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What is the secret of long life? I eat ice cream cones.

Tell us about these? They are on the perpendicular sphere planes. Little nodice nodules are on the new timeplating systems.

Dear friend – I would be grateful if you could please explain more about what exactly is a perpendicular sphere plane – thank you. It is located in the logistical interface realms.

What is the purpose of the perpendicular sphere plane (s) what does it do?  It’s where the new nodice nodules coagulate.

Ancient yew tree, Llangernyw Yew, estimated to be around 4,000 years old

Can you please explain/tell us more about what happens and why the new nodice nodules coagulate? It’s very important for the new vertex spheres.

Please do tell us more about the new vertex spheres and what they do? For the new combulation fields, false vertex fields must be removed.

What does combulation mean? An extension of the new nodice nodules. False vertex spheres must be removed for the inner and outer horizon fields.

Tell us more about the new combulation fields and what they are here to do? They are an extension of the new nodice nodules.

Tell us more about the new nodice nodules and what they are here to do?
They are a timeline transitioning tool. They help you to get from A to B by not going through C – a reversal of the false magenta fields.

How do the new nodice nodules apply to the human body – are they in a physical location? They are beneath the Hamnet fields.

Where are the Hamnet fields? They are to be found beneath the new nodice nodules. They are a new sequencing sphere zone – behind the ulterior and posterior motive planes.

What do they do – what is the purpose of the Hamnet fields?
They are for the new time plasma screens.

Can you tell us more about the Hamnet fields in relation to the new time plasma screens? For all is for the renewing.

Can you tell us more about the new time plasma screens?
They are in-between the interference zones.

That’s very interesting – can you please tell us a bit more?
They are in the inter-locqution fields, false plasma screens are for the removal.

Are the new time plasma screens a good thing – are they aligned as truth and optimised love light? There are false hydrants in the inner spheres – remove. New expandedness is opening up in the new nodice nodules.

Are the new nodice nodules in the human cell? They are in the mitochondria sphere planes.False perpendiculars are being removed from the parallel sphere planes. False plasma screens are being removed from the lower left ventrices.

The new nodice nodules are a new structure within the crystal membrane sphere plane. They are differentiated through the octagonal sphere planes.

A crista (/ˈkrɪstə/; plural cristae) is a fold in the inner membrane of a mitochondrion. The name is from the Latin for crest or plume, and it gives the inner membrane its characteristic wrinkled shape, providing a large amount of surface area for chemical reactions to occur on. This aids aerobic cellular respiration, because the mitochondrion requires oxygen. Cristae are studded with proteins, including ATP synthase and a variety of cytochromes.

For my full understanding of the new nodice nodules is there anything else you can add in relation to what they are, what they are for and/or what is happening with them at the moment?

They are a transitioning platform to new worlds, new identities, new places, new time sphering systems. False coagulation systems are being removed from the lower plating spheres.

Are the new nodice nodules to be found in animals too?  False firefly sequencing mechanisms are being unplugged through the lower duodenals. They are to be found in the inter-sphere planes of animals.

And how about plants? They are to be found in the false ribosome fields. What are the false ribosome fields? False conjunctions in the inner matrix spheres.

Chloroplasts have their own ribosomes, which they use to synthesize a small fraction of their proteins. Chloroplast ribosomes are about two-thirds the size of cytoplasmic ribosomes (around 17 nm vs 25 nm).[88] They take mRNAs transcribed from the chloroplast DNA and translate them into protein (from Wikipedia).

What can we do about that? False conjunctions in the inner matrix spheres are to be unplugged. Unplugging all false coagulation fields now. Unplugging all false firefly zones now. Unplugging all false sphere ventricing systems now. Unplugging all false longitudinal and latitudinal sequencing mechanism planes now.

For the plants are coming into their own too you see.

False quadrangles are being unplugged for the new timeplating. False innuendo fields are being unplugged from the lower left vertices. False coagulation points are in the false sphere ventricing systems – unplug. False coagulation points are being unplugged from the lower left ventrices. False coagulation fields from the lower timeplanes unplug. False matrix spheres from the lower left ventrices unplug. False cargo holds from the lower left parallel index fields unplug.

Tell us about the new sequencing mechanism modulations? They are of the ulterior and posterior timeplate mechanism sequences – they are being removed through the lower dodecahedron sphere planes.

