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How we breathe is very interesting.  By breathing in a different way our physical surrounding changes as well. I belive that moving forward – this will be key to how our field is protected as well as to how we can shift personal realities.

Multi-dimensionally, see the structure of human nose as  underground caves.  Inside there are little coloured diamonds which are holding a false star map in place – false timeplate sequencing it feels. We can unplug these through the lower left dendrite spheres, and across the false occlusion plates and across and through the inner tympanel fields and across and through the false occlusion plates. Now I see little metal anchors that were holding those coloured diamonds in place – unplug these too.

It’s a big time shift when we change the way that we engage with reality in terms of the breath interaction.

So the air comes into the nose then it goes to the lungs – let’s look at our lungs next.

Friend: This morning the TV was on (I know!) and I saw a commercial for a cough remedy that changed the lungs from red to blue and that’s how the blood in our veins works, red to blue.

Ninnia: Alternating the nostrils breathe green to yellow – orange to white – magenta to purple – pink to orange – all new systems are for the go, go. Great exercise to do – green left nostril /yellow right nostril – let’s do this now with the colours we have been given as you breathe air into them it re-sets the anterior and posterior timeplates

Ninnia: I see a twisty structure to be unplugged through and across the parallel index spheres. Look for squiggly snake like shape in the nose  – runs along the bridge and unplug.

Ninnia:  To friend – where you have the breathing tube there is a structure – it is grey like looks like a bit of intestine or something but also has the feel of an umbilical cord to it. I see a knife there too  as well as eagle behind your back – unplug.

Friend: I see a breathing regulator like on scuba gear –  they want to change the composition of the atmosphere.

Ninnia: Or they are currently controlling it, and we want to change the composition of the atmosphere through the way in which we interact with it to provide a more supportive environment for ourselves. In the travel codes there is a bit where you have to go into a de-compression chamber – for deep sea diving – because of a change in the atmosphere required to travel.

Friend: The bends, I was getting that too. Nitrogen in the blood, special mix of air for deep sea diving.

Ninnia: Where do you see the breathing regulator ?

Friend: Back of my neck

Ninnia: There is a false time pole in the inner occlusion spheres – I see a pole at the back of my neck – with the breathing regulator wedged in near that – am unplugging both.


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In response to a question I received.


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