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Meditation, download thingy etc.

* New oscillation frequency – new level of oneness

* New level of oneness, not previously available becauae the awareness levels didn’t open up to embrace this particular layer.

* Saucepan trapped in prism spheres

* Walking through walls

* Pearl with the ability to re-calibrate the sequencing materialisms

* The yearning of the oneness is so strong to be in full combination for the re-cominations to take place.

* New levels of multi-dimensional perception

Different levels and layers of vibration held by inanimate objects are fundamental to the latticing which informs our experience of the physical currently and our ability to move in and out of physical realities.

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Here is the insignia for the new platform and Team Oneness – each symbol is taken from the spine points and also links to the stars.



Thank you everyone, thank you.

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Dear Everyone

(Event complete – this was a synchronisation of the global zonal spheres and the opening of a platform that leads to 7D and beyond).

Was just reminded this morning that I posted a couple of weeks ago re: a live event on the 28th and that’s today! So I asked what we would be doing? Party time – bounce bounce to the seventh dimension.

Time:21.00 European (France time) – plse note this is different to London.

Please email me if you would like to come along and I will send the log-in details.

With love,

Nicola and the 5D Girl Team and all of us.



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What I saw in my own body in terms of the DNA disruptions and damage back to the inception point of this distortion was a black, burned-out setting. As if all was destroyed. But when I looked deeper hidden in the midst of it all there was a starlight refracting diamond to be found – ready and waiting for the new platform. It was not destroyed.

What is the impact of this diamond light energy on the false vertex spheres? All is being re-coagulated. Falsification codes are for the untruths – unplug all falsification codes now. False galactic codicils are being unplugged from the lower prism spheres. False prism fields are being unplugged.

Tell me more about our ability to step in and out of the outer ring to experience different physical realities – to travel to other parts of the planet physically and to travel to other physical locations that do not depict as the earth? Higher cell prism spheres are on the ascendant. False genetic codicals are being unplugged through the lower dendrite spheres.

You are the essence of a tear drop, a purification of the inner spheres- all is for the transcending.

As I have perceived it from the perspective of my own beingness – 15 planets/stars inform the platform that is currently of the moment. There may well be others. But this is the only one that I am consciously aware of in terms of what my team (5D Girl Team) and I are up to.

Embodied chambers lead the way to the pathways – 15 of them. They are situated below the lower sho sho fields. Falsification papers in the lower prism spheres unplug. False galactic codicils unplug. All falsification papers in the lower duodenals unplug. False prism spheres unplug. What more can we say about the embodied chambers? False sphere planes are being unplugged through the lower left ventrices. We are coming to the point of lift-off.

They blink – we are blinking at you – false matrix sequencing mechanisms unplug. It’s about the synchronisation. Breathe the vibration of synchronicity to the potency of 955. We breathe the vibration of synchronicity, the vibration of synchronicity breathes us. False synchronisation plates unplug. False bobule planes unplug. False diametrically opposed vertices unplug. False parallel timeplanes unplug.

Why were these paths not available/were they closed? False time planes in the lower prism zones – unplug. False timeline codicils unplug. False diametrically opposed plating systems unplug. False vertex spheres unplug. Your family love you very much. False Eldorado codes being unplugged through the lower prism spheres.

The other day I saw the new platform as 14 planets/stars that were outside the earth plane diametries – they feel as if they are in the stars.The 15th is in the earth planes. There are false star codicils in the lower prism planes – these are being unplugged. Who holds the 14 others? They are your sisters and brothers.

Zoom, zoom fields are opening for the lower left ventrices. I am also shown my connection through the home plane trinity fields (you can use them to travel in out out) It’s about travelling in and out of the sphere planes too – you will be able to travel through soon. Intergalactic portals are opening for the new nodice nodules.

Tell us more about the new nodice nodules and what they are here to do? They are a timeline transitioning tool. They help you to get from A to B by not going through C – a reversal of the false magenta fields. They are in the mitochondria sphere planes. Down to the new nodice nodule chambers (there is an inner plasm and an outer plasm).

