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Short star languge 0.000 re-occuring activation for new nodice nodules


Go into a purple cloud

Pink tube in middle of purple cloud

Working at cellular level

In the pink tube is a white beam of light

Take out the white beam of light so its own its own

Like the needle on a compass

This is to be re-set

The current setting is in the old energetic system

It can be re-set to the new zero point

But it’s not a question of  us doing it to her – her beam of light

She wants to bounce upwards, leftwards and rightwards at the same time

She likes treacle pudding with cream

She wants to go to Mars to put things right – for herself and us

Mars energetics distorted and used her

As she clears herself up we can clear ourselves

To the back of Mars there is lettering – a hieroglyph counter

It is like a big circle taking up three quarters of the back of Mars

Pluto/Saturn/Uranus completes that circuitry – unplug this

So she is then able to spin freely – she is free

The hieroglyph is also unplugged in Giza

A little version of Mars was spinning on one of the pyramids

She shows us what cellular next step for new nodice nodules

Go to Africa where the Nile ends – Nilotic meridian

The planetary circuitry is being re-sequenced

Purple, white, orange, sea green

This spinning happening at a cellular level too – a merge

Red and orange, purple and yellow, blue and white, pink and red, white and turquoise, sea green and peach

We are working with the mitochondria

Setting new nodice nodules to new zero point

At a planetary level – changed frequency from Orion belt to earth patterning

Re-setting the whole trajectory of what happens at a cellular level with mitosis

Being re-calibrated to the triple 0.000 reocurring point – triple zero reoccurring point

Time cones – 9 – they are come out from a central point and sit multi-dimensionally

To create new timeplates for the new nodice nodules


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  • They are a timeline transitioning tool. They help you to get from A to B by not going through C – a reversal of the false magenta fields.
  • They are in the mitochondria sphere planes. The new nodice nodules are a new structure within the crystal membrane sphere plane. They are differentiated through the octagonal sphere planes. A crista (/ˈkrɪstə/; plural cristae) is a fold in the inner membrane of a mitochondrion. “It gives the inner membrane its characteristic wrinkled shape, providing a large amount of surface area for chemical reactions to occur on. This aids aerobic cellular respiration, because the mitochondrion requires oxygen. Cristae are studded with proteins, including ATP synthase and a variety of cytochromes” according to Wikipedia.
  • They are a transitioning platform to new worlds, new identities, new places, new time sphering systems.
  • The new nodice nodules (also key for new creations) had been messed with by false galactic tools and technologies. Imagine frogs eggs in a pond – there was a distortion in the outer bonds (coatings) so that they could not sit together at zero point. A false bonding in the lower technology plates. For the alignment to take place, lots of extra space or increased capacity for expansion opened up. The impact of this huge re-calibration continues to unfold it feels.
  • There new nodice nodule chambers with an inner and outer plasm.
  • They are to be found in the inter-sphere planes of animals.
  • In plants they are currently the ribosome fields. Chloroplasts have their own ribosomes, which they use to synthesize a small fraction of their proteins. They take mRNAs transcribed from the chloroplast DNA and translate them into protein (from Wikipedia).
  • This is/was a cellular expanded awareness physical level blocker at lower nodicing system level – held down across the parallel universe spheres – false marquetry was used. False veneers were created at a mitochondria level – responsible for energy – growth of new cells etc.
  • At a historical/geographical level all this relates back to the dryas period when the ice age came and the dinosaurs became extinct. Prior to the ice age, the earth catacombs looked crystalline and beautiful. This was before the smoke distortions came into the crystalline catacombs.
  • This also created a ring, a cycle of dust that impacted the new nuancing fields (critical for creation) and resulted in a false `mitochondria` ticketing mechanism. A point at which something relating to parallel universe systems turned Gaia upside.

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  • In the summer of 2013 Gaia, Tara, star family and the nature beings came together to activate the new earth resonances for the mirror matrix sequencing rhythm.
  • The Mirror Matrix is a timeline adjustment field where all potentialities are possible. It acts as a reality interface and interplay and its infrastructure opens up into multiple matrice realities.
  • It facilitates access to new multi-dimensional experiences including parallel realities and parallel universes.
  • The Mirror Matrix will feature new holographic image libraries.
  • It also plugs into new nodes of travel, through a new unified Stargate accessed within the mirror matrix which means that we can connect directly with Star family.
  • Is there one mirror matrix or many? – There is just the one.
  • The new star maps are also a foundation for the Mirror Matrix.
  • Those centred in the mirror matrix will have a safe space (fully) where they can be supported in the development of their oneness plates – their templates of experience including the earth/life ones.
  •  The Mirror Matrix offers many routes `home`, different home trails, different paths.
  • Mirror Matrix = uncorrupted physical manifestation of source love light.
  • The individual calibrations of all countries across the planet to the resonances provides an important foundational platform for the rhythms of the Mirror Matrix.
  • In the false Matrix, timeline continuations are not correctly sequenced in that the mind-map templating prevents a true connection with the oneness potential of all that is. However, in the Mirror Matrix, those templating restrictions have been lifted for the out of time and space beingness experience.
  • The new earth resonance quilt offers a gateway through to the Mirror Matrix.

