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This work took place last weekend – I was going to publish it earlier in the week but was guided to hold back.

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This work took place earlier in the week over a two-hour period, so I have divided them into two one hour segments as it was quite long. Interestingly, in each instance we get a comprehensive overview 1) how and why that AI was put in place 2) its unplug at a higher level and 3) the human body aspect and that unplug. Thank you to all the nature beings and teams that took part.

AI/mind control unplug

Part 1

AI/mind control unplug

Part 2


Copyright © 2016 Nicola Bosdet. All Rights Reserved.

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This work took place last Saturday 4th June.



Illumination tube to find false fields of light

Countries/cities of planet help to bring in this new weave

Frontal lobel of head and AI energetics

Structure impacting human consciousness at centre of planet which extends outwards to moon – a false weighting system

Closure of external tunnels into our reality fields

Dark water energy at high bubble point – a stretch point that cannot go further reflected in human limit to conscious expansion – takes up large bandwidth in human consciousnes

At a cellular level, creates a stress intention – a false prism sphering mechamism

Consciousness expansion exercise

False sequencing mechanism plugs into heart of planet and its cycles weather etc

White opal comes in to help – opens multi-dimensional exploration at many levels

False netting in brain  – AI syncnronisation plates

Eyes – AI in iris

Circular blocker behind the eye spinning to the left connected to AI in Iris

Tonal connection to false sphering mechanism

False starmap unplugged

False metranome fields – playing field of false prisiming technologies

Reversing of love light technologies through the false prism spheres

The exploration/study of these technologies by a beingness

The experiment is complete – box ticked

A Gift – an understanding of something that has been holding back human consciousness

False cascade system preventing the skin of the earth breathing fully with the stars at a cellular human physical level too

Thin black line around outer cellular structure/coating – false timewarp system

False black star technology – unplugging through paralell reality fields

Human consciousness expansion field and coming together

Moving forward, new bouncy fluid, inspirational rotational energy – the acceleration of 7 points

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