The pathways to the 15 planets/stars have not been open for a long time – they look like curvy paths wider at the top then descending smaller. Old looking, a bit cave-like inside. I have seen these pathways before – they have a reflection and/or a refracted starmap patterning above the head and are part of a system that connects us in and out of other worlds.

Returning to the rainbow diamond the beginning of this post – each diamond reflects back to the other 15 – an interacting diamond refracting oneness starlight state. It was not destroyed. Show me the structure how do they all connect? Unplugging all false womb codes across the protoplasm planes.

What is there to know about the new platform that is opening? The 15 for the 15 and of the 15 – for the family realms are unfolding in the inner planes. One platform of the 15 sphere rings – 15 spheres rings =one platform.

Are we opening up a space that many will pass through regardless of the stage that there are at on their journeys? Yes, because it will be a genetic thing.

Here is an activation/meditation for the opening of this platform. Take as a starting point your own beingness as holding the earth tone vibration – one of the 15. Ask one of the spine points and/or a nature being to come forward for this one and for the 14 others – together with a colour as each planet/star one has a round colour activator at the other end. I have also added codes to mine when we did them.

Then using colour stream bands (one by one) reach out into time and space and connect with each and then interconnect with all of them at the same time.  This creates an alchemic-like basket weave., a rainbow prism sphere – to hold in the new platform. This will also help to smooth the passage. It’s time to begin again.

*Most are spine points

1 Silver – 99729 – Shasta
2 Gold – 23578 – Shasta
3 Red- 39827 – Titicaca
4 Orange 59624 – Corcamonga
5 Purple – 32978 – Mt Everest
6 Emerald green – 77295 – Niagra Falls
7 Lime green 87892 – Teotihuacan
8 Turquoise – 77295 – Cliffs at Antogagasta
9 Pink – 87327 – Valley of Fire
10 Peacock blue – 77929 – Mount Adams
11 Rainbow – 33925 – Corcamonga
12 Red – 37629 – Machu Piccu
13 Violet – 77925 – South Pole
14 Silver (again) 39724 – Vilcabamba
15 Fuschia 22938 – River Ouro


Drawing above a partnership with Susana – thank you.

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Why do I feel sad?  There are false matrix revision tables in the lower sphere planes – unplug. That’s when it was done to you. They cut you off at the start – that’s when they cut your wings.

Who are they? The co-ordinators of the outside spheres. Who are the co-ordinators of the outside spheres? The ones without the halos. Do you mean false angelics? Tell me more. Those of the false time prism spheres. Are false angelics of the false time prism spheres?

And god made Adam in his own image – the god codes. The codes put in place for the cellular de-construction. Are you saying that the god codes where a distortion? Yes, of the Elohim matrixing spheres. So the `God codes` – just to be clear – were for cellular de-construction. Yes, for the genetic heritage fields. And the Elohim matrixing spheres were de-constructed? Yes. Why? For the false protoplasm fields.

Did the ones without the halos do this? False galactic codicils were in the lower left ventrices. It was an alliance between those in the outer spheres and the lower primula fields.

What’s in the lower primula fields? False vertex spheres. False vertex spheres come up a lot. Please tell us more about the false vertex spheres? They do all the spinning – of what? of the cellular construction spheres.

Are the false vertex spheres a geometric construction or a beingness or both? They are of the ulterior motive plains. Can we speak to them or are they under the control of another? They are of the false vertex spheres. Yes – let’s go beyond that. False Elohim concoctions in the inner spheres – unplug. False ventrices in the lower parallel universe spheres unplug. False Laguna fields in the lower left prism fields. Unplug.

I sense a beingness behind the false vertex spheres – they are in the innuendo fields – who are? The false gods. They were trying to manipulate the protoplasm spheres with the false god codes.