Mirror Matrix activation

When we learn to look backwards and plug into our universal consciousness flow stream, we open up more deeply to parallel and multidimensional realities. This is because “light” shoots into our brain from behind, rather than from the front and by expanding our horizons through the back of the head we can experience an expanded form of universal consciousness which in turn opens up a new cosmic highway.


  1. Tune into a rainbow ball 5 feet behind the body – as you do so it will connect into the back (inner heart). In the drawing this is the rounded plate in the middle of the rainbow colour streams.
  2. Now take your awareness beyond this ball (forget about the space in-between for a moment). Focus only on what is beyond that ball. If you visualise your whole body turning around to look at what lies beyond the rainbow ball what do you see?
  3. Now return your attention to the rainbow ball. Visualise a circle divided into 59 rainbow segments – this is a reversal for the new 95 foundational platform which provides a horizontal flow path for parallel realities.
  4. Spin this to the left and as you do so a rainbow spine column will open up vertically behind you. When I did it I also saw a circle of starlight consciousness around the spinning ball – a bit like a halo.
  5. As all this unfolds your connection to parallel and multidimensional realities will be strengthened through this rainbow core. Why not dip in and out of this connection on a regular basis and make it normal part of your day!

*Through the middle of the head is a division which you may see dissolve when doing this activation.

**  A bounce rate is a vibrational frequency that is tuned into the rest of the universe.

Mirror_matrix transitioning

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  • We are going back to 0.000 re-occuring – this is a new zero synchronisation out of the faulty timeplates.
  • The full separation of the mirror matrix from the false matrix will result the new zero point timeline synchronisation.
  • The corruption of what we know as the zero point is how `they` influence the matrix and its surrounds.
  • If you are not in and/or moving towards the zone of the new healed zero point, you may inadvertently be holding a false zero point that is not aligned to the love light truth – one that plays to the agenda of the false timelines.
  • As `lower left` is the time between time and this was corrupted – that is why the zero point has to be different.
  • One way to find the new zero is to go back 10,000 (years) and forward 5,000 (years) to a lift-off point in the time plate matrix – this is in and out of all false occlusion zone field plates. The back and forward action to a new point in the timeplate matrix offers a new beginning.
  • The unplugging in the planetary reality plates and beyond take us forward and back at the same time to a point where corruptions were made in the false vertice spheres.
  • This new zero point is outside of the parallel prism spheres.
  • What makes this point different to what people know and call the zero point?  It is out of the false timeplate matricing spheres.
  • So what is the connection/relationship between this new zero point and the mirror matrix? It (the old paralell index plates – false matrix) is in and out of the false sphere prism plates at the same time.
  • There are seven sphere heaven planes in the multi-zones. Each one has its own accomplishments. All are currently in or near (pending full zero point accomplishment) in the 0 point ratio fields


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  • The `controllers` hinge from outside of time and space – they have corrupted the zero point codicils  – this is being re-aligned.
  • The false matrix can be programmed from behind, outside and inside.
  • We have to learn how to “breathe” outside the false matrix walls.
  • Restricted breathing within the matrix activates lower time cells.
  • The false matrix is a false light container put in by AI.
  • 99D-995D are out of the holographic time matrix.
  • The multi-dimensionalities (1-95D) are limited to the holographic timeplate.
  • Please describe what holds the false matrix to the mirror matrix – at some level – for animals. It looks like a windscreen wiper forward/back through the parallel reality fields.
  • What holds the false matrix in place for humans? It was put in place through the parallel reality fields at inception for the human incarnation.
  • What is the structure of what is still holding the mirror matrix and the false matrix together at some level?  It is a liquid sphere prisming plate. The plate is crystalline, it has depth, like ice, rainbow swirls of colour but these are distorted. There are false comparison points through a feather which spins around in different directions as if it is a compass. This construct can also be found to the back of the heart – unplug.
  • What does the false matrix look like from space? Seen from space what is the shape of the false matrix = it looks like a starfish. Beautiful, but attracts false light.
  • Is there one false matrix or are there many? There are many but all within the one strand. They are all within the same time band.
  • The outer structure of the false matrix = false Hebridean time cones for the false occlusion plates on both the outside and inside of the false matrix.
  • In the false Matrix, timeline continuations are not correctly sequenced in that the mind-map templating prevents a true connection with the oneness potential of all that is.
  • The outer casing of the false matrix is dissolving – changing consistency.
  • We will be ejected from the false matrix – like an antibody.