False innuendo fields are for the paraplegic timelines – unplug. False seqencing mechanisms unplug. False factoring ratio fields unplug. False time warp scenarios, unplug. False dodecahedron planes, unplug. False field sequencing maps, unplug.

They are being dissolved naturally through the anterior and posterior timeplating systems. The residue is forming a new life elixir. The eternity fields are opening up for the new parallel lifelines. An energy came in via the lower sphering prisms in the dodecahedron planes – see it as a straw sucking up. Let’s look at the energetic that wants to drink off this energetic.

False galactic sphering systems are for the false mechanisiming places. False ratio fields in the lower left ventrices – unplug. False galactic coding mechanisms unplug. False dodeca and quadrangle timeplanes unplug. False genetic heritage plates unplug. All false symbiosis plates unplug. There are false ratio planes upon the tundra fields. False mantras in the inner vertex spheres. False coagulation fields in the lower timeplate sequencing mechanism.

Is there anything for us to do in relation to any of this? False transitioning platforms are being unplugged from the lower dodecahedron planes. False timeplate sequencing is being unplugged from the gargantuan fields. False time spheres from the lower dendrite zones.

Thank you dear friend – thank you.

Previous information

A cellular expanded awareness physical level blocker at lower nodicing system level – held down across the parallel universe spheres – false marquetry was used. The art and craft of applying veneer to a structure.

Starmaps can map back to our bodies and highlight something at a cellular level – the lower duodenal planes in this case and have a look at a cellular level. False veneers were created at a mitochondria level – responsible for energy – growth of new cells etc. At a physical level that our own bodies are perpetuating.

Ask the cell what is going on and to explain about the false veneering technology and how it impacts our physical body – linked to ageing process and death/life cycle. “It wasn’t their idea” who’s idea was it? False plating technologies in the chromosome planes.

See a cell and these prongs that come out of the cell (look a bit like pillars) but they were genetically manipulated. It was not an organic expansion. They were blockers as energetically they created a space – a point in time in space where the time plasma stood still. This creates a limitation.

The sphere indicates the potential of the cell and there’s an outersphere which is the full exhilarated potential of the cell. They cannot connect as there is a time bundle complication as manifested by these pillar like structures. False plasma screens are being unwired in the lower left ventricles, eureka fields for lower left horizons. False Zeus fields being unplugged. Expand, expand, expand.

Map of Nanyah


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We are all coming together as one – for the oneness and as the oneness

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Distortion energy being run off sunspots
The sun has been used and its energies distorted – money control
Technology (glasses) that manipulate sun energy
Cellular manipulation – genetic heritage – cellular membrane – protoplasm
Falsification of earth energies – false Gaia grid
Prisms are very important right now
Rectification of false solar energies
Back to Amarna – rainbow sun
Giza and the sphinx
History of the moon and how it is used – lunar implant removed
Removal of false bird tribe technologies
Further activation of the Galactic South – Aquilia

With thanks to my friend in Denver and our teams.

From a previous post – Galactic South

On 20th September 2014 (around the Equinox), earth’s connection with the new galactic north, Hercules, was activated. On the 28th March 2015, shortly after the spring Equinox, the new galactic south, Aquilia, connection was activated. The bringing together of the newly activated galactic north and south points is a bit like a galactic mix sound system and was described to me by Nicolaus Copernicus as follows:

“It has to do with the stellar lighting system – there are different volume controls for different frequencies and your work will involve an optimised combination/re-combination of stellar patterning mechanisms in time and space. Like a musical sound recording system there are dials to be switched on; softenings, enhancers, nuancers so that the notes play/dance together in an optimised way for this and other timelines. This will also gently hold the infant/new stellar star maps in their early stages as they yawn and stretch and gradually come to life. Very nurturing, very tender and gentle. A co-creation where different musicians come together for a special event to each sing part of a song.”


Amarna Wheel of Light

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I asked to be shown any structures in the horizontals preventing the unfolding of multi-dimensional awareness planes and these blockers, which hinder the liquid rainbow crystalline flow came up. It would appear that they are `standard` for some as other people I know saw them when we looked – there may be more.

When I first saw these blockers they presented as a series of short horizontal lines down the body but as we explored each they opened-up multi-dimensionally. Unblocking these points helps the body to open up to the new nodice nodules (critical for the next phase) and to the horizontal planes which are key to multi-dimensional awareness. The interference zones also come in on the horizontal.