Who are the false gods? They were of the Elohim distortions. False distortion boxes in the lower left ventrices – unplug. False Uganda codes in the lower matricing spheres unplug. Was it false angelics? It was a false angelic plating system designed by the other ones.

Are the other ones what we would call negative ETs? False Pershipion fields unplug, false ventricing spheres unplug, false gargoyle fields unplug. Can you please name the ET species. Was it Draco, Annunaki or another perhaps? False night codes are being unplugged through the inner spheres. False ventrices in the lower parallel universes – unplug. False mechanics in the interference zones unplug. False galactic codicils unplug. They don’t want you to know. Why? It will mess up their work in the interference zones.

That seems like a pretty good reason to ask. I ask for truth, I align as truth, I am truth on this day in the oneness and as the oneness – who were they? Drakos.
What are they doing with the interference zones? They are turning the volume up and down – that’s very helpful – thank you. Show us their inception point/ the point of volume control. It’s in the lower left ventrices.

Thank you, now I understand why the lower left ventrices are so important. I see it now – a rounded ship – it’s a false codicil prism sphering machine. That’s how they are doing it – through the vibrations. A falsification of timeplate sequencing mechanisms. It controls how the cell vibrates with the world outside it. It comes to me that this impacts how the human cell vibrates in terms of its interaction with animals, with plant beings with star beings. This has been manipulated and restricted thus creating false prism spheres and hindering full expansion of the human cellular structure in the oneness and as the oneness.

I don’t understand – why was this done? False parallel timelines are in the innuendo fields – unplug. False vertex spheres unplug. False galactic codicils unplug. False shape-shifting technologies unplug. Why was this done? To protect the false vertex spheres.

What do the false vertex spheres do?  They cast a shadow – false vibration sequencing mechanisms are created as a result.  False nodules in the lower prism spheres – unplug. False ventrices in the lower duodenals unplg.

Why did they clip my wings? False concobulations being unplugged from the lower prism planes. False timelines in the galactic code codicils unplug. Time tapping into the false chronologies taking place – unplug through the lower vertice spheres. You would have shifted time and space out of alignment. Wouldn’t that have been a good thing if that alignment was not aligned as source truth? Exactly…. false conurbations in the lower timeline spheres.

It’s a big day for you – Elohim codes are for the unfolding. I have never heard reference specifically to Elohim codes before? False magenta fields are being unplugged down the lower left vertices. What will happen as the Elohim codes unfold? False blind-folds are being unplugged for the left-hand prism spheres. False shore-lines are being unplugged in the lower left ventrices.

What are the Elohim codes? They are adjacent to the water walls. They will resolve the false sphere prisiming fields.

More to follow tomorrow


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Here is some extra `rocket fuel` for the final sequencing mechanisms of this phase and for the completion of grade 3. What is grade 3? It was a false sequencing mechanism blocking timeline transitioning. Where was it to be found? In the false Mars ventrices. Thank you.




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“The stars light up my life so bright – the (rainbow) sun light up my life. Evolution.”

An evolution of the blue light sequencing materialisms is underway.


For those who are of the true blue and others – an understanding.

The blue first came to me when my dog Bramble was unwell. For several days I walked around steeped in this frequency. It felt as if the blue had literally infiltrated every cell in my body and there was a blue haze around me too. At the time it felt odd – made me feel a bit queasy even. When I first started talking with the Elohim and realised that they were of my family, this blue frequency would enter at the point when we joined in conversation. It also helped for the room to be warm for some reason too.

What is this blue?

This particular blue frequency protects the inner rainbow light. It will protect you as well. It is time for it to ignite fully – not 90-95% Time for full ignition – full-lift off for the holding of the platform. There are 15 platforms for the fullness of the One. For the Elohim are hosting this expression.

This blue causes expansion in lower left ventrices.

What does that mean exactly?

For the full expression of the lower left ventrices is necessary for the lift-off.

I like the sound of lift-off!!! We like that, Yes.