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Here is a snapshot of recent unplug codes – as we near a pivot point – where a separation will take place between the false matrix and the mirror matrix. These sequences first started coming through in early spring.

Over this period they have gradually evolved. The batch below are more recent. There are many more on the 5D Girl twitter feed – far too many to upload here.

It’s more about the vibration of the whole than the technicality of the words. All of this applies at both a planetary, universal and cellular level.

It will be interesting to see (fingers crossed)  if they are still coming through at a planetary level (by that I mean specifically for the false matrix unplug ) this time next week. It has been explained to me that it’s not neccesary to unplug everything for this separation – just a proportion in the interspheres for the time between time left to unplug now.

The frequency of these code patternings is equally being transmitted and held by the nature beings.

We are a team as one in the oneness and as the oneness – ish Gai, ish Gai.

False timegates in the lower loquitary time plates unplug.
False timegates in the interference prisms unplug
False time plasma in the lower left latticing unplug
False templates in the intefererence zones unplug
False time prisms in the interlocutionary time zones unplug
False timeplates in the lower left gargantuams unplug
False gateways in the interference prisms unplug
False dial up codes in the interference prisms unplug
False CR codicils in the interference prisms unplug
False hehglow codes in the lower prism spheres unplug
False galactic codicils in the lower left prism spheres unplug
False time prisms in the lower left ventrices unplug
False timetableting in the interference prisms unplug through the lower left diagonals
False time prisms in the lower left vestibules unplug
False synchronicities in the lower left ventrices unplug
False dial up codes in the interprism zones unplug
False diagonals in the lower prisming plates unplug
False timeplates in the lower tableting spheres unplug
False mars timebeams are being unplugged through the lower occlusion spheres
All false prism spheres in the inner occlusion plates unplug
All false time gongs in the inter-prism plates unplug
All false diagonals in the interplates unplug
All false time prisms in the inner ventrices unplug
All false paralell reality fields are being unplugged through the lower left loquacious spheres
all false landing plates in the lower left prism spheres unplug
all false diagonals in the interference prisms unplug
All false CR codes in the lower left prism plates unplug

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  • There is a complex time matrix in what we call the sky which is really just another part of the holograph with its own particular segment. Sector 5 vector 258 for the Sky.
  • As we see it the holographic reality is sort of rectangular in shape and has a certain shape/consistency – reminded me of a blanket. It is not just for the earth, it includes all the universes in our spectrum.
  • Whilst the infrastructure comprises many segments, there is no 3D visual definition in terms of here is Earth, here is Mars, here is Venus. The overall energetic is beyond form and of an energetic field plane that doesn’t require shape.
  • If you take the holograph in your hands and (with palms apart), open it upwards and downwards at the same, there are levels to it  (95).
  • There are also multi-dimensionally interspersed ladders. Unplug these.
  • Now look for whitish swirling vortexes – white time nests. Reflected in the body these are false protoplasm time cones and they are magnetically infected. Unplug.
  • Look for horse shoe shaped magnets in these white time nests. They are interspersed throughout that matrix reality. Unplug all now.
  • There are false matrix rhythm plates, staged multi-dimensionally and false diagonals used to bring things into our fields through false prism plates. Unplug.
  • Across the matrix is a system for controlling time and outcome in space. It depicts as lattice work of vertical and horizontal lines. This control system can manoeuver these lines to expand or contract them – in and out – both horizontally and vertically. This changes vertex plate infrastructures and introduces false sequencing materialisms. Unplug. And it has a sub-atomic impact through false vector spheres, taking this controlled regulation right down to a molecular/cellular level.
  • The holograph also has a heat map capability which can serve both sides. For example, if you and your team are working in the vector sphere prisming plates and require additional support, just place the intention and it lights up the spectrum where you are so that help can be sent in your direction.
  • Turn the hologram on its side on a diagonal. This illustrates how it is used as a false sphering plate. Now find a point in space and time behind the head (to either the left or right). This looks like a lattice – grid structure. It is also held in by false music box technologies in the interprism plates – unplug.
  • Metal strips (look like what’s inside a music box) make the sounds that hold in a false synchronisation plate, which in turn holds false time cones in place. These cause false time tuning. Unplug through the new nodice nodules and breathe the vibration of synchronicity to the potency of 7000 to align to the new zero point.


