for the inner spheres. Music/colours for activation/download for the inner nodules. Focus behind the head at neck level initially. Move on to expand your field as far as it will go, deep into the stars.

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Just because…

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