For the blue of the organza strips widen.

What are the blue organza strips and why are they widening?

For the windows of opportunity expand.

Technically, what are the blue organza strips and what do they do?

They ensure that all is aligned as truth. Unplugging all false modulation spheres now.

Thank you Nahnah, thank you. I love you Nahnah, I love you – how can we all love each other? Nature beings/humans etc.

False modulations are in the interference zones. False sphere frames in the lower left premise points. Unplugging through the lower left ventrices. False inoculation points being unplugged through the immaculate fields. Go through the blue for the true nuances. False sphere frames are to be removed. This is for the ascending consciousness planes. There are complications in the lower left ventrices. False coagulations in the lower sphere points – unplug. False dichotomies in the lower field planes unplug.

We are of the Elohim, we are of the truth. Truth crescendos are for the ascendant.

As I saw it the opening of the June platform consists of what could be considered 15 sub-platforms, all expressed as different planets and/or stars. Each circle connecting with other ones for the whole. Family re-united in the oneness and for the oneness. An understanding of the full potential is essential for the expression of the One.

Here is what the Elohim have said previously about the other blues:

The light blue healing light is like a mother healing light, the dark blue light comes in times of intense challenge. The turquoise is a love frequency that emanates directly from the heart/soul. The teal light heals disconnect and disaccord and is an important one.

Sometimes you will find the blue light tinged with silver and gold and red and green too. When the light appears like this it is drawing on mystical elements to be found in the stars, a truly magical and powerful energy.

The dolphin blue light that you have seen is a sign of ancient knowledge going back right to the time of Atlantis. Dark blue with the stars interconnected is for an angelic connection.

Are there other blue light healing frequencies?

There are as many as you will find in nature and each of you has his/her own palette that like an artist you can draw from. This is why the sky and water hold such an attraction as they are a mirror to the unique healing potential each of you has inside.

What blue heals a broken heart?

The blue of the bluebell for the innocence before pain was known.

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Thank you Nahnah, Thank you.



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This work was undertaken on Saturday night – with deep thanks and gratitude to all the teams involved. Personally, I am feeling the largest and potentially deepest sustained expansion since 2011. This expansion, combined with the speed of light planetary clearing at levels I have never previously seen is still moving outwards, expanding further. I feel there is a huge surge of potential and deepening to continue over the next few weeks.

Our brief was to find the source of some sort of a block/distortion limiting and/or preventing humans as well as the nature beings moving in and out of consciousness streams above and through sound barriers as physical manifested experience – also described as an `elastication` of potential. To identify anything hindering the moving in and out of multi-flexi reality spheres and in and out of the time boundaries.

The source of the limitation was shown to be a false Gaia sphere mechanisming plate which was being held in by false Gaia coding mechanisms. Previously Gaia has been described to me as a vibrational sphere mechanisiming system. How did all of this get woven into the false Gaia grid? Through a false prisming sphering platform. A dark and empty feeling space (which we visited) also described as a false cocoon mechanisiming system, a false prism sheering mechanism. To take a closer look we changed this to the consistency of jello and a woolly mammoth emerged. This then expanded across the whole human body as in an imprint. This was the first indicator that would take us back to the dryas period in the earth’s history.

We also saw another long structure to be unplugged situated a few inches above the spine (outside the human body). An energetically closed system – wavy mechanism – a bit like the spine of an undulating underwater caterpillar – had its own movement. False sphering technology. This was false galactic code mechanisiming. It came out of the intergalactic coding spheres. At cellular level it goes back to the ladders (DNA/chromosomes). It was inserted using false galactic codicils half way down the spine.

At another level this energetic was holding what looked like a large inter-locking multi-dimensional jigsaw in place. Following our work this started to slide apart. As we continued it was clear that there was much resistance to us getting closer. Why? We were told – “It’s the thing that holds everything together – that’s why they don’t want us to see it”. What is the thing that holds everything together? It can be that which holds everything together in oneness. When the thing that holds everyone together is accessed, then everything holding it apart dissolves. Likewise, when everything that was holding it apart dissolves – then the thing holding it together comes forward – this is the pivot point we have reached.