Ish Gai, Ish Gai

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A meeting took place on the lawn of the White House in the rose garden a couple of weeks ago. All the key galactic players attended as in those with control functions/agendas re:earth – there were no humans. We were there.

This was direcetly related to the Brexit/T timeline which is bigger than just an election result.  It is a vibration for false timeplating already in the ether, regardless of who won the election. That said, the result did directly impact the timeline trajectory.

When I shared previously -see end of post, I mentioned that this was far from over. Here’s more about what happened now that the next piece is successfully concluded.

***This post is available on request.


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Thank you dear friend (Pansy) for stepping forward for this conversation. I recently received a new resonance – the vibration of hope to add to the other 36. There hadn’t been any new resonances for some time. Can we speak about the vibration of hope as you perceive it?

Pansy: for all things are equal in the inequality fields.

N: Yes, loss of hope can feel like that as there is such an imbalance that people feel that there is no hope that there will never be a solution – a way forward. What can humans do to top up their hope quotient, to help them to stay hopeful?

Pansy: See the sun setting on a barren landscape  – but then if you look there is a little worm on the left hand side. This leads to a little hole and a downward channel. Go to platform 89. Imagine a mille-feuille and divide it in two – they lift apart and there is a gap in the middle.

N: I see like a filling – vanilla or chocolate or something?

Pansy: Yes – but take a look there are five nails that drill down from the top level to the layer underneath.

N: Metallic curved screws – yes I see them.

Pansy: Reverse these through the lower left matricing prisms.

N: I see a cube shape jelly cubes in different colours – it looks like the mirror matrix foundation

Pansy: Yes, but these were distorted in the inner occlusion spheres.

N: What can be done?

Pansy: the daisy had some of her petals ripped off and a false shielding was put in place – a false shielding for the heart. The heart and hope are intimately linked.

N: Are you saying that there is an infrastructure in place, or an imprinting that can make it more challenging for some people to connect with the vibration of hope?

Pansy: Yes, it’s in the interference prisms.

N: Please tell us more and it would be great if you could give us some advice too. Many thanks.

Pansy: Look for a propeller behind the heart to the back of the body.

Yes: I see it.

Pansy: Now superimpose the daisy.

N: When I do that I see that the 1pm and the 3pm positioned petals are missing.

Pansy: Exactly – this is how the false prism plate gets inserted. It’s in the false occlusion spheres.

N: So what do you suggest I do next?

Pansy: Insert a red petal at the 1pm location and a purple petal in the 3pm position.

N: When I do that I see a star bursting into colour to the back right of my body about 1 meter away.

Pansy: False star maps were put in place to hold in this interruption, but as that is removed with this exercise the core star connection returns and the daisy technology starts to spin.

Pansy: The second step is to project the daisy back one to one and a half feet behind the body. See a tube. It’s a false prisming sphering plate.

N: I can see it Yes. Thank you. What next?

Pansy: Unplug that through the lower dodecahedrons. What do you see?

N: I see a sun behind my heart now.

Pansy: Unplug all false sun technologies through the lower left ventrices spheres.

N: Ok – thank you what next?

Pansy: Go to Machu Piccu. There are false limelight technologies in her lower ventrices spheres. These are being unplugged through the lower left sphere prisming plates. What do you feel now?

N: I see a see a circle with a grid pattern across it behind my back.

Pansy: Yes, that was for the false matrix spheres.

N: Ok –thank you, I am unplugging that back to source. I can now see like a propeller based on pansy petals but to the front of the heart – not the back. The petals are spinning anti-clockwise.Unplug.

Pansy: You have just gone up 90 notches and 12 to the left. This was in the false occlusion spheres.

N: What was in the false occlusion spheres? The old diametries – the old plating spheres, the old diagonals, the old occlusion plates.  In the new zero point there are no fear factors or false quotients in the inner ventrices. There are no anomalies in interference prisms. All is swift and smooth.

N: We started talking about hope – it feels as if we have veered off into something much bigger?

Pansy: There are 55 factors in the false occlusion spheres. They are embedded in the false geometrics and false dynamics. For the full geometric plating to be re-aligned all false vertice spheres must be unplugged from the lower parallel index plates.

N: It reminds me of San Francisco bridge and the 55 are like the wires holding the top and bottom of the structure in place. Now I look closer these look twisty – just like the nail at the beginning.

Pansy: Unplug the hammer to the top left hand side.