If you cannot see them at first try the quadrants and keys with the vibrations of truth and wisdom – always a good spotlight with purity and alchemy to clear.

The horizontal vertices spheres come in at 955 which is the frequency of a kettle boiling.

I recommend starting with the shard of glass in the  left foot (see towards end of post) as it’s a sight blocker and was put in first.

Also, if you get stuck on one – just go to another and return later.

The first one looks like a tube with a spiral coil in – a tube with false rotation spheres which comes horizontally it comes into the body at neck level. It may also present as four diagonal nails deeply embedded in the body. Like nails stuck in wood in the rear half of the neck. The nails are false coagulation points and block sphering systems. It may also appear that they start on the sides of the neck and go around the rear half of the neck. This is a grey ET related energy – ask for it to be removed off this planet.

At the middle of neck level (may be perceived in the neck bone) there is a corrosion of the triangle spheres. Imagine one triangle on top of the other – Star of David – but there is a gap between the two with a small rod holding the structure in place. The triangles look surprisingly small and may look clear like perspex. The rod creates a movement between the two as if the triangles can move up and down. This prevents the rainbow crystalline flow and creates a block. Breathe the vibration of softness as you ask for this to be removed.

Top of shoulders to middle of back. Under the right scapula this may look like a bolt. Rods in the back – they roll – like rolling pins with ball bearings either end and they all work as one movement. Nine rods which work together. They sit behind the back. Imagine a strawberry jam/jelly consistency that makes it all slippery. Use this slipperiness to find the best breaking point. It’s a false sphering system in the lower matrixing planes – it controls the combobulation fields. The whole thing shatters – you may hear it – and then an expansion takes place.

Now one that is just under the ribs – under the breast bone. This is a false heart sequencing mechanism. A black heart that is upside down. A distortion of heart energies it also links into false light. False heart = false light. A love heart sucking pad. False sequencing mechanisms being unplugged from lower left ventrices. False ventrices unplug from parallel universe spheres, false dial-up fields being unplugged from the lower left plating systems. This may feel expansive once cleared.

Look for a rock/stone in the middle of the back. It is a diamond light restriction pin which has many technologies holding it in place. Clear these technologies first. It’s a nature distortion. It’s linked to the interference points. This appears to be a quick and easy one to resolve.

Through the belly button there is a hot rod. It comes in at the front, goes through and out the back. It can be helpful to bring in the north and south poles to cool things down. You may see hellish depictions – fire and brimstone visuals. Unplug through the lower cataclysm pulse points. It is a shape shifting technology that causes contortions in the field via the belly point. If you ice the rod you can see the origination codes inside and simply unplug it back to source. Expand into the universe as the energy clears.

Just above or below hip level this blocker opens up like a drawer to enable a disruptive energy to be slipped in. Like a drawer where you slip in a piece of paper with false codings which grow into something else – a false baton builder technology. The drawer may look old and dusty. A technology that can create other shapes and forms in the field. An energetic into the drawer that can grow into something more than that. An entrance point into the field. It may look wide and deep.

Then from the middle of the back down to the sacrum there is a false magnetic sphering system. It may start off by looking like a vertical line, tube or bar down from the mid-back to the sacrum. This may be perceived as different sizes of balls – spheres – different sizes. It links to a tectonic plating system. The separate balls are part of a magnetic combobulation. Reverse it back through the magnetic sphere planes. A magnetic sphere zoning system. False tectonic plating systems are being unplugged from the lower spheres. Once resolved it can turn into a rainbow aspect.

Bottom of spine – there is a black star technology emitter that brings in reversal codes. It is a false light transmitter. At sacrum level – see a black spinning star or black spot. It is linked into a false galactic control system. Reverse it back through the tetrahedron zones and unplug it through the latitudinal and longitudinal matricing systems and forward and back in time through the parallel index fields.

Top of thighs – a horizontal line. I see a rolling barrel shape. False tundras in the lower planing systems. It is a manipulation field for the lower tundra zones. False poloygons in the octahedron sphering system. It takes the joy out of life. It’s a nature connection blocker – coming through the false spasm fields. It’s a false dodecahedron mechanisming sphere.

This one at feet level is the best one to do first. It is a false shielding technology that comes into the left foot (under the foot in the area of the arch) – inserted before the rest of these structures – feel feet a small square piece of glass inserted at an angle in left foot. It was introduced to take down our defence like a shield and was put in before the others. It generally depicts as shiny glass although that may then turn into a metallic portal – this is an off-planet energy.