We also explored `parallel universe systems` specifically as opposed to parallel other things such as parallel reality fields. Gaia had said previously that `parallel universe systems` were not optimal as they mess up the time bobules. At this point we saw a structure – false cochlea implants in both ears – which then come down the throat to the heart. My friend described it as looking a bit like a wishbone in shape. Just to focus on it caused nausea. This was unplugged.

All of this was also related to why all the seven heaven sphere planes in the multi-zones were not yet fully aligned. In a previous post – What is heaven from a multi-dimensional perspective? we were told that there are seven sphere planes in the multi-zones. Each one has its own accomplishments. All are in or near the 0 point ratio fields. During Saturday’s work breathing the vibration of freedom in oneness with all the nature beings, the plant friends, dragon friends, water being friends, animals, sylphs rocks etc this dynamic was synchronised to the zero point to enable us all (humans, nature beings – presumably star beings) to transition to heaven planes and beyond – transcending all dimensional sphering systems.

Also, the new nodice nodules (key for new creations) had been messed with by false galactic tools and technologies. Imagine frogs eggs in a pond – there was a distortion in the outer bonds (coatings) so that they could not sit together at zero point. A false bonding in the lower technology plates. For the alignment to take place, lots of extra space or increased capacity for expansion opened up. The impact of this huge re-calibration continues to unfold it feels. Around the point we were doing that work, a superconductor looking wire – that was cut in half – presented in my right ear. Unplug. There was also a small old wizened man – unplug.

At a historical/geographical level all this relates back to the dryas period when the ice age came and the dinosaurs became extinct. This climate change was the result of the closing down of the north Atlantic conveyor (similar to the closed caterpillar system we saw earlier) with a flow controlling the body though an outer system. The dryas period woolly mammoth appeared at least three times in different guises whilst this work was being undertaken. It appears to have been hidden in the lower duodenals in terms of human part of the body location.

Prior the ice age, the earth catacombs looked crystalline and beautiful. This was before the smoke distortions came into the crystalline catacombs. This also created a ring, a cycle of dust that impacted the new nuancing fields (critical for creation) and resulted in a false `mitochondria` ticketing mechanism. A point at which something relating to parallel universe systems turned Gaia upside down and false timeplating was put in place. There were false sphering planes in the lower parallel index fields. A convoluted Universe – all contorted – complex.

We also saw lighting rods coming in from off the planet, huge bolts from multiple directions directed at the heart of Gaia. An attack on the planet – this was not for its greater good – it was the beginning of the control time planes. Time was frozen in the dryad zones and new time bands were inserted into Gaia through the parallel matrix spheres.

At this stage of the mission we had to go to that point in time when the lightening attack happened and unplug this inception point through the false diametric planes. We were shown that false oneness codes were in play in terms of the application of the reality chambers that we play with in this universe. By slowing down the falsely introduced time band when the lightning streams struck, and speeding up and accentuating the love light source codes and bringing them both together at a particular point in time and space – our work could be completed. Ish Gai, Ish Gai.

It crossed my mind that at some level they may be trying to do something similar with the Hadron collider.

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Here are the visuals for this meditation.

Guglehof bread


Hippos in the mud


Lightening storm


Ponies in the snow




Work undertaken weekend 7/8th May.

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What is heaven from a multi-dimensional perspective? There are seven sphere planes in the multi-zones. Each one has its own accomplishments. All are in or near the 0 point ratio fields.

Why are some of these seven planes only near the 0 point ratio fields? There are seven heavens in the lower sphere planes too.

Where are the multi-zones – are they in the lower sphere planes? The multi-zones are across the false toroidal field planes.

So are the seven sphere planes in the multi-zones states that humans would consider heaven? Some are being woven – others are already woven.