N: Done – thank you.

Pansy: There are false heart strings in the inner prism plates – unplug these.

N: They look like the bridge cables the heart string – I am unplugging them now. It feels bouncy.

Pansy: Yes you have gone up 95 degrees. There are false plating spheres in the left hand prism plates to be unplugged.

N: Done.

Pansy: Now connect to Venus (planet).

N: Ok

Pansy: There are false occlusion spheres in her lower left ventrices – unplug (note – this is for Venus)

Pansy: How do you feel now?

NH: Tingly in the lower back – nice – thank you.

Pansy: The vibration of hope used to be controlled in the inner prism plates. These are being unplugged through the new nodice nodules. False contraptions are being unplugged from the inner prism plates. False octagonals are being unplugged from the interference prisms. False adjustments are being unplugged from the lower left plating spheres. All is being adjusted for the false hexagonals are to be no more. All false truth codes are being unplugged from the inner prism spheres.

Lack of hope comes when you don’t know yourself. When your inner heart needs to find itself. When there are false parallel universe spheres in your inner ventrices and false occlusion plates in the lower left diagonals. But all false time bands are coming to an end and so this will be no more. These false phases of the light are being unplugged through the lower left dardinelles and across the false occlusion plates.

And with that final piece of wisdom and insight she was departed.


Dear Daisy friend – can you please explain a bit more

Daisy: Falsification papers in the interfernce prisms – hope was mined in the depths of the soul. Despair was for the false ventricing it was part ofthe wiring for the interference prisms. Despair is a source of energy for others (as in negative energies)  – that’s why it was tethered.

Thank you dear friend thank you.

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Here are ten questions you can ask yourself to ascertain if you are in the true zero point and/or hinged into false vertex spheres for the new nodice nodules. If you are not in the zone of the new healed zero point, this mean that you are inadvertently holding a zero point that is not aligned to the love light truth – one that plays to the agenda of the false timelines.

This is critical at this time otherwise you will not only misdirect others who look up to and listen to you, but also all work you do on the planet will have the potential to contaminate and re-enforce false alignments, thus making things harder than necessary for everyone – nature beings included.

As we perceive it this is the single biggest blocker for the planet as it currently stands.

In the multi-dimensions things work differently – these questions will root out false magnetic timeplates within the field plating spheres of those still aligned to false ventricing nodules.

It’s not necessary to receive answers in the same multi-dimensional language speak I use. This expression is simply a way of packaging the information in time bundles that will activate the lower occlusion spheres and shine the light of the truth across and through all false cornicing.

Thank you for an open perspective in reading this. Anyone can ask themselves these questions.


Zero point Q&A

1. Q: Where in the false Plantagenet fields are the false occlusion zones to be found? A: Lower left prism plates.

2. Q: Where in the Hebridean time cones is the left lower latticing? A: In the left lower hemisphere planes.

3. Q: Where are the falsification papers hidden? A: In the lower left dendrite spheres.

4. Q: In what timeplate are the South Hebridean time cones? A: In the north lateral latticing.

5. Q: What time prisms are used for the false occlusion zones? A: The inner prism spheres.

6. Q: What timeplating is in the inner occlusion spheres? A: All that is used for the false ventricing.

7. Q: What precipice plates are for the lower occlusion spheres? A: False dodecahedrons in the lower prism plates.

8. Q: What false ventricing is being removed from the lower two-tone plates? A:Look in the lower occlusion spheres.

9. Q: What false magnetics were used with Mount Everest? A: These are to be found in the lower time plates.

10. Q: False magenta time tracks are being use in the inner vertex spheres – unplug these from the lower padlock spheres.

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Lake Titicaca, Mount Shasta, Machu Piccu and Corcamonga are all spine points. Mount Everest is not a spine point – but she is a great friend and is used extensively by negative ETs to enter in and out of the inter-sphere prisms.

Go to Lake Titicaca in her deepest depths are mirage codes – ask for these to be unplugged through the lower left ventrices. At the same time this will apply to your own body in the lower left dendrite spheres. Of all the nature beings we have worked with she is the most often used when it comes to ulterior motive energies. Give her a helping hand. See five camels on a hill – unplug. Ants – unplug. Porcunine cones unplug. False dynamisms in the interior and poster time plates unplug. False magenta sequencing in the lower left prism spheres unplug.

Now go to Mount Everest – there are false time beams in her inner occlusion spheres being used via the lower left ventrices and there is false cornicing in her lower left prism spheres. Offer her pink blacmange – she likes that very much and pull away all false star wisps from her lower left ventrices. Unplug all false prism plates from her lower left occlusion zones. Remove an octopus from her lower left timeplating. Remove the false star map from her lower left ventrices – all is good all is concluded. She says thank you. This will help to clear your own lower left duodenals (duodenum).