There may be a second (different one) in the right foot. I am just waiting for validation re: if this was unique to the person concerned. If so I will add to this post.

Last but not least, this horizontal stream blocker is ten feet underground. I saw it as a horizontal black squiggly line initially. It is a tube like structure that comes in and up through the feet and hinders our nature stream connection via the horizontals. These may look like metallic pipes and/or a vertical cylinder. Unscrew them. It is a false pipe matricing system. False cylindrical fields are being removed from her lower left vertice planes.

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An initiation into the early stages of the `new` Gaia flow. Gaia is a vibrational sphere mechanismimg `system`. Shifting of planet to new Gaia frequency – hosted by Gaia and the nature beings.

She (Gaia) would like there to be no more parallel universe systems as it creates splinters in the time bobules. For the overall bounce rate of the planet it is less than helpful as the splinter creates chaos in the time cycles. Gaia would like it all to be smooth for a smoothening of the lower dodecahedron planes. Multiple channels are opening in the new offerings. All is to be galvanised.

A smooth path. It will be like flying first-class right from the beginning. This will feel quite different to the way the path cutters had to take.

False Gaia grid systems are to be no more. A new planet. Step through to anything. All will be so light, so easy.

  • concludes with a meditation

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How do some of these disruptive/negative energies enter our fields?
From outside what we call 3D matrix.
A snake energy constricts and suffocates.
Through sacred geometry we can work with the foundations of the matrix.
Lower back – 3 quarters down spiral construct.
False sphering prism plate.
False venutian technologies.
Goose that laid the golden egg.
False sphering microcosms.
Coconut with a razor blade in the centre of it.
Black outer line – false chromosome fields.
False shape shifting technologies.
False timeplating technologies
Key denotes false timeplate technology turner.
Distortion of bird spheres – behind the back.
False timeplating chronologies – when bird being formed in the egg
Distortion of Gaia energies – an entry point to the false Gaia grid from the interference systems at a nucleic level and also at an embryonic level.
Cellular revolutions happening on all sphering planes.
Go to feet – a magnetic tectonic plating system.
Rectangles on both feet nearly the size and width of feet.
To open new earth heart zones.
New nodice nodules key for the new timeplating systems.
Gold ingot with raised lettering – false chronology sphere timeplating systems.
False sun chronology technology bringing sun distortions into lower cellular systems.
New chronology timeplating systems.
New relationship with sun.
New relationship with sun rays.
The warmth of the sun on the skin activates new plasma integrations in the body.
Acceleration of rainbow fields.

With thanks to my friend in Slovenia

*Chromium supplements very important right now.

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Appenzell – huge portal to the intermediary planes where vortex fields coagulate.Linked to the coagulation fields – Appenzell is where the vertice fields coagulate.

Trans-timing schemas being put in place for new vertice fields.

Humans were manipulating mountain energy to be able to step through.

A trans-timing plating system. Interdimensional travel. Multiplicities of time tiers.

What are the interference zones? An organic time travel pathway that open up at many different levels and tiers connecting bits, motorway flyover in terms of access. Interference zones – pushing things out of synchronicity, out of alignment.

They are called interference zones as they have been interfered with.One might say zones where there is interference. An interference in our planing system. This sovereign space is to be re-claimed.

We are connected to them right down to a cellular level.

Also, used as point of access to false Gaia grid (that won’t be for much longer).

Different levels of time – but access has been blocked

Fairy star liquid to the rescue.

Spine point – south America – stargate – Cenote Sagrado. These pools over a wide area connect underground tunnels.

Circular organic dial control of entrance/exit points held in place by false starmap technology. Divided into 8 color coded mechanisiming sphere.

Lions and nature beings were holding the energetic dynamic – corrupted.

The field “mesmerisations” were taking place when sound bounced against the walls of the cave. That created time splinters.

Cathedral in Bern the control point – bell tower – a false sphering system, anti-tuning system.

Used to distort organic light technologies.False technologies being melted in the interference zones. False mirror spheres were in the timeplating.

New starmap to hold this new pathway at all levels. The bells (Appenzell) are ringing again. A healing for the mountain takes place.