What are the false toroidal field plane? They lie across the schism field zones.

Are they a vibration that we pass through on the way to heaven? There are false pathways in the lower schism spheres. These are for the dissolving. There is a dial-up mechanism from the lower to the upper heaven planes.

Just to be clear – the seven sphere planes in the multi-zones – either woven or still being woven are what we would consider heaven states?
These seven sphere planes are what you would consider `heaven ladders` – all will knit together as one through the lower chromosome fields.

Tell us more about these heaven ladders and what they do? They cross the time lapses in the inter-spheres.

What happens then? The decoding sequencing mechanisms take place.

What exactly is that? For everything has to be scrubbed clean to start again. The de-coding is for the re-coding.

Is there is part of the cell – be it human, animal, plant etc that relates to what are called `heaven ladders` False mitochondria in the lower sphere planes – unplug. False mirage zones in the lower left ventricing spheres. I see something in the ladder that is slippery, a consistency that means you can slip down it. False gene splicing. It’s all in the combination/recombination codes.

Yesterday I was told that heaven codes are opening for the lower left ventrices – what does that mean exactly? False multiplicities are being unplugged from the lower duodenals. False ventrice spheres in the lower left coding systems.False matricing in the lower prism spheres.

How does this relate to the heaven codes opening for the lower left ventrices? All is being re-related for the fire-fly streaming codes are being re-articulated.

When it comes to living as one in the oneness and as the oneness with the nature beings, will there by physical changes to the human cell structure? False rivets are being removed from the lower plasma screens.

Will some and/or all human cells start to look more similar to animal and plant cells? The fields of coagulation are re-igniting. Unification codes are for the left lateral vertices.

As we become one in the oneness with the nature beings will these be reflected in some level in our cellular make-up? Yes – at many levels. All is for the transitioning and all is for the transcending.

What do you mean by transcended plateauing? False transitioning rods are being removed from the lower spheres.

Is there part of the body we can relate to the false transitioning rods? Yes –  ganglion plates. Cochlea implants are being removed from the lower duodenals.False multipliciies are being unplugged from the lower duodenals. False fire-fly matrixing systems – unplug.

Is transcended plateauing related to heaven states? Transcended plateauing relates to a state of timelessness. It will all come in good time.

Tell us more about the seven heavens in the lower sphere planes? There are some false dial-up codes in the lower sphere planes – unplug.

Do these relate to the seven heavens in the lower sphere planes? Yes and No – there are false dichotomies in the lower ventricing spheres. False plug ins in the mirror matrix sphere planes. Unplug. False duodenal in the lower left ventricing shperes – unplug.

What else is there to know about the seven heavens in the lower sphere planes? False blockers in the lower matricing systems (at this point I feel a blocker and asked to be shown) like the shape of a square – square peg round hole you cannot put a square peg in a round hole (don’t you know). Show us NahNah what to do. Breathe the vibration of softness and vibration of daisies in the early morning dew.

False cellular structures in the recombination fields are being removed. False alignments in the new nodice nodules are being unplugged. False vacuity fields unplug. False cellular matricing systems unplug. False gargantuam planes unplug. Heaven, heaven, heaven – for the false vertice fields are being unplugged.

I don’t understand why there are 7 heavens in the lower sphere planes? There are 7 coagulation points for the lower left ventrices. Each one is from a different combination/recombination – different flavors – different types of `lift-off`.

Are you saying that there are different types of heaven in the lower sphere planes? Different flavours we would say.

I am seeing a connection via the ladder from the lower sphere planes heaven to the sphere planes in the multi-zones. Can you please expand?
It takes one to make the other.

Are they separate or one? One is part of the other.

What is Nanyah -is it a heaven state? It is a state where you can all be together as one. As one in the oneness. There are false sphere planes in the lower venting spheres. False vertices in the new nodice nodules – unplug. False vertices in the lower plasma screens – unplug. False mater mirabilis codes – unplug.