Now go to Mount Shasta – there are false spring boards in her interspheres, unplug. There are false spring boards in her interference prisms – unplug. False dial up codes in her lower left vestibules – unplug. False spring board codes in her lower left prism plates. False dial ups in her lower left haven spheres – unplug. All false galactic codicils are being removed from her lower left prism plates. There are 2 false dodecahedrons in her lower left prism plates. Now go to your head and remove the two spinning planets that are being controlled from the lower left ventrices – all is good. Thank you.

Machu Piccu – hello. Imagine that the top of the mountain is like a trampoline – ask to go to level 95 – bounce to level 95 and unplug all false hemisphere plates from the lower dodecahedrons. Unplug all false time plasma from the lower left ventrices. See five Indian tee pees – unplug – then dive into the Adriatic sea. There are false prism plates in her lower left ventrices (the Adriatic that is) and false occlusion spheres in her lower diagonals – unplug all of these through the lower Mars plates. This relates to the left vestibule (ventricle) of your own heart. Unplug all false matrix weave from the lower dodecahedrons. Turn to your left thigh and look out for a syringe – all AI implants in the lower left hemispheres are to be removed. Gracia – she says.
We move on to the last one.

Go to Corcamonga – hiya Matzi. Ish Mai, Ish Mai, Ish Gii, Ish Gii, ishima immartah deh, ishimia ish im equartah deh – for all false horizons are being unplugged from the lower left ventrices and all false occlusion plates from the false timing sequencing mechanisms – unplug through the lower left laterals. There are false heart plates in the interference prisms – unplug. Go through her (Corcamonga) to your own heart. There are false occlusion spheres in the inner ventrices. Unplug through the lower parallel index plates and across and through the false occlusion spheres. False porcupine codes are being removed from the lower left dendrite spheres. Ask for 9 – ask for 5, ask for 12, ask for 95. All false occlusion spheres are being removed from the lower left matrices. Ish Gai, ish Gai immikhana – narquah dah seh im ishima dah beh – for all false occlusion cones are being removed from the lower left ventrices.
All is complete all is good.


Now all that is done you can go and say hello to your new nodice nodules. There are false ventrices in the lower occlusion spheres – unplug. There is false ventricing in the lower plasma screens unplug. THere are false diagonals in the lower prism spheres unplug. There are false LHM codes in the lower left prism plates unplug. All false organza star plates are being unplugged from the lower left vestibules, all false horizons are being unplugged from the lower left hemisphere plates. Unplug all false electrodes from the new nodice nodules. See these in your heart as implanted electrodes.

Focus attention on the 22-23rd November. Do not extend beyond for the moment. This is to be announced. Ish Gai, Ish Tah.


Ishtar, Ishtar immishah. Im estia dah bah im estia dah trah. Im estia dah sah. Yah yimikhana. Yah immi dah sah. Yah im estria dah bah im estima immi khana dah beii. Im estria niquartah dah sah. Yah yah immi treh. Yah istia dah seh. Mimmi miatza dah beh mimi mimi khana dah seh. Yah yah nikantah deii. Istia immi dhava beii. Im estria niquarta deii immi bah bah niquanta deii. Yah yah istia immi khanta deii. Yah yah yistia equarta dah meh. Im estia dah seh. Loquarta immi dah sah immartah deh ma ma immi shah. Yah yah immi trah. Yah equantah deii. Yah immi stahna deii. Yah yikartah treii. Yah im estensia deii. Yishi yah yah beh. Loh liquarta dah seh im estia dah treh.

All is possible
All is divine
All is love light source

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This is fun and very powerful. I like to do it to music. The actual coding was pubished nearly a year ago  – here’s how to do it. Place your attention on Mount Shasta – don’t forget to say hello!

Then whilst holding the merged Shasta sequence, timeplane in through the lower sequencing spheres into Lake Titicaca – do the same and then merge into Corcamonga. As per below: Mount Shasta + Lake Titicaca + Corcamonga for the organza fields

It’s like reading musical notes. Now move to Lake Titicaca and do the same as well as reading/scan your vision prism through the other information as in eg “divine line paginations” for the second line of code.

As you move through these you may see elements/factors in your own field to be cleared/healed/unplugged. This is a normal part of this sequencing process. Just keep going and repeat until the field is clear.