For a mountain, one of the biggest graces of being a mountain if one were a mountain is every night to reflect ones energetic and make the connection to the home energetic that is the source light inception point of that mountain. It’s like every night the mountains radiating in the starlight can pulse themselves up, can dance in that light in great joy, can be present in huge pools of oneness and joy and wisdom, and joy expressed individually and together as mountain ranges. They can experience the `joined-upness` of this connection across all mountains across the planet as part of the crust of the planet and more.

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An elongated diamond in the centre of an energy ball.

Like a reflective rainbow energy when refracted by the sun.

Liquid light energy.

This refracted spectrum of light is in the liquid diamond energy.

The diamond is in alignment with the new nodice nodules.

When the energy of light moves, it changes the crystal light of this rainbow energy.

As it deepens and expands.

The liquid crystal changes in intensity and shape as the rainbow light energy hits it.

The hexagons of the new earth resonance quilt sit at the centre of the activation of this neural path.

This lights up a network of starmaps in the divine symmetry fields.

At body level it looks like starlit acupuncture points.

A relay system of diamond energy from the chin to the top of head.

Love light and sunlight moves these receptors inside of us and adjusts and aligns as truth.

Spine point spindles (rainbow spine) bring new information into the facial bone structure.

A connection takes place through the bone structure into the brain.

To expand and enhance the medial network of neurological activity inside.

If we think of ourselves as whole brained and not 2 hemispheres.

The part that separates the two hemispheres has become a rainbow conglomeration.

Light liquidisation is filling in the space between the left and right sides of the brain.

This flattens the brain hemispheres so they operate as one.

So the left and right work as one in an enhanced perception field.

This can be described as a complex superpower system.

It opens up many steps and spheres of multi-dimensionality

Brain network activity enhanced by this diamond energy affects the entire physical body.

The brain signals magnetic output points from the arms through to palms of hands.

What we are thinking/feeling activates the energy spheres of creation.

The diamond crystalline energy is at the centre of the hemisphere.

What is being inlaid is in its purest natural state – diamond light.

Magnetic frequencies – inhale/exhale the breath of life.

All this becomes part of a consciousness neural network.

The new earth resonance hexagons have connective tissue into bone structure of the face.

The slab of diamond energy in-between the two energies are amplifying the neural network.

When the face moves – the light hits it at a particular angle.

This amplifies within the light body – a magnetic core.

As the head moves these fractals of light are connecting into and dance with the stars.

This is all part of our new dance rate with all that is.

Our own personal starmaps are in creation.

A multiple starmap creation tool.

An integration of starbeingness into the physical body through the source sphere alignment.

An integration of different levels and layers of the multi-dimensional self.


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What is this insight? It is the trigger of the soul  – the soul trigger which indicates that this stage of the pathway is cleared. It is a soul knowingness – an understanding of how you transition from one phase of the soul pathway to the next stage. As it was explained to me “when you are coming to the end of a human dimensional sphering phase.”

No more nearly, almost there, not much longer……those times are past.

This initiation is moving out of what is considered the human experience into a new sphering system. Without time tabulations, with no nodicing complications where the trinity heart collates as one. Where all is one and guided by Source essence, where Source light spheres of the luminescence descend, where all twilight fields and false coagulations are no more.

Where the spinning and re-spinning of time trine zones is complete. Where there are no ordinance modules, where there are no false calibrations, where the innuendo fields are false factored out of the light, where the interference planes are not for the light zoning (won’t influence us) where source light combulations (balls) flow in the ebb and flow.

We are there – certainly that this awareness is there for everyone who is ready to reach out and take it.

There is a false hologram templating matrix in the interspheres. A little microchip circuit which is situated on the right hand side, (it may be on the opposite side for others) three quarters of the way down the head. It holds an electric charge, a blocker of sorts – call it a letting go prevention programme.

This comes in and/or activates when we are infants. It is an interference mechanism through the lower latticing sphering planes. It looks like a circle with a jagged round circle breaker inside it. This dynamic hinders the integration and the merging of the colour bubbles as one.

This structure created a tension, a contortion in the field. Once it is removed a relaxing of the field takes place and this in turn helps to relax and open up the horizontal rainbow pulse stream that brings with it the intensification of the horizontal fields, for a multidimensional awareness of the self.

False holographic vision fields unplug – all false sphering from the reptilian occlusion zones unplug. All false plating systems unplug, all false starmaps in the occlusion zones unplug – these are just some of what was holding all of this in place.