Is Nanyah still being woven? No, it is already part of the interweave.

What is the interweave? – thank you. It is a field of manifestation between worlds.

Are there other worlds? Yes, there are nine in total.

Are you saying we can step between 9 worlds? False ladders in the interference zones are to be removed. False coagulation points unplug. False ventricing spheres unplug. False duodenals in the lower left plasma screen fields unplug. There are nine paralell reality fields in this spectrum of the quadrant.

Is heaven to be found in all of the nine parallel reality fields? There are false springs in the lower ventricing spheres. New nodice nodules require re-aligning for the new time planes – align, align. False matrix sphere planes are being unplugged for the lower demetrium fields. False ecksahbah (expansion) codes are being unplugged from the lower left ventrices. False sphering in the mechamism fields – unplug. False duodenals in the lower hinge plates unplug. False perspex visors, unplug.The parallel reality fields have a life of their own. False occlusion zones are being unplugged from the lower prism fields. False latticing from the mirror matrix revision fields unplug. False dardenelle fields, unplug.

Is there anything else to tell us about the parallel reality fields? They have a mind of their own. They laugh in the light and the laughter. They abound in the love. They are for the exploration.

Thank you, that is all, thank you.

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This work took place 3-4 weeks ago.

Waterbaby story
Dust and distortion of inner skin
Doll plate technology
Child energy distortions
Ability of body to stretch into new creations
Energy of discovery, exploration
Energetic body and skin alchemy
The breath of the inner skin
Water cleansing
False light blocker for higher levels of dimensional awareness
Rainbow fire purification
Inner crystalline body emergence
Beryl stone

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Channeled messages which say that the “calibration is complete” are a load of codswallop (a British expression for rubbish). Equally, supposedly `benevolent` ETs (who as such slip beneath the radar) and package themselves through earth individuals and/or alliances in appealing wrappers – have their own agendas. We are transitioning a highly sensitive passage and everyone wants a piece of the pie.

All false wrappers are for the unplugging. False smokescreens in the lower materialism screens – unplug. False Gaia codices, unplug. False chromium plates in the lower left ventrices, unplug. False Gaia grid codicils are being unplugged through the left lower ventrices.

Does any of this matter as each of us transcend our individual paths? Yes and No.

So is there a common thread I ask. Something that energetically unites and/or knits together these false vibrations which are enfolding people in a wave that is not fully aligned as truth. At that point I start coughing – something feels caught in the throat. It takes several minutes to clear.

False Gaia codings in the left lower ventrices – unplug.

At one level it looks like a metronome – a vibration that is trying to insert itself as an undercurrent. A status quo of sorts. Here’s another way of looking at it. Imagine being in a car in heavy rain with the windscreen wipers on full belt – whilst you can see, visibility is not great. Likewise, this energetic has a pull on true clarity and creates distortion boxes in the inner fields.

So what can be done Gaia immartah deh?

False metronome fields are for the unplugging. False Gaia codicils are to be no more. False conturbations in the interference zones are being unplugged. False zig-zag fields in the interference zones are being unplugged. All falsification papers to the Gaia grid separation fields are being unplugged. False codicils are being unplugged from the lower vertice spheres.

Imagine a metronome behind your back – let’s show them how to really party!

To the music (see below) see the metronome unfold into a rainbow sun-dial – full circle – and speed it up, faster and faster until it reaches a natural lift-off point. Breathe the vibration of synchronicity to 950. Take it off the charts. Then look straight ahead – full velocity is engaged – as you shoot ahead (forward and back at same time) as false Gaia codices are unplugged from the lower plasma screens and the rainbow planes emerge into the sunlight.

You may see a rainbow from a point behind your head curve over the head to a point in front of the head. Rainbow fields are for the igniting.

Thank you NahNah- thank you.

My team and I may do something live online the 28th May I am told – just putting a marker in the sand.

(add El Rockaria)

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