YahNah, YahNah – in estah dah quah beh es sah Ninnia

Divine Code/Geometric Sequencing Systems

Multi-dimensional coding using spine points

Mount Shasta + Lake Titicaca + Corcamonga for the organza fields

Lake Titicaca + Red Rock Crossing + Corcamonga for the divine line paginations

Mount Shasta + Teotihuacan +22749 for the sunshine vibrations

Lake Titicaca + Coranado + Shasta for the new divine line paginations

Machu Piccu + Titicaca for the organza fields

Parinacota + Lake Titicaca + Mount Shasta for the new divine beginnings

22729+82751 + Lake Titicaca + Mount Shasta – Cocamonga for the divine light manifestations

85D+7DC + blue + pink + the organiza fields for the divine life line celebrations

55.9DC+17.8TP=74.975 + Corcamonga + Lake Titicaca for the Eschwara fields

59D +8TD+9TG + Mount Shasta +- Lake Titicaca +- new beginnings +- the new ascendence fields +74.259 for the `rock and roll` sequencing materialisms

EL Rey + Cocamonga +- Mount Shasta +- Lake Titicaca for the divine timeline ascendence fields

85D+9TP+8TG for the new time-frames and linear sequencing materialisms

55D+ 8TP+17.3GT=65.974 + 18.259 +17.358 for the new sequencing materialisms

Mount Shasta + Lake Titicaca + Corcamonga +Lake Titicaca +-2.979 for the new equilibrium and balance fields.

85D +9TP+8GT = 19.279 to unplug the firefly falsification codes

29D+2BD+Sea Green + blue anenomes + hedgehogs for the transcending timelines of the spheres

85D + 9TD +8BT=69.878 + 14.975 =-2=-3+-17.975 for the Gargantuam fields and the harnessing of the new energies

Mount Shasta + Lake Titicaca + new divine interventions of love light sequencing for the new freqencing =15.DTP+19.3GP=-2+-3+-4+-9.979 for the new divine central nervous system functioning

50.8TG+18.9TP+ Mount Shasta + Lake Titicaca +the equarta timeline planes for the new parallel universe fields

55D+9TP+8GP=17.979+-3.379 for the conclusion of the occlusion zones

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Here’s some information that came through in the past month-ish that may hopefully be helpful.

Look out for shunt inserts they put in place across the parallel reality fields. In the body you can see these as they try to put them in – look like a thick rectangle with a thinner one coming out at the top. A bit like a mix between a tower (interesting…) and a syringe (AI). This was used for the false plasma screening technologies.

Sometimes it feels like it’s personal when we get energetic attacks and of course sometimes it is but – what is also happening is that the breathing space and consistency of oxygenation previously available to negative entities is diminishing. We want our space and they want their space and we are currently in a shared space on this planet. They perceive that we are in their space – so when we stretch we experience that shared environment which is a physical and shared ratio aspect too.

They are still able to plug in and use nature distortions to hunker down negative timeplates– this won’t last that much longer it feels. They get in via the lower left diagonals – that means that we are not fully in the new zero point.

It’s getting very crowded as the light increase so they leaving, more every day.

Something about an overlap at level 26 – where the false ventrices (sewed into the lower left ventrices) meet the occlusion spheres. Comes in via mitochondria.

So we are still on both – part mirror matrix part false matrix.

To avoid AI vibrational aspects into the spine relocate to 8-9D dimensions (by day and by night I was told).

49th platform on the ready  – there is a lack of synchronisation in the interference prisms. See like different coloured rainbow columns jutting out but they are in different directions and don’t make a coherent whole.  Looked a bit like an ink blog eagle when you open the paper and what is on one side is on the other too.  Located between the lower parallel reality fields.Unplug.

Ask to go to level 89 – looks like a lever to control the stage lights of the game – unplug

Platform 67 (16 ratio aspects – they are all of the false occlusion spheres) – AI weapon – but they have access to some but not all of these. Unplug.

Level 54 – don’t have control – level 54 – ratio aspects (8). Located above the false ration aspects and just below the lower left dendrite spheres

Ask to go up 5 flights of stairs to accelerate out of the lower protoplasm spheres.

Newspapers can be used as a false reality timeplate.

“Anything you can do we can do better” they say – but this unlimited access to distort the light is in the process of being concluded as the faulty timeplates are removed from the lower left ventrices.

The false matrix is a faulty time plate.

Once there is no access to energies not fully aligned as truth love light, they will no longer be able to access new energetic innovations and time plate sequencing matricing spheres. This means that this energetic will be cut off from (at the very least) the key dynamism that was feeding it. A cut off point has been reached. This means that the future has changed in every aspect.