“We have become balls of colour with interlocking tubes,” that’s what I was told whilst setting the table for dinner last night. It is without limitation. We will never be imprinted again. That was the last cycle. All is protected. All false sphering planes are now unplugged. A freshness, ever flowing of the moment – the eternal flow horizons are now open.

There is a new dance rate – rather than a bounce rate. A bounce rate defines our relationship with our connection and expression with the stars – in oneness with the universe. Our dance rate is a higher calibration or refined connection between ourselves and all universes, all of the cosmoses, all of creation.

This moves us into a dance rate. It looks a bit like a spinning rainbow sphere and brings in new frequencies and new patterning never before seen. This is a more refined/expanded source light connection. A new sphere of consciousness awareness and unbounded potential of being one in the oneness. It rises above the human consciousness experience/experiment into the realms of something completely new.

Bonjour Happy Day!

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What this is basically saying is that we are on schedule and all is going according to plan – in fact we may even be a bit ahead of time.

The planetary logos is changing shape
There will no longer be watch towers in the inter-duodenal timeplaning system
All false collaborations will come to an end
False Gaia timelines and grid systems will be no more
The infrastucture for the false Gaia grid overlay has been unplugged
The World will come together again – for there will be no more fear held in the interspheres
The left lateral horizons and inner templates will broaden
Gaia coding systems are being re-ignited for the new trining spheres
Big galactic gaps are to be closed
All false levels are being removed from the interplanes
Opening up for the optimised time sphering zones
New nuancing streams will be filtered
Zero point will be attainable by all
False duodenal timeplating systems are being removed
False firefly fields are being removed from the lower left ventricles
Things are going faster than expected, faster than explained
All falsification papers are being unplugged from the lower duodenal timeplanes
All false firefly fields are being removed from the lower left ventrices
False gateing and plating mechanisms are being removed from the lower two-tone systems
False transmission zones are being unplugged from the lower left vertices
False transitional sphering planes are being unplugged from the lower octagonal horizons
Collapse of the false fielding system is underway
All light code sourcing materialisms are being re-igntited for the new sphering planes
99.979+98.978+-33.937+58.897+18.973 for the falsification of the verification codes – all is to be returned to the light
Light being sphering systems are coming into the interplay
55D+9TG+9TP+9.9TG=88.9TG+18.3TB for the unfoldment of the infinity fields

Tell us about the 0 point fielding options? There are 15 time trines in the new tuning system. They are constructed somewhat like a helter-skelter and go from left to right. The helter-skelter on the left opens up to 15 multi-dimensional points in time and space on the right. Connect to rainbow ball 5 feet behind the back. The left activates the right- that’s why they go from left to right. This helps to understand the multidimensional dynamics of the sphere planing system and the horizontal sphere planing system.

Momentous news is on the way. False guidelines are being interrupted on the lower playing fields. Transformation and transition are happening simultaneously on all life planes. False recognition plates preventing star shielding systems are being removed. Linked to the plating systems. How? False gilding techniques. They wrapped it around the interference planes like an outer casing to make things porous for them – easier to interfere with us.

Can this consistency be changed? False mind maps in the interference zones – unplug. Go to the Zeus fields. False magnetic in the interference planes, unplug. Where did it come from – the connection they made? False magnetic at the heart of the earth. Reverse through the cannibalism fields. Reversing the concentric ring coding systems now. Gaia heart is being released. What is holding their ships in orbit? How can these be released. Love and healing. Changing the resistance factors. Re-shaping the north nodice nodules. Crème caramel, Tarte Tatin. A corruption of the field plating systems took place at the Tara Gaia light inception point.

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What if the whole disclosure (full/partial) thing is a side-track, a façade, an inhibition of the new nuancing streams?

What if it is a gilded programme with no entrance or exit – just around and around….

What if it is actually just an inner sphere control progamme?

“They” want there to be disclosure.


It helps to keep the ordinance maps in place.

Who are they?

The *triads of the inner sphere planing system.

*a secret society originating in China, typically involved in organized crime.

The multi-dimensional awareness body will bring these things through in a different way as each individual makes their own heart–felt connection to their star family. Different awareness zones will open up through the inner planes – each to his or her own.

The negative ETs will all have left the planet and the planetary influence anyway so it will become somewhat of an irrelevance, something to be assigned to history books and those are being removed too.

Tell us more about these triads?

They are an internal sphering mechanism, a falsification of grid coding systems. They held things in place through the strangulation fields.

All this is to be no more.

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