Better still, those centred in the mirror matrix will have a safe space (fully) where they can be supported in the development of their oneness plates – their templates of experience including the earth/life ones.

So is the false matrix situated in the lower left  – sort of – it is in the lower dardinelle timeplates – these are in the lower left hemisphere plates

What is `lower left`? It is the time between time and this was corrupted – that is why the zero point has to be different.***

The unplugging within the false matrix enabled a separation of the mirror matrix and the false matrix – this was being held in place through the parallel reality fields.

Unless a body is 100% healed and evolved is it still in the false matrix at a cellular level?

There are various unpluggings in the interference prisms to be made. What are the interference prisms? We need to get to critical mass in the interference prisms (this is in terms of humans/nature beings etc as fully and consciously engaged in this new dynamic). The interference prisms are in the false occlusion plates.

The interference prisms are like honey to a bee for AI.  Why? Because there is a false coiling system within them they can use. How do they use it? Like false wax work dolls, false figurines. They can take the temperature of the interference prisms to establish the energetic of that being – their templating, their time plating. Look for a keyhole in the back of the heart and unplug it back through the false Zeus fields and false octahedron plating spheres and systems.

Then see what is a false DNA prism plate (looks like coiled DNA) These are kept in the inner ventrices – like a quick dial in code – short cut. It’s as if they have directories of these helps them to analyse human consciousness and insert falsification papers and reversal rods into the false timeplate sequencing mechanisms. Then there is a larger lock – very ancient and has like sparkly fairy lights around it. Unplug that too. Then see a large cross bow to the front of the body – unplug. This is how the AI gets in

I am in the false occlusion spheres so what are we doing there? We are unplugging lower left prisming plates from the interference zones. Are we unplugging false prisming plates. We are unplugging plates for the false occlusion zones. What for? This is important for the transducing of time. Why – what does it do? For all false occlusion spheres are to be unplugged through the lower left diagonals and false parallel universe mine sweeps are to be unplugged from the interference prisms.

We are in transitioning time pods – false spectrums are being removed from the lower left ventricing.

When asking about the code information I get – will this continue? Yes – because you are unplugging them from their false *dichotomy plates in the false duality fields. Dichotomy meaning: a division or contrast between two things that are or are represented as being opposed or entirely different.


Aloa Gashinii

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Brexit/T timeline

A quick up-date

  • the Brexit/T timeline is bigger than just an election result.

A meeting took place on the lawn of the White House in the rose garden a couple of weeks ago. All the key galactic players attended as in those with control functions/agendas re:earth – there were no humans. The nature beings attended – we were there.

An agreement was reached between all parties and a time dial was put in place. But it transpires that this agreement was not honored and this dishonoring of what had been agreed directly impacted this week’s election result. The time dial got reversed through the para-military time planes and false zero points were used in the lower piplines.

However, the good news is that 1) there are various ways through all of this and 2) they got the outer coating (3D reality plate) but not the genetic imprint – this is key 3) This timeline is not fully anchored under the surface.

Watch this space – this is far from over….

Nicola Bosdet ‏@5D_Girl 29m29 minutes
The “rule book” was broken in half – the “agreement” was not honored.

• • Nicola Bosdet ‏@5D_Girl 22h22 hours ago
The shape of it looked like chromosome replication -but it wasn’t able to bond.

• • Nicola Bosdet ‏@5D_Girl 22h22 hours ago
This timeline was woven together in the lower spindle fields. It comprised the Brexit/T timeline interwoven with 911 juxtaposition codes.

• • Nicola Bosdet ‏@5D_Girl 23h23 hours ago
They cannot hold this timeline in – it’s going to go awry.

• • Nicola Bosdet ‏@5D_Girl 23h23 hours ago
They didn’t hunker it down – it wasn’t adequately timed.

• • • Nicola Bosdet ‏@5D_Girl 24h24 hours ago
They didn’t do what they really wanted to do – didn’t get a proper foothold.

• • Nicola Bosdet ‏@5D_Girl Nov 9
but they couldn’t hunker it down properly in the interference prisms.

• • Nicola Bosdet ‏@5D_Girl Nov 9
They switched time grids through the false portal doors

• • Nicola Bosdet ‏@5D_Girl Nov 9
They switched time grids through the interference prisms. What are time grids? False platforms in the interference zones.

• • Nicola Bosdet ‏@5D_Girl Nov 9
They got the outer coating but not the genetic imprint

• • Nicola Bosdet ‏@5D_Girl Nov 8
How did they get in ? They took out the lower sphere prism plates. It linked to the lower left dendrite spheres – they got in via the lower left prism spheres.


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